* Microwawe weapons serviceable against Iraq (7/10/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Reinhard Munzert October 5th 2002 among other things

The notable professional journal Aviation Week & Space Technology
announces newsworthy 10/4/02: USAF Acknowledges Beam Weapon Readiness.

What meant with this should be pointed out on some quotations from the article (by A. Fulghum): "Directed energy technology is ready to be used as weaponry...says a former director of the U.S. Air Force's high-power microwave program." "HPM [High Power Microwave] devices have great potential both as offensive and defensive weapons." "As a munition, some developmental systems are believed to be ready for combat in Iraq." This denoted also the US-Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. In this connection it is primarily the sortie planned against the Iraq air raid defences, electronical systems - also deep in bunker - and the destruction of equipments, which produces or stores NBC-weapons (anti-electronics weapon). In circles of experts it is known, that one can also use HPM aimed at people (anti-personnel weapon). This approve the large amount of German victims. Perhaps the Iraq dictator will also be soon invisible be attacked with them.

In discussion forums of the German television ZDF microwave weapons were also discussed, there one realizes also that there are in Germany already a large amount of victims of microwave criminality.
than: zdf-(club)forum Mid Berlin  - Theme: Death on Djerba - Are we catched up from the terror? Therein microwave weapons (over 140 articles).
or http://www.zdfclub.de/welcome.html
than: zdf-(club)forum Frontal21 - theme: illegal weapons therein: microwave weapons (about 50

Already 1994 an expert report of the International Committee of the Red Cross called attention on microwave weapons: "Over the last few years microwave technology has seen a dramatic evolution. The development of new microwave sources and radiating systems has made a completely new type of weapon feasible: High Power Microwave (HPM) weapons" (Tuor & Morton 1994, S. 113).
Tuor, S. & Morton, S. (1994): Future Weapons Using High Power Microwaves. In: Expert Meeting on Certain Weapon Systems. International Committee of the Red Cross. Report. Geneva/Genf.

1999 the "International Union Of Radio Science" warned before the use of electro-magnetic devices through criminals. In their "Resolution on Criminal Activities using Electromagnetic Tools" the experts write:
"This resolution is intended to make people aware of:
- the existence of criminal activities using electromagnetic tools and associated phenomena.
- the fact that criminal activities using electromagnetic tools can be undertaken covertly and anonymously and that physical boundaries such as fences and walls can be penetrated by electromagnetic fields".


With microwave criminality it deals on a new sort of crime. The US- electrical engineer Ed Pevler (Dallas, Texas), who developed for the US-Army the detection and defence of microwave attacks and owns therefor worldwilde the first patent, points out: "The development of high-power microwave (HPM) weaponry, and its proliferation into subversive organizations, offers the means to commit the ,perfect crime'. HPM attacks typically leave no residual evidence and their effects can range from nuisance to catastrophic".
Pevler, A. E. (1997): Security Implications of High-Power Microwave Technology. International Symposium on Technology and Society 1997.

Dr. Reinhard Munzert

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