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London. Aerial combat over new mobile antenna.

Until we see consistent research results saying beyond doubt these things are safe,
we don't want them.

False declaration ORANGE: there is no conclusive evidence that makes a
link between exposure to radio waves, transmitter sites and long-term
public health risks.

Blood Brain Barrier alteration is documented since year 1972,
duplicating studies during more than 30 years and chromosome damage is
documented since 1995.

False declaration T-MOBILE: national and international guidelines and do
not present health risks to any member of the public.

The long-term health alteration is known as "Microwaves Syndrome", based
on the radiation over people in Moscow, which led to the death of three
successive U.S. Ambassadors: Lilienfeld study. This long-term radiation
with low intensity "microwave bombardment", during years, limited to 40
hs. per week, has also caused cancer in 30 women and children 25 ys.

Omega link:


Health hazard refused to be underwritten by insurance companies: Allianz
and LLoyd's.

Dr. George Carlo, (October 1999). "I am concerned that the wireless
industry is missing a valuable opportunity by dealing with these public
health concerns through politics, creating illusions that more research
over the next several years helps consumers today, and false claims that
regulatory compliance means safety. The better choice by the wireless
industry would be to implement measured steps aimed at true consumer

August 19, 2003

South London Press

South London headlines

Aerial combat over new mobile antenna

By Mike Pflanz

MOBILE phone firm Orange has fixed its sights on St Giles Church's spire
as the best spot for a new antenna to cover Camberwell and Peckham. SE5
and SE15, it says, present a hole in the network its customers demand is filled.

Competitor T-Mobile agrees - it wants six antennae and four dishes up on
the roof of Camberwell College of Arts, almost next door to the church.

But there is set to be a fight. Neighbours of both church and college
are saying "no way" to the plans - and the campaigning South London
Press is right behind them.

Letters from both mobile giants landed on doormats around Peckham Road,
Camberwell Church Street and nearby residential sidestreets midway
through June.

Textile designer Jenny Frean, 52, works from her home in the shadow of
St Giles's spire and has been collecting petition signatures opposing
the proposals. She said: "People can't wait to get their names down when
we go door to door, especially parents with children, and you can
understand that, because of the health concerns. "But to be honest,
what's the difference between big people and little people if there are
health risks? Until we see consistent research results saying beyond
doubt these things are safe, we don't want them."

Ward councillor Ian Wingfield told the South London Press: "I have been
overwhelmed by the volume of calls and letters I've had from people
saying these masts cannot go in. "They feel they will be sandwiched
between Orange on the church and T-Mobile on the college - and they'll
fight that all the way. "Quite apart from the visual impact of equipment
round the church and on the college - both in a conservation area -
there are still health concerns. "People may just have to lump it with
slightly poorer reception in heavily built-up areas like this."

Applications for both sites were submitted to Southwark council on
August 1, and campaigners will now have the chance to have their voices
heard at the town hall as the decisions are made. Southwark council
said: "We have received a planning application at St Giles Church on
behalf of Orange.

"However, some items of equipment are shown on the plans which need
permission - we have written back asking for more information and are
awaiting a response. "There is a recent full application for telecoms
equipment at Camberwell CoA which is subject to consultation. "There may
well be objections to these applications and objectors need to write in.
If we get more than three objections, the decisions will be determined
by the Community Council."

You can call reporter Mike Pflanz on 020-8710 6441, write to us at "No
To The Church Antenna", South London Press, 2-4 Leighham Court Road,
London, SW16 2PD, text on 07766 725997 or email: newsdesk@slp.co.uk

ORANGE said: "We acknowledge public concern regarding the siting of
transmitters, however, there is no conclusive evidence that makes a link
between exposure to radio waves, transmitter sites and long-term public
health risks. "Orange will continue to operate within the stringent
international standards set for radio networks by the independent
International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection. "A
typical Orange transmitter site operates at levels many hundreds of
times below national and international guidelines, in areas where the
general public would have access. "We welcome the findings of the
Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (the Stewart Inquiry) which
states, 'We conclude that the balance of evidence indicates that there
is no general risk to the health of people living near to base stations
on the basis that exposures are expected to be small fractions of
guidelines.' "We select sites that meet our technical needs, our
customers' coverage requirements, and comply with all planning and legal

T-MOBILE said: "The reason we need more base stations is to cover
customer demand - there are up to 50 million mobile phone users in the
UK now. T-Mobile takes safety very seriously and ensures all our base
stations comply with national and international guidelines and do not
present health risks to any member of the public. "We have recently
adopted a policy of asking for comments from people living near sites
where we would like to install base stations - this is what we are doing
now in Camberwell." The spokesman added a planning application would
soon be submitted to Southwark town hall.


Informant: Dr. Miguel Muntané


Postscript to: who owns your mind, your brain or just plain own you?

Hi Klaus:

To round off my little piece yesterday on some quite ordinary
mind-control techniques, I would like to quote from a copy of a letter
I wrote on November 14, 1996, to Mr. George Soros, Philanthropist and
Financier, New York, while living in my condo on S. Madison Ave.,
Pasadena. (That is less than ten minutes walk from where the hunger
strike is now in progress.)

While my primary reason for writing to Mr. Soros was to thank him for
establishing his emergency THE EMMA LAZARUS IMMIGRATION FUND, I also
addressed the serious violations of human rights due to being targeted
by covert electromagnetic/non-lethal weaponry, especially forms of
these that interfere with or/and control a victim's

" . . . there is another matter of pressing urgency for the well-being
of all that needs your immediate attention. It is the grave
misuse-often, with deadly consequences-of non-lethal weapons, as
competitive and destructive tools . . .. This is the most devastating
type of warfare any person can be subjected to because it infiltrates
your brain waves to demolish you from within. With electromagnetic
technology fatal "accidents" can be (and are) planned from remote
sources; people can be enslaved and dehumanised in myriad ways, and
being uninformed about high-tech electromagnetic devices, they think
it's just bad luck. They can lose business deals and they think it is
just bad luck. They can experience electric currents going off in their
heads, their vision suddenly blocking out, their thoughts being
scrambled, their very lives propelled into a devastating spin toward
disaster-and they think it is just bad luck. It is not fate dealing them
a heavy blow but high tech sophisticates with electro-magnetic equipment
manipulating their victims' electromagnetic brain frequencies.

. . .

This form of harassment (lethal rather than "non-lethal") used with
increasing frequency to demolish competitors and settle grudges, is so
dangerous for the well-being of all, that the public deserves being
informed for its own protection. And countermeasures need to be taken
urgently, so that people, when attacked in this fashion, can defend

It was just six days after I faxed this November 14 letter to Mr. George
Soros at the Emma Lazarus Immigration Fund, 888 Seventh Ave., 33rd. Fl.
New York-that is on November 20, 1996-that I was subjected to the near
fatal electromagnetic assault aimed at my brain that resulted in my
permanently quitting the U.S.A. and returning to Ireland to seek medical
help. And many of you know how that medical help turned out!


Imelda O'Connor


Re: Microwave Hearing and question

Dear Klaus,

Thank Heavens someone else knows what hell we are experiencing!

I have a host of experiments to try in the future to provide hard
evidence of what some people are perceiving. I shall keep you posted to
any unusual or interesting findings.

Firstly, I want to investigate all domestic items with an EMC rating,
that was introduced I think in 1994. It would be interesting to see if
there are any RF's, coming from them! Do you know any experiments of
this kind and any results? If so how can I replicate the findings.

Also, I would like to do an experiment regarding acoustic frequencies
above the conscious level of human hearing. Say 20000Hz+, on reported
signals coming from PA systems, TVs, Radios etc.. I believe subliminal
messaging works around or above these frequencies.



RE: Regarding the microwave hearing affect

Regarding Barry Fletcher's letter:

Many sensible and careful people are reporting this phenomenon of
hearing speech which other people cannot detect. One early personal
account of it is in Dorothy Burdick's book "Such Things Are Known"
(Vantage 1982).

There is also a very useful hypnosis "encyclopaedia" for attacked people
and attacked families called "Secret, Don't Tell", by Carla Emery (USA
1997,  http://www.hypnotism.org/ , orders@hypnotism.org ) . In this book,
Carla Emery gives a summarised history of official research into mind
control methods. Here are some relevant items from the summarised
history in the Emery book (pp 488-491):

1969 Delgado proposes direct radio interface between brains and
machines: "direct communication can be established between brain and
computer, circumventing normal sensory" routes. (Delgado 1963, p.93)


1973 Dr Joseph C. Sharp, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research,
understands words radiated directly into his brain in the form of "a
pulsed-microwave audiogram (analog of the words' sound vibrations)"


1982 The National Science Foundation begins funding research on ways of
"gluing" biochip proteins to neurons. Biochips use organic materials to
create data-processing chips which may be integrated with human nervous
systems, creating actual machine-man combinations.

L L Milnes
New Zealand

BF wrote: Regarding the microwave hearing affect and the research by
Allan Frey, 1962. Ithaca University, NY. USA.

His Studies demonstrate humans can hear the spoken word without the aid
of a radio receiver when certain microwave radio frequencies, especially
1 Ghz, and pulsed at 16 Hz, are beamed directly at their brain! (more)


Request for help from Jesus Mendoza

Hello, everyone.

Jesus Mendoza, who has been subjected to harassment for his exposure of
corporate and official misconduct, has asked me to send his request,
below, to you. His letter to his senator (below the note here) may be
of particular interest to you. ~Susan

See the text of the request under:



Posted By: Esclarmonde
Date: Tuesday, 19 August 2003, 12:58 a.m.
'Take that, Gov'ner! That'll teach ya!' What is going on here?

Is another power outage in the offing? This time for California? Or, is
this just Mind Control? The entire Northwest is being inundated with
these 'Frequencies' we are calling Flash Radar. Is this the turning on
of the 'sleepers'? American Minds WANT TO KNOW!!! NOW!!!

The close ups show that big 'spikes' are being 'shot' into the center
and then this is the 'explosion'. What is this stuff? Why are they doing
it? And WHO is doing it? LOOK AT SACRAMENTO. Is this the Arnie thing?
'look into my eyes; you will/will not vote for arnie...'? Who is in
charge of these BLASTS of Energy Frequencies? We KNOW they affect the
weather. They also affect EQ's. What else do they affect?

Look at this one: Someone is 'firing' on Eureka from off the Coast? From
a Ship? From the sky? What is this?
Also, some of the weather sites have TURNED OFF THE RADAR IN THESE AREAS
SO THEY DON'T SHOW UP ON THEIR maps...gee, I wonder why...

I don't know if these will still be up when you look here, but keep
checking back. AND look for more sites that show it. They can't keep
getting away with this. IT HAS TO STOP NOW!!!!

Well, let's not stop yet: What are they doing to the good people of
Klamath? Wonder how many people had fights with their spouses this
evening? beat on their kids? Come on...this is getting ridiculous. Mind
totally works on frequencies. Actually EVERYTHING does. You can't say it
doesn't matter. IT MATTERS.

Look at Portland!
Does anybody have any brain cells left?

Looks like they are 'frying' us. And if you look at the Unisys site, it
shows that the moisture is pretty much avoiding the whole NW area. Look
at Spokane

Just for comparison, here is a normal one showing moisture over Seattle.


Message from Romy (excerpt)

Source: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=35640

Omega links about Flash Radar:


Help Save the Yellowstone BioGems's Grizzlies!

Send your message on behalf of Yellowstone's grizzlies. Thank you.



John H. Adams, President, Natural Resources Defense Council (excerpt)


O.T. themes:

The 2004 Election: One Issue, One Candidate


Bush still playing with the truth on Iraq


Gulf War veterans sue banks, firms

"Veterans of the first U.S.-led war with Iraq filed a lawsuit in federal
court in Brooklyn on Tuesday alleging that companies that exported
chemicals to Iraq in the 1980s, and the banks that financed those deals,
are liable for illnesses the U.S. veterans sustained from exposure to
chemical weapons stockpiles that were blown up during the 1991 war. The
veterans are among the more than 100,000 U.S. soldiers who have symptoms
including extreme fatigue, memory loss, and bone and joint pain, which
are often referred to as Gulf War syndrome or Gulf War illness."

Saudis in Iraq "preparing for a holy war"

"Increasing numbers of Saudi Arabian Islamists are crossing the border
into Iraq in preparation for a jihad, or holy war, against US and UK
forces, security and Islamist sources have warned. A senior western
counter-terrorism official on Monday said the presence of foreign
fighters in Iraq was 'extremely worrying.' ... According to Saad
al-Faguih, a UK-based Saudi dissident, the Saudi authorities are
concerned that up to 3,000 Saudi men have gone 'missing' in the kingdom
in two months, although it is not clear how many have crossed into Iraq."

Al Qaida claims responsibility for blackout

"Al Qaida's Abu Hafs Brigades has claimed responsibility for the
blackout last week in the Northeast and Midwest United States. A
communiqué by the Abu Hafs Brigades made reference to Operation Quick
Lightning in the Land of the Tyrant of this Generation. It was published
as 'the third communiqué by the Brigades.' In the first, they accepted
responsibility for the downing of an airplane in Kenya. The second
accepted responsibility for the Jakarta bombing of the Marriott hotel
on August 5, 2003."

Our Founding Fathers return to give America a new start

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


USA Today: Investigate New "Gulf War II" Pneumonia Affecting More Than
100 US Soldiers



Iraqi Cities 'Hot' With DU

Informant: George Paxinos

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