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Blood flow to brain changes with radio-wave exposure: study
"Japanese researchers said Tuesday they have found that blood flow in
the brains of people who complain of irritation from electromagnetic
waves changes when they are exposed to such waves from appliances such
as cell phones and power lines".


With more than 1,000,000,000 mobile phone users!

There has so far been no method to test for hypersensitivity to
electromagnetic waves?.

Dr. Miguel Muntané

Blood flow to brain changes with radio-wave exposure: study
2003 Kyodo News (c) Established 1945 August 19, 2003

TOKYO, Aug 19, 2003 (Kyodo via COMTEX) -- Japanese researchers said
Tuesday they have found that blood flow in the brains of people who
complain of irritation from electromagnetic waves changes when they are
exposed to such waves from appliances such as cell phones and power

The research group measured the changes in the amount of blood flow in
10 people, five of whom have symptoms of hypersensitivity to
electromagnetic waves. They found that the brain's blood flow in those
with the hypersensitivity fluctuated with exposure to the waves.

The findings are expected to contribute to understanding the symptoms,
such as headaches and fatigue, for which the causal relationship with
electromagnetic waves remains unknown.

The researchers believe the symptoms were caused either because the
electromagnetic waves disrupted the nerve system and thus caused changes
in the blood flow, or that the ability to maintain the brain's blood
flow at a certain level was reduced.

The research involved Ko Sakabe of the Kitasato Institute Hospital and
the nongovernmental environment organization Japan Offspring Fund.

Many people with irritations linked to electromagnetic waves also have
problems moving their eyeballs and abnormality in their pupils' reaction
to light.

"We want to conduct further research with more cases and higher
precision," Sakabe said.

There has so far been no method to test for hypersensitivity to
electromagnetic waves. One indicator is that symptoms disappear or
improve as patients distance themselves from the environment affected by
the waves.

In some cases, factors other than electromagnetic waves were said to be
the cause of the illnesses.

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Informant: Volker Hartenstein, Member of the Bavarian Parliament


Bad experience with cell phone
Hi everybody, I had a bad experience with my cell phone becoming real
hot and stirring up all kind of things hidden in my body. My doctor was
very special and won the 20th Century Achievement Award in the U.S. in
1995. This award is displayed in the U.S. Library of Congress - so it is
of influence.

He found that the radiation from my cell phone had stirred up the polio
vaccine and small pox vaccine I had as a child - as well as created
methyl-mercury from my mercury fillings - which almost killed me. The
polio vaccine and small pox vaccine caused severe burning in my nervous
system - especially in my legs - and the burning pain would move around
- even on the top and bottom of my feet. The small pox vaccine was
stirred up near my left ear - where I used my cell phone the most. I
have diffuse sensory motor polyneuropathy and he is still working on my
brain. He is a 77 year old Chinese H.M.D. There is no other doctor
like him in the world - maybe in Germany if there are any doctors like
him. The burning you feel may be neuropathic pain from your vaccinations
that was stirred up by the EMF's.

Debbie Bevel


Hold of electronic 'non-lethal' weapons
What members need to be aware of here is that people are getting hold of
electronic 'non-lethal' weapons and they are using them on neighbours.
And that I believe is what is happening here. My bones literally ache
when it's bad and my limbs feel agitated and hot inside. It's very
painful and I can actually feel the tingling surges of energy. At the
same time there is spattering against aluminium that I have which sounds
like rain falling on it.

People will become more aware of what is being done.



A site about satellite surveillance
Hi Klaus, see the unclassified satellite at work, here:


also check this out, it is somewhat related:

A Dozen Chemtrail Pix From Around USA PHOTOGRAPHED by Billder Since 2000


Finally, this is an old piece of mine, use if you need it, these scum
feed off maverick genius, keeping it in a cage, as it were, keeping you
poor, and starving and sick, so they can parasitize your mind before
they kill you---they teach the inept in colleges here to employ this
technology, to FEED like intellectual vampires---I will be happy when it
all crashes down---soon, very soon: This was written by me in January of
this year. I have been reading a Woodward book on the CIA, notably
under Casey, and came across a reference to the spy satellites used by
NSA and CIA during that time. The intelligence gained from the
satellites was called a TOP SECRET TALENT KEYHOLE...like peeping and
spying through a keyhole, absconding with talent to be used by the
government. It is theft and TIA cinched that down with time domain
technology, utilizing broadcast technology hidden in cell phone towers,
which is nothing more than hoarded Tesla Technology. No privacy means
total theft by they who would be your masters.

Total Information Awareness as Intellectual Property Theft:
see under http://www.grn.es/electropolucio/omega259.htm




Messages from B Gallagher


RE: Genuine appeal for help again something that is destroying me
Klaus - I thought I sent you several mails around August 5th to August
10th, asking for people to pass on a mailing which requested support for
myself due to the greatly increased electromagnetic attack of the past
three months; and requesting people to download my World-Action website
and to make CD copies for friends, and if possible to reproduce the
website at places on the Net - because I felt under very great threat.

Many people I had presumed were friends, and friendly to what
World-Action is striving for, did not even write a reply.

Only a few of those I sent to actually sent my 'call' out to their list.
I found this incredibly, gut-wrenchingly disappointing. My purpose was
not just in saving my life; but also to increase awareness of the
information at World-Action website.

I had imagined that these people had added me to their lists because
they either valued me or trusted me, or both. (Even though I had not
requested to be added to many of these lists, I spent quite a lot of
time in 2002 sending short encouraging mails to the owners of these

On August 12th, very severe attacks started on me. I spent most of
August 12th thinking I would die. This was repeated on August 16th; late
on August 17th to early on August 19th; August 23rd; August 26th; August
28th; and August 31st. During all these occasions, of 20 to 40 hours
each, I really felt I would die. It has even pushed me to visiting the
Police for the first time to request an inquest if I am found dead.

This is WHY I sent out many mailings between August 5th/6th and August
10th. It is because I had been forced in July to take World-Action
website off the air; and as the attacks on me were worsening, I decided
at the start of August to put the website back up AND to ask everyone to
publicise my situation, and the situation with the website, surmising
that I may not be violently attacked if a lot of people pulled in to
support World-Action's endeavour to remain on the Internet.

This is why I am rightly upset, because many people who regard
themselves as people who are 'doing all it takes' -- just didn't seem to
do it.

At the same time, I am greatly impressed with your great works, and
seeing your mailings through last winter gain strength and determination
with each mailing -- and seeing peoples' greatly increased will to end
EMR abuse -- was hugely encouraging to me, and no doubt to many others.

I have recently talked to a woman in America who seems to be receiving
very similar abuse to myself; and I'm grateful Maureen from the Midlands
has now spoken up.

Maureen's condition sounds very similar to mine, and I hope people will
assist her. Do you know any reason why she would be
specifically/individually attacked....Does she publicise on important
matters? Or is she 'just' sensitive to extra EMR which people feel is
now, for some reason, in the air?

I would love to get out of all this; and just find somewhere where I
could grow flowers... roses, etc. -- but this doesn't seem the right
time for that.

Very good wishes to you,


This is my call for help:


EMR and ALS - is there a link?
I have been living under several high tension electric transmission
lines for over 40 years. I was diagnosed a year ago with A L S, more
commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. I have found a couple of sketchy
references to a link between E M R and the disease, and am wondering if
anybody knows of a serious study indicating a correlation between the

Message from oldtrumpet


Military microwave weapons
I went and googled "military microwave weapons" and got these result:


Message from Bunkie (excerpt)


California Public Hearing on September 16

Hello: Hopefully, our Public Hearing will be held in two weeks. The
hearing is to decide on the wireless antennas proposed by Sprint on the
roof of Starbucks at 1600 Shattuck. There will be a battle between
neighbours and Sprint Corporation. It should be fun; shouldn't it?

1) Please come to the Public Hearing. We really need your support. The
information is as follows: September 16, 2003, Old City Hall, 2134
Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, City Council Chambers - Second Floor

2) Please forward this e-mail to those who might be interested.

3) If you would like to sign our new petition form, please let us know.
Also, if you have any of our petition forms, please pass them to us.
Friday September 5 is the last day to collect all possible supporting

We greatly appreciate your support and patience in the past few months.

Thank you,



Just look at what happened last week in Humboldt Co, CA! In an appeal of
a decision against residents, the Board of Supervisors amazingly voted
NO in FAVOR of residents. The industry then proactively backed its tower
out of Arcata! Humboldt Co people did everything as intelligently as
possible. They just didn't rely on petitions, friendly websites, and
local strategies, but also shipped in tons of scientific & legal
expertise. And they did it early enough to win over their academic
community in advance of the last two hearings.

Think also of all the successes in Los Angeles, in Washington State, and
the East Coast! These battles are definitely winable!

La Chanteuse


Hello there:

Thanks for your e-mail. Things are not that bad in Berkeley. One of the
appellants filed a lawsuit against the City of Berkeley in late August.
Some of the appellants are talking to their attorney in LA!! You know
who; don't you? He might come here on September 16.

Well, it appears that the residents of Berkeley are suffering more from
unlawful conducts of some of the City Staff. One of the appellants is
preparing a bigger lawsuit against the City of Berkeley. The City of
Berkeley is not willing to listen to scientific stuff. They understand
only the language of lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Sprint has hired an agency to collect signatures on its
petition forms. Sprint agents go all over the town and ask people if
they want better coverage without telling them in which area! And many
folks sign.

This is the reason that the appellants in Berkeley are asking supporters
to send e-mail to the City Officials. So, please do not hesitate to send
e-mails to the City Council of Berkeley and for instance let them know
about the Arcata case.

I am glad for the happy ending in Arcata. Folks there had been fighting
this case for sometime.

Thank you,



Hi Radi -

The Berkeley people have done many good things to fight this set of

However, you are incorrect with regard to what you refer to as
"scientific stuff". The City of Berkeley has no authority to refuse
scientific evidence, particularly that which qualifies under the Supreme
Court Daubert Rule. The only reason this has not been adequately raised
is that the people of Berkeley have fallen for fallacies and have let
the City get away with this nonsense.

The health science is in fact, the best argument. A major LA lawfirm
recently admitted this in print, but we all know it - it's obvious. And
that's why Industry and its bribed/threatened servants in officialdom
always work so feverishly to stop the argument from being presented at

Many communities have been frightened into silence on the health
science. This not only disadvantages them, it moreover prevents people
generally from learning about a major environmental hazard. It shuts
down awareness. It closes American minds - which are already so woefully
ignorant about environmental health matters - and so very poisoned as a

Take for example the City of San Francisco's recent adoption of the
Precautionary Principle. The new law specifically names air, water, and
land as areas in need of protection from pollution. But ABSOLUTE SILENCE
on (electromagnetic) atmosphere! Why? The ignorance is that thick in the

Ignorance is injury, not bliss. It is high time that responsible people
speak up, both about the health science of RF bioeffects and also about
the observed injuries, deaths, fled homes, and property unsaleability
resulting directly from wireless communications facilities.

If you believe that people have the right to know about environmental
hazards, then it is your duty - as it is mine - to tell the people.

Aren't you grateful someone informed you?

La Chanteuse


O.T. themes:

"FREEDOM of speech" isn't FREE!

Britons want UK forces out of Iraq

Informant: George Paxinos


Jobs with Justice: Fall 2003 Season of Struggle

Hacking Down Civilization

Informant: kevcross5


Jobs with Justice: Fall 2003 Season of Struggle

Building Power in our Workplaces and Neighborhoods


Who's Losing Iraq?

Number of US Wounded in Action in Iraq on Rise

US Troops, Delusions Dying in Iraq Quagmire

Why Occupation Lite will fail in Iraq

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