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Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

I belong to a citizen initiative based in France who participates ininforming and raising awareness on the subject of uncontrolled use andcirculation of electromagnetic weapons or Directed Energy Weapons and their effects on public health and free will.

Lately we received an e-mail from Dr Murzeau, (www.priore-cancer.com) -ARTEC (French non profit organisation of Doctors researching on electrotherapy)  regarding the summary of an article published in the magazine Science et Vie  (a mainstream national scientific magazine for non specialists) which we posted on the website at = http://members.aol.com/ccapt2001/decouvertes.html (in French).

The article had been published in December 2001 after the ARTEC's team of scientist succeeded, jointly with a laboratory of the faculty of Bordeaux, in reproducing the effects of the signal that was invented by Antoine Priore (an electronic and radio technician) a little more than 20 years ago. With his invention (a combination of electromagnetic energy with different energies including ultrasound or plasma according to the newspaper, whose effects and composition weren't well understood until now) he cured cancers in animals and humans aswell as trypanosome (sleeping seekness). His work received official support from the then French Prime Minister (J. Chaban-Delmas) and was covered by many newspapers in the mid-seventies as a real miracle before being rejected by part of the scientific community because he wouldn't reveal his "secret". Thanks to new funds the non profit organisation and its team of highly qualified scientists, succeeded in doing better than some big scientific institutions, like the CNRS, or the CEA.

Dr Murzeau wrote to correct somewhat the explanation/supposition of the magazine, and to explain that the effects were due to pulsed electric fields, which electric charge remains constant as a change in charge dramaticaly modifies the results and effects. He explained that despite their success in reproducing the same effects as Priore, further progress was blocked by the rival team eventhough they could already establish a list of specifications to build a simple device in a few months which would be appropriate for treating people.

These scientists are trying to prove and explain scientifically this signal which could heal different illnesses depending on the range of frequencies used. It would seem that people are not benefiting from these inventions because of the silence and secret surrounding all kinds of existing electromagnetic weapons and their deadly effects. Electromagnetic therapy (probably not exactly the Priore signal) is already used officialy in countries like Russia with good results. Another electromagnetic device was developed in Greece, called a PAP-IMI device which seems to show good results combined with other treatments.

One article enclosed below, about the treatment of Electrohypersensitivity written by Professor Per-Arne Öckerman of Sweden and published on the site of the Greek inventor, mentions the use of pulsed magnetic fields to improve resistance and to get relief from the symptons. I would be interested in knowing if someone tried this method. There are Centers in Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece and the USA.

Treatment was given by antioxidants, pulsed magnetic fields, minerals, acetyl-cystein, melatonin and gamma-Iinolenic acid.

[ here follows a description of the composition of mentioned preparations ]

Pulsed magnetic fields by IMIS

(Ion Magnetic Induction System) was given on 10 - 12 occasions. Each treatment involved liver, spleen, stomach, intestines, kidneys, thymus and neck for altogether 30-36 min. For details of IMIS, (including address) is referred to ref.5.


All patients completed the full treatment without side-effects. Subjective well-being improved highly significantly from severe symptoms to slight symptoms, as shown in table 1. Erythrocyte fragility improved significantly, i.e. there was a significant decrease from moderate to slight of the damage caused by activity of free radicals (table 3). Mobility of white blood cells also improved significantly from a moderate decrease to normal (table 2).


Treatment of ES has hitherto mainly been directed towards psychological methods, in the supposition that ES actually is a somatisation syndrome. Success has been quite limited according to preliminary results cited in an official communication by the Swedish National Medical Board (6). The best results have been obtained by modifying the electrical environment (6). Earlier results demonstrated damage to erythrocytes by free radicals through EMF exposition in ES patients, but not in controls (1). From this it might be concluded that treatment by antioxidants could be of value in such ES patients, where an increased activity of free radicals had been demonstrated. Support for this statement also comes from a pilot study using a broad-spectrum antioxidant preparation (Polbax) in high dose (2).

Side effects are in my experience rare with the preparations given in the present study. There is one exception: some patients do not tolerate the doses given of selenium. There was no such case in the present series. What was much more worthy of note is that the patients tolerated IMIS. This equipment gives four magnetic pulses per second, each pulse about one microsecond. The fields have a very broad spectrum of frequencies, from about 150 kHz to about 250 MHz and are about 10 000 times stronger than those coming from an ordinary PC or the computer in the IMIS.A few ES patients had stated before this study that they did not tolerate the IMIS equipment. However, after the whole equipment had been isolated by a copper net with no measurable fields reaching the patients from the equipment, except the pulses, all patients tolerated the treatment by IMIS.

N. L.

Citizens' Initiative Omega
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