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Did phone masts kill Ena, 87? - OAP's poisoning fears
by Amy Cartmell
"FELT UNWELL": Ena Bambrough
Just weeks ago Ena Bambrough told neighbours she was dying after being slowly poisoned by mobile phone masts on the roof of her tower block. Today, after the 87-year-old died, neighbours were demanding an urgent inquiry into the safety of the the high-powered microwave dishes. Ena lived on the top floor of a block of flats in Newcastle and complained of repeated piercing headaches and bouts of sickness, which she blamed on the masts.

Close friend Paul Easton said: "She went into decline the day they put the masts on the roof. Until then she was active and went out every day."

Pensioner dies amid phone mast claims - Resident dead within weeks of complaints about headaches and illness

A pensioner has died just weeks after claiming she was being poisoned by mobile phone masts on the roof of the Tyneside tower block where she lived.

Ena Bambrough, 87, was one of several elderly residents who complained of blinding headaches and severe sickness when phone giant Orange updated its satellite equipment and installed high powered microwave dishes, radio antennae and equipment boxes. Mrs Bambrough had lived on the top floor of the Todd's Nook flats, Westgate Road, Newcastle, since they opened in 1964, but died in the city's Freeman Hospital just 24 hours after she was admitted. A cause of death has yet to be pinpointed.

Now neighbours and local councillors are demanding an urgent inquiry to decide once and for all whether or not phone masts are a heath hazard.

Neighbour Paul Easton, 48, said: "I am not a doctor and she was elderly but she went into decline when they put the masts on the roof. "Until then she was active and getting out every day, going to social clubs and collecting her pension." Mrs Bambrough previously told the Chronicle of her fears about the masts. She said: "During the day I get noises in my ears and headaches. It frightens me. I've got no strength left. It's just lucky my neighbours are so good about looking out for me. "I believe I am going to die soon. I am too frightened to go to the toilet because, when I sit down, I can't get up again. And when I go to bed, I can't get up."

Mr Easton has already written to Newcastle City Council on behalf of all the residents living on the top three floors. He said: "I am still getting headaches but, at least, I go out to work. A lot of the pensioners are living under these masts 24 hours a day. We want to see the masts taken off the roofs but there seems to be a wall of silence from the council and Orange."

Coun Nick Forbes, who represents the Todd's Nook residents, said: "I am shocked by Ena's death because she was very alert. I will be asking some very hard questions about whether the equipment had any part to play in her death. "Until we have more research on the effects of the base equipment on people's health, then planning permission should be delayed." There are growing fears about the effect of mobile phone equipment on public health.

This week it was revealed phone giant Vodafone was facing a billion-dollar legal action by US brain tumour victims seeking compensation for the pain suffered and income lost as a result of the disease.

Scientists are still continuing research into potential links between radio waves and diseases such as cancer and the Government-commissioned  Stewart Report advised caution into the siting of mobile phone masts.

In Newcastle, there is mobile phone equipment on the roofs of 11 residential blocks of flats.  A Newcastle City Council spokesman has said existing law allows them very little leeway to turn down applications by mobile phone companies because the emissions from the equipment falls within European standards.

Fears over the risk to public health prompted Sunderland City Council to ask mobile telephone companies to stop applying for masts and Gateshead Council has rejected some applications.

Orange was unavailable for comment but bosses have always said research shows there is no evidence there are health risks.

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Informant: Robert Riedlinger

and from the same informant:

Letter of October 7 to the Chairman and CEO of AT&T

Dr. George L. Carlo
Wirless Technology Resarch
Washington DC

Dear Dr. Carlo:

Doing some research on the health impact of cellular base stations through the web, I came across your letter of October 7 to the Chairman and CEO of AT&T. I was very impressed by your findings and reasonableness of your messages. I am distributing to family and friends who are intense cell phone users.

I need some responsible inputs on the impact of base stations installed in apartment rooftops to those living near them. Here is the background. I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

While in a trip to the USA, the management committee of our condominium authorized France Telecomm to place a base station in the roof of our building, equivalent to the ninth floor, since it is an eight-story building. Our family lives on the 8th floor under the base station. In the four top floors we have two apartments per floor. In addition, the maintenance supervisor has a small apartment in the roof or 9th floor, next to the station, which is installed over the elevator housing that is a little higher than his apartment. This station has four antennas, a middle rod with a red light and a very large transmitter [they said it would be small one], requiring a backup power plant to run when there is no electricity [we get periodic blackouts]. For this, they would pay the condominium the equivalent of US$7,000 per year under a nine-year contract. The base has been operational over a month.

Between two to two and a half weeks ago, all in our family began to get sever headaches; insomnia [I am an early and deep sleeper and now spend at least four days a week that I cannot fall asleep until wee hours of the morning]; the feeling of pressure creeping from the neck upwards and having our ears and part of the face red [a sensation if one would have high blood pressure, although we do not suffer from it]; irritability; irritated eyes; and general feeling of anemia [lack of energy]. Last Monday, when I returned from a trip, there was a meeting called by some condominium members. To my surprise, the topic was that other families, especially from the sixth to the eight floors, were also having the same or similar symptoms. These included a husband and wife doctor team. Our maintenance supervisor was perhaps the person that most complaint about continuous creeping headaches and fatigue. All coincided that they were acute symptoms not felt more than three weeks before. As an additional input, we did not relate our symptoms to the base because we did not know the transmitter had been installed and was in service [owners seldom go to the rooftop and the backup plant was installed in a housed facility in the back of the building that we do not see or hear from the entrance or parking lot].

From the meeting we decided to send a letter to our management committee requesting they contact France Telecomm immediately, inform them of the symptoms and requesting that they stop using the facilities for a prudent or reasonable time until we can see if the symptoms go away. However, their reaction is that it is a virus or stress because France Telecomm has given them and they have obtained of statements and letters that say that cellular antennas and base stations are safe and do not cause health problems, including a letter from Spain's regulatory ministry. I have read some of them and they are the same I found in the Internet or similar in nature: they conclude that the balance of evidence indicates that there is no general risk to the health of people near base stations or that use cellular phones in a normal way. Also, France Telecomm has advanced to them, although the letter will be sent tomorrow, that they abide by the norms and guidelines established by the European Union, which are very strict, that guarantees no health side effects from the base station. It is completely safe to live near them.

We fully understand that it may be a coincidence to have said symptoms and that there may be other causes, but we consider reasonable that we as owners and persons living under the base station do not take any unnecessary risk, especially to discover in two years of the harm they can cause. We also feel that asking them to suspend its use for two to three months would allow for us to ascertain if there is a change on the symptoms, especially that the two doctors I mentioned are willing to monitor as best as possible the situation.

We would be really appreciative if you or your institution could provide us with some objective background or inputs if there are health hazards for those living near cellular base stations. This is critical to us, since the members of the committee that signed the contract are siding with FT and it is confusing the rest of the owners. Practically all owners, except the committee members, have signed the letter we prepared to the committee to make contact with FT.

We live in a country that has seen explosive growth in the wireless industry, so much so that we are achieving a use density larger than larger countries. We have Verizon [formerly GTE], Orange from France Telecomm, Centennial, Tricom [Motorola partner] and others providing services. However, the regulatory agency was just created and is going through birth pains and the market is completely open and not regulated in practice. Consumers have little protection and no rights. Since some of them are new to the market, such as FT, the amounts being paid in advertisement campaigns is just incredible. Thus, they can influence press very easily.

I recognize this might be out of the scope of activities or responsibility of your institution, but you would be helping a group of families concerned about their healty. One neighbor in the seventh floor took his family out, since his wife, who is pregnant, and his daughter were having the acute symptoms mentioned. We need to confront FT quickly.

A reply would be deeply be appreciated.

I have lived most of my life in the Washington, DC area, although now working overseas.

Antonio Rodriguez-Mansfield
Direct office telephone [809] 534-6178
Home phone [809] 533-7476

and further from Robert Riedlinger:

DAILY RECORD / September 15

We Are Being Roasted Alive By Phone Mast

A couple are taking legal action after claiming they are being cooked alive by a phone mobile phone mast.

Clint and Joyce Beattie say they have suffered serious health problems since the mast was erected by phone giant Orange just 170 yards from their home. Mr Beattie,48, claims he can even feel the flesh around his bones getting hot when phone lines are at their busiest. Orange erected the mast in time fore the Open Golf Championship at Carnoustie in July. The couple blame it for migraines, tiredness and memory loss, claiming their problems only started during the Open. They say their symptoms worsen at times when phone traffic is at its peak. Businessman Mr Beattie said: We first noticed the effects at the time of the Open. We suffered headaches and could not get our body temperatures down. You feel cold to the touch on the outside but absolutely boiling on the inside. It is like the heat is starting at the flesh next to the bone. I am in no doubt we are being cooked.

The Beatties have even tried lining their bedroom with tin foil in a bid to deflect radio waves. They also claim the mast is causing disruption to electrical goods in their home. Mr Beattie runs a video production firm in his home in Barry, near Carnoustie, and says his equipment has suffered interference since the mast was erected. His wife has been forced to take extra medication since the problems started. When they consulted their doctor, they were diagnosed as having a virus. But Mr Beattie said: "We are exposing a generation of children to a technology we do not feel safe about."

A neighbour of the couple also blames the mast for her irregular sleep pattern. The Beatties are now planning to sue Orange in a bid to have the mast removed. But the firm are mystified by the coupleís plight. A spokesperson said: Orange has always operated well within stringent national standards set by the NRPB and we reach government safety levels. There is no conclusive evidence that masts are long term public health risks.

Green campaigners and some councils have urged MSPs to close a loophole which allows firms to erect masts under 15metres high without planning permission. 13 out of 32 local authorities in Scotland have banned mobile masts, following fears they cause hot spots linked to radiation sickness and cancers.

Dr Richard Nixon, director of Friends Of The Earth Scotland, has called on more authorities to follow suit. Safety experts fear radiation from masts, which can travel up to over 20 miles in countryside areas, may also be linked to childhood leukaemia, brain tumours, cancers and blackouts, or bring on bouts of epilepsy.

also from Robert Riedlinger:

Cell Towers sickness??

Hi! I am writing to you from Corinth, New York (upstate) in hopes you or someone you know can help me find someone who would measure the microwatt exposure at the site of my home which is located about 100 meters from a Cellular One antenae? I have been sick for about two years and did not know why until I started talking to my neighbors who all had similar symptoms. The tower seems to be the only thing we have in common. My Dr. will not do the lab tests that would link my symptoms with E.M.F. exposure because the tests are "on a molecular level". If I could find out wether the readings at my home are above what is thought to be safe I could self-justify uprooting my children from the home they love, that took my husband and I eight years of blood, sweat and tears to build into a place we thought we would never leave. If you know how to get a reading done or have any info. Please write back. 

Margaret Trainor

and also from Robert Riedlinger

29 March 1998
History of health problems related to Cellular telephone use
For the past two years I have suffered from what doctors call "Severe Pulsatile Tinnitus" centred in the right side of the head and ear, I have had many tests and two major exploratory surgical procedures in an attempt to pinpoint and rectify the problem, the  offending noise can be heard externally by my  specialists (this will indicate the magnitude of what I am constantly hearing and enduring as obviously the noise sounds extremely loud to me internally). The group of specialists I am consulting say they do not know what has caused the problem, nor are they able to offer any solution as I seem to be their only patient so far, that has presented with this particular illness in such severity.

My Mobile Phone use preceding this problem was massive, six years of extremely heavy use, seven days a week (only using my right ear). I am sure that the radiation from the Cellular telephone has effected the nerve and blood vessel structure in some way, causing me to be able to hear arterial noise near the inner ear. The relentless noise in the right side of my head is creating other debilitating symptoms and problems such as constant severe headaches, short term memory lose, inability to concentrate, unable to deal with even the smallest stress situations, insomnia to the point that if medication is not taken proper sleep is impossible. A major depressive disorder also manifested itself due to the above but with the help of medication I am able to at least control this particular related problem.

Because of the effects suffered I have been unable to work since
October 1996 and at this point I am no closer to finding a cure than
when the problem first arose in March the same year.

Needless to say that on the rare occasion I use Cellular phones I no
longer place the handset near my head,(hands free is used) this does
remove the feeling of heat and pressure and the sensation of feeling as
though your head is in a microwave oven while using a Cellular phone.
Jonathan  White,

RE: Testimonial of Dalana MCaren

Dalana, Klaus and all:

You must get a guasometer [GAHZ-AH-MEH-TOHR] (spelling may be incorrect) which will measure the electromagnetic fields that you believe are causing the problem. If the installation was put up without proper shielding, you may have the basis for a major lawsuit. You could sue the housing authority and the antenna folks.

Meanwhile, get out of there!

You might be able find a damages attorney who has dealt with this phenomenon in the past. Remember that many power line lawsuits have failed and so you must do your homework. The attorney would know about getting the right people and the right equipment for testing -- and might pay for it if there is a sense that you have a valid case for suit.


Best wishes,
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