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European Committee on Radiation Risk
Comité Européen sur le Risque de l'Irradiation
Background: the ECRR

The European Committee on Radiation Risk was formed in 1997 following a
resolution made at a conference in Strasbourg arranged by the Green
Group in the European Parliament. The meeting was called specifically to
discuss the details of the 'Basic Safety Standards' Directive on
radiological protection (Council Directive 96/29/Euratom). This
Directive, which had been adopted by the Council of Ministers in May
1996, contained a statutory framework for the recycling and reuse of
radioactively contaminated wastes and materials so long as the
concentrations of itemised radionuclides were below certain levels. The
Greens were alarmed at the potential for radioactivity to be
incorporated into consumer goods and attempted to amend the draft. The
Council however almost completely disregarded the proposed amendments.
The Greens were therefore further concerned about the lack of democratic
control over such a seemingly important issue and wished for some
scientific advice regarding the possible health effects of recycling
man-made radioactivity. The feeling of the meeting was that there was
considerable disagreement over the health effects of low-level radiation
and that this issue should be explored on a formal level. To this end,
the meeting voted to set up a new body which they named 'The European
Committee on Radiation Risk'.

The remit of this group was to investigate and ultimately report on the
issue in a way that considered all the available scientific evidence. In
particular, the Committee's remit was to make no assumptions whatever
about preceding science and to remain independent from the previous risk
assessment committees such as the International Commission on
Radiological Protection (ICRP), the United Nations Scientific Committee
on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) and the European Commission
or EU member State risk agencies.

Shortly after the ECRR was formalized the STOA unit of the European
Parliament arranged (on the 5th Feb 1998) a workshop in Brussels to
consider criticisms of the risk model underpinning the Basic Safety
Standards Directive. At this meeting the eminent Canadian scientist Dr
Rosalie Bertell argued that the ICRP, for historical reasons to do with
the development of nuclear weapons and nuclear power during the cold war
period, were biased in favour of the nuclear industry and that their
conclusions and advice in the area of low-level radiation and health
were insecure. Unfortunately, the STOA rapporteur, Professor
Assimakopoulos, did not properly report Dr Bertell's presentation, which
was wide ranging and extremely critical of the ICRP and its advice.

Responding to Dr. Bertell, Dr Valentin, the scientific secretary of
ICRP, told the workshop that the ICRP was an independent body which gave
advice on radiation safety, but that those who considered this advice
unsafe or questionable were entirely free to consult any other group or

It was a widely held view, both at the STOA workshop and at the initial
meeting of the ECRR, that enough evidence was available showing that low
level exposure to man-made radioactive material caused ill health, and
that the conventional models of the ICRP and other agencies which used
the same radiation risk models entirely failed to predict these effects.
Members of the European Parliament therefore took note of Dr. Valentin's
suggestion and agreed to support the preparation of a new report by the
ECRR which would provide an alternative analysis.

In 2001 various members of the European Parliament together with two
charitable bodies supported the drafting of a report. Following
consultation among the Scientific Committee this is now published (30
January 2003).

Professor Alice Stewart, the first scientist to establish the health
effects of low doses of radiation, agreed to be the first Chair of the
ECRR. The committee dedicates its first report - the 2003
Recommendations - to her memory.

The Chair of the Scientific Committee is Professor Inge
Schmitz-Feuerhake. The Scientific Secretary is Dr. Chris Busby. A full
list of people who were consulted and whose research and advice have so
far contributed to the work of the Committee is included in the 2003

There are two sub-committees: one on Depleted Uranium/ Uranium weapons
and one on post-Chernobyl effects. Both should be contacted through the
postal and email addresses given below.

A report on the effects of DU/U weapons is in preparation.


2003 Recommendations of the ECRR
The Health Effects of Ionising Radiation Exposure at Low Doses and Low
Dose Rates for Radiation Protection Purposes: Regulators' Edition
More information, Press announcement (29/1/'03) and Ordering (with note
on availability)


Guidance Note No. 2003/1
Criteria for "Clearance": Controlling the Release of Solid Materials of
Very Low Average Activity for Re-use, Recycling and Disposal. June 2003
More information
ECRR contacts
European Committee on Radiation Risk/Comité Européen sur le Risque de
Avenue de la Fauconnerie 73,
B-1170 Bruxelles,
or email at info@euradcom.org

Dr. Chris Busby (expert witness in a law-suit against Motorola) has
founded a team of experts (ECRR) and would like to expand it with the
department Non-ionizing Radiation.

He stated: "We can only strengthen the independence of the institutions
and must build our own (independent) committees!"

He asks all interested experts for approach through the web site:


Message from KMNKnapp from a Whistleblower Conference on 7.September
2003 in Starnberg, Germany


The Hum

Cheryl wrote: That reminds me, I've been meaning to call the cable
company about all those funny lines on my screen! I doubt anyone will be
there after 6pm. Cheryl.

I have, however, callout out electricians when my radio which was on
standby began to emit strange sounds... even though it was not switched
on. At the same time when I went to switch on my light a popping sound
could clearly be heard coming out of the speakers. This happened when I
went to switch a light on in the kitchen too. The outcome: The private
electrician and the electricty board said I had no problem with my
electrics. The electrician came out as it was happening and told me my
radio was broken. Next day it was fine, and I've not had the problem
since. Or the picture suddenly goes all snowy. It's not set by any
means. But it's not all of the time either. Perhaps once or twice a week
some weeks.

Obviously, you could have something disrupting your signal other than
YOU! Perhaps you've got a short wave operator in your area?

I've thought this, and believe I know where some of the stuff is coming
from as there were tiny pinholes in the aluminium ground sheets I had up
at my sunhouse window. I would add that a firm of Electrical Engineers
had been working at the place where I believe this came from at that
time. As they have been in the empty house next door quite recently.
Since which the problems have become more pronounced again. At that time
I know there had been a large cavity left open in the bathroom floor
where a lot of work was carried out over a period of months. That
bathroom overlooks my sunhouse which is just below from where I have
experienced a lot of problems. I had it built in 2000 to try and get
away from what I thought were the effects of various pollution that had
entered my home on a regular basis for years. It was after I built that
the rf and em became apparent, and the problem has remained. The
Englishman's home is no longer his castle... I can assure you.

When I sent in the link about 'The Hum' it was because it was given to
me that day (Saturday) by an electronics specialist, after hearing of
some of my problems. He came to my home to do tests but could find
nothing, other than my electrics are in some way connected to others in
the row. After he left I read the link and thought it may be of interest
to member of the elfred list, and others who may be suffering from
strange 'phenomena'.

If that same guy came out while the disruptions were active, he might be
able to detect lots of information. True, but try getting someone out
at the exact time of any problem! Please read about the electrician
above, that came out when the problem was happening. They actually seem
bemused and look quite serious by it, but it's as if nothing can be

It's not a hum that I hear but various levels of frequency sounds, that
are not heard by others. For some time I have worn shielding and
'something' can be heard hitting against at various times of the day and
night. It's a loud cracking sound against it. It has had very adverse
affects on my health at times, including my hair falling out, vibration
of my face when it is bad, red marks and inexplicable bruising on the
inner part of my upper arms and legs, to mention but a few of the

Is this only when you're home?

Yes. My ex husband would verify the pollution which he suffered from

When this first began I mentioned the symptoms I had of burned face,
electrical problems etc., with no knowledge of electronic weapons and em
of which we are now beginning to read more about. And this I firmly
believe is what I'm being subjected to.

You may very well be subjected to something awful! That's why I'm asking
if it is outside the home also.

Well, I believe I am too. And it's killing me slowly and in a horrible
way. It is outside the home too now as I mentioned in previous messages.
I believe it is condoned murder. And that is what has happened to our
country these past few years.

And I'm still trying to fathom exactly where it is coming from and what
it is. I am leaning more and more to radio waves.

That may be what's happening at your location.

You've clearly given us all a lot to think about here.

I just hope and pray for a solution to this. To be able to live in my
home in safe security instead of like a hunted animal that is prodded
and poked whenever someone feels like having a go. To be able to go to
sleep at nights knowing I will wake up the next morning. Thank you for
your concern and your thoughts on this 'phenomena'.


When this first began the frequency sounds were just in and around my
home. Then I began to experience them when out in my car, and at other
places where I regularly go. When I go on holiday for the first couple
of days things are fine then the 'problem' kicks in.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Cheryl Magill"
To: "ULF ELF Propagation"
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2003 11:53 PM
Subject: Re: Elfrad-Group The Hum

Dear Maureen,

If you've got specific hours for the hum - that's great! These could be
broadcasts occurring at repeating intervals. If you've already got a
chronicle of the times and dates, you might find that a local ham radio
operator could help you to determine what's cooking on the airwaves at
those times.

Secondly, if your hum was easily heard by others - then of course it's
something you can record. You need to triangulate the sound to determine
direction. That's three recorders and a clock to synchronize it all from
places nearby. Perhaps a friend in a car a block or two away? Your
friend may not hear the hum but the recording device might. Oh... and if
the detectable noise eventually became permanently wedged between your
ears, that's probably due to a sensitizing effect. You could call it an
induced impairment.

Thirdly - electrical experts differ from acousticians. You may need
someone trained to detect sound sources.

Fourth - some of us have a real knack for creating static. My - you're
blessed in all kinds of ways!

I think you may have a problem that can be solved with regard to that
location. Is the hum still with you in other places no matter where you go?

As ever,

At 11:16 PM 9/7/2003 +0100, you wrote:
I see, thank you. Perhaps you can tell me why this only happens at
certain times. Say once or twice a week.


Sentient sofas outsmart couch-potatoes
Hi Klaus: And "smart" couches are only the beginning of this business
of smarting up offices, private (or what the naive still insist are
"private") dwellings, and on it goes. The article by Juno McEnroe
appears on page 9, in the Irish edition of today's (Sept.7)THE SUNDAY
TIMES. As it's quite short I'll quote the entire below.


More than 300,000 euros of taxpayers' money has been invested in
developing an 'intelligent' sofa. Enterprise Ireland, which is examining
smart furniture, is sponsoring scientists at Trinity College Dublin and
at University College Cork to develop a prototype.

Scientists led by Mads Haahr have developed a sofa equipped with
electronic sensors that could ultimately identify its occupant and all
his tastes and whims. The sensors detect and store the movement and
weight of the occupant while a voice reaction system will allow it to
'converse.' The sensors are linked to television screens and stereo
systems, which could mean that the occupant's favourite television
programme or CD track will be played as soon as they [sic!] flop into
the sofa. Couch potatoes could order their favourite food and select
television shows or music tracks without having to move from their seat.

More importantly, the sofa could eventually link up the homes of the
elderly or the disabled with medical centres or police stations. Simon
Dobson, a TCD [Trinity College Dublin] scientist, said: 'In the long
term, we want to use smart furniture in health care, to support
applications for the disabled and also people who have Alzheimer's.
Twenty-four-hour care can be expensive but now you'll be able to wire up
certain parts of the home to help these people.'

It will also have a business application. The National Microelectronic
Research Centre in Cork is working with Trinity College. Cian O'Mathuna,
a research assistant at the centre, said: 'We're looking at intelligent
office spaces where computers and phones will start up by recognising
your weight on a seat. The project has been in progress since 2001.
About 15 people are working to produce a demonstration model by the end
of the year. Philips and Xerox are among companies that have expressed

Carol Gibbons, of Enterprise Ireland, said it is conducting a
feasibility study on the demand for smart furniture. 'The potential for
the future is that when you have a meeting in an office, there's a
record of previous conversations and the voices are known through the
sensors. Immediately, the relevant documents will appear on the
computer and your personal phone would be diverted. This would be a
'smart desk.'

The Trinity College design team is also working on smart sports
equipment." And it's accompanied with a real-cool photo of TCD
scientist Mads Haahr lounging on "his talking sofa."

The thought struck me while reading the article what a great piece of
science fiction it might make to create a character or two--academic
middleaged types would be best--who have been covertly enbedded with
echips (earlope vicinity might be easiest for this furtive kind of
criminal thing) in the interests of scientific research so that all
kinds of "smart" things can be tested on them unknowingly while they
move about on various campuses. There may even be a kind of a pooling or
swapping of info among scientific research facilities on who has been
implanted in this way. And all the time these poor--although highly
intelligent and well-educated--human lab-rats think it is they who have
developed these extraordinary abilities to get computers to turn on and
off at whim, intuit others thinking, and do many of the "smart" things
mentioned in the article above! Some one on your list might love to get
going with that idea. Would need to be soon because science fiction
tends to become reality quite often!

To finish with a comment on all this cutting-edge smarting-up of the
potato couch's inaminate world. The response I gave a few weeks ago on
hearing about the newfangled Jeeves style "smart" cellphone that is
programmed to intuit one's every need and indeed relieve one of the
boredom of having to do one's own thinking is equally apt here.

Here it is: The only innovative feature about that consumer electronics
proposition ("Letting your mobile do your thinking") is the idea in
itself which would of course net significant amounts of lucre for the
innovators. But it's a regressive action for consumers because it
presumes that they are so habit driven, so fossilized in life-styles
that they are incapable of introducing creative changes into their
lives. In other words consumers are viewed by these bright creative
sparks in the electronics industry as no more than rutted, robotic
bipeds who plod along a predetermined life-track that even a programmed
mobile phone can manipulate!

It reminds me of Bill Gates "bright" idea as presented in some journal
or other I read some years back. In the article he focused on how
technologically futuristic the interior of his new mansion would be.
But in my view it was really going to effect regressiveness or at least
stagnation rather than anything else because music and visual
masterpieces pre-programmed to reflect the current choices of occupants
which would come on automatically as they entered a given room in his
new home omitted the essential nature of human development and man's
need for creative forays into entirely new arts experiences.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.


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Civilian Casualties Continue Climbing in Iraq

Senior House Democrat Urges Top Defense Hands to Resign

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