* Project Z (Z-2) Necropsy report 11/02 - Using RF "non-thermal" effects for "non-lethal"weapons - Silent Spring near a military tracking station - Faulty towers? (15/11/02)

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This is the actual necropsy report regarding my first guinea pig who died on 11/02/02.

The information is "very significant" and I will write more later.

The "bottom line" is that she died from a RARE inflammatory condition caused by something toxic that the University Veterinary Clinic was not able to identify.

I have tons of additional information. Don't forget the word "amyloidosis" and also, it is "amyloid plaque" that is found in the brain of persons with Alzheimers.......    Take care -

Joanne Mueller

Using RF "non-thermal" effects for "non-lethal"weapons

Several years ago on a Standards Australia committee working on devising a new RF standard, an industry representative stated the viewpoint that the existence of  non-thermal effects from RF exposure was "purely hypothetical" and as such could not be considered in the standard setting process.

However it seems that the US Naval Studies Board is not of this  opinion and acknowledges the reality of non-thermal RF effects - which can be utilized in non-lethal weaponry - in a new book on Non-Lethal Weapons  Technology which can be viewed at:

An Assessment of Non-Lethal Weapons Science & Technology (2002) Naval Science Board (NSB)


The report confirms the existence of non-thermal RF bioeffects, and suggests they are real enough to be used for military weapons systems.

The below article refers to the above book as a report from the NRC/NAS.
Not sure of the discrepency but perhaps the  Naval Science Board write the book for the NRC.

 Report ponders integrating non-thermal RF into weapons
* November 11, 2002

WASHINGTON-Just as the mobile-phone industry was about to claim victory in health litigation, along comes a new National Research Council report that states non-thermal effects of radio frequency energy are real and should be integrated into non-lethal weapons.

The revelation about military exploitation of non-thermal bioeffects-which became public last Monday-could add fuel to the cell-phone health debate just when industry lawyers had all but doused the fires of brain cancer lawsuits and other litigation. The non-thermal RF findings, according to the report, are based on further in-depth health effects studies. The National Research Council is an arm of the National Academy of Sciences, which Congress created in 1863 to advise the government on scientific and technical matters.

"The heating action of RF signals is well understood and can be the basis for several additional directed-energy weapons," the report stated. "Leap-ahead non-lethal weapons technologies will probably be based on more subtle human/RF signaling other than heating: for example, stun, seizure, startle and decreased spontaneous activity. Recent developments in the technology are leading to ultra-wideband, very high peak power, and ultrashort signal capabilities, suggesting that the phase space to be explored for subtle, yet potentially effective non-thermal biophysical susceptibilities is vast."

The wireless industry has long argued that mobile phones are safe because handsets do not generate enough energy to heat human tissue or break chemical bonds. Others point to research that show non-thermal effects from mobile phone radiation, some of it harmful. Industry counters those studies have not been replicated. Federal health and safety agencies, for their part, find themselves increasingly caught in the middle of the debate.

The non-thermal argument is central to causation arguments in brain cancer lawsuits and the subject of fierce controversy in policy circles insofar as whether federal radiation exposure guidelines account for possible non-thermal effects.

In September, the Environmental Protection Agency said there is continued uncertainty about possible non-thermal effects of long-term human exposure to mobile-phone radiation, and that it supports further research into the question.

Meanwhile, U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake must rule on industry's motion to dismiss a slew of class-action lawsuits that call into question mobile-phone firms' representations about the safety of wireless products and on a motion to send a California brain cancer case back to federal court in San Diego. Oral argument was held on the cases Nov. 1 in Baltimore.

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation could rule as early as this month on whether Blake keeps another eight brain cancer suits against industry or whether the complaints return to federal courts in the District of Columbia, Georgia and Texas.

Excerpt from a message by Don Maisch

Silent Spring near a military tracking station

To: Cindy Sage Sage Associates

Pam Mcdonald wrote:

Dear Sage Group: My husband and I live near a military tracking station. We have been experiencing the symptoms that your article include. Both of us have these medical problems, but our doctor's tell us that they don't want to get involved, even though they know what we are saying is true. We also have wild birds that die, first having spasms. We also have chickens that have weird growths. We have a business of incubating chicken eggs, to sell the chicks. We can no
longer get good hatches, unless we shield the incubator. We also have a female Rotty that just tried to have pups, but all were born dead. She also has growths on her face. We use to have large ant hills, in our pastures - they are no longer there. We also use to have all kinds of bugs and spiders outside - they are no longer there. Our bees (in our hives), have deformed eyes and wings and stingers. These are just a few of the problems. We have been in contact with the military and explained these problems, but they are not willing to do anything and act like we are nut cases. They even  sent the police and military security and some government guy - I think he said OSI to talk to us. They threatened us.
They said they would have us arrested for harassing the tracking station. But, how is one to complain about a problem, if you don't let them know? We finally saw we were getting no where with them and contacted our senator, Ben Nighthorse Campbell. He did look into the matter, but went by their investigation of the microwave problem. They said they checked their fence perimeters and found no problem. What needs to be investigated and checked is here, on our property - where the bounce hits - not under the towers, where it is the safest. Do you have any suggestions what we can try next, to get some results?
Do you know of any other cases similar to ours where someone has gotten results? We would like to be moved and I don't think that is a lot to ask of them, since they are causing the problem. Is there someone higher we can appeal to? Does your group offer any help, for people with this problem? Any suggestions and information, you can offer, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Doug and Pam McDonald --- Pam Mcdonald---

Excerpt from a message by Don Maisch

Faulty towers?

The Ottawa Citizen
Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Complaints that two transmission towers near Victoria are causing garage doors to open automatically, sprinkler systems to turn on by themselves and reclining beds to fold up in the night have helped to spark a national consultation on how Industry Canada approves antenna towers.

The 60-metre towers, less than 15 metres from $500,000 homes in Colwood, were approved by Industry Canada in mid-2000 without any public meetings or consultations with the municipality.

"It's been over two years of battling with Industry Canada over how the approvals were actually given," said Colwood Mayor Beth Gibson. "The first I heard of it, as mayor of the community, was when two residents came in and said, 'This is already under construction.'"

Since the towers were erected, Colwood's TVs are fuzzy, radios play a jumbled mix of stations all at once, sprinkler systems turn on automatically, mechanical garage doors open and close at will and one resident's reclining bed folds up on him.

"The legs start to come up and the head starts to come up," said Chris Burke, 50. "That's pretty scary when you are in the middle of a sleep." Burke, who lives three houses away from the towers, said he's not the only one who's had trouble since the towers were built. "My neighbour, his sprinkler system wouldn't come on and then it comes on when it's not supposed to. A whole lot of weird things were happening to him."

Burke blames interference from the transmission towers for the town's problems because none of the problems were happening before the towers were erected.

The town of Colwood wrote numerous letters to the industry minister between 2000 and 2002, pleading for Industry Canada to address the problems. After receiving no response, the town bought a three-quarter-page ad, directed at Prime Minister Jean Chretien, in the June 11, 2002, edition of the Ottawa Citizen. The ad claimed Industry Canada knowingly approved the towers in highly populated areas and has ignored requests for a solution.

Melanie Roberts of Industry Canada said it will conduct a national consultation on its antenna policy early next year. Roberts said one goal is to identify ways of predicting interference problems before a tower is constructed.


Informant: Robert Riedlinger

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