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EHS and mental illness labelling
Hi Klaus: With your posted reminder today that the mental health fast
protest, in Pasadena, CA, begins tomorrow I would like to return briefly
to the issue of EHS being MISdiagnosed as a mental illness. While many
EHS sufferers are understandably uncomfortable about finding themselves
anywhere near the whole mental illness scene--either with or without
that prefixed MIS--the facts are that EHS is resolutely avoked not to
exist by medical and governmental authorities. So, what can we do?

My belief is that noone nor group who is affected by EHS must be
sacrificed while a campaign for EHS recognition as a distinct
environmental illness/allergy presses forward. That is also in line with
Human Rights theory which places more emphasis on each individual's
rights rather than on the welfare of a group, a nation, etc., as was the
former practice.

I could not favour a strategy that those EHS people unfortunate enough
to have been enmeshed in pscyh "care" should be cast aside/ignored in
the interests of getting the non-psch. medicos to believe in our EHS
reality and gain official acceptance for other EHS patients/sufferers
who have been less obviously (not officially) tarred with the "mental
patient" brush.

Last week I had a long overdue letter from Ranka, an EHS sufferer in
Croatia whose condition is repeatedly ignored by her psychiatrists. You
have posted Ranka's case history Klaus on Citizens Initiative Omega,
dated 4/1/03 and 5/1/03. (In a later posting, 15/3/03, she recounts the
adverse effect of living beside a large transmitter.) And it made me see
more clearly than ever that anyone incarcerated by psychs who refuse to
consider that their patient's most pressing problem IS EMR based can not
be ignored by us EHS campaigners. After all, we are the only ones who
can and are willing to stand up for them, confront the psychs, and get
them to see the patient is not imagining the EHS condition. I will paste
in below an excerpt from a letter I have just written on behalf of Ranka.

. . .

Ranka's case is most unfortunate. Her Croatian doctors do not believe in
her professed EHS symptoms and she is incarcerated in an isolated pscy.
facility where she is severely affected by the T.V. lights, etc. She has
been in and out of this facility now since she returned to Croatia a few
years ago from the U.S. From an extensive bio she sent me some time ago
plus from other emails (when they let her out) I know she reacts
severely to EMR environments. In fact it would appear to me, lay person
though I am but personally knowledgeable of EHS bioeffects, that her
major problem IS EMR based. Most disturbingly, I did not receive two
letters she mentioned sending me asking for help nor did she hear
anything from Dr. Monro and Breakspear when she wrote to them requesting
that they affirm to her doctors that EHS is not an imagined condition.

Can anything be done about doctors who refuse to listen to other experts
on the EHS condition and keep a patient who is EHS locked up and
suffering horribly from exposure to EMR in their "caring" facility? . . . .

Perhaps readers who have joined the group more recently might like to
know that another account of a U.K. woman who was sectioned (involuntary
detention in a psychiatric institution) due to her doctor not believing
in her EHS condition, is archived at C.I.O., and dated 15/9/02 ("Another
tragic misdiagnosis of an EHS sufferer . . ..)

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland


Re: Radar and soldiers
Dear Sianette,

Of course the issue of radar effects goes back to the first years of the
device in the 1940s when adverse effects were being reported such as
temporary sterility. A post war paper by Locranjan et al confirmed this
and then there were the studies by Sigler in the 1960s on Downs Syndrome
incidence around USAF bases with radar and so on. I am sure you have all
these. I wont offer a literature review except to point out that with
increasing frequency the electric component is a larger component of the
total energy mix, and we here at my lab believe it is the electric
component which is the active bio-parameter. So the modern higher
frequency radars are likely to be more bioactive in my view. There is
also the whole issue of ELF pulsing too.

Best, Roger Coghill


About Saint-Cyr L'Ecole
A word about Saint-Cyr L'Ecole:

There is too much cancer, it's a fact but why, nobody can't say it. The
epidemiologic investigation is not possible: when they found a too much
number of cancer, the phone operator stopped the base station: it's very
good for the children but now whe can't know nothing about the
exposition !

A fate ?.........but there is a lesson: If the parents are active, they
can remove antennae! You can do it !!!!!!! :-)



First Time In Israel
First time in Israel, a municipality is looking deeper into the issue of
the cellular antennas.

The the vice-mayor of the city Haifa, Shmuel Gelbhart, has stopped the
process of erecting new cellular antennas in the city for a month, and
the reason is that he wants a review of the updated studies on the
subject. The cellular companies accept this new attitude and do not resist.

The person who is second to the new mayor, who was elected just recently,
is also responsible for all the new building planning and works in the
city, and he is an architect. Gelbhart has the opposite position
compared to the former municipality which voted for the antennas while
ignoring the health subject completely. The former municipality built
new flower squares in Haifa, just in order to rent it to the cellular
comanies for more and more antennas. So this a serious change for Haifa:
someone actually recognizes that the health issue actually exists !

Gelbhart recognizes the fact that the current standards ignore the
non-thermal effects. In the weekend local newspaper, "Haifa Time" he is
cited as saying: "The central problem of the current national planning
program is that it is based exclusively on the limited standard which
refers to the thermal possible effect of the antennas, without refering
to the other effects for which there is no standard".

The new cellular services require a significant increase of the antennas
quantity in the city. Gelbhart: "The question is, are the city residents
ready to bear it and is the national planning program and its standards
assure the public health beyond any doubt".

It was decided to prepare an updated review of the research on the
subject, by the Cities Association for Environment Quality. Until the
results of this review arrive, the municipality will delay permissions
for erecting new antennas except for industrial areas and areas that are
far from the residental population.

The news item reported that if the researchs will show a need for
changing the policy, the municipality will demand from the Environment
Quality Ministry to change also the national planning program.

I am very skeptic about the review and my skeptism is based on the
history of the Cities Association behaviour about air pollution (the "no
problem" approach), but Gelbhart's action is based on knowledge. He
dares where not too many people with the same job dare, and this is
already something.



National Antenna Tower (Electromagnetic Sensitivity Survey)
Dear Mr. Riedlinger,

Thank you for your email. Yes, our organization is doing such as survey
and to make sure you have all the information, I am attaching some
background information for you. Also, in the last day or so, I have
received confirmation of the date and time of our launch. I will be
notifying everyone I have been in touch with with specific information
the beginning of September.

.... On March 28th of this year Industry Minister Allan Rock announced
that a team of researchers from the University of New Brunswick had been
selected to undertake a thorough examination of the national environment
surrounding the approval of radio antennas. Minister Rock announced also
that he had created a panel of experts, called the National Antenna Tower
Advisory Committee, to advise the policy review team from UNB throughout
the course of its consultation and research activities.

Professor David Towsend was selected to head both the policy review team
at UNB and the national advisory panel of experts. Within one year of
commencing, he must tender a report to Industry Canada with policy
recommendations for improvement to Canada's antenna authorization
processes. These recommendations should embrace the dual objectives of
community involvement in tower approval processes and expansion of the
economic and social benefits of wireless technologies across Canada.

In order to facilitate broad participation in the review itself and to
gain a better understanding of the underlying issues, the UNB team has
created a special website intended to stimulate and capture a national
dialogue on antenna tower issues. We are calling it an e-Town Hall
website and we believe that it represents a significant step forward in
e-Consultation in the areas of public policy examination and reform.

We have created a beta version of the e-Town Hall website and, currently,
we are examining its content, functionality and stability. The Site will
be launched at 10:00 am on September 3, 2003. I will be sending the URL
to those who I have been in contact with prior to the actual launch.

I hope that you will register at the site and participate in the antenna
questionnaire and the discussion forum. Please watch the Industry Canada
website for news of the launch of our e-Town Hall. Likely, news about the
website and a connecting link to it will be posted on the following page:

If you go to the above site there will be a like www.antennareview.ca.
This link will get you directly into our site. It will not be
operational until Sept 3 at 10:00 New Brunswick time. If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact me.


At 09:25 AM 14/08/03 -0700, you wrote:
Dear Veronica
I recieved this message from Imelda O'Connor in Ireland and would like
to know if your organization intends,(I hope so), to do the survey
metioned below.If so I would very much appreciate being informed of when
and how to participate.I have a list of people that would also like to
join in. Thank You and Best Regards Robert Riedlinger

Dear Ms. O'Connor,

Thank you for your email. During the months of August/September, our
organization will be doing an electronic survey on this topic and would
appreaciate your comments. As soon as it is up and running, I will send
you the URL and you will be able to add comment/suggestions as well as
particpate in our survey.


At 02:24 PM 02/07/03 +0100, you wrote:

Robert Riedlinger, a Canadian resident who is an EHS
(electrohypersensitive) friend and fellow activist in seeking formal
medical cum governmental recognition of EHS has requested me to send you
on my experiences of EHS and of being misdiagnosed as psychotic.

First, I will describe below some of the adverse bioeffects I experience
from excessive (that is for my tolerance level)exposure to EMR sources
such as masts, cellphones, and most forms of e-equipment. I wrote up
these observational notes in 2001 for my doctor, but the effects I
experienced then have continued......

Informant: Robert Riedlinger


Tesla's Electromagnetic Pyramids (And The Later "War on Terror")
"The will to truth, which is still going to tempt us to many a hazardous
enterprise; that celebrated veracity of which all philosophers have
hitherto spoken with reverence: what questions this will to truth has
already set before us! What strange, wicked, questionable questions! It
is already a long story yet does it not seem as if it has only just

Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil


Informant: George Paxinos



''GORGUN SHIELD'' replay exactly the same frequency and the modulation
of the RF emission which comes from the radar. In the same time it
transmits the same identical radar RF emission undar the 180 degrees
with the amplification. Shield which is working in the fix emitting
systems is connected to earth. Therefore this type of the shield is not
possible to use on the mobil systems, mobil phone and

In this point also I want to give information to Prof. Dr. Sianette
KWEE. If she kindly contact to me, I want to send her some technical
information. I also thanks to Mr. L. BLACKHALL and Joseph because of
their sincere support. If some institution who has instruments to
measure to GORGUN SHIELD, it is possible to repeat the measurement.
GORGUN SHIELD contains new physical principal. During the measurements,
engineers who are measuring the GORGUN SHIELD they said that ''IF WE
WORKS THAT MUCH EFFECTFULLY''. Therefore it is better to repeat
measurements. I have also measurements protocol. I like to say tecnical
people of the World that, to day systems which are working with the
principal of the resonance those can able to obtains very different
results from the systems are working with the classical principals
because, principals are correct when the working parameters are the
fixed. If we change the working parameters, old principals are not any
more valid. In this point of wiew we can give different example. It is
very hard to explain here with writing (Examples can be the from
medicine, chemistry, physics...........ex).

These are matters which I was teaching to the my students in the lecture
in the State University. I want to repeat here some informations as a
referance. These are not the simply theory.

EMF may be could use for differend aim.

1) Telecommunication,
2) Medical applications,
3) Medical diagnosis,
4) Electromagnetic spectrometry as a histopathological examination. This
new type of the examination is very precise and the functional in
the point of view of the activity of the examined cell.
5) Scanner and identify of the different materials,
6) For create nuclear reaction with the using non radioactive material
(In lab experiments obtained emission of the beta and gama emission
and emission of the 7 GW. energy in 2 n.sec. time). In this reaction
used the ordinary non radioactive materials and after the reaction west
material is not the absolutelly radioactive.
7) Stop the reaction of the different materials during or before the
starting their reaction also in certain distance(Nuleear material or
ordinary material).
8) Without increasing diameter of the tickness of the materials,
increasing of the their mecchanical resistance.
9) For neutralise the radioactive radiation biological effects.
10) Create invisibility of the aircrafts in the radar (Computerise
measurements grafics are avilable).
and also:
11) Eliminate the biological effects of the emiting antennas (GORGUN

I expect the collaboration who interest. In attachment I send the
computerised grafics of the GORGUN SHIELD which are made during the
measurements. Still I have very litle hope the sincere collaboration of
the human being.

My E-Mail addresses indicated in following.


With my best regards.
Dr. S. GORGUN. (excerpt)



Rachel's: The Revolution, Pt. 1


Rachel's: The Revolution, Pt. 2


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Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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Informant: John

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