* Homeowners paid to hide phone masts - Shell to reveal hidden phone masts   (6/11/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Thanks to Alasdair Philips for this human interest article on how Britian's telcos have come up with a wonderful plan to help homeowners pay their mortgage payments. Simply agree to hide a base station mast in your home and you can get up to £7,000 a year in rent! An added bonus it that the telcos do not even have to apply for planning permission. A win-win situation for everyone. And £7,000 is certainly more than enough to pay for the sleeping pills and anti-depressents that may be needed by the homeowner. Of cource, if you are an a absentee landlord, you can save on the medication, though you may have an increased turnover of tenants.

Perhaps the UK carriers should also try a tactic now employed by Australia's Telstra to help a local Victorian Councillor see the logic in approving a controversial site. Just arrange to get him short-listed in the Telstra/ MAV Local Govt Fellowship for a $ 10,000 grant to study overseas. It works!


Shell to reveal hidden phone masts
Shell forecourt price signs conceal mobile phone masts

8 October, 2002

Shell has promised to reveal which 210 of its 1,100 petrol stations have mobile phone masts hidden inside the forecourt price signs. The oil company, which has a deal with T-mobile, said the transmitters were safe but concerns have been expressed by campaigners. The only clue to their existence is a small light at the top.

T-mobile spokeswoman Gill Kerr told BBC News Online the antennae ensured "the about 46 million people with a mobile in the UK get the best possible service".

They promised faithfully they would consult with residents before they put these masts up

But the director of the Mast Sanity pressure group Lisa Oldham said operators were "making a mockery" of the planning process. "They promised faithfully they would consult with residents before they put these masts up," she added.

Mobile operators were recently barred from putting the masts close to schools in the UK; many parents had said they were worried about health and safety implications. Shell UK retail director Mick McMahon said: "We have a legal obligation to inform the local authority. "We also have to meet stringent EU and UK safety guidelines and satisfy the local petroleum officer."

But Nigel Bruen, 52, from Martley, Worcestershire, who is campaigning against the siting of a transmitter close to his home, said: "These masts do not have to go through the full development process. "In instances like these, it is classified as a permitted development and nobody legally has a say in whether they are there or not - they will not even know."

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2309645.stm

Meanwhile fast-food chain McDonald's has revealed "small coated fins" fixed to the walls of 120 of its restaurants were transmitters. A spokesman said they emitted radio waves 10 to 20 times weaker than a baby listening device.

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