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Denmark - we won


This morning on the Danish radio from the news broadcast: About the
recent report from the 2 ministeries of Health and of Telecommunication,
stating that 3G mobile phones and masts are harmless: Consumer
organisation says the report is to be criticized heavily. No scientists
with a real knowledge of the matter were involved. It was written by
ministerial employees and clearly ordered by the mobile telephone companies.

The Danish Cancer society, who has always claimed that mobile phones are
harmless, based on the "world's largest study" on mobile phones and
cancer, done by their scientist Christoffer Johansen, and paid by the 2
largest phone companies, is certainly involved in this report. They are
consultants for the telephone industry and electrical companies. Today
they admit that no studies were done. They also have started to say one
has to be careful in putting up masts everywhere, especially on schools.

However, I am sure they will use the opportunity to ask for more money
for research. Anyway requests for interviews for newspapers and
television keep pouring in.

I also think some lawyers have started to work on cases about value loss
of properties. Sadly enough some people are more worried about the value
of their properties than about their health.

Kind regards and thank you for your encouraging messages

Sianette Kwee




Thanks for the steady flow of information about EMF issues. I sent the
following letter to the Oak Park Journal:

October 13, 2003

Dear Editor


New testing techniques now make it easy for anyone to personally
experience why wireless technology should be kept out of our schools,
and why we need to be concerned about other forms of electromagnetic
(EM) energy in our schools that can affect kids.

Experienced computer users often admit that their reading speed is
slower when they are reading a computer screen than when reading print
on paper. Simple experiments prove there is a significant slowdown. The
explanation appears to be that the EM energy surrounding the computer
interferes with the body's electrical system, slowing down the
transmission and processing of nerve signals. In short, exposure to EM
energy makes us dumber.

A counting speed test can help you to experience this slowdown. If you
take a position in a room that is at least several feet away from a
computer, cell phones, or any other electronic device, and count to 50
in your head as fast as you can, timing yourself with a second hand, you
will come up with a rough measure of brain speed--how fast you can
perform a simple mental task. You should do this several times until you
achieve your best speed.

Keep the same position in the room, but this time hold a cell phone, or
have a laptop in your lap, or some other electronic device close to you,
and repeat the counting test.

You should find that your counting speed drops about 20%. When brain
processes are slowed down by EM energy every aspect of cognitive
function declines: reading speed, verbal fluency, reasoning skills,
computation skills, comprehension, and memory.

We already have too great an EM burden upon our kids in school. The
addition of wireless technology, which greatly increases
electropollution exposure, simply has no place in a learning environment
in which kids are supposed to be working on mind-building knowledge and


Jim Protsman

P. O. Box 381
Manitowoc WI 54220


Telegraph Money Insurers fear wave of claims over pylons

Thought you might find this article (below) from the Daily Telegraph in
the U.K interesting.

Best Regards


Subject: Telegraph Money Insurers fear wave of claims over pylons
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 13:46:08 -0600

Telegraph | Money | Insurers fear wave of claims over pylons

Insurers fear wave of claims over pylons
By Yvette Essen in Monte Carlo (Filed: 10/09/2003)

Insurers are worried that people living or working near electricity
pylons will start filing claims for illness as part of the burgeoning
compensation culture. Underwriters and brokers have been discussing the
threat of Electronic Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) at their annual
conference in Monte Carlo.

Although there is no medical or scientific evidence proving that pylons
cause illnesses such as cancer, insurers and reinsurers are afraid
claims could arise in the future. The International Underwriting
Association, the representative and research body for the world's
largest reinsurers operating through the London insurance market,
described EMF as "a potential emerging risk".

Chief executive Marie-Louise Rossi said: "There is speculation and some
analysis of people with leukemia who live near power stations and this
is something underwriters are aware of. It has been a live topic for the
best part of a decade and it remains so.” She said insurers are
attempting to understand the risks posed by EMF so they can "quantify
them as best they can to charge premiums". But if they cannot understand
them, underwriters will try to exclude them. She said: "At the moment
the science is not proven but that does not mean people are not talking
to their lawyers."

Underwriters' concerns follow the growth of compensation culture,
particularly in America, where people have been claiming for illnesses
caused by asbestos and toxic mould. Over the past couple of years,
insurance premiums have soared as people have turned to the courts.
The world's largest insurance ratings agencies said EMF was being
discussed by underwriters but it is difficult for them to make
exclusions until evidence proves a direct link between the pylons and

Mark Hewlett, managing director of Moody's, asked: "If a house is
beneath an electricity pylon, could the people there be affected by it?"

Stuart Shipperlee, managing director of AM Best, explained: "EMF is
clearly something that insurers are very concerned about but it is not
remotely clear yet how it will play out. Given the continued problems in
the liability market, any serious adverse development will only add
further pain to insurers' results."

Greg Carter, senior director of insurance at Fitch Ratings Agency, said:
"Medical proof is a long way from being a convincing argument but the
insurance industry is very aware of the potential liabilities."

Stephen Searby, credit analyst at Standard and Poor's, said: "People
have been looking for the next asbestos for the past 10 years and EMF is
an obvious one. The industry is worried that claims could arise from
policies written years ago but if they change or exclude EMF from
policies now it is almost like admitting there is a problem."

Mr Shipperlee said if there was a claim, one of the difficulties
insurers and reinsurers would face is determining who would be held
responsible, as there has been no test case in the courts "so it remains
to be seen the true extent or nature of the liability" He added that as
the UK electricity market was privatised 10 years ago there may be
debate over whether the Government or the companies that took over the
pylons should be held responsible.

20 October 2002: Tough health rules threaten power groups

International Underwriting Association

Informant: Robert Riedlinger


FGF in Germany : Is it Truly Independent ?

7 of 8 persons on the current FGF Board of Directors are directly linked
to parts of the mobile telecommunications and broadcasting industry ! To
many this will seem like an extreme case of infiltration of vested
industry interests which calls into serious question the legitimacy of
the FGF. See below.

Best regards

----- Original Message -----
From: "Kumar Singarajah" <kumar.singarajah@btinternet.com
To: <mastsanity@topica.com
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 10:15 PM

Subject: FGF in Germany : Is it Truly Independent ?


I used to think based on the following quote that the FGF in Germany was
an 'independent' body, which provided impartial advice and guidance on
EMF matters. "The Research Association for Radio Applications (FGF)
pursues the matter of electromagnetic fields and their biological
effects on humans and the environment. As an independent non-profit
association, the FGF funds the investigation of issues related to
electromagnetic compatibility and provides information on the state of
the art to the public.

Support of Scientific Research

Since it was established in 1992, the FGF has been funding studies
focused on a variety of topics and has sponsored research at a number of
institutions. The FGF only assigns research projects that meet the
requirements of World Health Organization (WHO) standards. Studies
performed in accordance with the WHO standards have to be
hypothesis-driven, logical, technically sound, and repeatable. The
selection of research projects depends on the scientific objectives of
national and international expert groups.

Information to the Public

Scientific investigations are duly presented to the public through
publication in peer-reviewed journals, and in investigator reports
released through the "Edition Wissenschaft" series. Additional articles
on the technical and biological effects of electromagnetic fields appear
in the FGF "Newsletter". Furthermore, the FGF supports development of an
expert database that is freely accessible on the Internet at www.femu.de
. Cooperation with International Organizations. The FGF is a reliable
partner for a great number of national and international committees and
works closely together with the World Health Organization (WHO). The
designated research projects are made compatible with those launched by
other international institutions similar to the FGF.

With this broad range of activities, the FGF is the only one of its kind
in Europe.

More details can be found in the statutes of the FGF.” Being rather
curious at the rather strident tone of the many of the articles in the
FGF Newsletter on various studies indicating actual or potential linkage
between EMF and health / biological effects, the following interesting
fact comes out:

The Board of Directors (of EIGHT) of the FGF (see page 28 of latest
Newsletter) comprises the following groups and persons:

Group of Network Operations: D2-Vodafone, T-Mobil, E-Plus
Group of Service Providers: Bayerischer Rundfunk
Group for the Industry: Motorola, Bosch, Siemens,
Public Authorities: 1 Person from BMWA.

In other words 7 of 8 persons on the FGF Board are directly linked to
parts of the mobile telecommunications and broadcasting industry.

There can only be one crystal clear conclusion regarding the avowed
independence of the FGF.




Definition: An independent non-profit association which pursues the
matter of electromagnetic fields and their biological effects on humans
and the environment.

The Research Association for Radio Applications in Germany consists of:

The Board of Directors (of EIGHT):
Group of Network Operations: D2-Vodafone, T-Mobil, E-Plus
Group of Service Providers: Bayrischer Rundfunk
Group for the Industry: Motorola, Bosch, Siemens,
Public Authorites: 1 Person from BMWA.

7 of 8 are "independent" "non profit", and certainly "persue" - but
instead of persuing "the matter of electromagnetic fields and their
biological effects on humans and the environment", they persue the
people who dare to persue the matter of electromagnetic fields and their
biological effects on humans and the environment.



3G is dead, says mobile phone inventor


Bad Aibling replacement in Darmstadt-Griesheim?
Dear friends (and a few BCC recipients),

in local media, there was a few reports some days ago that in Griesheim
- a little town some 5 km west of Darmstadt -, 4 satellite senders and 1
satellite receiver are going to be set up by the US Army. The permit
they requested from the local authorities runs until 2012. The media
calls it "radar" and "radomes". There is now some speculation as to
whether part of the Bad Aibling capability is going to be moved to
Darmstadt (with the rest going to Menwith Hill.) Another vague idea I
have is that it could be an early preparation for a US missile defense
system in Europe. But it seems there is also an intelligence unit
located in Griesheim, so it could also be that the senders are used to
send processed information to the NSA.

There is a German webpage with a few pictures, scans of newspaper
articles, and a lot of links to English webpages on this issue. The URL is
I will try to find someone locally who is technically knowledgable
enough to look into this and hopefully work with people in the town
parliament to try to gain access to further information. As the US Army
does this under NATO Statute, there is no information available
publicly, and they need not undergo normal planning and environmental
protection procedures (hi, CAAB, does this sound familiar?) But I
thought I should make the community aware of this development. And maybe
someone can add information.

In peace

See also:


Hi Klaus

Thanks for regularly sending me your newsletter. Since you have a number
of quotations at the end of your letter, I thought you might be
interested in this one, which I have read out at talks I give on mast
health hazards.

Best regards

Dr Grahame Blackwell

That which is looked upon by one generation as the apex of human
knowledge is often considered an absurdity by the next, and that which
is regarded as a superstition in one century may form the basis of
science for the following one.



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