* Testimonial of Dalana MCaren - Alex Gabor's Story - EMF Hypersensitivity - Tower Trauma In Canada (22/11/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Klaus I have permission from Dalana MCaren to publish her testimonial Robert Riedlinger (Informant)

I have visited her place and I could not stay long for the reasons she mentions.

Testimonial of Dalana MCaren

January 22, 2000

In September of 98, I moved into a 21-storey government subsidized building for seniors. The apartment that was my placement is on the 20th floor. I immediately began experiencing symptoms of a dizzy-off -balanced feeling, headaches which were constant, severe insomnia, profuse nosebleeds, sweating and a feeling like I was cooking. I wasn't able to concentrate, I would often find myself, throuhout the day, feeling "out-of-it", not remembering. I felt drained out and more than half dead. I had anxiety attacks and breathlessness, felt agitated, restless and my joints hurt and my eyes were sore. I would awaken most often around 3 AM very suddenly feeling "cooked", anxious and like I had to go out. My chest felt pressured and I would either lay there untill morning with all these things going on, or often I just get up and walk the steets where I would feel refreshed, calm and clear headed.

At first I put it down to stess from a difficult year with a major move. But in November of 98 ,my sister and her husband sent me a plane ticket to visit them for a month in the Toronto area. I felt good there, slept wonderfully, had lots of energy, was clear headed, focussed, had no memory problems and felt normal,
tranquil and very cheerful.

I returned in December and immediately the nosebleeds and all the symptoms returned. I continued suffering the above symptoms (plus many other ones) until I went away fot 6 weeks in the summer to Vancouver Island to visit my father. Again I felt normal with lots of energy and focus inspite of it being a stressful time with my father being ill and in hospital.

I returned and again - all the symptoms. By this time I had become aware of the effects of microwave towers and telecomunications instalations through a magazine article and also through talking to a repairman from the cable TV provider. He had come because I was having a lot of interference with my TV.

I then began to pay attention to the fact that on the next floor but one - on the roof top of the building I am in, there are at least 25 telecomunications towers and microwave transmitters and the top of the building looks like a porcupine!

I myself was becoming increasingly more distressed now with occasional bouts of rage, feeling at times like I was going crazy and had lost control of my brain. I was having daily bouts of crying for no apparent reason and yet as soon as I would leave the apartment, I felt fine.

Then again, this past 3 months, I went away twice. Once for a month back east again and the last time from 10th Dec. 99 to the 06 Jan. 2000. Upon returning on the 06 Jan., within moments of being on the upper 20th floor, I felt a dizzy-off-balance feeling and within 12 hrs I suffered 2 profuse nose bleeds and couldn't sleep at all.

It is my opinion and experience that since Christmas the frequency of use of these transmitters has increased. It feels like like the walls are buzzing and I have had very little sleep. I am having to walk the streets at night and visit other people's homes during the day in order to write letters or do anything that requires concentration.

Last week, I had 2 visitors on separate days. Both within a minute or so of being in my apartment said they felt blocked in their heads, began experiencing headaches, that "dead feeling". They mentioned they felt agitated and restless and could hear a buzzing, high pitch vibration and had to leave before a half hour was up. I certainly confirmed that wasn't "just me". Both telephoned me later and said that within 5 minutes of leaving they felt back to normal.

I would also like to note that my plants are becoming shrivelled looking and are not growing well. I happen to have a green thumb. For example, I think we are all familiar with Poinsettia's and that their leaves are largish. Well mine are all tiny-only about one half inch to one inch in length and they sort of keep their leaves pointing downward, not out.

I am truly exhausted of this. I only hope that, first of all I can find another place to live that is affordable because I am on a disability pension hence being in government housing and secondly that I can even "get-it-together" enough to pack up and move.

I hope my story helps in some way.

PS: I am a retired school teacher, a massage therapist and an exceptional artist. I haven't been able to do any art since I moved in to this place.

Yours Truly 
Dalana MCaren

Alex would like people to know his story


 Alex Gabor's Story
 By Alex Gabor

Here is my story, how life turned to hell - if you care to spend a few more minutes reading it.

Last year a major phone company put up a cellular base station on the top of the three story building where we leased an office. During the few weeks while the construction was going I noticed nothing particular. However, one day I felt pain in my shoulder and back, somewhat similar to the feeling when influenza attacks you. For next two days during the weekend I stayed home and the pain was gone. Monday in the office the pain started again, going home by the evening it subsided. Next day it started again in the office and within a few days the pain was so strong, that I had to leave the office early. Staying away helped.

When I started thinking, I realized, that the worker who were working on the installation of the cell station left a day earlier than my first day of pain, so very likely the station started transmitting on the day when I first began experiencing the pain. No other employee complained, however I managed to move the office to a new location, where for a couple of months I was OK. One day, however, my pain started again. This time the collar bone hurt, the spine (maybe it was the muscles around it) and the breasts. I couldn't understand why, till I saw a cell- tower. It was at the end of the long street, as later measured with my car at 0.8 miles distance. I work long hours in the office, so the pain stayed with me even after I went home.

A month later I traveled on the east coast. Within a two weeks time period I stayed in the car most of the time, towards the end of the trip the pain was very mild. The last night of the trip I felt stronger pain again. In the morning when I woke up and checked the surrounding area, I found cell towers on both sides of the hotel within a 1.5 mile distance. This strengthened my belief that I must be sensitive to whatever radiation they emit.

When I arrived at home, and went to work, within two days the pain came back. In my profession I was able to work from home, so that was my choice, and for a few months everything went well, no pain at all. Till one day the flu like pain came back, that got worse the next few days. I drove around, saw no cell tower, there was not even any two story or three story office building on which they could have put a cell base station.

Maybe something is wrong with me - I thought- and my theory of cell tower, base station effect is false. A few days later while jogging, I discovered at the side of the highway on one of the steel structures which holds the high voltage power lines an antenna similar to the one that we had on our first office building. That was 0.3 miles from our home in straight line. In the meantime the pain got stronger and felt like the intensity moved within the body between the shoulder and the pelvic area.

I went to a doctor, describing my situation and asked to be examined as to whether I may have an illness that I do not know about and blame it on these cell towers. My tests and my general checkup showed full health, however in the eye of my doctor I was able to see a concern about my mental health. I knew that I didn't lose my mind, however I started having doubt about it, as nobody in my household felt anything, nor relatives who lived in the same area.

One day I read an article about various groups who are concerned about the effect of cellular towers, the reported mentioned names. I called one of them, who had invited an expert from New Zealand on a meeting with the phone company representatives. I asked him if he has ever heard something similar to my case. He said yes, more than one. He gave me the name and phone number of one person, to whom when I described my symptoms his response was, that he had identically the same. He moved out of the city where he lived and found a place in the country where he felt good, but saw as the phone companies were closing in on him with the towers. He heard of three more people with similar symptoms.

I drove around the western part of the country to look for a place, where I can escape. I noticed that not only cities are full of these cell towers and base stations, but outside of the them they are springing up. To my biggest surprise I saw many towers at the top of hills surrounding the highways, all over the states that I visited. Unless I am willing to settle down in the middle of the desert in Nevada or perhaps in a totally uninhibited area of Montana, during my weeks of search I found no place free of cell towers.

As a result of not being around my business suffered a lot, customers left. I could not even tell them why I was not around, they would have thought that I lost my marbles. Even very close friends I told my case to thought that I had gone crazy.

Why I put this on the web? I think there are people out there who could have had a similar experience to mine, who are running around scared looking for solutions and thinking if millions are not feeling similar pain, there maybe something wrong with them. Their lives could have been turned upside down too. They need a job to survive, so are stuck in cities and live with constant pain. Some others maybe willing or able to move away, but where? What opportunity they would have to start life over? What about people with a family, who cannot drag them around in good conscience? Even if it looks like one found a place, they can't be sure the phone companies are not catching up with them.

The phone companies are transmitting at higher and higher frequencies. Thus it seems that sensitive people would feel the effect from farther away distance than before. Research is funded by the telecommunication industry. This is a big business. I don't think I or any of us can fight it. I can see, cell phone is the future, it is convenient and has advantages with its portability over the wired phone.

What I hope for is, that research can be funded independent of phone companies. If I recall my memories correctly, a few years ago in the state where I live, people tried to navigate a lost humpback whale back from the river to the sea -unsuccessfully- this endeavor cost the taxpayers a few million dollars. I hope, that in this country the lives of effected people - maybe hundreds of us, worth at least that much.

If you had a similar experience, E-mail me. Once we know there are many of us, perhaps we can ask our government to assign a small place -or several of them- where no cell towers/base stations would be put up. Perhaps the millions of people who are not sensitive to this would forgive us for the inconvenience of not being able to talk on the phone while driving through these areas. I don't care whether the FCC admits or not that exposure to radiation from cell phones and towers causes cancer or not. I do not want to sue the phone companies for causing me pain or loss of income. I do not think other human beings deliberately cause pain to a few of us by advancing technology for better life style. All I want to do is to live a normal life.

Write me (E-mail: microhazard@razban.com ). The solution to solve our problem is easy. We simply have to show that enough of us are affected.


EMF Hypersensitivity - Tower Trauma In Canada

By Robert Riedlinger

My wife and I thought we had the world in our hands when we bought a home in a resort area east of Vancouver B.C., Canada in the fall of 1995. We both enjoyed good health and planned to retire in our new home by a lovely lake and a nice quite village, but our world came crashing down soon after moving in. First we heard a buzzing sound like bees in a distance and we started to feel strange symptoms one after the other the longer we stayed there. We would wake at the same time every morning with the buzz and within a short while I would feel a pressure in my ears and my head would ache. My wife and I both woke with pain in our necks and shoulders and all day we would have continous nausea and stomach gas.The longer we stayed the more symptoms appeared and the more we suffered.

My ears would block and any normal sound, like breraking glass, would hurt them. Even flushing the water closet would hurt my ears. It got so I could not use the phone and I would have to ask people to repeat themselves when talking to me. My wife became ill with pain in her lower part of her stomach and two different doctors diagnosed gall bladder problems. Her shoulder became so painfull she could not raise her arm to do her hair. I made a pad from aluminum foil and placed it on her shoulder and that helped. I sat many hours under a cone of aluminum insullation to rest my nerves and I place a solar blanket made of plastic clad with aluminum over my blanket and that seems to reflect a lot of rays.

We became so ill that we had to move from our home after a year and I am now hypersensitive to microwaves. I had to sleep in a metal box for months untill I regained some health. After my wife spent a few months in Brazil she came back feeling better.

I would advise any one that lives near a tower and starts to feel the following symptoms to get out fast before you become sensitive as I have. The symptoms started with a buzzing sound and developed into a high pitch sizzle sound in my head , pressure headaches, blocked ears, pains in neck shoulder and other joints, nausea, excessive stomach gas, stress, burning eyes, memory loss and fatigue.

Our Health Ministry won't help us. They accept test results that were take by the Cellphone Company which were taken at the base of the tower, where there is lower density, and inside of a vehicle that would shield the rays. A proper test instrument which is a spectrum analizer cost about thirty grand so the average person can't afford it. Don't you think that it would be only fair if they intend to keep us in a microwave oven that they supply us with a rotating bed so that we cook evenly on all sides. I intend to do all I can in the future to see that no one else ever gets burn't as I did. I often think of babies and older people that are helpless and can't move as we did. I would like to hear from any one that has had a similar experience.


BMA calls for precautionary ban on

In an important development that may have implications for justifying the use of the precautionary principle in other issues, such as with mobile phone use, the British medical Association has called for the banning of GM farm crop trials, to quote from the below article:

"There has not yet been a robust and thorough search into the potentially harmful effects of GM foodstuffs on human health. On the basis of the precautionary principle, farm-scale trials should not be allowed to continue."

It could also be argued that since there has not yet been a" robust and thorough search into the potentially harmful effects" of extended mobile phone use on human health perhaps a precautionary principle move is also warranted. Such a move could be following the recommendations of the U.K.  Sir William Stewart inquiry, "In line with our precautionary approach, we believe that the widespread use of mobile phones by children for non-essential calls should be discouraged".

Perhaps the BMA should consider applying their reasoning  to the issue of children and mobile phone use.

Don Maisch

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