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Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine. The Microwave Syndrome: A
Preliminary Study in Spain

Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (formerly Electro- and
Volume 22, Issue 2, (2003)
Edited by:
A. R. Liboff 1
Joseph R. Salvatore 2

1 Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan Rochester, MI
2 Hematology and Oncology Departments, VA Medical Center, Phoenix,

Journal 2003
Soft Cover | Illustrated
Volume: 22 | Print Issues: 3
Print ISSN: 1536-8378
Online ISSN: 1536-8386

Description Uniquely covering a new, increasingly important field, the
relationship between electromagnetic (nonionizing) radiation and life,
Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine examines questions concerning the
role of intrinsic electromagnetism in the regulation of living
systems-how it works, what it does, and how it might be harnessed,
particularly for medical use. It also discusses the wide variety of
extrinsic radiation with which everyone living in the developed nations
is inundated.


The Microwave Syndrome: A Preliminary Study in Spain
Enrique A. Navarro *Corresponding
J. Segura 1
M. Portolés 2
Claudio Gómez-Perretta de Mateo 2

 1 Departamento de Física Aplicada, Universitat de València, 46100,
Burjassot, València, Spain
2 Centro de Investigación, Hospital Universitario LA FE 46009, València,

Journal Article | Print Published: 10/01/2003 | Online Published:
Pages: 161 - 169 | PDF File Size: 297 KB
DOI: 10.1081/JBC-120024625

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The Microwave Syndrome: A Preliminary Study in Spain
Enrique A. Navarro 1, Jaume Segura 1, Manuel Portolés 2, and Claudio
Gómez-Perretta de Mateo 2 

1 Departamento de Física Aplicada, Universitat de València, 46100,
Burjassot, València, Spain
2 Centro de Investigación, Hospital Universitario LA FE, 46009,
València, Spain

Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (formerly Electro- and

Volume 22, Issue 2, (2003): 161 - 169

Online Published: 09/08/2003 September
Print Published: 10/01/2003 October


A health survey was carried out in Murcia, Spain, in the vicinity of a
Cellular Phone Base Station working in DCS-1800 MHz. This survey
contained health items related to "microwave sickness" or "RF syndrome."
The microwave power density was measured at the respondents' homes.
Statistical analysis showed significant correlation between the declared
severity of the symptoms and the measured power density. The separation
of respondents into two different exposure groups also showed an
increase of the declared severity in the group with the higher exposure.

Public health, Cellular phone, Base stations, Microwave sickness


The hypothesis that radiofrequency (RF) exposure might produce health
damage has been analyzed mainly from several epidemiological studies.
Insomnia, cancer, leukemia in children, and brain tumors are the
clinical entities more frequently described (Dolk et al., 1997; Hocking
et al., 1996; Maskarinec et al., 1994; Minder and Pfluger, 2001; Selvin
et al., 1992). Moreover, the clinical consequences of being exposed to
microwave radiation such as radar has been evaluated from military and
occupational studies (Balode, 1996; Garaj-Vrhovac, 1999; Goldsmith,
1997; Johnson-Liakouris, 1998; Robinette et al., 1980).

A specific symptomatology, linked to radar exposure at low levels of RF,
has been termed "microwave sickness" or "RF syndrome."
(Johnson-Liakouris, 1998) With few exceptions, functional disturbances
of the central nervous system have been typically described as a kind of
radiowave sickness, neurasthenic or asthenic syndrome. Symptoms and
signs include headache, fatigue, irritability, loss of appetite,
sleepiness, difficulties in concentration or memory, depression, and
emotional instability. This clinical syndrome is generally reversible if
RF exposure is discontinued.

Another frequently described manifestation is a set of labile functional
cardiovascular changes including bradycardia, arterial hypertension, or
hypotension (Johnson-Liakouris, 1998). This form of neurocirculatory
asthenia is also attributed to nervous system influence. More serious
but less frequent neurologic or neuropsychiatric disturbances have
occasionally been described as a diencephalic syndrome
(Johnson-Liakouris, 1998). All these disturbances following low level
exposures (of the order of microwatts/cm2) have been reported for many
years from Eastern Europe. The exposures have been mainly low level and
long term (Goldsmith, 1997; Johnson-Liakouris, 1998).

Also, several articles have found biological dysfunction at very low
density of radiation without temperature elevation, favoring the
hypothesis of nonthermal biological effects and pointing to the
probability of clinical dysfunction below the actual standard of safety
norms in the European Union (Arber and Lin, 1985; Baranski, 1972; Byus
et al., 1988; Daniells et al., 1998; de Pomerai et al., 2000; D'Inzeo et
al., 1988; Dutta et al., 1989; Kues et al., 1992; Lai and Singh,
1995-1997; Lai et al., 1984, 1989; Malyapa et al., 1998; Sanders et al.,
1985; Sarkar et al., 1994; Stagg et al., 1997; Wachtel et al., 1975).

Low levels of RF are found around the GSM-DCS cellular phone Base
Stations (BS), where antennas are usually located on the roofs or in the
top of tall towers. GSM-DCS cellular phones use pulsed microwaves. These
signals have a spectral similarity to radar signals. The spectral power
distribution of pulsed signals includes low frequency harmonics. Typical
pulse duration time ranges from 100 msec to 0.050 µsec in radar, and
576.9 µsec for each slot of GSM-DCS.

From this point of view, the hypothesis of a "microwave sickness" in the
neighborhood of the GSM-DCS Base Stations is analyzed in this study. The
present analysis tries to evaluate if there is some statistical
justification to the complaints and related dysfunction locally
associated with RF exposure from the GSM-DCS Base Stations, as has been
found in previous studies (Santini et al., 2001, 2002a&b).

Omega: excerpt from a message from Dr. Miguel Mutané
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Children & Mobiles paper now available online
Following on from "Mobiles 'make you senile" the final published version
of my paper "Children and Mobile Phones...Is There a Health Risk?" is
now available on line at:

Please distribute widely!

Don Maisch


"Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence" by John McMurtrey

Would anyone be in a position to help us to find academic reviewers for
this paper?

John Allman


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Federal State Buildings Under Military, Army Satellite Surveillance

Its Monday morning you have and appointment that requires you to enter a
post office, court house for jury duty, federal or state job are you
fully aware of the surveillance you may encounter upon arrival at the
federal, state facility?

Satellite surveillance compliments of the military, Army now observe the
entries to the governmental, state facilities in attempts to control
terrorism. The intelligent individual may  devise logic with and
explanation of weapons detection however there is yet more of interest
to the devised explanation "Thought, mind detection" they wish to know
what you are "thinking" or perhaps "planning" as you enter the facility.
Its imperative that the reader retain the realization that this is a
form of deplorable "personal intrusion" on the person, The technology is
described in a more in-depth manner below. Importantly its the concern
of many that the technology is inappropriately in use when three young
females were stalked, manipulated in the most disgusting manner after
routinely frequenting a governmental office. The inappropriate use of
the technology is isolated however it's the presented question how many
incidents should be allowed with the most deplorable level of violation,
intrusion. Even state employees, documented by the immediate below
testimony, are not immune from the disgusting military electronic

In example scenario, David, military personel, a frequency administrator
of the satellite electronic transmission in a miserable existence of a
life while in a room full of Army personel monitoring facilities
observes a Senate intern who he has taken a personal interest in stroll
through the transmission, immediately the transmission targets the young
female intern and follows her through the building and will periodically
observe her throughout the day performing tasks even to include personal
task within the governmental lavatory of the governmental facility.
Should the military maintain the ability to observe even the most
personal events of governmental employees?

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President Bush Undermines Clean Air Act with New Source Review Decision
President Bush's final New Source Review (NSR) rule will harm the
environment, despite what he claimed in his speech Monday at a Detroit
Edison Monroe Power Plant in Michigan.  The site of the speech was
chosen as a model plant that would benefit from the new NSR rule;
however, the rule would enable the Monroe plant to dump at least 30,000
more tons of sulfur dioxide emissions each year [1].

The Monroe plant is the eighth largest emitter of sulfur dioxide in the
country [2].  President Bush talked at length about a 1999 request
Detroit Edison submitted to the EPA debating whether its planned upgrade
would constitute a major modification that would require it to improve
its pollution control devices.

The President tried to argue that the EPA's decision was too
"complicated" to implement quickly,"[3] but the EPA's response letter
clearly gave the company the go ahead and in fact encouraged it to begin
its upgrade project: "Detroit Edison has been free to proceed at any
time with the Dense Pack project without first obtaining a PSD permit as
long as it adheres to its stated intention to not increase emissions as
a result of the project.
Indeed, EPA encourages the company to proceed with the project on this
basis, since it appears to both reduce emissions per unit of output and
not increase actual air pollution."[4]

The outcome for the Monroe plant under Bush's new NSR rule means that it
can increase emissions by more than 30,000 tons a year, a 56 percent
increase over current levels.[5]  And in Michigan, where as many as 22
counties may have air too dirty to consistently meet new federal clean
air standards, state environmental officials are concerned about overall
air quality. "The challenge we are facing is new ozone (smog)
regulations, and counties that will be designated as being in
nonattainment," said Patricia Spitzley, spokeswoman for the Department
of Environmental Quality. "That's a huge issue."[6]

1. Bush Defends New Environmental Rules, New York Times, 9/16/03,
2. Clean Air Markets, Data and Maps, Environmental Protection Agency,
3. President Visits Detroit Edison Monroe Power Plant in Monroe,
9/15/03 http://daily.misleader.org/ctt.asp?u=1288388&l=5333.
4. EPA Letter to Detroit Edison Counsel,  5/23/00,
5. Bush Defends New Environmental Rules, New York Times, 9/16/03,
6. Bush links clean air rules to jobs, Detroit News, 9/16/03,

New Source Review Background: The Administration's final NSR rule
changed the requirement that facilities upgrade pollution controls when
they replace equipment if the upgrade increases pollution. The new rule
exempts factories and power plants from upgrading their pollution
controls if the cost of modification is less than 20 percent of the
plant's total cost, regardless of its impact on emissions. ("States to
Fight Easing of Rules on Pollution by Power Plants", New York Times,
8/29/03, p. B1; Natural Resources Defense Council,


Transgenic Trees Spread Mercury Poisoning
Is moving mercury from place to place really remediation? Prof. Joe
Cummins asks.

Recently, researchers tested trees genetically modified to remove ionic
mercury from contaminated soil, then convert that to volatile elemental
mercury, which is released to the atmosphere. The researchers seem to
believe that the atmospheric mercury will be relatively harmless. The
field tests were undertaken in Danbury Connecticut and supported by the
United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and other interested
parties [1]. Danbury is the home of mercury-polluted sites originating
from hat- making. Mercury caused mercury poisoning in workers, who get
the "Danbury shakes". The mercury "remediation" project will, however,
simply move the pollution to the atmosphere, from which it will be
redeposited over the cities of the Northeast and the lakes and waterways
of northern USA and Canada. Once deposited in the waterways and streets
of cities, elemental mercury will be converted by microbes into organic
mercury that will cause nerve damage and birth defects in humans and
animals alike.

Last year, I pointed out the dangers of this form of remediation for the
cities and waters of the United States and Canada [2]. But my comments
were completely ignored by the EPA bureaucrats and the biotechnology

Worldwide, human activities resulting in emission of mercury is
estimated to be some 1900 tonnes, about three quarters from burning
fossil fuels, particularly coal. Waste disposal sites, cement
manufacture and waste incinerators made up the bulk of the remainder.
Asian countries contribute over half of the emission while Europe and
North America contribute less than a quarter. Gaseous elemental mercury
makes up over half of the emitted mercury, while divalent mercury and
particulate mercury make up the rest [3]. The emitted mercury tends to
be deposited from the atmosphere in snow and rainfall, posing serious
threat to humans and animals because elemental mercury is converted to
ionic and organic mercury after ending up in the Arctic, in Canada and
Northeastern American cities [2,4]. If phytoremediation of
mercury-polluted sites were undertaken on a large scale in North
America, the global emission of mercury could double in less than a

The mercury phytoremediation scheme is based on introducing a bacterial
gene merA into the genome of plants. For efficient genetic activity in
plants, a synthetic merA gene with altered DNA sequence is used to
modify plants [5-7]. Mercury-resistant microbes are also promoted as an
efficient and inexpensive treatment for mercury-polluted water [8]. But
the anticipated widespread application of such technology has not
considered the consequence of atmospheric-pollution from mercury

In conclusion, mercury remediation using phytoremediation and bacterial
remediation, both cause atmospheric release of elemental mercury, and is
being promoted by technologists and government regulators. Such
"remediation" is no remediation at all, it is just moving the problem
from one place to another! In fact, it is moving mercury from contained
contaminated sites to the streets of cities and the bodies of water that
give us fish and drinking water.

1.Williams P. UGA researchers involved in first trial using transgenic
trees to help clean up toxic waste site. University of Georgia News
Release Sept. 11, 2003 http://www.uga.edu/news/
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industrial wastewater. Appl. Microbiol Biotechnol 2003, 62, 124-33


GM Crops Irrelevant for Africa


O.T. themes:

Mystery Pneumonia Toll Among US Soldiers May Be Much Higher Than
Military Reports

Rumsfeld Contradicts Cheney on Iraq-Terror Link Claim


Bush Administration Miscalculation in Iraq Leads to Calls for

President Bush's administration has consistently miscalculated the
post-war commitment required and Iraqi resistance to the point where a
growing number of members of Congress who voted for the Iraq war
resolution are now calling for accountability at high levels.

Both Vice President Cheney and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz
argued publicly before the war that American forces would be greeted as
liberators,1 including Wolfowitz's assertion less than two weeks before
the war began that, "Like the people of France in the 1940s, [the Iraqi
people] view us as their hoped-for liberators."2

The consistently rosy scenarios articulated by Deputy Secretary
Wolfowitz and the administration about much of the war in Iraq, from the
required troop strength3 to the length of stay4 ignored potential
results manifesting themselves today in the form of additional funding
requests beyond original estimates, extended troop deployments, and
skeptical allies from whom the U.S. is now seeking assistance to
stabilize and rebuild the country.5

The intelligence community, including that of the Pentagon, concluded
last fall that "there would be resistance . . . They [Defense
Intelligence Agency analysts] said it would be hard to keep the lid on
and to keep the various areas of the country from falling apart."6

While the administration insists that acts of violence and terrorism
against American forces in Iraq are at the hands of a select few of
"dead-enders, foreign terrorists and criminal gangs," some defense
officials are also now claiming "it was a mistake for the administration
to discount the role of ordinary Iraqis".7

With the recent announcement that called-up reserves will be required to
serve an extra tour of duty, senior Army officials are publicly saying
that "the Army is strained and stressed."8 Rep. John Murtha, a member
who voted for the war resolution, said, "Poor planning by Administration
put American lives at risk . . .The architect of this post-war plan has
to go."9

1. Meet the Press, 3/16/03.
2. "Pre-War Predictions Coming Back to Bite", USA Today, p. 8A.
3. "Cost of War Remains Unanswered Question," Washington Post, p. A13.
4. "A grand plan to bomb Baghdad and impose stability on Kirkuk",
Financial Times, 3/1/03, p. 11.
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9/15/03, p.1.
6. "Spy Agencies Warned of Iraq Resistance," Washington Post, 9/9/03, p.
7. "Iraqis' Bitterness Is Called Bigger Threat Than Terror," New York
Times, 9/17/03, http://daily.misleader.org/ctt.asp?u=1288388&l=5409
8. "Iraq Takes A Toll on Rumsfeld," Washington Post, 9/14/03,
9. News Conference with Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. John
Murtha (D-PA), U.S. Capitol, 9/16/03.

Message from: The Daily Mislead


LP joins ACLU campaign to defend Americans

Bush: No evidence Saddam was involved in 9/11 attacks

Rumsfeld's McArmy goes to war

Blair loses key vote as Iraq problems dog Labour

Now he tells us ...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Blix: Saddam destroyed his WMD a decade ago

Making Terrorists

Senator Robert C. Byrd: Losing Dollars and Sense in Iraq

Lies Have Consequences

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