* EMFs can induce DNA damage - Power Quality-New Discoveries ... - Clearer picture of radiation effects  (30/10/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Labs in Austria and Germany have shown that power-frequency EMFs can induce DNA damage. This brings to six the number of groups that have observed this type of genotoxic effect since it was first reported seven years ago. In an editorial, we note that results such as this hold great promise precisely because they run against the grain of scientific orthodoxy.

The EPA is in the hot seat again over its refusal to dismiss nonthermal effects of RF/MW radiation. The agency points out that the FCC safety standards don't address possible effects of chronic, low-level exposures. The wireless industry does not want EPA to rock the boat and has pressured the agency to back down.
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Informant: Cheryl Welsh

Klaus: Thought I would send access information for this important website in case you don't have it. Information covered has to do with transients on farms but also goes on to mention the California Study and human health effects as well. Hope you are having a nice day and take care!!!!    -   Joanne


Clearer picture of radiation effects

Virtual images are giving scientists a better view of how radiation exposure affects the body. The new 3D models allow physicists to calculate how much radioactivity accumulates in different parts of the
body, when it is ingested or breathed in. They are known as "voxel phantoms", from the word voxel meaning volume element.

Dr Maria Zankl of the Institute of Radiation Protection in Neuherberg, Germany, says the virtual models provide a clearer picture of the radioactive energy taken up by the internal organs. "The new voxel phantoms are a clear improvement over previous ones, since they have a very realistic internal anatomy," she said. "The organ distances are exactly the same as in a real person."

Radiation sickness

When a radioactive substance enters the body, it accumulates in bones and organs. This can lead to tissue damage, cancer or radiation sickness, depending on how much radiation someone is exposed to. The new method makes it easier for scientists to estimate how much radioactive energy is absorbed and released by different organs. It will be presented at a conference in London organised by the Society for Radiological Protection.


Informant:  Robert Riedlinger

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