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Boeing plant emissions

Please, anyone --

I need to know whether to relocate. When I open any window of my 3rd
floor apartment in a new Canoga Park, CA, senior building, an E-Field
detector lights up and beeps. There are a dozen big power poles and
three transformers outside, but the local electric company says that
EMF readings underneath them are normal.

I'm most concerned about a 51-acre Boeing/Rocketdyne/Teledyne facility
about 100 yards away, and a lot of funny-looking cones on the roof of
the nearest building. The Boeing "Phantom" website lists such Canoga
Park facility projects as radiation effects simulation and testing,
testing of trusses for the Space Shuttle's electrical functions
("station power up"), kinetic energy weapons, THAAD propulsion, a
multi-mission radio isotope thermoelectric generator (MMRTG-powered,
space-based laser, etc. There may be other stuff too classified to
publish. Boeing did settle a lawsuit after 9 lab workers got leukemia,
but I think that was elsewhere.

I am 74 years old and have not felt well since I moved into this place.
But in order to get Housing Authority (Section 8) authorization to move,
I will need some sort of scientific substantiation. Has anyone any
suggestions about where to start?

Barbara Pike


Did a Secret Military Experiment Cause the 2003 Blackout?
Regretfully, because I am a research scientist, and because I face the
possibility of certain repercussions in my field of work for revealing
this information to the public, I cannot reveal my true identity. I
believe the facts I have presented herein are sufficient to speak for
themselves and should convince the public that oversight is needed when
experimenting with aspects of the atmosphere that are not well known.

Read further under: http://www.raidersnewsupdate.com/lead-story3.htm

Informant: kevcross5


HAARP Blackout

Bariumblues.com has received a Linux pdf from someone asserting that he
is an ionospheric researcher who has worked with HAARP. He says that
HAARP most likely created the blackout of 2003 in Canada and the USA. We
have transcribed the pdf into html to make it more accessible. The
document is short and convincing. We thought you would want to know
about this.

Sincerely, Lydia Mancini

The Hum

When I sent in the link about 'The Hum' it was because it was given to
me that day (Saturday) by an electronics specialist, after hearing of
some of my problems. He came to my home to do tests but could find
nothing, other than my electrics are in some way connected to others in
the row. After he left I read the link and thought it may be of interest
to member of the elfred list, and others who may be suffering from
strange 'phenomena'.

If that same guy came out while the disruptions were active, he might be
able to detect lots of information. True, but try getting someone out
at the exact time of any problem! Please read about the electrician
above, that came out when the problem was happening. They actually seem
bemused and look quite serious by it, but it's as if nothing can be

Sorry, Cheryl re-reading this I thought you were asking is there only me
in the house, and replied yes.

To begin with this only affected me in my home, but soon after it began
I started to experience it in places where I usually go, although not
out shopping. I've also had inexplicable bruising on the upper, inner
side of my home whilst away from my home, (very deep dark small
bruises) and awoke one morning to the side of my face painful and
swollen against my right ear which I believe was due to something as I
slept. It made me feel very ill.

On holiday after a bad night I noticed the following night that the room
I was in was the only one with no balcony light. It had been perfectly
okay the night before. But out of all the dozens of lit balcony lights
ours was the only one in darkness, and the light had to be replaced.

Can anyone tell me if others can be affected by this as during this bad
night of what I call targeting whilst on holiday my ex husband awoke in
extreme pain, and was rushed to hospital. Later, after numerous tests
he was diagnosed with a suspected kidney stone. It was that night whilst
he was in hospital not wanting to go out alone that I decided to read on
the balcony, only to find the light broken. The only one in the entire
block that I could see. The 'phone to reception was also affected.

We had actually moved our room just after arriving there due to a
'neighbour' blasting out loud music that made it impossible to sleep. I
would add that I mistook my room door and put my key in the hotel room
next door by mistake And it opened! I was shocked. The men were in there
as they seemed to be all the time, and one came out and I apologised. A
workman came later to change their lock. I also asked for ours to be
changed. It was and a new card was given to us. It was after this we
moved to another room, after which the em started.



Fast for Freedom in Mental Health Ends on Day 22 and update on IHRC

Hi Klaus: I am including with the latest info regards Pasadena fast, the
short prefacing letter I sent with this attachment to the following:
Tim_O'Malley@Health.irlgov.ie (Minister for Health with responsibility
for Mental Health), fcrowley@amnesty.ie (Fiona Crowley is in charge of
Amnesty International, Ireland's 2003 campaign for human rights for the
mentally ill), stephenmcmahon@eircom.net (S. McMahon is director of
Irish Patients' Association), info@mentalhealthireland.ie, mgoin@usc.edu
(Dr. Marcia Goin is President of American Psychiatric Association Board
of Trustees),
MedicalDirector@psych.org (Dr. James scully is APA Medical Director),
ireland@sunday-times.co.uk (The Sunday Times, Irish Edition).

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.

Greetings: The brave hunger strikers who have taken upon themselves to
highlight and confront shocking abuses of mental health patients' human
rights, worldwide, must be heartily congratulated on what they have
achieved. The level of awareness now among mental health professionals
and the public has been greatly magnified by their hunger strike.

To those of you in Ireland included in this email, I would like you to
pay particular attention to the letter signed by a number of American
specialists in mental health and addressed to Dr. James Scully, APA
Medical Director. It can be viewed by pressing
http://www.mindfreedom.org/mindfreedom/hungerstrike19.shtml within the

Also, all of you, please note carefully that electrohypersensitive
sufferers are often misdiagnosed as psychotics/paranoid schizophrenics.
For a short online statement on this that I authored, please google "EMF
and Schizophrenia" (19/9/02). Some personal accounts of EHS patients who
have been "sectioned" due to their doctors unfamiliarity with EHS
sumptoms are posted online at "Citizens Initiative Omega."

Please help change this disastrous situation for EHS people.


Imelda O'Connor



Hi Klaus: Yesterday, I received by mail somewhat more hopeful news
about the status of my appeal against the negative decision of the IHRC
(Irish Human Rights Commission) to grant me assistance with my legal

I will quote the pertinent sentences from this letter dated 5 September
2003, sent by Des Hogan, Senior Case Worker, IHRC, "The Commission's
Review Committee reviewed the decision of the Casework Committee not to
grant you assistance under section 10 of the Act at its recent meeting,
which was rescheduled to Friday 29 August 2003.

I am to inform you that the Review Committee has asked the Casework
Committee to reconsider the matter again."

He said I will hear from him in due course.

In my appeal submission to IHRC I focused on the facts that the doctors
here, after I returned from CA in late '96 with severe EHS and sought
their help, did not adhere in my case to the stipulated guidelines on
how to determine a specific mental illness diagnosis.

In my appeal submission, I included guidelines they should have
followed that are published in a medico-legal textbook PSYCHIATRY AND
THE LAW (Dublin: Oak Tree Press, 1999; ISBN: 1860760694) by Professor
Patricia Casey and Ciaran Craven and I requested them to attend to the
non-compliance with these procedures as evidenced in individual entries
in my medical notes. I had of course submitted a complete copy of my
medical notes (relinquished to me most reluctantly on an FOI appeal) to
the IHRC. It is quite clear that standard procedures were not kept, in
my case.

Interestingly, Professor Casey is highlighted in today's THE IRISH TIMES
(p. 50) in a short article captioned, "'Vitriolic attacks' on psychiatry

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.


Big Brother in your holster
"If you don't want Big Brother to stick himself right inside your guns,
read this. If you live near Chicago or know activists or media people
there, read this. Two companies, NEC and Hitachi, have announced
radio-frequency ID chips (RFID) the size of the period in this sentence.
These chips broadcast a 'unique identifying number' to nearby scanners
--numbers that can be read through your clothes, your holster or your
fanny pack. ... And NEC quickly announced one of its first intended
uses: to track bullets. Every bullet ever manufactured on the planet."


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Join in the fight to stop Spy Chips!
Liberty Action of the Week: September 9,2003

"Stop supermarket surveillance cards and RFID technology "

Images of RFID tags
RFID=Radio Frequency IDentification is an automatic data capture

CASPIAN "Spychips" Protest site

Informant: Mary Lou Seymour


Hyperactivity computer games link
Hyperactive children spend much longer playing computer games and
watching TV than healthy children, researchers say. They asked parents
and teachers about the habits of children with attention-deficit
hyperactivity disorder. Children with ADHD were more likely to play
games based on fighting. Researchers told the Faculty of Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry conference in York children with ADHD may develop
unnatural patterns of media use.

It's important for parents to be fully engaged in what their children
are getting from their media diet Dr Justin Williams, University of
Aberdeen Researchers analysed 24 boys between eight and 12 with a
clinical diagnosis of ADHD, a condition where children have problems of
paying attention and impulsive behaviour. Another group of children
recruited from a youth centre and an asthma out-patients clinic.

All the children were interviewed and questionnaires were given to
parents and teachers. Sociability Children with ADHD spent 11.3 hours a
week playing computer games, double the time spent by the other group. A
third of those with ADHD preferred fighting-type video games while 59%
preferred cartoons. In the other group, one in 10 enjoyed fighting games
and 40% liked cartoons. Children with hyperactivity disorders were also
found to watch television and videos for an average of 44.1 hours a
week, compared with 36.4 hours a week for the other group. Teachers
reported poor social abilities, rather than hyperactivity, were linked
to computer games.

They suggest children with ADHD may be prone to abnormal use of media
which affects their social skills and how they respond to treatment. Dr
Justin Williams from the Department of Child Health at the University of
Aberdeen, told BBC News Online: "The children who spend longest playing
computer games seem to be the ones who are the least sociable. "They
were the least socially able and the most technically able, which leads
them to prefer computer games to social interaction." He said children
with behavioural problems tended to prefer TV, particularly cartoons.
"It's very important that we don't forget about things like the family
situation, where kids can feel alienated in their bedrooms watching TV.
"It's important for parents to be fully engaged in what their children
are getting from their media diet." He added: "It's possible to get a
lot out of TV, and there are lots of good computer games to play.
"Parents should watch TV with their children, join in, rather than
children being isolated."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2003/09/09 13:52:16 GMT


Informant: Robert Riedlinger


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