* Health Effects of EMF Exposure and Mercury poisoning (2) (15/10/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Health Effects of EMF Exposure and Mercury poisoning (2)

In reply to Dr Campbell's posting on the connection between electrohypersensitivity and mercury from dental amalgams, it appears that more needs to be said on this possibly important topic. There is some evidence that dental amalgam illness may be a leading cause of electrosensitivity.

It has been hypothesized in the articles mentioned that mercury fillings act like microantennae, and when the user is sitting in front of a CRT screen, alterations occur in the electric currents in the mouth (electrogalvanism) that may have health effects. The electrogalvanism has been shown to accelerate the mercury release from fillings, and it is also possible that the electrogalvanism thereby interacts with flora in the mouth to produce mercury aggravated infections. Thereby a computer screen can give you a mouth infection that you otherwise would not have due to amalgams, in addition to heightened mercury levels.

There is some further evidence in this story. At the previous 'Workshop on Electrosensitivity 2001' (www.feb.se/NEWS/Abstracts010927.pdf), features of patients with related conditions (FMS, CFS, pain syndrome, El. Sens. and MCS) were compared (An Hypothesis on Neurosomatic Disorders, ROBERT OLIN, M.D., Professor em. Social medicine, Stockholm, Sweden). Social Isolation was only found as a common symptom in electrosensitivity. This fits in very well with the fact that mercury poisoning and sometimes exposure usually produce extreme shyness and social phobia.

Two other presenters discussed the role of amalgams in electrosensitivity at the conference: Experience from ten years work with electrosensitive patients. ULRIKA ÅBERG, M.D., Spec. child & youth psychiatry, Skövde, Sweden. During my work with amalgam and electrosensitive patients I have met around 1 200 patients and 300-400 of these patients have electrosensitivity as their main problem. Approximately 50% of my patients become stronger and feel better with injections of vitamin B12 - mercury disturbs the transport of vitamin B12 from the blood to the CNS liquor. Electrosensitive patients who are also sensitive to light, or have been, may have good use of PABA, Para-amino-benzoic-acid. During the last year I have understood the importance of hidden infections and hidden metals in the teeth and the jaws for the health in general for patients of these categories. That these infections are teated and these metals taken away may be necessary for these individuals to recover.

Does removal of dental metals help the electrically sensitive? KARIN ÖCKERT, D.D.S. Specialist of Periodontology, Göteborg, Sweden. With the description of two clinical cases it is assumed that electrosensitivity sometimes might have its cause in the mouth and it is shown that it was possible to make these patients recover by removal of metals and/or infected teeth. In evaluating the improvement of electrosensitivity after amalgamremoval of 42 electrically sensitive patients it is shown that 40% are totally recovered, 24% are improved, 26% are unchanged and 10% are worse.

When I had my amalgams out I was told a had a mild gum infection, and since my health has improved, albeit with medication and an emissions- reduced computer. A body of opinion in Sweden is looking for a direct connection between amalgams and electrosensitivity. This should be further investigated, by a direct investigation of the flora in the mouth. What kind of infection - streptococcus, clostridium? Is the infection becoming resistant, and converting mercury to methyl mercury? Why do teeth carry a galvanic charge in the first place, and how could health be effected by placing these teeth in unusual fields? Certainly children who receive radio- and chemo- therapy to the head for leukemia develop damage to the right brain called nonverbal learning disorder, and an altered pattern of attention that seems to bear some resemblence to altered attention in mobile phone use. Go the Swedes!

Rowan Campbell
Informant: Don Maisch

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