* Thousands of families in Europe are suffering serious health problems / news (25/9/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

Thousands of families in Europe are suffering serious health problems, that affect to children and pregnant women with irreversible alterations and in many cases deaths.

The European Court of the Human

delay of his answer, to file it without contributing to aid nor information.

The application of measures of health protection with eternal investigations like the "cancer" can be only "delay". Is in addition "controlled" by the ICNIRP?.

The health hazard that must to be published is "Blood Brain Barrier alteration",  that a mobile telephone can modify with only two minutes of use and the alteration of "Chromosomes" that affects to all the users and the people who are 8 - 10 meters distance of the mobile telephone.

I kindly request hereby the email of the department responsible for the European Court of the Human Rights to demand that a pursuit of the thousands of patients is made in great proximity of stations bases and so that a control (preferable judicial) of the number of deaths is made in 2001 and the 2002.

Once died the "Human Right"  they can lack meaning.

It is important for the European Court of the Human Rights to protect human life.

Best regards
Dr. Miguel Muntané

Induction of DNA strand breaks by intermittent exposure to extremely-low-frequency electromagnetic fields in human diploid fibroblasts.

Ivancsits S, Diem E, Pilger A, Rudiger HW, Jahn O.

 Rights was indifferent to our personal suffering and it extended the 

Division of Occupational Medicine, University Hospital/AKH, Waehringer
Guertel 18-20, A-1090 Vienna, Austria. sabine.ivancsits@akh-wien.ac.at

Results of epidemiological research show low association of electromagnetic field (EMF) with increased risk of cancerous diseases and missing dose-effect relations. An important component in assessing potential cancer risk is knowledge concerning any genotoxic effects of extremely-low-frequency-EMF (ELF-EMF).

Human diploid fibroblasts were exposed to continuous or intermittent ELF-EMF (50Hz, sinusoidal, 24h, 1000microT). For evaluation of genotoxic effects in form of DNA single- (SSB) and double-strand breaks (DSB), the alkaline and the neutral comet assay were used.

In contrast to continuous ELF-EMF exposure, the application of intermittent fields reproducibly resulted in a significant increase of DNA strand break levels, mainly DSBs, as compared to non-exposed controls.

The conditions of intermittence showed an impact on the induction of DNA strand breaks, producing the highest levels at 5min field-on/10min field-off.

We also found individual differences in response to ELF-EMF as well as an evident exposure-response relationship between magnetic flux density and DNA migration in the comet assay.

Our data strongly indicate a genotoxic potential of intermittent EMF. This points to the need of further studies in vivo and consideration about environmental threshold values for ELF exposure.

Source: Mutat Res 2002 Aug 26;519(1-2):1-13
Message from Reinhard Rückemann

Are you aware of any groups or physicians or other people supportive of people with EHS-EMF in the United States.  I only know of doctors who engage in the practice to hurt people. Thank you very much.

Does anyone know about electromagnetic targetting of innocent people by criminals? This is the same thing as microwave and towers, and just as dangerous.  These people doing this can kill people.

Imelda wrote that her government agreed to investigate people sensitive to electromagnetic fields, etc. and who are mis-diagnosed. I am sensitive because someone is deliberately doing this to me and can do this to anyone.  Is there anyone in the United States who investigates this as well as the doctor doing it and the mental health facility abuse it uses?  Thank you

Cindy Steven

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