* Cellphones make you senile, study suggests - IBM goes RFID - Seniles also in Israel - Blood test a 'marker' for electrosensitivity? (16/9/03)

Cellphones make you senile, study suggests


Monday September 15 2003

Cellphones make you senile, study suggests Teenagers warned against
overuse of wireless devices

Cellphones endanger young brains, study says.

LONDON -- Cellphones, together with the increasingly popular wireless
technology that goes with them, could cause a whole generation of teens
to go senile in the prime of their lives, new research suggests.

The alarming Swedish study -- which warns specifically against "the
intense use of cellphones by youngsters" -- comes as an embattled
communications industry is increasing pressure to scale back research on
their health effects.

Prof. Leif Salford, who headed the research at Sweden's prestigious Lund
University, has branded what he calls "the voluntary exposure of the
brain to microwaves" from cellphones "the largest human biological
experiment ever." And he's warning that, as new wireless technology
spreads, people may "drown in a sea of microwaves."

The study, financed by the Swedish Council for Work Life Research and
published by the U.S. government's National Institute of Environmental
Health Sciences, breaks new ground by looking at how low levels of
microwaves cause proteins to leak across the blood-brain barrier.

Previous concerns about cellphones have concentrated on the possibility
that the devices may heat the brain, or cause cancer. But the heating is
thought to be too minor to have an effect, and hundreds of cancer
studies have been inconclusive.

As a result, the U.S. cellphone industry has succeeded in cutting
research into the health effects, and the World Health Organisation is
unlikely to continue its studies. But Salford and his team have spent 15
years investigating a different threat than other researchers.

The team's previous studies proved that radiation could open the
blood-brain barrier, allowing a protein called albumin to pass into the
brain. Their latest work goes a step further by showing the process is
linked to serious brain damage.

Salford noted that the long-term effects were not proven, and that it
was possible the neurons would repair themselves in time. But, he
insisted, neurons that would normally not become "senile" until people
reached their 60s may now do so when they were in their 30s. He also
noted that he deliberately refrained from publicizing his work to avoid
alarm, and acknowledged that cellphones can save lives.

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IBM tags new RFID services
September 15, 2003, 7:37 AM PDT
By Matt Hines Staff Writer, CNET News.com


IBM expanded its presence in the market for radio frequency
identification on Monday with the introduction of services to help
companies adopt the supply-chain management tool.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has generated interest among
retailers and consumer-goods companies as a method to more effectively
track inventory. The technology allows companies to closely follow
movement of products via computer networks linked with microchips that
are attached to specific items. Each chip transmits a unique ID code
that lists a range of product information, such as origin, location,
expiration date and time of purchase.

IBM's new package, launched at this week's Electronic Product Code
Symposium in Chicago, entails consulting services and specialized
software aimed at building RFID capabilities into retailers' existing
back-end inventory systems. IBM said the package is based on
nonproprietary standards and is built on its WebSphere Business
Integration, WebSphere Application Server, DB2 Information Integrator,
Tivoli Access Manager and WebSphere Portal Server products. IBM is
offering a three-phase adoption strategy: consulting, followed by a
12-week pilot program and then a full launch.

"IBM believes RFID's time has come," Faye Holland, worldwide RFID leader
at IBM Global Services, said in a statement. "As our retail and
(consumer-goods) customers see the dramatic benefits this technology
brings in cost reduction, improved customer service and streamlined
operations, the demand is escalating."

Among the companies already working to implement RFID are retail giant
Wal-Mart Stores and clothing maker Prada. In addition to allowing
businesses greater ability to follow the flow of products throughout
their supply chains into stores, the technology is also aimed at cutting
into employee theft, traditionally a problem for many consumer-goods

However, RFID has also generated controversy among privacy advocates who
have aired concerns that the technology can be used to track the
movements of consumers.

IBM is one of a slew of IT consulting companies attempting to tap into
interest around RFID, along with rivals such as Accenture and

Informant: Gotemf


Seniles also in Israel
The lines "The cellular grows a senile generation" can be read today on
the front page of the most sold newspaper in Israel-Yediot Ahronot. It's
the translation of the story from England with slight changes (Mays
Swicord is a woman, the study is "a huge Europe study")

Anyway the story is spread on 2 pages of the main news: "A new study:
'An entire generation' of youngsters is liable to become senile because
of the use of cellular phones".

Communication disturbances.

The big letters are: "A huge research that was done in Europe, raises
frightening findings. The mobile phones radiation can cause a leak of
proteins from the blood to the brain. The damage can be serious: damage
to the brain cells and the memory, to senility. Motorola: The
governments should stop 'wasting money' looking after damages".

The cellular and us: [Israel in numbers. When you read this, remember:
Israel is only 6 million people]

6.4 million lines in Israel

1.2 million users up to 25 years old.

1 million users 25-35 years old

In 80% of the homes in Israel there's at least one cellular phone

30% of the homes in Israel have 2 cellular phones.

average use a month: 300 minutes

an average account a month: 180 Shekels (about $40)

an average account of young person: 240 Shekels (about $50)

Scientists react:

"This study proves again, that damage in the body cells is not
necessarily linked to high exposure that causes heat at the exposure
area, but happens also at low exposure levels" says Prof Rafi
Korenstein, a researcher at Tel Aviv University. "The cellular companies
and government authorities have to relate to the last studies because
the international standards relate only to the heat effect" says Prof.

The director of the unit of cancer registration at the health ministry,
Dr. Micha Bar Hana, thinks differently: "In the research, the
researchers found proofs for damage in the activity of the rat cells.
The question is, how is it possible to conclude from a research on rats-
to humans brain activity. Also, every year studies are published, and
claim a thing and its opposite about use of cellular phones."

Anyway Bar Hana advices to the public to talk with open antenna, to
remove the antenna from the ear and to use device which enables to put
the cellular phone in distant from the body.

Communication disturbances.
Yediot Ahronot 15.9.2003

The story from England, (the israeli version is not on the newspaper
website yet)

Informant: Iris Atzmon


Blood test a 'marker' for electrosensitivity?
Recently on several other Internet discussion groups that these messages
go to, information has been circulated about the condition of
"electrosensitivity". In addition, The Australian Radiation Protection
and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is conducting a survey on the

There are some who will argue that electrosensitivity is primarily a
psychosomatic or psychological condition, and those who insist that it
is an environmental illness, purely resulting from exposure to EMF/EMR.

However, if a biological 'marker' could be found that is only seen in
fatigue type illness associated with prolonged EMF exposure (discussing
50-50 Hz fields here) that would go a long way to resolving the

It is possible that a condition, called "Pseudo Iron Deficiency" may be
a marker for immune system effects from ELF/EMF exposure. There is no
data available on a similar effect from RF/MW however.

As part of the data collected from previous case histories
and from a preliminary research study:

It was noted that some people who had 'high' EMF exposures reported
having 'low-iron levels' that seemed to be associated with their fatigue
symptoms. Upon hearing that a French study also found low iron levels
(since termed "pseudo iron deficiency") with prolonged powerfrequency
exposures, I managed to contact the study author and eventually compiled
a report on their findings. Some of which is on my web site at:

As part of planning for a future follow-up CFS/EMF study (above) I
compiled a report on all that I could find on this unusual blood
condition, that only appears to be associated with prolonged
powerfrequency EMF exposure. I presented this to a laboratory in
Melbourne and they confirmed that it is an easy test to do and would
cost in the order of $29.90 per sample (see below).

It is my opinion that a study, set up along the lines of our previous
CFS/EMF study, that additionally conducts "pseudo-iron deficiency"
tests, may well help to clarify whether or not "electrosensitivity" as
an environmental illness.

and: http://members.dodo.com.au/~maisch/emfacts/papers/cf-changes2.html

The possibility exists that "PID" may be a marker that may identify ill
individuals who have excessive powerfrequency EMF exposure.

My colleagues and I hope to follow this up in about three years time but
are willing to share information with other research groups that may
wish to investigate this line of inquiry further.

Don Maisch


25 February 2002.

Don Maisch
EMFacts Consultancy
PO Box 1403
Lindisfarne 7015

Dear Don

We have pleasure in submitting our quotation for your consideration.

ANALYSIS : Salivary Melatonin and Iron Studies


SAMPLES - BATCH SIZE : This quotation has been prepared on the basis of
analysing batch sizes of 50 samples.

SAMPLE REQUIREMENTS : Saliva (ARL will provide collection tubes) and

TURNAROUND TIME FOR RESULTS : 5-7 working days after receipt of

QUOTATION : Salivary Melatonin $16.50 per sample (+ 10% GST). Iron
Studies $29.90 per sample (+ 10% GST).

TERMS AND CONDITIONS : The work will commence on receipt of an official
order. Payment is Nett 30 days from the date of final reports.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit our quotation. We look forward
to your favourable response.

Please confirm your acceptance by return fax.

Yours sincerely,


O.T. themes

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