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we that have lost a friend of ours due to this phenomena. It is a long story but briefly a
newspaper article was brought to the attention of a friend who
dismissed the article on microwave radiation from cell phones.

Two years later while lying on his deathbed the friend stated to us to
that he believed his brain tumour was due to extensive use of a cell
phone as the tumour was located directly over the antenna of his cell
phone and he wished he had heeded the warning two years earlier in the
newspaper report.

We state clearly cell phones are invaluable for emergencies and have
saved many lives when used in moderation.

However extensive use and close proximity to microwaves can and will
disrupt the physiology of the recipient of those rays and we advise ALL
members to greatly limit Cell phone use in particular our members
children who are even more at risk to those radiation waves.

Eletromagnetic radiation and microwave radiation ARE POTENTIALLY LETHAL

Message from Chairman


UMTSNO / WHO continues to encourage the active participation
HP: umtsno.de
This mail is on: http://www.tauschkult.de/umtsno/puzen.htm

Dear Sirs,

On the 4th of July 2003, Mrs. Kheifeits, doctor, team leader of a
private union in Munich called the ICNIRP (International Commission for
Nonionizing Radiation Protection, Munich Germany"), left her executive
position at the EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) Project, organized by WHO
(World Health Organization).

It would be appropriate for the EMF project, that Mr. Repacholi should
also leave his position as Coordinator at this project. Mr. Repacholi as
implementer and former chief executive to the ICNIRP association in
Munich had a direct influence on the unilateral decisions considering
the amount of radiation in the range of high and low frequencies.

Best Regards
Krzysztof Puzyna
webmaster of umtsno.de


Courts give owners more rights over phone towers
Aust. Democrats press release (from Sarah Benson)

Now Federal law needs to catch up

A new decision by the Victorian Supreme Court could force
telecommunications companies Australia-wide to get permission from
landowners before putting mobile phone equipment on their rooftops,
according to the Australian Democrats.

Democrats' Communications spokesperson Senator John Cherry and Victorian
Senator Lyn Allison said the decision was the latest victory in the long
campaign to give local authorities and building owners and residents
more control over the siting of mobile phone towers.

Senator Allison, who chaired a 2001 Senate Inquiry into the effects of
electromagnetic radiation, said the decision was a "landmark" decision
in the regulation of so-called 'low impact' phone towers. "For too long,
telecommunications carriers have been running roughshod over building
owners and residents and installing equipment wherever they chose on the
basis that it was 'low impact' and outside normal planning laws,"
Senator Allison said.
"The decision means telecommunications carriers will need to have prior
consent of the landowner before they install antennae on poles,
equipment shelters and rooftops etc. As well as owner's consent,
carriers will either need a planning permit or compliance with the
Victorian Code of Practice.

"As Democrats' spokesperson, I opposed the 'low impact' provisions in
the Federal Government's 1997 legislation which left telecommunications
carriers with extraordinary powers to commandeer buildings and sites for
their roll-outs.

"Minister Alston claimed the powers were given to state governments but
Telco carriers have used the 'low impact' loophole to inappropriately
evade state planning codes," she said. Senator Cherry said the Victorian
decision followed a major New South Wales Court of Appeal decision in
July which read the carrier's immunity under the Federal Act very
narrowly. "This is a victory for the community and highlights how
inappropriate the Federal immunities on mobile phone towers have
become," Senator Cherry said. "Next week, the Senate will be debating an
amendment I will be moving to give the Australian Communications
Authority the power to reject mobile phone towers being built on or near
community sensitive sites such as hospitals, schools and residential

"The Democrat amendments would give the ACA the power to reject
absolutely the siting of mobile phone towers on sensitive sites where
there is community and local government opposition. "While the recent
ACIF Code requires a carrier to have regard to community sensitive sites
for smaller installations, it should require carriers to consider
alternatives to minimise the radiation risk to the public," Senator
Cherry concluded.

For further information: Pam Hose 0408 752 750

Informant: Don Maisch


A Brief History of Events


The following is a brief history of events in the past 10 months
regarding the wireless base-station antennas proposed by Sprint at 1600
Shattuck. At this point, neighbours around 1600 Shattuck conclude that
they are battling Sprint and the City of Berkeley, where the latter is a
more subtle and more harmful opponent. Their suffering is mostly
because of the City and some staff in the Planning Department and the
City Attorney's Office.

The City vs the Public
Residents in north Berkeley have been trying to stop wireless
base-station antennas proposed by Sprint at 1600 Shattuck in a
residential area. This battle has been going on for 10 months. After
months dealing with the City, neighbours of 1600 Shattuck have reached
the conclusion that some city staff are back stabbing them to support
Sprint by any means possible. Misconducts and actions of the City has
caused monetary damages and emotional distress to the neighbours.
Neighbourhood groups around Berkeley might have similar experiences with
the City. A chronology of events regarding antennas is as follows:

- July - November 2002, Sprint and the Planning Department worked
together stealthily to complete an application for a use permit. In this
period, according to the Berkeley Telecommunications Ordinance, Sprint
was required to have a dialogue with the community. However, Sprint
never got the community involved. Only in August 2003, a year after,
Sprint held a belated meeting with the public. A dozen neighbours
showed up, but left quickly, because they realized that the meeting was
a sham.

- Around Thanksgiving 2002, the neighbours received notices for a Zoning
Adjustments Board (ZAB) Public Hearing to make final decision on the use
permit for Sprint. The notification was poorly done. The law requires
that neighbours in the 300 ft radius be notified. However, Arts Magnet
Elementary School, which is within 200 ft, was not notified.

- In the ZAB Public Hearing, 11 neighbours talked against the antennas.
There were 18 letters and e-mails opposing the antennas. The ZAB had
already made its mind to approve the use permit, regardless of how many
objected to the plan. While the neighbours were anxiously following the
proceedings, the ZAB members were discussing how to count hair on Dave's
(one of ZAB members) head. Finally, the ZAB granted a permit to Sprint.

- The Planning Department erred many times in reports. In the staff
report by Ms. Sorensen, it was written three neighbours, instead of 18,
wrote to object to the antennas. In the notice of decision, Mr. Rhoades
reported unanimous approval of the antennas. Neighbours objected to this
because only seven ZAB members approved the antennas.

- Two neighbour groups filed two appeals by the end of January 2003 with
the city clerk.

- In the process of writing their appeals, the appellants discovered
illegal steps were taken by Sprint. They brought these points to the
attention of the City Council. However, the Planning
Department wrote false reports to cover up for Sprint. The appellants
bought the audio tape of the ZAB hearing from the Zoning Department.
This tape reveals that the Planning Department made false statements in
the Action Calender of April 1.

- Some 800 neighbours and residents signed petition forms and sent
e-mails to express their opposition to the antennas. The Planning
Department, however, worked very hard to have both appeals dismissed. On
April 1st, 2003, a large crowd holding signs attended the City Hall.
The City Council granted public hearing to the appellants which was
scheduled on June 17, 2003.

- In early June, the Planning Department made a motion to postpone the
Public Hearing, saying that the City is seeking a report by a third
party engineer to evaluate the coverage needs of Sprint. The report was
due in mid July. The City Council decided to postpone the hearing till
September 16. Meanwhile, the Planning Department let Sprint install the
antennas at 1600 Shattuck ignoring the pending public hearing. Residents
objected to the installation. However, Mr. Rhoades claimed that the
antennas are only "mock". Residents have a detector that when pointed at
1600 Shattuck shows microwave radiation beyond the safe levels set by
the FCC.

- Residents questioned the legality of mock structures, since they are
not defined in any ordinance, and hence it is not clear if they require
permit. The city attorney, Ms. Albuquerque, in her e-mail of June 23,
agreed that there is no law regarding mock structures. She, however,
strongly defended Sprint's mock antennas.

- According to the Berkeley Telecommunications Ordinance, the City
should provide the public with information regarding existing and
proposed wireless facilities in Berkeley. To support Sprint, the
Planning Department refused to provide such information to the
appellants. On August 22, a lawsuit was filed against the City for
unlawful conduct, discrimination against the appellants in favour of
Sprint, and causing emotional distress to them. Only then, on August 25,
Ms. Cosin of the Planning Department informed the availability of a
complete inventory. On August 26, Mr. Cowan, the assistant city
attorney, sent a letter to the appellants anxiously seeking their

- After two and half months, the Planning Department together with Ms.
Albuquerque are now seeking another postponement of the hearing, saying
that the report by the third party engineer is not available. This is
yet another scheme by the Planning Department to diffuse efforts of
appellants and give time to Sprint agents to collect signatures on their
misleading petition forms. The appellants have made arrangements with an
attorney who is coming from LA to represent them in the Public Hearing
on September 16. The City will be held responsible with lawyer's fees,
if the attorney flies from LA to only find out that the hearing is

All things considered, neighbours of the 1600 Shattuck believe that in
applying for a use permit Sprint has breached laws, the Planning
Department has tried to cover up for Sprint, and some city staff have
been devotedly helping Sprint. Moreover, the City Council is having a
deaf ear to what the neighbours are saying.

The public is invited to attend the public hearing on September 16, at
7:00 PM in Old City Hall, to see the City Council and Sprint vs the

Radi Free


DAY 20: Top Psychiatrist Says Fasters Not "Serious"

Hi Klaus: I am forwarding the latest on the Pasadena
fast-for-freedom-in-mental-health. I hope the three remaining fasters
will win out in their objectives without dangerously compromising their
health. It can't be emphasised enough that their painful fast and
objectives are for the benefit of all persons globally whose human
rights as mental health patients are being abused right now. And that
includes an awful lot of people--millions +.

If anyone on your list wants to email the official who seems to be the
most open to dialogue on the hunger-strikers requests here is the
address: Dr. Marcia K. Goin, Clinical Professor History and Education,
U.S.C., L.A. Email: mgoin@usc.edu. She is President of the American
Psychiatric Association Board of Trustees.

Mindfreedom has listed lots of other helpful email addresses below.

Omega: see under http://www.MindFreedom.org


"Irish Medical Council wants monitoring of [Irish] doctors"

Hi Klaus: This is the heading of the news article (THE IRISH TIMES,
Friday, September 5, 2003, page 6) about the decision of the Irish
Medical Council to urgently introduce measures to monitor the
professional standards of all doctors in the Republic of Ireland.
Professor Gerard Bury, President of the Irish Medical Council has
acknowledged that gross misconduct and medical negligence is taking
place with no bringing to account by Irish medical authorities. He
pointed out that ". . . no system was in place to check on [Irish] GPs,
consultants or other specialists who operated independently. He urged
the Government to immediately show its commitment to the introduction of
a competence assurance system for doctors, which the council has been
advocating since 1998. "'At present'", he is quoted as saying, "'There
is no system whatsoever to oversee how [Irish] doctors are performing
once they become consultants or GPs or specialists working in
independent practise.'" The Irish Medical Council proposes that
henceforth "doctors would have their practice checked by peers and would
have to show they were competent enough to remain on the medical
register every five years."

It would be nice to think that this will improve somewhat the quality of
medical care here for many people--especially public patients. However,
I also know that I informed many Irish medical organisations, Irish
patient support associations, and a generous number of Irish officials
about my own appalling medical experiences-- misdiagnosed as psychotic
when presented with EHS symptoms, tricked into incarceration and forced
to take medication that I had a dangerous reaction to-- and I was met
with silence! Even repeat requests for help were still met with silence!

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland


Cellular News
Researchers from the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel
have succeeded in cracking the popular GSM cellular phone network
encryption code. The researchers presented their findings at the recent
Crypto Conference in Santa Barbara, California. The findings were
greeted with shock and widespread interest on the part of the 450
conference participants, many of whom are world leaders in encryption
research and encryption industry.

The researchers, Prof. Eli Biham and doctoral student Elad Barkan, and
Nathan Keller, discovered a basic flaw in the network's encryption
system, and using this were able to develop a method for cracking the
encryption system.


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Could thyroxine be taken to help people electrical sensitivities?
Help: I was told thyroxine could be taken to help people with electrical
sensitivities??? Is this true? Mine very bad - need help. constant
humming at night - the other day high pitched humming from outside going
on and off all night. Would wake up sick when it went off and go back to
sleep when it stopped. Believe it is coming from tower lines in back -
only one night was that type of noise experienced - but every night wake
up sick from something. Autonomic nervous system not working right - now
my heart is being involved - pounding to slow and hard - out of breath
anything to relieve these symptoms?



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