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Law suit filed; news from Berkeley, California

Dear Fellows:

In the past nine months, neighbors of north Berkeley are fighting the
siting of Sprint antennas in their residential area. A law suit was
filed against the City of Berkeley on August 22, 2003. This is a small
law suit. There will be other law suits against the City and the
provider in the near future. Neighbors decided to file law suits before
the upcoming public hearing.



Effects of radiation - help


I have some remarks and supplements.

First it is correct that the standard (ICNIRP) today only taking into
account the thermal effects + it is for the far field region. This is
only the standard that a mobile company must taking into account.
Depending the country were you live it is possible that a stringent
standard is present. For example here in Belguim the max. limit is 26V/m
at 900 MHz and 30 V/m at 1800 MHz. If we do measurements the level that
is measured is arround 3 V/m mostly it is much lower. Today there excist
no standard for non thermal effects, and thus the mobile company must
not take this into account.

Today in the research to many conflicting results are present. One
research find a effect other doesn't find any effects. Also effects
found in vivo and in vitro will not tell you that there is effect in a human. A
animal for example a rat hase a different reaction to a field than a
human. Also for example if you find DNA damage in only exposed blood
this will not say that also DNA damage excist in blood in a human. There
is a blood circulation, in a human body there are very complex chemical
and biological proccesses. I will only say interpretation of results of
in vivo and in vitro must done carefully.

I think, and not only I, more research is needed. More research must be
done on the effects of low level non-ionized modulated fields. This
research can best be done in a coordinated way. Therefor I will make a
reference to a call of Dr. L. Verschaeve from VITO, Belgium in the
bioelectromagnetics newsletter of MARCH/APRIl 2003 that can be found on
the bioelectromagnetic website.

Second if you would like to know what the exact exposure is that you
get, you must do a measurement 24 at 24. Why? You do not live at one
place. You go to work, to family, you go shopping etc.... It is maybe
possible that the exposure in the office from a GSM antenna 1 km from
you is higher than the antenna 5 meter from your home. To know the exact
exposure is very complex. There is not only the antenna at 5 meter but
maybe one at 10 km. There is interference, reflection from buildings,
attenuation from outside to inside the building depending on the
materials used in the buildings etc... You can say we not a simulation,
yes it is possible but not everything can be included in this
simulation. Also we have not only exposure from GSM but also from radio,
tv etc... How must we do a measurement? Today in COST281 there is a
debate how this must be done. Maybe it can be done be a wearable
dosimeter for non-ionized radiation which has a broadband isotropic
response. Today there already are measurement tools that can do this but
they are portable but not wearable. Also I think if a measurement is done person
by person a measurement must be done at fixed positions. I have already
had a idee to make something like a measurement network for non-ionised
in an analogy like that of air pollution. But there was no interest from
Government. Why such a network? In this way we can compare the
individual exposure to the rural exposure. Also in this way hot spots can be
These are the remarks and supplements that I had.

Best regards,




Dear Friends,

Thank you so, so much for your attention. I was really surprised with
your interest in helping.

I say that because I've been trying to get some information about the
subject here in Brazil but only a very few people wrote me back .
Unfortunatelly, it seems that Brazilians, like most South Americans,
lost faith in the corrupt system and don´t even bother trying to make a
difference because, at the end, justice can always be bought.

There are some people, nevertheless, that are fighting against the big
companies and we have a few cases of antennas that have already being
disconnected, although the disconnection in temporary, because the
companies are still appeling in court. Therefore, all the information
and links your are sending can help me and others in the future. Even if
the studies are not conclusive, the doubt can be used in our favor, not

Once again, thanks a lot and I will share any "news" I manage to get
outside the group.

Best regards,




Melbourne Workshop - EMR EMF and Human Health

Workshop - EMR EMF and Human Health

Date: September 10 2003

Location: Metropole Hotel 44 Brunswick Street Fitzroy 3065

· How is EMR described and measured? What are the different types of
What do such terms mean?
· Is there a natural electromagnetic environment, and how does it
compare with man-made EM fields?
· What are the sources of EMR and EMF? Which ones are potentially
harmful, and how do I recognize them? · What types of exposure are
there, and how do they compare with natural EMR exposure conditions?
· How does EMR affect living organisms? How much EMR is too much? Do low
level effects exist?
· Is all EMR exposure bad? How is EMR used to benefit human health?
· What type of research is conducted, what are the results and are they
· What is the status of EMR and EMF safety Standards and guidelines?
· What legislation applies in the area of EMR and EMF and what do you
have to do to comply? Who administers the legislation? Is it policed?
What is the "EMR Framework?"
· What practical steps can be taken to protect personnel and reduce the
effects of EMR? Many sources of EMR are discussed including HV and LV
Power Lines, transformers, domestic appliances, microwave ovens,
induction heaters, plastic welders, microwave links, defence radar,
radio & radar transmitters, broadcast transmitters, TV translators, security
systems, X-Ray equipment, MRI, therapeutic and diagnostic equipment,
visual display units, computers, electric blankets, automatic door
openers, mobile and hand-held radios, mobile phones & base stations,
rooftop antennas.

Contact: John Hyne
Tel:03 9846 3248
E-mail: jhyne@unite.com.au
URL: http://www.paradigm-press.com

Informant: Don Maisch

Comment Dr Miquel Muntané:

Melbourne Questionshop - 10 years "after" - the introduction of the
mobile telephone.

But, vital health questions in mobile telephony with NO answer?.

Dear John Hyne

You have more than 1,000,000,000. mobile phone users as microwave guinea

Is it possible to state more questions 10 years "after" the introduction
of the mobile telephone?

I offer to your attention two vital questions presented in Luxembourg
(24.2.2003) to the European Commission, WHO and mobile operators.

Basic vital question: with NO answer?

All these questions you propose now were correct 10 years "before" the
introduction of the mobile telephony, not now.

Dr. George Carlo, (October 1999). "I am concerned that the wireless
industry is missing a valuable opportunity by dealing with these public
health concerns through politics, creating illusions that more research
over the next several years helps consumers today, and false claims that
regulatory compliance means safety. The better choice by the wireless
industry would be to implement measured steps aimed at true consumer

Yours faithfully

Miguel Muntané


Barry Fletcher writes to PM

Dear Klaus,

I am sending a little more info on myself regarding my protest on EMF's.
I have tried very hard to get someone in authority to listen in the UK.
But, alas, my concerns always fall of deaf ears, even Mr Anthony
Blair's, our esteemed and caring Prime Minister.


Barry Fletcher.


Mental health "solidarity hunger striker

'We just want alternatives''Fast for Freedom' reaches NRV



Water Remembers? Homeopathy Explained?



Action alert - Camisea gas pipeline project

Dear Friend

Your help is needed.

Please use our cyberaction centre to protest against the Camisea gas
pipeline project is now expected to be voted on at the Interamerican
Development Bank (IDB) next Wednesday, August 27th. Your immediate
action is needed to stop funding for this controversial project!

For more information and a suggested message visit

Please forward this message to your friends and colleagues and
encourage them to get involved with this action, too.

Thanks for your support.

The FoEI Web Team


Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying During East Coast Blackout


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