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The China EMF standards meeting

Below is a press release from the Interfax News Agency, China. The topic
is the just finished Third International EMF Standard setting Seminar in
China, held in Guilin, of Guangxi Province, from October 13 to 17.

AS reported to me by an attendee to the Seminar: "I just came back from
a WHO-organised (Mike Repacholi) meeting in China. In that meeting,
there were some arguments on which research data should be used for the
setting of RF exposure standards. Industry and pro-industry scientists
basically ignored all studies that showed effects at a SAR below 4 W/kg.
The argument is that those studies have never been replicated independently.

The 4 W/kg threshold is based on a series of experiments carried out by
John DeLodge in the early 1980s showing that animals stopped working to
obtain food reward when they were exposed at a SAR of ~4W/kg (an
increase in rectal temperature of ~1 degree C). The fact is that the
DeLodge experiments have also not been independently replicated. John
D'Andrea repeated the experiment using a chronic exposure paradigm
(instead of one-time exposure as in the De Lodge experiments) and
reported in 2 papers in 1986 that 'the threshold of behavioural
disruption occurred at a SAR between 0.14-0.7 W/kg'. Interestingly,
D'Andrea also published a paper in 1988 (see abstract below) using a
different behavioural end-point and showed that the effect occurred at
2.1-2.8 W/kg after acute exposure.

D'Andrea JA, DeWitt JR, Portuguez LM, Gandhi OP. Reduced exposure to
microwave radiation by rats: frequency specific effects. Prog Clin Biol
Res. 257:289-308, 1988. (B-E)

Previous research has shown that SAR "hotspots" are induced within the
laboratory rat and that the resulting thermal hotspots are not entirely
dissipated by blood flow. Two experiments were conducted to determine if
hotspot formation in the body and tail of the rat, which is radiation
frequency specific, would have behavioral consequences. In the first
experiment rats were placed in a plexiglas cage one side of which, when
occupied by the rat, commenced microwave radiation exposure; occupancy
of the other side terminated exposure. Groups of rats were tested during
a baseline period to determine the naturally preferred side of the cage.
Subsequent exposure to 360-MHz, 700-MHz or 2450-MHz microwave radiation
was made contingent on preferred-side occupancy. A significant reduction
in occupancy of the preferred side of the cage, and hence, microwaves
subsequently occurred. Reduced exposure to 360-MHz and 2450-MHz
microwaves at 1, 2, 6 and 10 W/kg were significantly different from
700-MHz microwaves.

In the second experiment semichronic exposures revealed the threshold
for reduced exposure of 2450-MHz microwaves to be located between
whole-body SAR's of 2.1 and 2.8 W/kg."

The logic of ignoring studies that fail to meet a vested viewpoint
certainly is not new. The old Roman church used it quite successfully
for some years against those maverick scientists who dared look outside
the dogma of their time.

Following along with a medieval style of logic the US the industry
standard setters have found an ingenius way to eliminate the problem of
hot spots forming in the brain from mobile phone use - no its not a
different antenna configuration or shielded phones. - The problem is
simply solved by calculating SARs based on 10 gm instead of 1 gm of
tissue. Presto! hot spots are averaged out of existence!

About as scientific as calculating how many Angels can fit on the head
of a pin- and that was a big issue once upon a time.

Don Maisch

(Interfax News Agency, China)

October 20, 2003

China Considers Setting New Cell Phone Radiation Standards

Beijing - The Standardization Administration of China will consider
setting new mobile radiation SAR standards, the WHO's (Word Health
Organization) radiation program coordinator Mike Repacholi, told
Interfax in an exclusive interview. Repacholi had been attending the
Third International EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Seminar in China, held
in Guilin, of Guangxi Province, from October 13 to 17. "China is now a
member of the WTO. The WTO requires its members to apply the
international mobile radiation SAR standard, which is now 2 volt/kg. We
do not find any negative impact on human beings at this standard, as
shown by research. The Standardization Administration of China sent
representatives to the Seminar, and I believe they will go back and
reconsider the standard with so much new information acquired,"
Repacholi said. "The current radiation standard for cell phones in
Europe is 2 volt/kg, and that in the U.S is 1.6 volt/kg." Repacholi also
noted that the WHO was currently analyzing and preparing new standard
for 3G mobile communications. "Radiation for 3G handsets depends on the
functions you choose. New 3G handsets should also apply the
international radiation standard. We are doing more research on this and
hopefully will make a conclusive assessment by 2006. We will notify all
the member countries immediately with the new assessment results and
suggest adjustments to the international mobile radiation standards,"
Repacholi explained. According to Repaholi, the WHO has a joint research
program with China's Zhejiang University on EMF and cell phone
radiation. "We are looking forward to coordination with more China
laboratories," Repacholi added.

Comment from Dr Miguel Muntané:

KILLER CALCULATION?: 30 years health censure in mobile telephony with
the "medieval style".

* have never been replicated?

1. SAR is a FALSE THERMAL UNIT: To heat a solution of “Sugar-salt-water”



Following along with a medieval style of logic the US the industry
standard setters have found an ingenius way to eliminate the problem of
hot spots forming in the brain from mobile phone use - no its not a
different antenna configuration or shielded phones. - The problem is
simply solved by calculating SARs based on 10 gm instead of 1 gm of
tissue. Presto! hot spots are averaged out of existence!


A Comment from Alasdair Philips
At 1800 MHz ICNIRP occupational is 127 V/m and general public is 58 V/m.
At 900 MHz ICNIRP occupational is 90 V/m and general public is 41 V/m.

So, if the 120 V/m is RF (i.e. they were using an appropriate meter)
then even if the doctor can maybe work in there (just) he could not see
patients in that room using ICNIRP and WHO Guidance.

Having taken 1000s of detailed RF measurements near to masts in several
countries, I suggest that 120 V/m RF is an extraordinarily high reading.
It would represent a very bad installation to waste that signal power on
nearby buildings and people. I wonder if they used a power-frequency
electric field meter when a value of 120 V/m is very common near to wiring?

Alasdair Philips
Director, Powerwatch,

Informant: Don Maisch

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Re: Air Force leaders defend use of PAVE PAWS

Hi Klaus.

For information of your readers, to whom these numbers may mean nothing:

The Boston Herald
Air Force leaders defend use of PAVE PAWS
By Doreen Leggett / dleggett@cnc.com
Friday, October 17, 2003

... Lt. Col. Paul J Legendre, a bioenvironmental engineer with the Air
Force, ... offers a different view: If you hit a paper clip with a
feather a thousand times will it break?

...But Legendre [claims] that one can measure [1 V] per meter nanosecond
from "the noise, of all RF (radar frequencies) in the whole world."

...The Dutch study found harm at 1 V/meter RF.

Although the power falls off as distance squared, the potential
(voltage) falls off as the square root of that--specifically as the

Consider a cell tower antenna broadcasting in all directions at 10 W per
channel. This power, according to FCC, is not unusual(see

I would guess that at 10 W/channel and with 10 channels (10 slightly
different frequencies), the total would be 100 W.

The field at 1 m then would convey 100W/(4*Pi*r2) or about 8 W/m2. The
impedance of free space is Z = 377 ohms; power P = E2/Z; so, solving 8 W
= V2/377 for V, makes V = about 55 V/m at 1 m from the antenna.

This is somewhat approximate and on the low side, because these antennas
usually produce more power in horizontal directions than directly up or
down, so the square law doesn't quite hold.

Regardless, with a transmitter at 100 W, the Dutch study would be at
about the same level as would be found up to 55 m from such a transmitter.

This is quite a long distance. However, I do not think the tower's field
would be lower than the average over the world of all radar sets: It is
this high only within 55 m of the transmitter.

Also, few radars operate at a frequency as high as the 1 to 5 GHz of
cell or WiFi towers.

The concern should be that, at least in a city, the 1 V/m level may be
at that of the average of all cell phones nearby!

John Michael Williams

Omega: look at this horror:
CELLDAR - Cellphone Radar System

During 2001 we combined our expertise in radar technology and cellular
radio to develop CELLDAR™, a groundbreaking technique that uses the
reflection of digital telephone signals from the sides of aircraft or
boats to detect and track their movement.

Using demonstrator equipment, we have shown that CELLDAR™ can detect
large aircraft over hundreds of kilometres, providing there is a cell
phone network present to illuminate the targets.

CELLDAR™ Benefits
There are many benefits of this ground breaking system, a few of them are:

CELLDAR™ is a passive system, which means that it does not transmit any
energy and so its use cannot be detected.

CELLDAR™ provides a low cost solution when compared to its equivalent
active radar competitors.

CELLDAR™ is a multistatic system which means there are many transmitters
to enhance the Radar Cross Section of targets when compared to a
monostatic radar.

Development and Applications of CELLDAR™
Various government and industry bodies have now shown interest in the
technology, opening up a world of opportunity for us to develop
applications of CELLDAR™ for both the commercial and defence markets. In
July 2002 we teamed with BAE Systems to further develop the system.



Microwave Madness


Three R's: Reading, Writing, RFID


Biggest sunspot ejected!!!

Forwarded to me by a friend, I for sure take that advise.
Hans Karow

According to the Raum&Zeit magazine, these kind of erruptions most
likely also cause earth quakes. Well, we'll see what happens.
Cheers, H.


OK everyone! On Friday you better turn off your computer!! Barb

Solar gas cloud racing to Earth


O.T. themes:

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Homesick troops turn to suicide

Press seldom reports Iraq wounded

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


More and More Iraqis View the US as Occupation Force

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