* Beasond/Semm: Study proves biological effects on brain cells through today's cell phone technology / The EMF - mercury connection  (16/10/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Beasond/Semm: Study proves biological effects on brain cells through
today's cell phone technology
(see attached).

Source: Prof. Dr. Peter Semm released for publication in "Neuroscience Letters", 2002.
Informant: Jörg Wichmann

Robert C. Beason wrotes:
Dear Mr. Rudolph:
The pdf file you attached to your email is the page proof for a paper Prof. Semm and I have in press. It is not a copy of the final publication, nor is the paper yet published.
Robert C. Beason

The EMF/mercury connection

I fall into this category. Mercury + emfs. I was using mobile phones throughout the '80s and had substantial  dental work on silver(mercury) fillings and fell seriously ill with memory problems, (and I forget the rest!) chronic tiredness, finger tips going blue, ringing in the head, acute hearing problems and aversion to light. Inability to do very simple sums. Short term memory was like a smashed mirror. I could "see" apart of the sum here, and part there, but I could not join it up i.e. 7X 6 =42 (I could only see - i.e. retain in my memory bits of the equation but not hold the whole. Spooky!

Stir in a gentle toping of my tongue turning black at one stage; add a large dash of depression and bizarre mood swings and panic attacks. Balance was very shaky (feeling as if I was being spun around). Cook slowly for several years with an EMF cocktail of analogue and digital mobile phones from masts, phones and cell site equipment and there we have the modern man. Wired, weird and worried. Oh yes the easiest symptom to detect (whether fully cooked) was my digital watch display would fade away to nothing when I attempted to strap the watch to my wrist.

My teeth - with metal fillings - would lock together (top to bottom) as if a magnetic field was holding them together. I had occasional flashes of electricity across from one side of my head to the other that would throw my head to one side with the jolt. (witnessed by my wife on more than one occasion).

I had all my mercury dental fillings removed professionally (and great cost) replaced with white (non-mercury) fillings and stopped using mobile phones. Found excellent therapies from Dr Scott-Morley of Poole, Dorset, UK. To detox whole body and advise on replacement filling materials.

Whilst not without ringing in the head and tiredness (but far reduced and liveable with) I work for my fellow man and woman trying to add to the knowledge that we have a problem. I no longer where a watch analogue or digital.

Jim Mochnaz

2B Park Road STREET
BA16 0JN
Tel/Fax: 01458 442229

Informant: Don Maisch

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