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Since long time I have been following your publications, please except
my sincere compliments. EMF may be could use for differend aim.

1) Telecommunication,
2) Medical applications,
3) Medical diagnosis,
4) Electromagnetic spectrometry as a histopathological examination. This
new type of the examination is very precise and the functional in the
point of view of the activity of the examined cell.
5) Scanner and identify of the different materials,
6) For create nuclear reaction with the using non radioactive material
(In lab experiments obtained emission of the beta and gama emission
and emission of the 7 GW. energy in 2 n.sec. time). In this reaction
used the ordinary non radioactive materials and after the reaction west
material is not the absolutelly radioactive.
7) Stop the reaction of the different materials during or before the
starting their reaction also in certain distance(Nuleear material or
ordinary material).
8) Without increasing diameter of the tickness of the materials,
increasing of the their mecchanical resistance.
9) For neutralise the radioactive radiation biological effects.
10) Create invisibility of the aircrafts in the radar (Computerise
measurements grafics are avilable).
and also:
11) Eliminate the biological effects of the emiting antennas (GORGUN

I apriciate very much exposing the technical problems but unless no body
get action and collaborates the take out the solutions, particularly
when the solutions are avilable, all efforts are acording to my
personnal opinion unfortiunatelly useless. I invite the every body whom
interest with this technical problem to collaboration. In this way
perhaps ''GORGUN SHIELD'' can be usefull for the WORLD.

My E-Mail addresses indicated in following: gorgun@ultratv.net

With my best regards.


Dear Klaus

Please give this letter from Dr S Gorgun your widest possible

The 'Gorgun Shield' concept, and the research and development that has
gone in to it, for the first time to my knowledge, present an
opportunity to create a positive and dynamic personal defence against
unwanted radiation such as we all experience in Roy Beavers 'Blue World'
or your European 'Electrosmog'!

I am humbled by Dr Gorguns' concept. I can only pray that I understand it.

My view is that the Gorgun Shield is a personal transponder that reacts
immediately, and dynamically, to any and/or all unwanted EM radiation
signals with a blanking, or nulling, signal. It would operate in an
omnidirectional mode and respond to the complete full spectrum
(frequency or wavelength) of received signals. This science has been in
practise in Electronic Warfare since the early '50s so the concept is
not new.

BUT - what IS new is that now this functional tool can be miniaturized to
such dimensions that it can be used as a personal defence. That is the
breakthrough that Dr Gorgun has produced in prototype!

Many contrary opinions spring to mind. Would the Gorgun Shield isolate
the user from the entire electronic blue world? - would it cause radio
interference to people and utilities nearby? - can it be controlled by
the operator to discriminate between wanted and unwanted signals? - the
list of contrary opinions is very clearly unlimited - BUT - there are
mechanisms to cope with these hurdles.

The first hurdle is to connect Dr Gorgun with the resources and support
to further develop his Shield. I think that Corporate Medicine combined
with the power, interest and desire of a leading university could
produce desired results.

For me Klaus - it is a dream. It is the vision of another person, Dr
Gorgun, that I believe in. It is 'do-able'!! - and for that reason I ask
for your continuing interest and support. It CAN be done.

yours aye

Larry Blackhall
Aldergrove BC


Changes in proteins, etc.
Klaus: John Michael Williams comments appear to be correct re changes in
proteins, etc.

The lack of references also limits the usefulness of the original
article and I don't think contact information is available for the
original article either. Daily exchanges of information don't, of
course, necessitate listing of supporting references; however, when an
"article" is published on a website without reference information and
particularly without the author's name, date of publication and
references, the information can not be used to support victims' claims
of health effects.

Mr. Williams' information is consistent with various research articles
regarding "heat shock protein" (also known as "environmental stress
protein"). Folding, misfolding, etc. as described in research regarding
"amyloid formation" may be what Mr. Williams is referring to as changes
in the shape of proteins. There is literature that explains why and when
this process may be both harmful as well as beneficial. As most already
know, the word "heat" in "heat shock protein" is a misnomer and Dr.
Marjorie Lundquist (physicist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin) as well as
others have suggested the term be replaced with "environmental stress

In other words, Mr. Williams' references to "non thermal effects" are
also consistent with the research regarding amyloid formation and the
environmental stress protein "Ubiquitin."

As we know, EMF's are used in some instances for bone healing and for
diagnostic purposes and possibly other therapies. We also know that
chemotherapy in certain doses for limited periods of time are effective
in fighting off the advance of cancer. There are, of course, important
uses of ionizing radiation but as with everything else, there is
most-likely not be a "completely safe level" even though some of its
uses are beneficial. As we are all aware, cumulative doses largely
determine overall effects on health unless, of course, acute exposure

As we have discovered in our family and by placing our guinea pig cage
near the "powerwall" (wall opposite where electric meter is attached to
house), the proximity to miligauss readings between 4.0 mg and 6.0 mg as
well as the chronic exposure (24 hr. exposure for over a week in the
case of the guinea pigs) has been what tips the scales between rapid
declines in health after such exposure as well as rapid improvement
after reducing exposure levels. The facts are a little more complicated
as they pertain to family members.

The necropsy report on one of our guinea pigs indicated "REACTIVE renal
amyloidosis" which results from bone marrow damage. The report can be
accessed by inputting "Joanne Mueller guinea pig amyloidosis" or words
to that effect on the search bar. If someone wants the actual website for
the University of Minnesota report, please let me know. The information
was circulated earlier.

Take care -

Joanne Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Phone: 763-755-6114


Info session by Sprint was a sham
Dear Fellows:

As you know, Sprint has been trying to install base-station antennas in
a residential area in north Berkeley, California, where in the vicinity,
there are two schools and a day-care center. The neighbors have been
fighting Sprint in the past 9 months.

Sprint had an info session yesterday in Berkeley to fool people that
their antennas pose no health hazards. First of all, they should have
held the info session in November 2002, not now. Moreover, the whole
info session was a sham. Just to disperse the neighbors, Sprint had set
up 6 tables, so that people would go around and ask their questions from
the representatives at each table. By doing this, the audience could not
hear the questions raised and therefore, there could not be a coherent
discussion. Neighbors and residents tried to arrange chairs in the room
and form an audience. But, Sprint did not agree with this arrangement.
So, soon people left the room, while one neighbor shouted at the Sprint

The whole thing was a sham!

Some neighbors are contemplating to file law suits against Sprint and
the City of Berkeley.



Acoustic Com - An Eye/Ear Opener

I want to strongly recommend the Acoustic Com, I received today, and
tell about my experience-

The special thing about this device comparing to other measurement
devices that show how the pointer goes up and down according to the
radiation level, is that the Acoustic Com "feels" the radiation. It
pulses with the radiation pulsed radiation, and you hear the radiation.

I was sitting in a car and the device was turned on, suddenly it was
knocking so loud and quickly, I can compare it to a woman who is running
on high heels and you put microphone on her heels and hear them loudly.
Anyway I thought it was coming from an invisible mast outside, but a
person who was in the car said he was exactly at the same time sending
an SMS! So I was a passive victim of his SMS.

Anyway while walking on the street or being in a car, I heard this
knocking many times, even in places where I did not see a radiation
source, so I "felt" the radiation, and I don't want to think what was
happening to my brain neurotransmitters at the same time....

I highly recommend this device, for 2 reasons:
A. It is a real eye/ear openner
B. If you want to open the eyes of people who don't realized what they
are doing to themselves with the phones, or they don't think that the
masts are a serious risk for them, it can in one second illustrate them
how strongly they are constantly attacked.

More details: It hears technologies: DECT, Bluetooth, base station
masts, cellular phones, Wi Fi, microwave ovens, and every microwave
source. Sensitivity: 0.01 V/m 50 MHz- 3000 MHz (3 GHz)

Omega: if you want further information about the device write please to
Iris Atzmon


O.T. themes:

President Receives Bad Grade on his Environmental Policy


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have the same priorities! With harmful environmental rollbacks proposed
nearly every month of his Presidency, "Bush is well on his way to
compiling the worst environmental record in the history of our nation,"
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Bush Signs Order Granting Oil Companies Full Immunity in Iraq

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