* Allan Rock Announces National Antenna Tower Policy Review - Victory for whales in deadly sonar case! - Book recommendation   (5/11/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Allan Rock Announces National Antenna Tower Policy Review
OTTAWA, October 31, 2002 --
Industry Minister Allan Rock today announced a national consultation review of Industry Canada's antenna tower policy and siting procedures to begin early next year.
"Our goal is to ensure that we have modernized procedures for antenna tower placement that embrace community involvement and expand the economic and social benefits of wireless technologies across Canada," said Minister Rock "I look forward to the results of the consultation and review to ensure our policy reflects the new and emerging technological realities of our society."
In recent years, the growth of wireless communications has caused a substantial increase in the number of antenna towers being erected across Canada.  The rules governing these towers fall under the Radiocommunication Act, administered by Industry Canada. The review will provide an opportunity to identify a wide range of subjects for possible improvements to existing antenna site approval procedures, including:

  • How can the local consultation process regarding the siting of a specific tower be improved?

  • What are the most appropriate time frames for the processes of approving and resolving debates surrounding specific tower placements?

  • What means are available to readily identify whether a proposed installation may create radiofrequency fields in excess of established exposure limits in areas where people live and work? 

  • What information would most benefit concerned members of the public and how should it be provided?

  • How and to what extent can tower sharing be utilized in order to reduce the overall number of towers?

  • Can protocols be arranged between local land use authorities and antenna proponents regarding the planning and siting of antenna structures, visual guidelines and dispute resolution mechanisms?

"Access to modern wireless technology is critical to social and economic development in rural and urban Canadian communities," Minister Rock concluded. "I look forward to working with stake-holders and citizens to ensure Canadians receive the benefits of this innovative technology, while maintaining and enhancing our quality of life." A detailed backgrounder outlining current procedures and key issues for consultation is attached.

For more information, please contact: Selena Beattie
Minister Rock's Office
(613) 995-9001
Media Relations. Industry Canada
(613) 943-2502

http://www.ic.gc.ca/cmb/welcomeic.nsf/261ce500dfcd7259852564820068dc6d/ 85256a220056c2a485256c63004e3fb9!OpenDocument

Informant: Robert Riedlinger


Victory for whales in deadly sonar case!

am thrilled to report that we have just won a crucial victory in federal court that temporarily blocks the U.S. Navy from deploying its dangerous LFA sonar system across 75 percent of the world's oceans. As I told you in a recent message, this new technology would blast hundreds of thousands of square miles of ocean habitat with noise so intense it can maim, deafen or even kill whales and dolphins at close range. A federal judge has now agreed with us that the Bush administration likely violated a number of environmental laws when it granted the Navy a permit to deploy this deadly system.

I want to thank the tens of thousands of BioGems Defenders who took online action against the Navy's plan and the thousands who sent us their emergency financial support. You made this tremendous victory possible! But even as we celebrate a job well done, please understand that this ruling is only a preliminary injunction. It is a beginning, not an end. We must now redouble our efforts and prepare for what promises to be a long courtroom battle ahead. We will be fighting for a permanent injunction that gives whales and other marine mammals the  kind of lasting protection they so richly deserve.

John H. Adams. President
Natural Resources Defense Council

You can read more about this victory for whales at:

Book recommendation:

The book is called "Hypersensitivity to electricity" and is written by Martin Anderson and Leif Westlund, they are engineers and made a special study of the phenomenon "Hypersensitivity to electricity". They checked hundreds of people who are sensitive. Martin works also in a company who shields office equipment so that the RF is blocked - and people can work with computers, faxes phones etc without suffering. In the book you have reviews of the floroscents, computers, VDU and more, cases of people, and you can see the graphs of the RF from different equipment.

The book in my opinion is an important document to carry as a proof  for ignorant doctors and authorities who try to deny this. It can also raise the awareness of the public, that this subject actually exists... There are not many books on this subject, and although it is only 52 pages it is a good start to develop the issue.

ama-konsult@telia.com this is the mail of Martin where you can ask the book.

Informant: Iris from Israel

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