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More on dementia & EMF exposure
Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord. 2003 Jul-Sep;17(3):139-45.


Risk factors for Alzheimer disease: a population-based case-control
study in Istanbul, Turkey.

Harmanci H, Emre M, Gurvit H, Bilgic B, Hanagasi H, Gurol E, Sahin H,
Tinaz S.

SUMMARY: The objective is to study risk factors for Alzheimer disease
(AD) in Istanbul, Turkey. This is a population-based case-control study.
We screened people over age 70 in the community for cognitive
impairment. The screen positives and a proportion of screen negatives
underwent neurologic examination in the second phase. Cases were 57 
"probable" AD patients and controls were 127 cognitively normal
individuals identified by neurologic examination. Odds ratios (OR) were
calculated using multivariate logistic regression analysis.

Having a university/college degree had a protective effect on AD risk
(OR = 0.10, 95% confidence interval [CI] = 0.02-0.50). Exposure to
occupational electromagnetic field had an OR of 4.02 (95% CI =
1.02-15.78). Use of electricity for residential heating also showed 
elevated risk (OR = 2.77, 95% CI = 1.12-6.85). Our results suggest that
having a higher education is protective from AD and that electromagnetic
field exposure at work or at home is a significant risk factor.



Mobile Phone Tower Regulation Should Be Obligatory, Not Voluntary

The Australian Democrats today called for an urgent Government response
to the new Dutch study that shows health effects from the radio signals
from transmission towers for the next generation of mobile phone
services.  When the test group was exposed to 3G base station signals,
they felt tingling sensations, got headaches and felt nauseous.

Democrats' Communications spokesperson Senator John Cherry and Health
spokesperson Senator Lyn Allison, said no Australian research has been
done on the new 3G technology.  Base stations have a shorter range,
meaning substantially more towers are needed to achieve the same reach
as GSM technology.

Senator Allison said, "The Government relaxed emission standards to suit
3G mobiles without any scientific justification and now it seems these
transmitters pose significant health risks."

Senator Allison chaired a 2001 Senate Inquiry into the effects of
electromagnetic radiation and opposed the 'low impact' provisions in the
Government's 1997 legislation, which left telecommunications carriers
with extraordinary powers to commandeer buildings and sites
for their roll-outs.

Senator Cherry called for a halt to the 3G roll-out until Government
agency, ARPANSA has provided a response to the Dutch study.

"Before the roll-out gets underway, Australians need to be assured that
it is safe, particularly for children and those who are involuntarily
exposed to transmitters.

"While the recent ACIF Code requires a carrier to have regard to
community sensitive sites for smaller installations, it does not go far
enough in terms of requiring carriers to consider alternatives to
minimise the radiation risk to the public," Senator Cherry added.

Last month the Democrats moved in the Senate an amendment to give the
Australian Communications Authority the power to reject mobile phone
towers being built near sensitive sites such as hospitals, schools and
residential areas.

The Democrat amendment would give the ACA the power to reject absolutely
the siting of mobile phone towers adjacent to sensitive sites without
community approval.

The Democrats will be calling on the Government to support the Democrats
amendment to the communications Bill no.1, when the Bill next goes
through the House of Representatives and to strengthen the planning
codes to take into account potential health risks.

For an interview with Senator Cherry please contact: Pam Hose on 0408
752 750
For an interview with Senator Allison please contact: Vara Szajkowski on
0408 764 328


High-tech eye on the kids (From the Sunday Tasmania)

If any of you get the chance to see Micheal Moore's documentary "Bowling
at Colombine" please do so.  It examines how a culture of fear has
evolved in the USA and that capitalising on that fear is Big Business,
be it selling firearms for 'protection' or voting for a corrupt
president to 'protect' America from terrorism.

The below article on tracking devices for kids, is another example of a
US product that uses perceived fear to sell a product. This should sell
like hot cakes in America and Geoff Day hopes the same for Australia.

Geoff Day, supposed co-creator of Kid Safe System Locators gives the
impression in the article that this is an Australian designed product
but a search on the web quickly finds this to be an American product.
See http://www.kidsafesys.org/ and

After reading the fear laden information on the site, such as: "It is a
sad and alarming fact that child abductions have reached epidemic levels
in the U.S. in the past few years." You too may want to load your kids
up with tracking devices to 'protect' them.  Nevermind the problem, as
Leif Salford put it that these kids may end up drowning "in a sea of

Don Maisch

High-tech eye on the kids
Sunday Tasmanian
28 Sept 2003

PARENTS will soon be able to monitor their children's movements 24 hours
a day with sophisticated tracking devices hidden in clothes and jewellery.

Watches, bracelets and belts fitted with Global Positioning Systems and
radio devices will go on sale in Australia next month as part of a
controversial scheme to reduce abductions and drownings. [How would they
protect against drownings??]

The Australian designed accessories will relay information to satellites
and mobile phone towers and allow parents to follow their children on
the Internet.

Co- creator of Kid Safe System Locators, Geoff Day, said parents using
the system would be able to log on to a secure website and locate their
children through a series of maps.

He said a child wearing the GPS device would show up as a red dot on the
screen. "If a child goes missing the parent can log on to a secure
website and find their child by zooming in on maps," he said. "They can
locate their child right down to a specific street name and an address
anywhere in the world."

But Queensland Council of Liberties president Ian Dearden said the
device was an invasion of provacy. "But the question is whether it is a
justified invasion," he said.

Informant: Don Maisch


3G Mobile Signals Can Cause Nausea, Headache –Study


Informant: azul


Hundreds of Women demonstrated
Osfia, Israel:  Hundred of women demonstrated in a quiet procession the
former weekend against erecting antennas. The women claim that they are
the main victims of the antennas because they stay with their children
at home most of the day. The demonstration is about 1 month before the
local elections.

Former parliament member, Zidan Atshi, said that the reason for the
procession-demonstration was the multitude of malignant diseases, and
because of the fact that this year,  90 Osfia residents died of
different forms of cancer. "There are people who try or tried, to erect
antennas secretly. The demonstration comes to say that we know who these
people are, even if they try to hide it. Their names and houses are
known, and the fate of their antennas, like the fate of their houses -
is in danger". Atshi said that the women are the main victims because
they stay with their children at home and exposed to radiation 24 hours,
not like the men who are at work at day time.
Yediot Haifa, 26/9/2003, "Osfia, hundreds of women demonstrated against
the antennas", by Rima Mustafa: 

Informant: Iris Atzmon


RE: Some thoughts & correspondence regarding the current weather  situation

Our organization has been experimenting with weather modification and
now offers our services to countries as an alternative to Natural
Disasters such as Tropical Cyclones. Regardless of our precautions and
strict protocols only a few developing countries will use our service.
More to your point as of yet our research division has not yet observed
any short term collateral natural disasters that could be explained or
coupled with our projects. Weather Modification is here and we are proud
to be at the forefront of this science http://www.cesargroup.org

Robert Tye (Founder) B Sc., Hon Sc. Natural Sciences and Law
Lead Researcher - Tropical Weather
Chief of Field Operations and Research
Re: Some thoughts & correspondence regarding the current weather situation

Your comments and views are appreciated.

Thanks, just one question regarding the input from Tom Bearden:

Secretary of Defense William Cohen publicly confirmed in 1997 that
"terrorists" were electromagnetically engineering our weather and
changing the climate, triggering earthquakes, and initiating volcanoes
into eruption.

Is it conceivable that the August 28 blackout had been caused by an EM
bomb, not some "fire" in some power station?

The Russians (KGB) started serious weather engineering over North
America in 1976 -- on July 4, to be exact -- their "bicentennial gift"
to us. They do have a sense of macabre humor.

I'm glad to see that Tom is 'up and running'.


Dimi Chakalov


Official Position of the WHO on EHS as of February 2003
Hi Klaus: Yesterday I was forwarded a copy of the letter below which
articulates clearly what exactly is the WHO's (World Health
Organisation) position on official  recognition of our EHS condition. 
The letter was sent to a London based solicitor who had requested the
WHO for this information on behalf of an English EHS potential litigant
who had been misdiagnosed and "sectioned."  I am omitting the identities
of the EHS person and the solicitor to whom the letter was addressed
because I have not requested their permission to publish their
identities. Otherwise the content of the letter is transcribed without
change below. Any typos of course are mine.

Best,  Imelda,  Cork.

Telephone Central/Exchange: 791. 2111
Direct: 791. 2363
email: nabarrod

27 February 2003

Dear -----------,

Dr. Brundtland asked me to pay careful attention to your letter to her
dated 3 February. We are concerned to read of the difficulties faced by
-------------to which you refer. In the meantime, the following comments
may be of help.

     *  In general the WHO does not become involved in the individual
medical cases.  Our Member States require us to provide advice on the
health of populations in response to instructions provided to us through
our governing bodies.

     *  The phenomenon of ES is well recognized.  The symptoms are well
described but at the present level of scientific knowledge, there is no
scientific evidence-base for the provision of advice in specific cases.
Hence the adoption of precautionary approaches to minimize exposure to
sources of Electro-Magnetic fields.

     *  Several countries have acknowledged the existence of the
condition of Electro Magnetic
sensitivity but there is no clear understanding of causality. Public
health authorities are awaiting analysis and conclusions of the
scientific community in order to take appropriate action. It looks as
though several years will be required to complete this analysis; to the
best of my knowledge, no group is seeking to delay this process.

    *  This means there will inevitably be an interval of at least a
year or two before firm evidence-based medical guidance can be provided.
We seek to produce interim reports on the state of the art as new
evidence becomes available.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. David Nabarro, CBE FRCP, FFPHM
Executive Director
Sustainable Development and Healthy Environments.


Cell phone danger quoted in Culture Change

Greetings Mr. Rudolph,

I have incorporated a small passage from your previous report, into the
current Culture Change Letter, regarding damage to mammals from cell
phones.  Thank you for your work.

Best wishes,
Jan Lundberg


RE: Love Sickness



The medical doctor leading this campaign is, Dr. Rosemary Basson. She is
well-funded by pharma money to promote the reality of a female sexual
disorder/disease whose dominant symptom is that the female patient has
no interest in sex.

Brian Deer points out "For hospital ethics committees to approve
new-product trials, they must first have a disease for the product to
treat. No disease, no treatment. End of story. But if the campaign
Basson launched to change definitions succeeds, sexual interest disorder
becomes a bona-fide problem to which remedies may be properly
addressed." And he discloses that a major concern he has is that "the
British doctor may be pathologising healthy women, and bringing medicine
where it doesn't belong."

Plastic surgeons in the US (at least) used to (maybe they still do)
identified in the human female the disease of having small breasts
("micromastia") which of course required surgical correction.

But to return to the point, perhaps these problems are really
widespread, and that is why I receive every day dozens of emails
offering increased sex drive, a larger penis, and so on.  Just
capitalism at work solving our problems.....  But is it not frightening
to be apparently so well understood by strangers?

Alan Muller
Green Delaware


Why Gaia Needs Rainforests

This article can be found on the I-SIS website at http://www.i-sis.org.uk/



Concrete jungles losing forests and other stories

American cities are losing their trees at a catastrophic rate. Satellite
images comparing the tree cover of 448 urban areas show that urban areas
have lost more than 20 percent of their trees in the last 10 years.


New Bush administration policy could open land to oil, gas development

New guidelines issued Monday by the Bush administration could allow oil
and gas companies and off-road vehicles on federal lands that had been
off-limits to protect their natural qualities.



O.T. themes:


FYI or not,
Hans Karow.

PS.: if there is doubt or it is not true, please let me know.




Army Reserve fears troop exodus

Chains of slavery

Revolting development

What’s love of democracy got to do with it?

Corporations the main victors in Iraq

But foreign aid is bribery!

Iraq and Tet, George W. and LBJ

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Another Falsehood on Iraq Goes Unchallenged


No Wonder America Has So Many Enemies


Iraq postwar insecurity began in Washington

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