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Denmark awake

Some time ago I told you about the public debate that started in Denmark
on basestations.
Now two months later it has spread all over the country. It has been
covered extensively in all the largest newspapers in full-page articles,
even by those newspapers that are most friendly towards industry, and in
many radio and television broadcasts. Now the first Danish television
channel is making a special program in 4 parts, in which they will also
involve the group in Lund.

They have also discovered that I am actually the only one, who has ever
done experimental research in this field in Denmark. So I get numerous
calls from ordinary people, organizations, journalists etc.

Many groups of worried people in the big cities have started actions to
protest against the mobile phone masts and demanding them to be taken
down, moved or not raised. It is certainly also because people suddenly
notice the 3G/UMTS masts, because the companies have started to raise
them everywhere.

As a consequence some local authorities have already stopped giving
permissions to put up more masts.

In all this the mobile phone companies have kept completely silent. I
think they are afraid that if they go into the debate, there will be
even more publicity and the result could be that nobody will buy the new
mobile phones. If people protest they offer to move the masts or offer
more money, just to keep them silent and avoid more public debate. The
only thing that happened is that suddenly a joint report appeared from
the Ministry of Health and of Telecommunication. In short it said, that
mobile telephony and the masts were completely harmless and any harmful
effects ever found was accidentally. So nobody needs to worry. This
report was based on NOTHING!

Quite obvious this report was ordered by the telephone companies, who
bought the 3G/UMTS licences and paid a lot of money to the government.
And of course now they wanted the government to do something to stop
this debate.

So at last, 10 years later than the rest of the world, Denmark is now awake.

Thank you very much for your support. Please keep sending me interesting
and relevant information.

Kind regards

Sianette Kwee


Hutchison's 3G tower headache
Oct 08
Katrina Nicholas

Hutchison could be forced to dismantle scores of the high-tech mobile
phone towers that power its '3' video-phone network after the High Court
rejected its application to appeal a court ruling that ordered the
removal of a tower in south Sydney.

Hutchison contractors broke into Oatley Park to remove the 22-metre high
offending tower at about 5.30am on Saturday after being asked by the
phone group to take down the tower early to avoid negative publicity.

Hurstville City Council mayor Vince Badalati said he was not worried
about the smashed padlock but was glad Hutchison had begun removing the
structure quickly. He said a number of other councils may be able to
take similar action against the telco, which launched its
third-generation mobile service in Australia in April.

Mr Badalati said Hutchison had erected its '3' tower at Oatley Park,
despite Hurstville Council twice rejecting the telco's requests to do so.

Hutchison eventually relied on a maintenance provision in the
Telecommunications Act to erect the tower. Usually, building such towers
requires a permit from the Australian Communications Authority, which
first holds a public inquiry.

However, carriers generally get around this process by relying on an
exemption in the act that allows a carrier to "maintain" an existing
facility. In the case of Oatley Park, Hutchison had declared that a
council lighting pole was an existing facility and had replaced it with
a '3' telecommunications tower.

In July, the NSW Court of Appeal ruled that Hutchison was wrong to rely
on that provision.

Although Hutchison maintains the Oatley Park tower was a one-off and
that its 500 or so other '3' towers around Sydney will not be affected,
people close to the appeal say this is not the case.

One source said an affidavit sworn by a Hutchison project manager
indicated that many more '3' sites could be affected if the High Court
refused to allow the company's appeal. Deacons partner Peter Rigg, who
acted for Hurstville Council, also said a number of other sites could be

Other councils understood to be considering legal action of a similar
nature include Sydney's Sutherland Shire Council and Adelaide's City of
Mitcham. The City of Mitcham's action, which concerns five '3' towers,
is expected to be heard in the South Australian Supreme Court

Hutchison said in a statement that it was disappointed by the High
Court's decision but intended to comply with orders to remove the
facility (at present an equipment shed still remains) within 10 days. A
spokesman also said the company's contractors would not have done
anything Hurstville Council was not first made aware of.


Re: Are microwaves addictive? (Reply from Gerard Hyland)


Dear Don,

I have been asked this question before by people in the UK, but,
unfortunately, cannot supply an answer.

It is a fact, however, that mobile phone signals DO interfere with the
dopamine-opiate system in the brain, and since endorphins are, like the
opiates, involved in pain relief, it not unreasonable to assume that
their levels get interfered with. Circumstantial evidence in support of
this comes from the fact that they (endorphins) are found in (amongst
other places) the HYPOTHALAMUS, which has been implicated in the
microwave radiation of sub-thermal intensity - a possible reason why
some people near Base-stations complain of the sensation of overheating,
despite the fact that the intensity is far too low to cause any direct

I attach the latest version of my Base-station paper, which contains the
relevant references
[Not attached to this message due to Yahoo restrictions - Don]


Informant: Don Maisch


Exposure to microwave RF must cause a membrane change equivalent to
membrane depolarisation

Hello Klaus.

Concerning the issue of endorphins, I can't confirm this one way or
another, but it is easy to see that RF will cause depolarization of cell
membranes, including those of nerve and muscle cells:

Such membranes are active according to the voltage difference across
them. This voltage may be represented as an electric dipole
perpendicular to the membrane surface. Biologically, it is a sum of
potentials, each representable as a smaller dipole, but this is beside
the point.

When the membrane dipole(s) are at rest, the potential is maximal, on
the average, ignoring ongoing biological processes.

When microwave RF impinges on such a membrane, it rotates the dipoles
back and forth in phase with the E field of the microwaves. However,
unlike the dipoles in a liquid such as water, these dipoles are
organized and do not dissipate their rotary energy as random motion
(heat). Instead, they systematically reduce the total voltage across the
membrane whenever they are rotated off their resting position.

Because microwave frequencies are very high, often 109 cycles per second
(= 1 GHz), they can not be seen individually by the much slower
biological processes. Instead, the biological response is to the average
voltage, which of course must be lower than the voltage without any RF.
Thus, exposure to microwave RF must cause a membrane change equivalent
to membrane depolarization.

Because membrane depolarization means increased activity in a neutron or
muscle cell, generally, RF therefore tends to cause neurons and muscles
cells to be more excitable than otherwise. These neurons individually
might be either excitatory or inhibitory of specific observable human

This effect needs no experimentation to prove it; the only question is
how big it is depending on where the RF is applied, and with what RF
parameters such as frequency, pulse rate, etc.

Ingalls (1967: NY State J. of Medicine, v. 67(22), 2292 - 2297 (June))
reported that the same radar pulses that caused microwave hearing in his
experimental (human) subjects, also caused facilitation in the
contraction of a dissected frog muscle, which would be consistent with
the depolarization analysis just described.

Any way, selective RF effects on brain cells therefore could cause any
kind of behavioral change, including hearing sensations (long known),
release of endorphins, or direct excitation or inhibition of various
human activities.

John Michael Williams


Children's Health Month
Klaus: You may recall that I challenged this "Environmental Health site"
because they featured "Childrens' Health Month" and yet I was not able
to find anything on the site regarding EMF/EMR exposure. I am forwarding
Dr. Goehl's reply as well as my response to him. Thanks - Joanne

Dear Ms. Mueller,

Thank you for your comments on EMF. We have published many articles that
explore the health effects of EMF and will continue to consider
publication of new research submitted to EHP.

Tom Goehl

Thomas J. Goehl, Ph.D.
Environmental Health Perspectives
phone 1 919 541 7961
fax 1 919 541 0273

Dear Dr. Goehl: I am sorry but merely publishing articles about EMF from
time-to-time does not accomplish much insofar as warning parents to
check sleeping areas for such obvious things as close proximity to
electric clock radios, monitors, electric meters, etc.

An environmental health site should provide continuous links to the most
recent research including the 2002 California EMF Study!!!! Since
childhood leukemia is linked to 4.0 milligauss (chronic, prolonged
exposure) in the California study as well as Lou Gehrig's Disease and
even brain cancer and miscarriage, it would seem to me that an emphasis
should be made to educate the parents and that the government needs to
take an active role in providing information to the American Medical
Association so brochures containing website information can be provided
to clinics.

The diseases linked to low levels of EMR exposure by the California
study are initially promoted by "inflammation." There is a virtual
explosion of asthma in this country -- that alone is a major health
problem that continuous to drive up insurance costs and also causes many
families to lose their struggles to support their families!!!! Asthma
and sinus infections were primary symptoms of my two grandsons with rare
immune deficiencies. Incidentally "asthma" was the first symptom
observed in my guinea pigs soon after their cage was placed against the
wall containing the electric meter -- the same spot in the bedrooms of
my two grandsons!!!!

All health problems are related on some level to "inflammation." It is
imperative that the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
take an active role in educating the public so fewer children need to
endure the difficulties encountered by suffering ADD, ADHD, various
other learning difficulties as well as the problems relating to trying
to learn and "maintain standards" when sick with chronic problems such
as asthma, sinus infections, migraine headaches, etc., etc.!!!!

To you and others at the National Institute of Health Sciences, I say
"we can not and must not continue to play the game of 100% proof needed
before informing the public of what is well-known!!!! Cumulatively the
evidence is overwhelming!!!!

EMR exposure in the home is only the "tip of the iceberg" because
failure to warn about the possible effects of cell phone use as well as
the ever-increasing placement of telecommunications antennas in
residential areas, etc. will soon reveal just how catastrophic this
"non-action" really is!!!!

Joanne C. Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, MN 55448 USA
Phone: 763-755-6114
Email: JCMPelican@aol.com

I note that you have chosen not to comment on the fact that the EMF
Interagency Committee Report has never been presented to Congress.


A letter from Eldon Byrd

Dr. Eldon Byrd
2002 Letter of Corroboration of
NIH Md. Statement About Mind Control

C.A.H.R.A. Home Page

April 27, 2002

To Whom It May Concern The attached Statement On Mind Control, dated
April 11th, 2002 was sent directly to me by the author. Given the
controversy surrounding mind control, Cheryl Welsh of CAHRA has asked me
to substantiate the medical doctor's Statement. The physician does not
want to sign his Statement, because he does not want to become involved
with victims for whom he has no help to offer.

I am aware of the physicians research work when he was associated with
the National Institutes of Health, and I consider it to be of the
highest standard. I am also familiar with his Patents and his work in
the identification of virus' in small samples of fluids. In my opinion,
the statements he has made in his Statement can be taken as true,
reflecting facts and events which occurred.

The author is also personally known to me and has related some of the
information contained in the document to me on prior occasions. There
was no information given to the author prior to his producing the
initial document other than to ask if he would write up some of his
experiences with mind control. The last two paragraphs were added by the
author after he became aware of the experiment I did for CAHRA. He was
asked to comment on the experiment without additional input from anyone.
I can corroborate the following points contained in the Statement:

I knew Senator Claiborne Pell, his Legislative Assistant referred to in
the document, and the investigative reporter also mentioned. I was aware
that they were involved in mind control investigations and that they had
data that indicated the existence of technology that could be used to
effect some sort of mind control. Specifically, I was aware of the
photograph of a signal that appeared on an individual's TV screen. I had
several meetings with that individual and examined the photograph
mentioned in the Statement.

Also, I asked the Legislative Assistant to comment on the physician's
Statement. He stated to me: "...what he has written details the events
as I recall them, and as we discussed at the time they were going on."
He does not want to be identified for the same reason the MD does not
want to be identified.

NIH Physician's Statement About Mind Control

[Original signed]

Eldon Byrd
C.A.H.R.A. Home Page

April 11, 2002


Question of antennas in nanotechnology
I'm sure you already are aware, that the mobile phone is being used to
draw this technology to a victim.

I believe this is so widespread now it may be beyond control.

We now know mobiles can pick up a signal even when switched off, and
think of the times you have gone to a place where no-one knows you, and
certain aspects of the harassment you are experiencing begins from
people (locals) that were already there before you arrived. Even at
places you may have stopped at, such as cafes, without prior knowledge
yourself. So nothing could possibly have been set up.

I think in the course of time this may not sound so strange.

This technology has opened the door to control by anyone with sufficient
power, anywhere in the world.


I am being tortured with electronic technology, which I believe is from
neighbours. At nights I awaken to feel my legs and feet tingling, and
this becomes very painful, causing extreme pain. I can feel the pulsed
energy hitting against me. After a bad bout of this my face feels like
it is sunburned.

Omega: excerpt from two messages from Maureen


Sonar may cause bends disease in dolphins, says study
Sonar may cause a type of decompression sickness in whales and dolphins
similar to the "bends" in humans, scientists said Wednesday.


O.T. themes:

Patriot Act: unregulated surveillance

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Soros calls for 'regime change' in US

Ozone Hole More Persistent Than Usual, Heightening Concern About Harmful
UV Radiation

State of denial: World's other forests feed state's appetite for timber

One Million Citizens - One Goal: Stop Global Warming

World oil and gas 'running out'

Informant: Jean Hudon


Cronkite: The new Inquisition

Of Lies and Leaks: Bush Threatened By New Revelations

Robin Cook: 'Blair Knew Iraq Had No Banned Arms'

Republicans Unsure of Bush's Chances For 2004 Election

Study Finds Direct Link Between Misinformation and Public Misconception

Max Cleland | Welcome to Vietnam Mr. President


Mid-East Regional Takeover

Dems to revive draft demand

Australian Prime Minister Censured Over Push For War With Iraq

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