* Big Anti-Mast March Planned For Next Month - New controls on phone mast sites - No need to ban mobile phones in cars, says leading scientist - Thousands of families in Europe are suffering serious health problems (19/11/02)

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Big Anti-Mast March Planned For Next Month

Meath Chronicle 9/11/2002

Council Kicks To Touch On County Plan Move

OPPOSITION to the proliferation of mobile phone masts in Meath continues to grow as the Mast Action in Meath (MAIM) group plans a huge march in Navan on Saturday, 7th December, to highlight the issue.

The call for action comes as Meath Co. Council has referred a proposed change to the Co. Development Plan to limit the location of masts to one of its Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs). Mast opponents are angry at the move and have accused the council of stalling. Two protests, including one at Meath Co. Council's November meeting, have been staged already this month as residents of Carrickleck, between Nobber and Kingscourt, demonstrated opposition to the continued presence of a Vodafone mast around 600 metres from the local national school. The Vodafone mast at Carrickleck has no planning permission. Meath Co. Council served an order on the firm to remove the mast by last Saturday (2nd November).

Deputy Johnny Brady attended the demonstration and expressed his support for the motion. He said he would be pressing the Co. Council to take immediate legal action to have the Carrickleck mast removed. The Co. Development Plan had to be changed to ensure masts could not be built close to schools, homes, hospitals or nursing homes, he added.

MAIM advisor Dr. Don MacAuley said emotions were running high throughout the county on the mast issue. He urged Meath Co. Council to stop passing the buck and act on the illegal Carrickleck mast.

Some MAIM members also picketed Monday's Co. Council meeting, strongly criticising the decision by councillors to refer their motion, seeking a prohibition of such masts near schools and homes, to the Strategic Planning Committees.

Meath Co. Councillors, at their October meeting, had voiced support for a move, headed by Deputy John Brady, to vary the Meath Co. Development Plan to restrict the siting of free-standing mobile phone masts. A detailed debate on the issue concluded with a decision by Co.
Councillors to refer the matter to the Strategic Policy Committees on Planning and Development and Infrastructure for a suitable wording for this amendment.

Colr. John Fanning, chairman of the Planning and Development SPC, told Monday's Co. Council meeting that extra information was required by the two SPCs - scheduled to meet jointly on 21st November - before a formulation can be provided for the full Co. Council's consideration. This proposed wording, if accepted by the Co. Council, would then have to be placed on public display
for submissions.

The MAIM group, which organised the protest on Monday and one last weekend at Carrickleck, explained that the Vodafone mast in the area does not currently have planning permission. Temporary permission (five years) was granted for the structure. Upon its expiration, Meath Co. Council instituted enforcement proceedings. The mobile phone company now has lodged an application for retention of the mast which is "under consideration."

Growing concern of residents regarding the safety of the mast, proximity to the local school and the health implications for children has been outlined by MAIM. One of the school's pupils, seven years-old Ian Malone, is in remission from leukaemia which he had contracted before attending Carrickleck NS. Now his family is concerned about the effects on his progress.

Mr. Brendan Markey of MAIM, explained that his group's main objective is to lobby the local authority to adopt the "precautionary principle" with regard to siting of mobile phone antennae. "Our rationale is grounded in the belief that it would be expedient to err on the side of caution due to the lack of long-term research into the safety of these masts, inadequate national and international guidelines concerning their emissions and the existing body of scientific knowledge pointing to the harmful biological affects of non-thermal microwave radiation," said Mr. Markey.

Meanwhile, Colr. Fanning explained that the information required by the two SPCs included the wording of a similar motion already adopted by Sligo Co. Council and the form of the amendment to the Sligo Co. Development Plan which followed. The SPCs are also seeking a report from Meath's Public Health Officer, Dr. Declan Bedford, regarding the health implications of mobile phone masts and also a report on the effects on housing of a section of the notice of motion. This proposed that masts should not be sited within 400 metres of existing private dwellings.

Full details of applications granted/refused by the Co. Council and the subsequent decisions of An Bord Pleanala in appealed Co. Council decisions are also required by the SPCs.

Colr. John Farrelly was concerned that an incorrect impression had emerged from the meeting regarding his attitude to the notice of motion. Colr. Farrelly said that he and other Fine Gael members had supported it.


Informant: Colette O'Connell


14 October 2002

Strict guidelines are expected to be adopted this week over the siting of mobile phone masts in Bristol.

The aim is to meet people's fears without introducing a permanent citywide ban.

Mobile phone masts are an emotive issue mostly because critics claim they create a health risk.

They are also regarded as unsightly.

But at least 44 million mobile phones are used in Britain every day which puts companies under growing pressure to provide more masts to cope with demand.

The guidelines suggest a raft of measures to help companies choose sites which are acceptable.

Planning applications for masts are now dealt with by the council's planning committee because of the controversy over them.

Previously, applications used to be dealt with by planning officers under delegated powers.

This meant it was possible for masts to sprout up without people living nearby knowing anything about them.

The Government says a mobile mast should not be refused planning permission on health grounds.

The Stewart Report which was published in May 2000 concluded there was no evidence to suggest that masts were a health risk.

But it advised a precautionary approach and said that radio frequency emissions should meet European guidelines.

This has led to proliferation of lowpower masts which cover short distances and provide a honeycomb of network cells across the country.

Deputy leader Helen Holland is expected to adopt the guidelines at a meeting tomorrow.

A specialist Bristol company called The Undetectables which is based in the Albion Dockside Estate is being employed by telecom companies to disguise mobile phone masts.

They have been hidden in a variety of ways including an extended chimney, a clock tower and fake drain pipes on a church.

http://www.thisisbristol.com/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=86419&command=displayContent& sourceNode=86416&contentPK=2812330


No need to ban mobile phones in cars, says leading scientist

By Clayton Hirst, Deputy Business Editor
06 October 2002
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Oftel probes 'dirty tricks' claim against BT

The government scientist charged with investigating the possible dangers of mobile phones has attacked plans to introduce a blanket ban on mobile use while driving.

The Transport Secretary, Alistair Darling, is considering proposals to fine motorists up to £2,500 for using handheld and some hands-free phones. But Sir William Stewart, the Government's former chief scientific adviser and now head of a research programme into mobiles, said: "I would argue against a ban. My own view is that people should be fined if they are found driving erratically, not just because they are using a mobile phone. "It's down to a matter of risk assessment. We have to look at the total picture," he said. However, it is understood that Mr Darling is planning to make changes to the 1988 Road Traffic Act to crack down on the practice.

The Department for Transport claims that motorists who use a mobile are four times more likely to have an accident than other drivers. Recent research conducted by the RAC revealed that 39 per cent of motorists have used a mobile while driving.

Despite the widespread use of mobiles while driving, there is evidence that a fine would be supported by the public. A survey released by Mobile Choice magazine last week found that 80 per cent of mobile phone users supported a ban. The decision on whether to go ahead with a ban could rest on the outcome of an 11-month study into the effects of mobile use while driving. Due to be published next month, it is being carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory and is funded by Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme, chaired by Sir William. The study will say whether talking on a hands-free mobile phone while driving is more distracting than talking to passengers or tuning the radio.

It is one of 17 government-funded studies into possible effects of mobile phone use. On top of this, there are some 366 World Health Organisation projects to examine links between mobile use and diseases such as cancer.

In 2000, Sir William published the first major government study into mobiles and health. He concluded that "the balance of evidence" suggests that mobile phones "do not cause adverse health effects". But he said that further research was required.

Sir William, who himself uses a mobile phone but refuses to let his grandchildren use one, said that that in two to three years there would be sufficient evidence to prove if there is a link between mobile use and ill-health.

On Friday, Wiltshire coroner David Masters reiterated a warning about the dangers after hearing evidence at an inquest. Three people died when Mark Sarwar, 27, lost control of his car as he used his phone while driving, clipped the kerb, then crossed the central reservation and collided with an oncoming Land Rover.

Informant: Chris Maile
Chair Campaign for Planning Sanity (CfPS) -  http://www.planningsanity.co.uk

Thousands of families in Europe are suffering serious health problems

Without Prejudice Nov.11 2002

Dear Mr Bogers,

the following information was supplied to the world ,by a very well known scientist, Dr Henry Lai, at The University of Washington Seatle Washington USA who has studied the biological effects of very low level EMF on living beings,for many years.I hope that you will take the time to read his findings and take them seriously.

I have observed over the passed 6 years,maybe because  I have kept my eyes and ears open,that there are many scientific studies from around the world,by well known,experienced,capable scientists ,that show that there are effects on health from long term exposure to nonionizing EMF, which the people who are supposed to be protecting public health, should be very much concerned about. Anyone that has had their eyes and ears open over the passed 10 years,and are willing to observe what has been taking place around the world,would have noticed a very high increase in illnesses that have been named and as of today,there is no medical answers for, as to cause or cure.Namely chronic fatigue,fibromyalgia,ringing ears(tinnitus),joint pain,hearing loss,sleep disturbance,etc etc etc.

If one searches the world wide web, one will find many websites on the subject of EMF health effects,sientific studies, as well as many organizations, recently formed, that have come to the conclusion that people are being adversely effected by EMF in our atmosphere from cellphones and towers etc.There was no such outcry with The Introduction of Land Line Telephones,to my knowledge.

New organizations have started up over the passed 10 or so years, such as FEB in Sweden, Council on Wireless Technology Impacts-USA,Electro Magnetic Sensitivity Is Real- Ireland, and many more, to try to give help to those of us that suffer daily from EMF sensitivity.I know of people that are desperately trying to find a way to just live without pain from EMF.One friend that I knew could not stand the pain .She is no longer with us, as of last January. I knew the pain she suffered since it was very similar to that which I suffered while living near a cellphone,TV,FM radio broadcast tower.Her health problems also started shortly after a cellphone tower was placed near her home,according to her.

By just reviewing the happenings around the world since the proliferation of cellular phone towers,one would have to realize that SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG!! I question WHY people in your position do not,will not,have not,done surveys of people's health that live near towers and compare with those that live farther away As Was Done By Dr Santini of France.i. (Compare health records before and after tower erections).is there a fear of what might be found???

To keep one's head in the sand,which appears to be happening with those in charge of EMFradiation, will not keep the tide from coming in. And nor will it stop the problem of adverse health effects from cellular phone ,TV and Radio broadcast towers. It Will Just Get Worse.

In a letter I received from you September 30th 2002,you mention. Quote- Personally I have difficulties understanding that an EMF source with a power level comparable to a few bulbs would have a major health effect, Unquote - From my research on EMF from cellphone towers, I have found that there is absolutely no comparison to the emissions from light bulbs.For instance the light or EMF from a 100 watt light bulb would not travel 5 or ten miles. (A VERY POOR COMPARISON)

Canada,up to five years ago,had one of the best public health protection insurance plans in the world. It is fast becoming one of the worst. I find that this is also happening in many other countries around the world.I am seeing young children developing brain tumors,leukemia,Attention Deficit Disorder Autism and many other diseases that I did not see 20 years ago.People are complaining of stress in the workplace,rage on our roads is on the increase,depression.More and more people are using illegal drugs.In fact marijuana is becoming one of the biggest industries in BC Canada.It is my opinion that people are looking for stress relief.Doctors have no remedy.And what is more likely to cause neurological stress than EMF,(Microwave) in our atmosphere.

 I do not use any drugs,legal or illegal,or tobacco,but it is damned hard at times not to.I see people that are suffering the symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity who are being misdiagnosed as psychotics.These people are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers of someone.Can we afford to waste human life in this way?This very well could,affect members of your own family in the future.Will it mean more to you then?Can we afford to misdiagnose normally healthy people and place them into institutions because they suffer from hyper-sensitivity to EMFs??

If I were to be hurt in a automobile accident today,I would be attended by police and ambulance within minutes.Yet, If I visit my local hospital emergency ward,and tell them that I am ill from EMF. I am immediately frowned upon and treated like I am some kind of a nut case. (I am speaking for many others I know of) The reason for that is, Our Health Authorities have not informed our doctors of the symptoms (which they are well aware of) which one might suffer from EMF.WHY???

I have seen where one or two people have become ill from a food items,and it was immediately removed from store shelves.Whereas, I know of many people that are ill from EMF and nothing happens???


Yours Truly 
Robert Riedlinger Vancouver BC Canada


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