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Sick teachers worry parents
, Mission BC Canada

For The Record. There are two large cellphone broadcast towers within,
aprox, two city blocks of the Mission Hillside School. Could this be
another Spain, France, Israel situation in the making ??

I know people in the area of the school that complain of EMS
symptoms, headaches, ringing ears, sleep disurbance, as well some very
serious illness.

Regards Robert

Sick teachers worry parents

By Ken Henry

The Mission School District is scrambling to assure concerned parents of
Hillside elementary students that six teachers' illnesses - including
three with breast cancer - have nothing to do with the school.

Hillside parents have been in a frenzy trying to figure out if the
school is safe for their children - numerous parents have called the
Fraser Health Authority, the Mission school board and the Times, questioning
why teachers are falling ill. The three other teachers have respiratory

Wendy Saint-Onge, whose child is entering Grade 2, is one of those
worried parents. "As a concerned parent I want some answers before I
send my kid back to school [on Sept. 2]," said Saint-Onge, adding that
she likes the school and has never complained about it. Saint-Onge said
everyone she knows in the Wharton Place and Forbes Street neighbourhoods
is seeking answers. The "rumour mill", as Saint-Onge calls it, is so bad
that posters are being distributed around Hillside neighbourhoods. "I
don't know who put [the poster] out," she said. "I guess it shows a lot
of [people] are concerned about this."

Guy Bonnefoy, secretary treasurer for the Mission School District, said
the district has given both the Fraser Health Authority and the Workers'
Compensation Board all the available facts and both organizations have
said there is no reason for alarm. "I had a discussion with the Workers'
Compensation Board [Wednesday morning] and . . . they don't believe
there's any reason for any concern," said Bonnefoy. "Plus, [the] opinion
of the medical health officer [at the FHA] is that there is currently no
evidence to suggest that student safety is in any way compromised."

Bonnefoy said that parent concern has been "elevated to a level that is
not warranted", although he "completely understands why parents want some
answers. We will let parents know about the situation as soon as we have
all the facts."

Dr. Andrew Larder, medical health officer for the FHA, said the health
authority received so many calls from the public that the FHA contacted
the school board for more details.

Based on the information Bonnefoy sent him on Tuesday Larder echoed
school district comments, saying, "There was no evidence to suggest that
student safety in any way was compromised." Larder did, however, admit
that he was given "very few details" on the case. He said he was only
given general comments about each of the six teachers' conditions. "I've
dealt with schools where there have been environmental issues and
[Hillside] is not consistent with those sorts of things," said Larder.

He added that there have been no reports of student illness, "which I
would expect to see in a school that is a hazard."

But despite both the WCB's and FHA's findings, no carcinogen
[cancer-causing] or other tests have been done to the school to
officially deem it as safe.

However parents were reporting that trucks were parked out front of the

Bonnefoy said those were "maintenance crews, or general summer work. If
there was something going on I'd know about it."

There was an air quality test "a year or a few years ago and that was
fine from what I understand," said Bonnefoy, adding that the school
district has been in touch with the cancer society to keep them informed
of the situation.

For the safety of their children, parents like Yoshi Kawasaki would like
scientific facts to back up claims the school is safe before sending
their youngsters back. "It concerns me to the point where, [it's] only
six now but how many more [cases] have not been reported?" said
Kawasaki, who lives on Wharton Place about a block east of the school.
Three of his children are scheduled to attend Hillside come Sept. 2, and
two more will be there next year. "I would like to clear it up at a
meeting or something," he said, adding that all of his neighbours are
getting concerned too.

Kawasaki said he and his wife are "seriously considering" putting their
kids in another school. "Other families are pulling their kids but we
don't want to just pull [them out of school]," he said. "We like the
school and the teachers but if there is something wrong with the school,
yeah, we want to know about it."

Saint-Onge agreed. "In all my life I have never even remotely heard of a
rumour of any school. These rumours don't just start for no reason," she
said. "As of right now we are registering our son at a different school
until this gets cleared up. "I need tests done to feel good about
sending my son back."

But Bonnefoy said, "Before you can go off doing tests you have to have
more facts. If you look at what WCB has said and what I indicated, the
info they have is the same info we have . . . and they don't believe
there's any concern." Bonnefoy said the WCB will be in touch with him in
September to follow up.



Regarding the microwave hearing affect and the research by Allan Frey,
1962. Ithaca University, NY. USA.

His Studies demonstrate humans can hear the spoken word without the aid
of a radio receiver when certain microwave radio frequencies, especially
1 Ghz, and pulsed at 16 Hz, are beamed directly at their brain!

Does this explain the reason why in my own personal studies regarding
microwave transmissions from mobile phone antenna, that transmit at
similar frequencies to Frey's experiments, I have found people
reportedly hearing voices in their homes, much like a normal radio
station broadcast, but the puzzling bit is they hear these voices when
there is no TV or radio switched on. Are they being subject to similar
conditions to Frey's experiments research and findings, from some
unknown agency?

The reports I have had are appearing reliable. The people who hear these
transmissions describe a wide variety of content coming from them. They
have asked me if they are going mad, and stress to explain how much
distress this phenomenon is causing them. However, after talking to them
I think they are level headed.

They say in the transmissions they hear, that the American National
Anthem is played constantly, hymns are sung, and then there is satanic
chanting, wild laughing and primal screams! There is also an announcer
who says: welcome to the Radio Hell! The announcer's voice is always in
a US accent. Some times there are people discussing present US and UK
global policy. The speaker appears to be suggesting to the listener that
there is nothing to worry about and that the UK government and US will
come up with a solution that you will all agree with.

The people affected seem to think that there is some kind of
autosuggestion or subliminal message being implanted into their
subconscious when they hear these voices, as they tend to hear them and
be more aware of them when they are dozing off to sleep. The latest
clearest message to date was at 9.45am. Monday 18/8/03. It appeared to
be Richard Branson speaking.

The Message went: "Now listen to me all you airline pilots. I want you
all to come up to Southgate with me and run the best airline in the
world, Virgin"! After the message, the announcer said: "There you are,
Richard Branson looking for pilots"!

Now what the "hell" is going on here? Are people picking up normal radio
station transmissions in their heads without radio receivers, or is
something more sinister happening to them regarding autosuggestion
and subliminal messaging?

As for Mr. Branson and Southgate, I would like to know what connections
he may have with this named place. Also, has he placed this advert on a
regular radio channel? What is Southgate? Is it an office, Airport,
Hotel, or other establishment of his somewhere on this globe?

Barry Fletcher.


Cell Phone Convenience or 21st Century Plague?




If you want a more succinct explanation of how EM energy impacts humans,
with more compelling evidence than is assembled anywhere else, go to
www.brainspeed.net for information about my book, BRAIN SPEED AND THE

EM energy slows down the nervous system! While the health effects of
this may be debatable, the effects upon cognitive function are not! It
is now possible for anybody to measure this effect. For example, you
will read slower with poorer comprehension, computation skills
deterioriate, memory is not as good. You can also demonstrate a slowdown
in reaction time--bad for drivers using cell phones, bad for athletes,
actually bad for everybody.

Evidence is what people want. Evidence that relates to their lives.
Evidence that is indisputable. The long technical explanation you
provide in this message will interest scientists and specialists but not
the average person.

You must win over the average person! BRAIN SPEED AND THE BODY ELECTRIC
speaks to the average person in everyday language and shows people how to
conduct simple tests that demonstrate beyond doubt that EM interference
is bad for them in many ways.

JP (James Protsman)


Dr. Gorgun answers Dr. D. Parkinson


I did receive your message, thank you very much. I saw also the
attachment. I agree with you. Some physical effects doesn't relive with
the ayes or with other sences, but because of this reason human uses
relivatores and the measurements systems. I couldn't understand very
well what you want to explain to me. If you don't mind, kindly would you
explain better.

If you want to explain to me which physical effects creates pathology,
for this point I send to you a photocopy of the Norm CE (European
technical standard) where you can see the list and the technical limits
of the RF (See attachment: 8).

If you mean that living cells get harm from the RF, I agree with you,
but you should also remember that, living cells also produces RF (7
MHz.)(See attachments: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9).

For not creating the harmfull RF non ionizan radiation for the living
matters, instruments RF emission should be suitable for the living
matters or should be used as shield for the protection of the living
matters (See attachment: 10).

The real problem is not to create a shield for RF (it is already
available) but insert this discovery in the use of every instrument. In
this point all idealist peoples agree, but they are not able to realise
this action, because some benefit groups may stop the realisation of
this good action of the idealist people. Since 33 years I have been
working on this matter and unfortunately according to my personal
expriences, any kind of the good thinking for the humanity was stopped
by them. Mr. K. Rudolph is doing the Nobel work and exactly I believe him.

In these days he trys to open the way for the ''GORGUN SHIELD''. I am
greatful to him. In one of the my letters I wrote to him that, I still
have very little hope in the sincere collaboration of the human beings,
because this benefit groups stop every good action of the idealist
persons. If he can open the way for the ''GORGUN SHIELD'', I will walk
with him on this way of the struggle. I hope he gets success.

Please feel free to write to me. I send to you 27 attachments.

With my best regards.


Back To the Future with Nikola Tesla


Informant: George Paxinos


The Wingspread summit: Toxic Chemicals and Intellectual Disabilities

"Scientific evidence shows that learning, developmental, or behavioral
disabilities are on the rise in the United States. This rise in
disabilities is paralleled by the increase in the number of chemicals
being manufactured and used today."


August 18, 2003 Contact: Anna Prabhala, 202-387-1968, Ext 212


Disability and environmental experts meet to discuss current scientific
knowledge and chart prevention strategies

Washington, DC (August 18, 2003)-We know a great deal about the
environment and developmental disabilities, but surprisingly, there's
much more we don't know-about how chemicals and toxins present in the
air we breathe and the food we eat contribute to the occurrence of
intellectual disabilities. We know even less about the effects of toxic
exposure on the lives of the people who currently live with an
intellectual disability. At present, 1 in every 50 Americans lives with
mental retardation. That's why the American Association on Mental
Retardation (AAMR) brought together a group of concerned environmental
and disability experts, and self-advocates from July 22-24 at the
historic Wingspread conference center in Racine, Wisconsin, to find
answers to one critical concern: how do we reduce the unnecessary
occurrence of mental retardation and related disabilities caused by
environmental toxins and pollutants?

Doreen Croser, Executive Director of AAMR explains the significance of
Pollutants, Toxic Chemicals and Mental Retardation: A National
Summit-"AAMR firmly believes that dignity, service, and support must be
afforded to every person with mental retardation, and the Association is
also committed to preventing the unnecessary occurrence of this
disability, given its staggering emotional impact on families and health
costs to society. The Wingspread summit helped catalyze collaborations
between the environmental and the developmental disability networks, and
create a shared national agenda regarding known and suspected

Environmental pollutants and mental retardation is a serious public
concern for several reasons. Scientific evidence shows that learning,
developmental, or behavioral disabilities are on the rise in the United
States. This rise in disabilities is paralleled by the increase in the
number of chemicals being manufactured and used today.

Since the petrochemical industry began around World War II,
approximately 80,000 new synthetic chemicals have been approved for use
and of the 15,000 most commonly found chemicals today, the vast majority
have not been tested individually for human health impacts and none have
been tested in combination. It is a proven fact that environmental
factors, including chemicals and nutrition significantly affect brain
development. However, while the impacts of lead, mercury,
polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), alcohol, and smoking on mental
retardation and related developmental disabilities have been addressed,
there is very little information on most chemicals. Further, most
industrial chemicals to which people are regularly exposed from consumer
products or as environmental contaminants have not undergone
neurodevelopmental testing.

Elise Miller, Executive Director of the Institute for Children's
Environment Health points out, "Mental retardation and other
developmental disabilities are widespread and given what we know about
the impact of toxic chemicals on brain development, it is time we
conduct more research on environmental contributors to these
neurological problems and implement effective public policy procedures
to prevent exposures in the first place."

Apart from industrial chemicals, the AAMR Wingspread summit also
featured candid discussions on pesticides and current federal
regulations, and how the build up of mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls
(PCBs), dioxins, flame retardants and other toxic chemicals in fish and
other seafood affect current toxicity levels in the environment and the
incidence of developmental disabilities.

Later this year, AAMR will publish a report on the Wingspread summit
highlighting a national research and policy vision for a world free of
toxins and pollutants. The report will also contain proceedings from the
summit and papers presented. To receive a copy of the Wingspread report
upon publication, email your request to books@aamr.org

To read more on the Wingspread summit, including a complete list of
participating organizations and papers presented, visit

The Wingspread summit was sponsored by The John Merck Fund and the
Johnson Foundation. The summit was also supported by the Arc of the
United States Research Fund and the Association of University Centers on

Founded in 1876, the mission of AAMR is to promote progressive policies,
sound research, effective practices, and universal human rights for
people with intellectual disabilities. To find out more, visit
www.aamr.org .

Informant: Don Maisch




Wireless Growth Hinders Rescuers

"The explosive growth of the mobile phone industry has crowded and
tangled the nation's airwaves to such an extent that wireless company
signals are increasingly interfering with emergency radio frequencies
used by police and firefighters, public safety agencies said.
Emergency departments across the country ... report unsettling
stories of officers who can't call for backup ..." (08/18/03)

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Sabotage threatens Iraq's economy

America's worst side in Iraq

Local activists take on USA PATRIOT Act

Ashcroft's war on federal judges

With all due respect

Blair was told: Iraq no threat

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


"Bring Them Home Now" campaign launched by military kin


General Clark: Bush Used "False Pretenses" to Invade Iraq

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