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Three cases of cancer in the School of San Vicente Paúl of Cartagena
have shaken all those collective, that we find us sensitized by this
theme, nowadays silenced by the authorities of a good number of
countries, that aim at the tactic of delay and to do not accuse receipt
of the anxieties of hundreds of parents worried about their children.

We are sure that many of the readers of these lines neither even ears to
speak of the School San Vicente Paúl of Cartagena and in the meantime
one must refer the death of two girls of twelve and fourteen years
occurred in the three last months. "Both suffered under cancer and one
of them died of leukemia in twenty days, comments Ascensión. To these
deaths, adds the illness of a third boy that is found hospitalized in
these moments by a tumor " (La Verdad de Murcia ).

"...The students passed away had class in... the part of the school that
is more near the antenna " ? Social Alarm ? Social alarm that maintains
us awake and does us made to spokesmen of the common sense that the
government and its ministers lacks.

In March 2001 El Periódico de Aragón gave account of the death, by
sudden death, of a baby of five months in a preschool of Zaragoza and
the same newspaper registered other four sudden cases of death in the
last four previous months to the date referred. There was a strange
relation of the deaths with the phone system base stations proximity
regarding the preschools (El Periódico de Aragón 30/3/2001).

The parents of the students cannot remain quiet, before the permanent
danger is being overcome for our children, neither an antenna in
operation without license.

Because the danger and the harmfulness of the base stations is not
accepted, based on more studies that a person only can come to read
during the course of its life, let us rebel against the great garantes
and scrupulous guards of the urban development norms of our country.


We have, nevertheless, the clear conviction that the danger of the
referred installations for the health is patent and responsible day for
day for the death of innocent, as the two girls of 12 and 14 years,
students of the Colegio San Vicente Paúl de Cartagena, that have been
victims of the injustice.

Two girls that have a place in our hearts and a smiling face in the
border of the assembly of students of their course of Secondary. Ours
greater desires of recovery for the student of the same center that was
hospitalized, whose face, we expect, can experience the changes of the
time and the different ages of their skin.

They receive here our solidarity and homage before the suffering of the
parents and students of the Colegio San Vicente Paúl de Cartagena.

Who want to help us to maintain brought up to date the data, or who want
to add centers to ours (Omega: till now about 130 centers), can send an
e-mail with the information to the direction of the Association of
Neighbors Against Harmful Radiation of L'Scale (Asociación de Vecinos
Contra Radiaciones Nocivas de L'Escala (Girona) avecorn@hotmail.com.

Asociación de Vecinos Contra Radiaciones Nocivas de L'Escala (Girona),
14 of July of 2003.

Translation (excerpt) from Spanish to English: Omega


BBC Inside Out - Health fears over RAF radar
SCIENTIST | Dr Richard Albanese fears the radiation's effects

A senior US Air Force scientist has told the BBC he would not buy a
house near Britain's biggest radar base because he fears its radiation
could pose a serious health risk.

The role of RAF Fylingdales on the North York Moors is set to be
expanded under plans for President Bush's new Star Wars missile defence
But Inside Out can reveal that an almost identical base on Cape Cod in
the USA is at the centre of a $5m investigation into an unexplained
cluster of rare cancers in the local community.

Cancer fears
Emissions from Flyingdales are within legal limits

In an exclusive interview, serving US Air Force researcher, Dr Richard
Albanese says he fears Phased Array Radiation from radars may have
carcinogenic properties that science has yet to understand.

What makes Dr Albanese's claims more disturbing is that he was a member
of the medical team that first identified Agent Orange - a defoliant
used during the Vietnam war - as the cause of unexplained cancers in
American veterans.

He's now running the Cape Cod tests, which were ordered after local
medical experts identified raised levels of breast and lung cancer in
young women near the Sagamore base, 70 miles from Boston.

Legal limits

Emissions from the radar, like those at Fylingdales, are well within
legal limits.

Tests are being conducted in Cape Code due to cancer clusters

However, some researchers are now questioning whether the complex waves
of electro-magnetic radiation from Phased Array bases should be subject
to tighter regulation. Some experiments have suggested they can actually
damage DNA. Dr Albanese says, "Technology seems to lead our medical
understanding by somewhere between 10 and 20 years in almost every
incident I have worked on."

He compared his concerns to those over X-Rays, asbestos and lead in fuel
in the years leading up to scientific proof they could damage health.

No known effects

There's no evidence of a cancer cluster in the Fylingdales area but the
Yorkshire Cancer Register confirmed no research has yet been done in the
area. The only known effect emissions from the base have is on local
motorists. Numerous breakdowns on the busy A171 are due to interference
with car alarms and immobilisers.

Resident's anger
Jackie and her husband are considering moving

Local campaigner Jackie Fearnley says she's shocked by Inside Out's
revelations from America. These come only months after the Ministry of
Defence reassured local people that the British base was safe. Jackie,
who lives in Goathland, says, "My husband and I have talked seriously
about whether we go on living in such a place." "We've seen the way
America decides policy purely to suit themselves and we are not
necessarily going to be in very much control or given much information."
"We really must ask, 'is this the right thing for us?'"

Cape Cod campaigner Richard Judge warned people in Goathland, "I would
make sure the people in Britain understand they've been given a system
that may not be safe."




Cancer risk for radiation workers
The radiation comes from the black sands

People who are exposed to even low levels of radiation at work may be at
risk of cancer, scientists have suggested. They believe that current
safety limits may be too high and that more research needs to be done to
protect health workers, scientists and others who come into contact with
radioactive materials.

Scientists from Britain and Germany have found that prolonged exposure
to relatively low doses of radiation can cause mutations in human DNA.

Maybe it is happening to genes that have been linked to cancer

Dr Peter Forster, McDonald Institute

They have suggested that it may also affect genes that have been linked
with leukaemia and other cancers. The scientists analysed the effects of
radiation exposure on nearly 1,000 people living in southern India.

Natural radiation

These people live in Kerala, which has one of the highest natural
background radiation in the world. The radiation is caused by monazite
sands which contain the radioactive element, thorium. These sands are
washed down from nearby mountains and accumulate on the sea shore.

The study examined people from Kerala, India

The vast majority of people living in this area are fishermen and come
into regular contact with the sands. The scientists examined the effects
of the radiation on mitochondrial DNA - the tiny energy factories which
power cells. They found that those exposed to radiation had higher
levels of "point mutations" in their mitochondrial DNA. A "point
mutation'' takes place when a single "base'' - the genetic code is made
up of four bases - along a DNA strand gets changed.

People who lived locally but were not exposed to the radioactive sands
had significantly fewer mutations. The mutations affect non-coding DNA
and do not have an impact on health. However, the scientists have
suggested that encoding genes - those that can trigger disease - could
also be affected. They added that the findings raise serious questions
about the levels of radiation people can be exposed to at work.

The people in the study were exposed to radiation which is 10 times
greater than the worldwide average. However, those who are exposed to
radiation at work are allowed to receive up to 50 times the normal level.

Safety review

Dr Peter Forster of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the McDonald
Institute at the University of Cambridge, said these safety limits
should be reviewed. "These findings may be cause for rethinking whether
the maximum levels for radiation exposure at work should be brought down."
Speaking to BBC News Online, he added: "This section of DNA will always
be non-coding but we only looked at this bit.

"Perhaps it is happening to other genes and maybe it is happening to
genes that have been linked to cancer."

The study is published in the journal Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences.

Informant: Robert Riedlinger






Hum Survey
Dear Klaus,

Some of your readers may be aware of the phenomena known as The Hum, a
perceived low frequency noise accompanied by a variety of adverse health
effects caused by radio transmissions.

The results of an interesting and detailed survey of a 100 Hum sufferers
is available at http://www.hum-survey.com

Best Regards
John Dawes


Can radio frequency radiation research at all been done under a safe
threshold level???

The controversy in adequate assessment of the hazards of radiofrequency
radiation stems from the lack of explicit data. Unfortunately there is
still no specific long term exposure research to establish data as we
know it from X-ray exposure, where after a given exposure a rest or
recovery period is mandatory. If we consider a similar accumulation in
the area of microwave exposure and accept for involuntary permanent
exposure a rate at 1% of this 0.3 mW/cm² resulting in a value of
3µW/cm², we are likely at a level which may already been exceeded in
some areas. (Recall from above - 1970 in the USA- 1µW/cm² in cities).

A different calculation derived from the electrophonic effect -
described above - leads to much lower values. If we use the before
mentioned values of 0.1 mW/cm² and 65 dB noise level and that the
clicking sound has to be about 3 dB above that ambient noise to be
clearly perceived, it allows us to assume that 0.1 mW/cm² cause an equal
effect as a 68 dB sound level.If we compare this to a 8 dB sound level
which is considered "quiet" the difference of 60 dB calculates to a
value that is one Million times smaller. This means that for an
equivalent energy level to be perceived as quiet the radio frequency
density level would have to be about 0.1 nW/cm² = 100 pW/cm². ( the 0 db
level or - perceptive threshold - would then be equivalent to 15.8
picoW/cm². - 19.02 1999 - W.W.S )

If we consider this value, an ambient radiation level of 1µW/cm² (as
measured for 1970) is already 10 000 times higher. All our universities
and research facilities are most likely exposed to such levels, so it
seems puzzling that there research could been done to establish a safe
threshold level that may have been exceeded decades ago!

Nobody has ever established what level of radio frequency radiation is
safe or unsafe for permanent accumulative exposure with no recovery
period. A situation that has concerned people already demanding a
moratorium on any further expansion of wireless communications.



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