* Testing cyanide on a plastic Robot - Re: The GORGUN SHIELD (among other things) - Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam - Frequency of implants and directed energy - Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons (11/8/03)
I have yet to find one that questioned how the Safety Code Was
Established!! Like testing cyanide on a plastic Robot. Fw: French tackle
mobile phone health dangers

Dear Mr. Peter Angelos

Is it possible to report the serious wrong health basis of the mobile telephony?

· The present high density of microwave power can be a penal offence?

To protect the human health and to awake the judicial conscience.

Yours faithfully

Miguel Muntané.
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Re: The GORGUN SHIELD - Changes in proteins, etc. - Info session by
Sprint was a sham - Acoustic Com-An Eye/Ear Opener
"Sprint had an info session yesterday in Berkeley to fool people that
their antennas pose no health hazards. First of all, they should have
held the info session in November 2002, not now. Moreover, the whole
info session was a sham. Just to disperse the neighbors, Sprint had set
up 6 tables, so that people would go around and ask their questions from
the representatives at each table. By doing this, the audience could not
hear the questions raised and therefore, there could not be a coherent
discussion. Neighbors and residents tried to arrange chairs in the room
and form an audience. But, Sprint did not agree with this arrangement.
So, soon people left the room, while one neighbor shouted at the Sprint
representatives. The whole thing was a sham!"

Alan Muller: This has become a standard technique, at least in the US,
for baffling the public. There are many variations on it, and there has
arisen a whole evil profession of consultants in this stuff, but the
basic idea is to separate the people from one another and ensure that
they do not learn about their common issues and join together effectively.

"Please be advised that as of 7/11/03, my medical license has been
suspended for a year followed by 4 years probation for "practicing
medicine with a mental illness; said mental illness being the "delusion"
that there is a conspiracy against me. I have been ordered to undergo
"psychiatric treatment" for one year."

Alan Muller: Ah. Years ago I a book about abuses of psychiatry in the US
(something that many Americans used to say was a characteristic of the
Soviet Union....). One case I have always remembered was that of a man
who was locked up in a nuthouse in Florida for years. His offense was
having a "full-fledged paranoid delusional system." Specifically, he
thought he was being persecuted by "rich Republicans."

Alan Muller, Executive Director
Green Delaware
Box 69
Port Penn, DE 19731 USA
fax (302)836-3005


++++ Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam <AMALGAM@LISTSERV.DFN.DE>
++++++ CANCER RATE UP 40% Brain Tumor Rates Rising in Europe, US

"The number of brain tumors in the US and Europe has increased by 40%*
in the past 20 years, according to oncologist, Dr. A. Brandes, at the
Azienda-Ospedale in Padua. Brandes is chairman of the 2nd International
Conf. on Neuro-Oncology being held in Padua, Italy. --Reuters"

A NYC hospital radio commercial tells us that they have over 20 brain
cancer specialists ready to serve you. That's nice.

Whenever we have a problem to solve, we need look for a cause. One cause
that leaps to mind is the increasing cell phone use and the micro-wave
radiation they create right to the brain..

We heard a doctor wonder, "What will happen in 5 to 8 yrs, when so many
people have brain tumors."

Like tobacco, big money is involved. It'll take years of hospitalizations
and litigation before we see any meaningful correction. Cell phones are
now where cigarettes were not long ago.

We suggest you protect yourself now by staying at least 6 to 8 feet away
from anyone on a cell phone.

Added considerations: While the brain cancer is developing, what is
happening to brain-function? What is happening to the body and immune
system - aging?

We're back to the need for good life-style choices


Frequency of implants and directed energy (excerpt)
As can be seen on http://www.us-government-torture.com
specifically on the following page

What is the frequency of implants and directed energy, well we described
how the frequencies of implants and directed energy are jammed, and see
an immediate capability not only where we now can see the signature of
both with Kit 22 but will soon be able to announce the actual
frequencies related to some of the outputs as there are several
discussed on this page elsewhere. The frequencies are expected to range
widely, and much insight will be gained in determining from simple tests
who is ill because of such abuse, much investigation circumstantially
illustrates a figure conservatively at 80 million over the course of
some 3o years of covert activity. How that kind of number gets implanted
is best illustrated by then Senator John Glenn now retired speech where
he tells his fellow Senators " did you know your husband, wife, son or
daughter could go to the hospital and be given radiation or drugs and
not be told or warned about it"; you could also have been implanted at
the dentist, or in your home after they pump gas in the house. Non
conservatively I believe the percentage implanted in the US to be much
higher. The news of it coming out is going to cause the reorganization
of the government, which it needs. We need to stop this rape and
barbarity by all means necessary.

The decision in jamming as opposed to isolating the exact MC frequencies
was due to understanding that the MC energies could be switched and evade
detection, therefore they would evade subsequent jamming if only the
detected frequencies were countered; and we would wind up in a no win
cat and mouse game of find the frequency! Therefore working on a situation
where deciphering the exact frequency output was not considered of value
because they could change frequency, an adoption of a strategy of
jamming where a broad range relative to the expectation that they use a
very narrow band was considered worth while. The jammer output is
considered a wide frequency signal as compared to the currently
estimated 200,000 discrete brain wave signals, which it is expected that
they have chosen some of to mimic in order to make if difficult to
detect; detection also is now possible through interference with
detection meter kit 22. research will depend on sale of the jammer to
buy or rent the necessary equipment, all news will be broadcast through
this web site as it happens!

Message from John Mecca

John Mecca is an independent inventor with 6 U.S. registered patents to
his name, John Mecca focuses not only on space technology, medical
devices but primarily in design for the national defense, the inventions
are to promote the health and survival of human beings in an era of
unchecked technology. Born in New York, John Mecca taught himself the
foundative points of the sciences. The web site
www.us-government-torture.com was created in August 2000 in an effort to
educate the American public as well as the intelligence agents out of
the loop as to abuses of power in elite agencies technological sectors.

John also provides countermeasures for individuals who might discover
themselves to be targeted for technological experimentation without
their knowledge. John's main objective and purpose is to promote ethics
in government and other organizations; in particular spotlighting
legislation first presented to Congress by then Senator John Glenn now
Retired in 1997 calling for a cessation of human experimentation without
notification of subjects. A special calling akin to being a teacher is a
way for people to understand the driving force to become active in such
areas which are generally unknown specialties. His focus is primarily
research in science, political science and strategic government policy
tied together as tools for predictive actions of governments.


(excerpt from the message)


The methods shown on the page have merit, The Gorgun concept is a
generalization of technology which has been around for a long time, the
understanding on your part that they can change frequencies is only
partly valid when taken into account the fact that frequencies without
their being so powerful as to cause mechanical damage can be altered
without the entire range of broadband emission to counter them. In any
event supplements can and do have a prophylactic effect on the nervous
system retarding the adverse effects of RF. I hope that this is being
pronounced well enough for your readers.


Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons
by Lt. Col. T.E. Bearden (retd.), 1990 Copyright

Colonel Bearden is a nuclear engineer, wargames analyst, and military
tactician with over 26 years experience in air defense systems, tactics
and operations, technical intelligence, antiradiation missile
countermeasures, nuclear weapons employment, computerized wargames and
military systems requirements.

[This was a paper hastily whipped together, some years ago, to be able
to send an abbreviated background paper to correspondents. The history
prior to this paper runs from Hamilton and his quaternions to Maxwell
and his quatemion theory, to Heaviside's vector curtailment of Maxwell's
theory, to Nikola Tesla, to Whittaker, to Einstein and relativity, to
Kaluza and Klein, and to the beginning of quantum mechanics.]

We begin our history in 1939 at T.H. Moray's lab in Salt Lake City. In
that year, a Russian agent obtained detailed drawings of Moray's
specialized amplifier which extracted energy from the powerful quantum
mechanical fluctuations of vacuum. Moray's radiant energy device weighed
55 pounds and produced 50 kilowatts of power without conventional input.
Numerous demonstrations are documented by engineers, scientists, and
community leaders. After extensively testing Moray's device and
obtaining the drawings by subterfuge, the Soviet agent destroyed the
device. Moray, a truly great pioneer who was unjustifiably ignored in
his time, had expended several hundred thousand dollars and exhausted
his funds on the first unit. He was never financially able to rebuild it.

Thus in 1939 the Soviets obtained the secret, detailed drawings for a
29-stage electromagnetic device far ahead of its time. Moray had made
the first germanium transistor, an amorphous pellet of multiple, finely
powdered ingredients, sintered under heat and pressure to lock-in
stress, and containing minute interfaces (very tiny built-in cracks)
which acted as tiny scalar EM interferometers. Over the years Moray had
painstakingly constructed 29 special tubes, each comprised of a blown
quartz envelope containing several (usually three) of his transistor
pellets. Only one in 300 of Moray's tubes would work, and thousands had
been built to obtain the 29 good ones used in Moray's radiant energy
amplifier. Each of Moray's pellets in the tube produced a vacuum state
far from thermodynamic equilibrium, and the tri-assembly functioned as a
macroscopic scalar interferometer and collector. Moray's 55-pound
amplifier curved local spacetime and produced 50 kilowatts of usable
load power from the curved vacuum source itself. Additional power could
be taken from intermediate stages as well.

In short, Moray had produced a "Prigogine" transistor, still slightly
more advanced than the transistors of today. [Ilya Prigogine received
the Nobel Prize a few years ago for developing a new thermodynamics of
systems far from thermodynamic equilibrium. Negative entropy is possible
in such a system.]. Greatly stimulated by Nikola Tesla's repeated
pronouncement that the ether was a sea of energy, Moray had
painstakingly developed his special transistors, and arranged an
assemblage of them to form a scalar interferometer and collector of the
disintegrated "energy" (virtual particle flux) of vacuum, integrating it
into real observable energy fed to a load. Some day Moray, together with
Tesla, will be recognized as the first great scientific geniuses who
succeeded in engineering scalar electromagnetics, electrogravitation,
local general relativity, and Prigogine's new thermodynamics.

So in 1939 detailed drawings of Moray's unit were obtained and forwarded
to Russia, along with details of experiments that the Soviet agent
performed with the device in Moray's laboratory. Moray's lab still
stands in Salt Lake City, Utah, operated by his son, John Moray, who has
faithfully carried on his father's work...

...Tesla's notes, taken from his hotel room at his death in 1943 and
later turned over to Yugoslavia, must have passed into Soviet hands
also. Soviet espionage was quite successful in easing the task of
developing atomic weapons. Soviet rocketry, funded and staffed
massively, forged ahead, particularly in big rockets and solid
propellants. The great postwar arms race was on, so far as the Russians
were concerned.

Several years after WWII, then, the Soviets should have been embarked on
experimentation with a Moray prototype amplifier. They should have been
deeply involved in time-reversed EM wave experimentation to rediscover
what Tesla actually had done in wireless transmission of energy without
loss. Also, the earlier Kaluza-Klein unified electromagnetics and
gravitation theory(1921-1926) could not have eluded the Soviet
scientists, who have consistently led the world in nonlinear

Of necessity, the search for a new breakthrough area would have
initiated intensive review of the foundations of physics and
electromagnetics, in an effort to discover any "holes" that might exist.
Thus the short debate at the turn of the century, that established
Heaviside's limited version of Maxwell's EM theory - largely because of
Western repugnance for Maxwell's use of Hamilton's difficult quaternions
- would not have gone undetected. Careful review of that situation would
immediately have revealed that
(1) Maxwell's theory, which was worked out in quaternions rather than
vectors, had actually not been completely captured by its translation
into Heaviside's vectors by none other than Heaviside himself.
[Heaviside was the cofounder of modern vector analysis and almost
single-handedly produced what today is the recognized vector form of
Maxwell's equations. He also nearly single-handedly transformed
Maxwell's theory into its modem form.].
(2) The effects of stresses in the vacuum medium had been eliminated by
Heaviside, while Maxwell certainly had pointed out additional terms
required to address this issue. [A Soviet team addressing this omission,
would have inevitably connected it to Whittaker and Kaluza-Klein
theories, revealing electrogravitation (scalar electromagnetics).].
(3) A quaternion, which contains a scalar part in addition to a vector
part, could maintain** its non-zero scalar part when the vector was
zeroed, whereas in vector analysis, when the vector is zeroed, it is
assumed that no residue exists. [This is also directly connected with
the mistaken assumption that an abstract vector space itself can have no
**and even vary and oscillate, its internal EM stress.
(4) The direct connection could be made with Whittaker theory to produce
scalar vacuum stress gravitation when the EM vector fields were zeroed.
(5) The West had missed this unified theory because of its total
aversion to quaternions, and its elevation of the curtailed Maxwell's
theory to cult status.
(6) Investigative experiments to explore bucking EM force fields which
neatly zero sum would have almost immediately revealed highly anomalous
behavior of materials and circuits. [Such simple investigations of
zero-vector EM force field summation do not seem to appear in the
Western literature at all, so far as can yet be established.]***
***with the single exception of the Aharonov-Bohm effect, which has
finally been proved after 27 years of controversy, and Hooper's work
which was obscurely published.

Something very much like that, together with quantum mechanical ideas,
would have had to be applied to explain the operation of the Moray
device. Note that every one of the suppositions above was available to
any thorough Soviet search - and the Soviet scientists certainly made
the search, more massively and thoroughly than has ever been done before
or since. Since the evidence is overwhelming that the Soviet scientists
developed electrogravitation and scalar EM weapons, it seems logical
that their search succeeded along these lines or similarly.

About 1950-1952, the Soviets developed EM machines that could influence
the brain and nervous system directly. This included the Lida machine,
which can induce a catatonic state into a mammal such as a man, a cat,
etc. U.S. scientists, obtaining one of these devices in the 1980s,
reported that it utilized a 40 MHz carrier, and produced unusual
waveforms (showing the multiple frequency content). Since the U.S.
scientists do not possess scalar EM detectors, they have no measurements
or knowledge of possible scalar components in the Lida's output signal.
According to one U.S. scientist, the device was used by North Korean
interrogators in brainwashing U.S. prisoners in North Korea during the
Korean War, and was highly effective.

By the mid-50s, the Soviets should have been well along in prototype
building, weaponizing, and development of larger devices and starting
new weapons, based on what I have called scalar electromagnetics-
unified EM/gravity field theory a la Whittaker or simply
electrogravitation using negative energy and time-reversed EM waves.

In the winter of 1957-58, a monstrous nuclear accident occurred at a
Soviet facility in the Ural Mountains near Kyshtym. [Inexplicably, for
decades U.S. intelligence analysts feverishly resisted - and even
suppressed - the evidence in their possession, adamantly insisting that
such an event never occurred.]. Witnesses reported that atomic wastes in
the nearby storage site exploded. Since scalar EM research and
development would have been underway in the Soviet Union for several
years, we can construct a scenario that will produce that nuclear event:
Suppose a large nearby radar had been modified to radiate a scalar EM
wave. Suppose it is also used to produce a standing scalar EM wave,
after Whittaker.

As the radar continues to radiate, such a standing scalar EM wave is
"charged up" to a higher and higher "potential", just like charging a
capacitor. That is, in the standing wave, its "locked-in energy density
of vacuum" is being steadily increased, simply by continuing to transmit
with the radar in the scalar EM mode. However, what is actually being
"charged up" or produced is a gravitational potential standing wave (and
this G-potential is increasing.) Further, suppose the radar and its
attached standing scalar wave (G-potential) are energized, and suddenly
the radar transmitter suffers an electrical failure. The "scalar
potential" represented by the charged-up vacuum energy (which can be
enormous) in the standing wave would immediately discharge to earth in a
sharp electrogravitational pulse (EGP). When a strong EGP pulse - which
is absorbed by, and reradiated from, atomic nuclei rather than orbital
electrons - struck stored radioactive nuclear wastes, the radioactive
nuclei would all decay immediately, just as if internally exposed to an
atomic bomb. A full nuclear explosion of the stored nuclear wastes - in
the dirt and dirty - would occur, creating a terrible nuclear

That is exactly what caused the Kyshtym accident in 1957-58. Failure of
a large scalar EM transmitter produced a giant EGP "arc discharge" into
the earth, striking the atomic wastes stored nearby. The resulting
explosion and radioactive fallout contaminated a very large area, which
is still contaminated to this day. Hundreds - perhaps thousands - of
casualties resulted.

So we can be confident that, in 1958, the Soviets were already
experimenting with large scalar EM Whittaker beam weapons. We can also
be confident that, after the Kyshtym disaster, the Soviets immediately
realized the cause of the accident, and developed safety circuits to
hold the standing wave from collapse in the event of electrical failure
of the transmitter. Means to slowly "drain off" the accumulated EG
potential safely into the earth - much like slowly discharging a
capacitor - would also have been developed and incorporated into the
beam transmitter.

Anomalous microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow began during
the late 1950s, and has repeatedly occurred to this day. Twin beams have
been noted in the radiation, suggesting interferometry. Scalar EM
components on the carriers would not be detected by normal microwave
instruments, although the weak carrier signals would. Further, the
strength of the scalar EM wave's infolded components can be essentially
independent of the strength of the carrier. Apparently a wide variety of
physical effects were experienced by personnel in the Embassy, including
several U.S. Ambassadors. [Note that extensive tests of the
electromagnetic transmission of cellular disease patterns between cell
cultures have been reported by Soviet researchers, led by Kaznacheyev.
Kaznacheyev reported that the effects were due to near-UV photons
emitted by the diseased cells and irradiating the test cells. Such
effects have been replicated at the University of Marburg, West Germany,
using infrared emissions from diseased cells to irradiate test samples.
At the University of Sydney, Australian researchers have accomplished
the effect at a distance of over 100 feet, using what can only be called
scalar EM radiation.].*

Excerpt: read all under:
or http://www.grn.es/electropolucio/angles.htm

Informant: Klaus H. Mueller


O.T. themes:

Politics and Science in the Bush Administration
The minority staff of the Government Reform Committee is investigating
issues where the Bush Administration has distorted, manipulated or
suppressed science or the scientific process to further a political or
ideological agenda. This investigation does not cover those issues in
which science may have been manipulated by other parties (as has been
alleged in several environmental issues). Nor does it include those
issues where the Bush Administration simply has chosen to support poorly
justified policies for ideological or other reasons.

The report Politics and Science in the Bush Administration (.pdf) finds
numerous instances where the Administration has manipulated the
scientific process and distorted or suppressed scientific findings.
Beneficiaries include important supporters of the President, including
social conservatives and powerful industry groups.



'Bring us home': GIs flood US with war-weary emails


Informant: George Paxinos

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