* 38 Studies proves biological effects of PEMR (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Radiations) of CRT's screens (16/10/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Thank you for forwarding several communications about cell phones and other "radiations-biological-harmfull-effects.."

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Peter Semm for having crossed-over the traditional opposition against publication of information concerning these PEMR biological harmful effects, which cannot be measured with traditional measuring devices, and therefore are denied by all official health-protection-organisms.

Usually, the person in charge of scientific publications sends all submitted papers to 2 reviewers-experts-in-the-concerned-field. A number of them are ALSO consultants for the electricity industry. Therefore most of the disturbing  studies are refused, and scientific litterature are still clear of any "alert" paper, and all national and international health protection organisms are happy to claim NO HARMFUL EFFECTS of said radiations..

We have 38 studies, already published by selection committees of 14 major international scientific & medical congresses showing how the PEMR of cathodic tubes are harmful on ALL living beings who are exposed.

We have also 1 reviewed publication in " Indoor+Built Environment " published by Karger sa. Basel (Switzerland)

After a 10 year research program, we found a special protecting device which cancels these biological harmfull effects and allows us to demonstrate the CAUSE-EFFECT relationship between these PEMR of CRT's of computers, TV, video-games, etc. and biological noxious effects on ALL living beings who are exposed.

Our private-research-structure was created in 1969, and is qualified ISO 9001-2000 for research, development, production, & innovative technologies.

Everyone can see on our web-site : 

<http://www.emf-bioshield.com> (english)

<http://www.emf-bioshield.com/french/> (french) 

all experiments results, and publications references showing biological harmfull effects on all biological models (algins, daphnies, fruit-flies, chick-embryos, rats, human adults, and human-pre/purbetary-children) and the efficiency of THE protecting device we have developped.

These protecting devices can help "victims" of said PEMR to avoid these biological, neuro-psychological, violences, & behaviour disturbances..

Jacques SURBECK, Research Director S.E.I.C.sa/Genève - Switzerland
Member of the International Commission on Occupational Health : CIST/ICOH
Member of the International Consultative Commission on Précaution Principle
3 rue du Léman, CH 1201 GENEVE, Suisse - tel 00,41,22,732*5540 - fax *2534
e-mails : <surbeck@pingnet.ch> - web-site : <http://www.emf-bioshield.com>

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