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Radar and soldiers

After a long fight, the Danish minister of Defense agreed to look at the
case of the soldiers that got health damages from exposure to radar.
This was largely due to the reports on radar from the German soldiers.
So now they will start to discuss compensations now.

Now a journalist wishes to make a television interview with me on this
case. However, she is interested in health effects of radar today i.e.
after 1975. She had been contacted by many younger soldiers who
complained about health effects. They think it could come from the new
radar masts.

Do you have any information on this? Are the new radar masts safe? Can
we compare them with mobile phone masts?

I am sorry that I have to hurry you again, to ask for this information
to send within this week. If you can find it, I would also appreciate to
get information about the old radar case. I cannot find them so quickly.

I have some very good news: A large group of parents have been fighting
to have taken down a mobile phone masts on their childrens' school. They
worked very hard for a year now, made a websites, were in the media etc.
This was only possible due to the information they got from me, which
you all helped me to collect and give to them. Yesterday the mayor
finally agreed to discuss if that basestation should be removed or moved
further away.

Thank you for your help

Sianette Kwee

Omega: Please send us information concerning "Are the new radar masts
safe?" "Can we compare them with mobile phone masts?" "Information about
the old radar case". Thank you.

Ms. Sianette Kwee is from Denmark and she is at the University of
Aarhus. Ms Kwee is a Professor in the Department of Medical Biochemistry
at the University of Aarhus, whose present research fields include
bioelectromagnetics, bioelectrochemistry and nutrition. She is a member
of the editorial board and co editor of Bioelectrochemistry and
Bioenergetics, and peer reviewer for International Science Foundation of
the United States.


ACA needs more power over "sensitive" phone towers

The Australian Democrats will move in the Senate today to give the
Australian Communications Authority the power to reject mobile phone
towers being built near community sensitive sites such as hospitals,
schools and residential areas.

Democrats' Communications spokesperson Senator John Cherry said the
amendments were necessary because of rising community determination
to have a proper say about siting of phone towers near sensitive areas.

"Last month, the NSW Court of Appeal upheld the right of the
Hurstville Council to prevent the construction of a mobile facility at
Oatley Park, but could yet face an appeal," Senator Cherry said. "It
should not take three court cases and a loophole in the
Telecommunications Act for a local authority to be able to defend the
right of a community, to prevent a mobile phone tower being built in a
community park.

"Similarly, the Noosa Council in Queensland is fighting a court appeal
against a decision to site a mobile phone tower directly above the
Federal State School. "The Democrats' amendments would give the ACA the
power to reject absolutely the siting of mobile phone towers adjacent to
community sensitive sites without community approval.

"While the recent ACIF Code requires a carrier to have regard to
community sensitive sites for smaller installations, it does not go far
enough in terms of requiring carriers to consider alternatives to
minimise the radiation risk to the public.

"The Democrats' amendments build on the code and the recommendations of
the Stewart Report in Britain in making scrutiny of community sensitive
sites, a key criteria in deciding whether to approve facilities or not,"
he said.

In the same bill, the Democrats will join with the Opposition to oppose
the Government's plan to restrict access to offensive broadcast material
held by the Australian Broadcasting Authority or the Classification
Review Boards in censorship decision.

"The Democrats have long advocated the need for improved public access
to documents under FOI laws, and have a comprehensive Private Members
Bill before the Senate on this topic," Senator Cherry said. "The
balancing of the right to disclosure against the adverse effects that
disclosure of offensive material might cause, should be left to the
review tribunals rather than a blanket ban by the Parliament," he

Informant: Don Maisch, message from Sarah Benson


Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen

I thank you for the forwarded information. I am aware of the rising
magnitude of energy related fields and their biological effects on
humans and animals. Due to experiences with broadcasting equipment it
has come to my attention that Dr. Gorgun's research could be utilized
quickly, but as usual, price in this depressed economy is crutial to
distribution of any experimental device without mainstream
documentation. I do feel inclined to try this device out but would need
some more correspondence to substantiate sharing any stamp of approval.
I hope this effort and that of other like minded individuals can speed
the process along legitimate channels. Thanks again for the info and
efforts. Joseph


How the Safety Code Was Established
Dear Mr. Peter Angelos

I send you information about the way of establishing the "safety

material percentage

  • saccharose 57%
  • NaCL salt 1.72
  • de-ionised water 41.28%

from Iris Atzmon, Israel.

Is it possible to bring to judicial discussion the wrong simulating
liquids for head tissue phantom?

Yours faithfully

Miguel Muntané.

How the Safety Code Was Established
Simulating liquids for head tissue phantom based only on
sugar-water-salt solution, at frequency of GSM system


1. measurements are performed at frequency of GSM system, i.e. 900 MHz.
Requirements of European Commission for SAR labelling of every phone are
calling for creating and testing different measurement set-ups for this

2. After performing experiments with different recipes containing only
sugar, salt and water, the recipe that satisfied the requirements of the
basic liquid is:

material percentage

  • saccharose 57%
  • NaCL salt 1.72
  • de-ionised water 41.28%

3. It is cheap, easy to prepare, stable over time and has little
temperature dependence. With preservatives added, that solution can be
used for years.

----- Original Message -----
From: iris atzmon
To: m.co-di.eic.ictnet.es
Cc: Robert Riedlinger
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003 8:10 AM
Subject: Re: I have yet to find one that questioned how the Safety Code
Was Established!!. Like testing cyanide on a plastic Robot. Fw: French
tackle mobile phone health dangers.

There is a once in a life time, rare, excellent and most important
documentaion about the way of establishing the "safety" with a mix of
salt and water, and I mean the book of an ex Motorola engineer, Dr.
Robert Kane.

Anybody who wants to know really how salt and water became from a
natural way to clean windows and ovens in the naturally clean home, to a
basis for exposure of millions, must read it. I will just mention
shortly that:

* The experiments are with a mix of salt and water playing the part of
live brain, with no ear generally - and this is probably the reason
that only lately, after the official agencies found out that the ear
gets more SAR than the dead brain, they set a special standard for the
dead ear. (in the U.S.A)

* As Dr. Hyland explains - the biological effects can take place only on
living tissue, not on dead material.

* The near field radiation level, even with the salt and water, is so
high because of a deposited radiation, a term that is known only to the
engineers and no one felt that the public has also to be familiar with
that term.

Radiation power density grows higher the more time you talk on the
phone. It is not a stabel level.

* The "funny" thing really is the experiment where the researchers put
the phone on the back of the dead model and measure the radiation near
the "brain" in order to "know" how much exposure people get. On the
back. When was the last time you talked from your back? Or what about a
giant ear? A giant ear that separates the dead brain from the radiation
even more than a regular ear.

So if you want to protect yourself, maybe a plastic surgery for a bigger
ear is the solution !

* There is no standard to the phones radiation because it is impossible
to set a standard to power density that grows the more you talk. And
that is what was found through the salt and water experiments.

The way the radiation behaves led to exempt the phones from a legal
standard (who needs lawsuits?) because the laws of nature are not
market- friendly. The people in charge of our health (i.e industry)
found out that the nature is too peculiar to take it seriously. Why not
tell it to the public? That's easy: Millions already use the phones. Why
cause them unecessary panic?

* The deposited energy heats the brain. Yes, the phone heats the brain.
The heating takes place with or without the standard. The standards can
be based on heat protection, but it doesn't say it protects from heat.
There is heat because nature is not market friendly.

Read the book of Robert Kane before it's off the shelves !



The Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities (excerpt)
Remote Viewing

Stanford Research Institute (SRI) conducted investigations into the
human mind's capacity for expanded awareness, also called remote
viewing, in which people are able to envision distant places and future
events and activities. For two decades SRI's research was supported by
the CIA and other government agencies. I was co-founder of this once
secret program which began in 1972. Our task was to learn to understand
psychic abilities, and to use these abilities to gather information
about the Soviet Union during the Cold War. We have found from years of
experience that people can quickly learn to do remote viewing, and can
frequently incorporate this direct knowing of the world -- both present
and future -- into their lives.

For a phenomenon thought in many circles not to exist, we certainly know
a great deal about how to increase and decrease ESPs accuracy and
reliability. Remote viewers can often contact, experience and describe a
hidden object, or a remote natural or architectural site, based on the
presence of a cooperative person at the distant location, or when given
geographical coordinates, or some other target demarcation -- which we
call an address. Shape, form and color are described much more reliably
than the target's name, function, or other analytical information. In
addition to vivid visual imagery, viewers sometimes describe associated
feelings, sounds, smells and even electrical or magnetic fields.

Blueprint accuracy has occasionally been achieved in these double-blind
experiments, and reliability in a series can be as high as 80 per cent.
For example, the authors recently achieved 11 hits out of 12 trials in
such a series2 With practice, people become increasingly able to
separate out the psychic signal from the mental noise of memory,
analysis, and imagination. Targets and target details as small as 1 mm
can be sensed. Moreover, again and again we have seen that accuracy and
resolution of remote viewing targets are not sensitive to variations in
distance. In 1984 I organized a pair of successful 10,000 mile remote
viewing experiments between Moscow and San Francisco with famed Russian
healer, Djuna Davitashvili. Djuna's task was to describe where our
colleague would be hiding in San Francisco. She had to focus her
attention ten thousand miles to the west, and two hours into the future
to correctly describe his location. These experiments were performed
under the auspices and control of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Ten years earlier, in 1974, my colleague Hal Puthoff and I carried out a
demonstration of psychic abilities for the CIA in which Pat Price, a
retired police commissioner, described the inside and outside of a
secret Soviet weapons laboratory in the far reaches of Siberia - given
only the geographical coordinates of latitude and longitude for a
reference. (That is, with no on- site cooperation.) This trial was such
a stunning success that we were forced to undergo a formal Congressional
investigation to determine if there had been a breach in National
Security. Of course, none was ever found, and we were supported by the
government for another fifteen years. As I sat with Price in these
experiments at SRI, he made the sketch shown below right, to illustrate
his mental impressions of a giant gantry crane that he psychically "saw"
rolling back and forth over a building at the target site!



Subsidizing Destruction


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