* Lawsuit overruled. European court for Human Rights (24/9/02)

Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

I offer to your personal attention this practical "Guidelines" based on my own experience as one exposed to microwave radiation at the appalling distance of "Microwave Bombardment" since 1996 and owing to my knowledge in the field of industrial research (with several registered patents) and as Chairman of two companies for over 20 years.

On July 12 1999 the European Commission established under the heading "Recommendations" the power limits of the ICNIRP. Surprisingly the whole members of this Commission tendered their resignation on March 16 1999.

May this "Recommendation" cause the practical corruption of health of thousands of families throughout Europe?


As a person exposed to direct radiation at close range (5 mts.) away from a base station (children included) I requested help from the European Court for Human Rights to fight Against: Radiation from a 500 W antenna power".  Lawsuit Nº 49257/99 on June 30 1999.

The following response was sent on September 4 2000 : "According to article 56 § 2 of the Court Regulation" "The European Court for Human Rights (Section 4), gathered on July 10 2000 decided, after deliberation to overrule the referred demand".

And the SCALE 7.5.

Yours faithfully,

Miguel Muntané

Dr. Raymond S. Kasevich, CS Medical Technologies LLC. "IEEE" Spectrum Opinion 08.2002 "Exposure standards for electromagnetic radiation do not adequately address current realities". "These standards are based on conclusions drawn from many experiments in the decades after World War II. Few of those studies, however, were designed to study low-level, localized biological effects not linked to heat. But electromagnetic theory and decades of experiments clearly indicate that the electromagnetic fields of radio and microwaves can also affect cells mechanically, without producing significant amounts of heat."

We must remember "microwaves can also affect cells mechanically"

Best regard
Miguel Muntané

Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry (MTHCR) 
by Dr. George Carlo

Seed funding for the MTHCR comes from a State of Illinois court order. While part of the settlement of a class-action lawsuit, the Registry itself is independent from any current legal actions against the industry and is in no way intended to be a part of any future legal actions. The Registry's purpose is solely for consumer protection and scientific study.

A passive reporting system, the MTHCR tracks and counts information voluntarily provided by cell phone users, particularly those who believe they are experiencing health effects associated with wireless phones. Considered an integral part of post-market surveillance,  this Registry is the first step in consumer protection and public health intervention and will help direct future research of potential health effects related to cell phone use.

Launched and overseen by Dr. George Carlo, one of the world's leading experts on cell phone health risks, the Registry is operating under the Science and Public Policy Institute, a non-profit organization. From 1993 through 2001, Dr. Carlo, a public health scientist and epidemiologist, ran the $28 million cell phone surveillance and research effort funded by the wireless industry. A continuation of that research effort, the Registry was initially proposed by Dr. Carlo to the wireless industry in 1998. At that time, the wireless industry chose not to support it. Once fully established, the MTHCR will be turned over to appropriate public health officials for them to operate.

Registries are proven to provide an important initial glimpse into the effects of specific exposures in a population and can play a significant role in the overall scientific process. The structure and function of the Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry is similar to those of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Every quarter, the aggregate information collected through the Registry will be studied through a standard analysis protocol. For example, based on the U.S. population data and demographic profile of the participants in the Registry, an expected number of cases with a particular disease, such as leukemia, will be determined. If the actual number of cases with leukemia in the Registry exceeds the expected number, we will forward our quarterly report on leukemia and a letter requesting further research to key organizations with the ability to study leukemia and mobile phone use. These organizations might include the National Cancer Institute and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Through this process, our goal is to provide valuable consumer protection information.


Concerning protection devices Iris Atzmon <atzmonh@bezeqint.net> asks:

Can you raise the question for someone who understands, about http://www.earthpulse.com/ this Cell/Wave Guard, (cell phone protection) I am curious to know if they have a good scientific base, and also Micro Shield, which an engineer who suffered from the cell phone, invented and also argues for scientific base.

All the best

Citizens' Initiative Omega
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