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Mr. Jörg Wichmann has the opinion (quote: and Citizens' Initiative Omega, too), that this library of studies - partially with competent commentary - should be provided on the most important relevant websites, respectively should be downloaded from many people interested in the subject matter. It is quite broad with all abstracts, often with competent background information. Mr. Wichmann already did not know, that there is so much material with a frightening overall picture.

It would be wished, that in each country would emerge soon a similar variant in the language of the particular country on the net and also on CD, to have very strong arguments about the topic.

Original message by Jörg Wichmann, translated and modified by Omega

Re: EMF, schizophrenia and the medical profession.....

Dear Klaus, Dr. Munzert and Imelda: As you know, the problems encountered in regard to ES and psychiatry are very tragic.

Your letter, Imelda, exactly portrays what occurred here in Minnesota (US) when I applied for Social Security Disability. Not only was ES not recognized (and it still is not recognized), I also did not know or suspect my symptoms were caused by the high voltage lines only 50 ft. in front of our house.

What I did know is that I suffered from constant pain in the calves and inner thighs.  Each time I was hospitalized for "thrombophlebitis in my legs," and returned to work as a Legal Secretary, I would soon (within six weeks) end up with the same pain and was admitted to the hospital for treatment with heparin IV's and later the blood thinner, Coumadin, was given.  I endured numerous painful venograms so the doctors could confirm a blood clot or clots.  The test never proved a blood clot. Soon I could not tolerate taking the Coumadin and my blood kept getting thinner and thinner.  My doctor contacted a specialist, perhaps a hematologist at the University of Minnesota, who stated that "I was a first in medical history" and they had no idea why this was happening.

In addition to those problems, I had/have pain all over my body "to touch," which now seems to loosely fit into a diagnosis of fibromyalgia/fibromyositis.  Even with that diagnosis, a person is viewed suspiciously as possibly being a malingerer.

I was also exhibiting bouts of arthritis in ankles and hips, hands, etc. and was unable to tolerate the medications.

It has taken many years for me to locate the information and journal articles that support all of those symptoms/health problems are, in fact, due to our living in close proximity to the powerlines. I think it is written in the book titled "Electromagnetism" by Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. Andrew Marino (Louisiana State University) that blood would not coagulate (under certain circumstances involving EMF/EMR exposure).

While I also was checked for lupus, the FANA test was at the high end at 80, the results were not conclusive. My doctor did consider that I may have an unusual connective tissue disorder.

Fortunately I was tenacious in my fight for Social Security Disability. That is a long story but the bottom line is that the compassionate judge ruled that "even tho medical science did not have the ability to diagnose my problem that I am, nevertheless, not a malingerer and that I am truly suffering a profound disability."

Due to the complexity of my problems and my inability to tolerate medications, I consulted with an Internal Medicine Group. My Internist decided to "label me!!!"   She tacked on the words "somatization" and "conversion disorder."

From the medical standpoint, this is the equivalent of labeling someone "CRAZY" from a psychiatric standpoint. I spent years trying the new medications that came out, all the time being looked at as "one of those pathetic persons......!!!!" I even had one Internist state something about "your file is very thick" and that was followed by similar comments when I had to go to the emergency room due to abdominal pain, etc.

Still during all of this, it wasn't until my two grandsons (cousins living in different cities) were diagnosed with rare immune deficiencies, that I finally had the lead I needed to pursue the health problem connection and the powerlines as the probable cause of their problems as well as our health problems (my husbands's too -- he also developed "thrombophlebitis" after injuring his back at work and having to be at home by "the powerlines" and he recently was diagnosed with Alzheimers).

I should add that I soon learned the boys' primary problems, the rare immune, asthma, sinus infections, ear infections and allergies were being caused from sleeping close to where the electric meter is installed (inside wall opposite meter).

I have since confirmed my suspicions by placing two separate sets of guinea pigs on the "powerwall" and their immune systems were devastated.  Their CBC's (with differentials) -- their "white cell counts," revealed "lymphocytosis" (very high lymphocytes) and "neutropenia," (very low neutrophils).

Radiation sickness can be identified by the severity of changes in the white blood cells and in the case of very low levels of radiation, more subtle changes in the white blood cells that doctors do not seem to understand and, in fact, the doctors don't even advise the person with the  abnormal readings that the test is, in fact, abnormal.  I know this be ause both my daughter and I obtain copies of our laboratory tests and items such as "lymphocytes" and "neutrophls" are marked with an asterisk ( * ) but the doctor states "your blood tests are normal."

The road has been "rocky" in regard to medical treatment for me due to the labels of "somatization" and "conversion" on my medical records!!!!

One day, I heard a noise, a sort of "whoosh, whoosh with a small squeaky sound" that I described to my Internist as possibly coming from my upper chest on the left side. He did listen to my chest and, I think, the arteries in my neck.  Having heard nothing, he sent me on my way. Eight weeks later, I went back with same complaint. Finally he had me sit up on the table and he listened and listened and listened. He still could not hear anything. I happened to be extremely frustrated at this point because he had also said "which EAR," as if he thought the problem was in my ear.  I, somehow, knew for certain the problem was NOT in my ear. I mentioned I could hear it when I bent forward to see in the mirror and he once again listened to the left side of my neck.

Bottom line:   I had a 98% blockage in my internal carotid artery on the left side of my neck.  The blockage was so severe that the pitch/frequency from the sound it made (I later learned this is called "a bruit) was so high that the doctor couldn't hear it.

What I also did not know at the time is that the description I gave is "a classic sign" of possible blockage in arteries and that the doctor should have known from that description alone that I needed to have an ultrasound on my neck!!!!!

So, again, the parallel between psychiatric treatment and medical treatment for health problems due to ES.........

I am sorry to say that along the way, I have mentioned my "powerline concerns" but that this just adds to the looks of disdain and the doctors make no comments at all about the powerlines.

More recently in June 2001, I began to have midchest pressure particularly while walking.  I first suspected my asthma (yes, just one of the multitude of symptoms I enjoy due to the pollution from the powerlines) but soon realized their was a "difference" and the feeling would quickly return when I resumed walking.

A long story but eventually I ended up in the emergency room as instructed by my Internist's office.  I was kept overnight.  An Internist I had not previously seen came in and asked, "do you have any CONCERNS about the stress test?"  I replied, "well, yes.........., I have this pressure in my chest (placing my hand midchest)."  He looked at me with DISGUST and exclaimed loudly, "WELL, if you aren't going to get ANY REASSURANCE from THIS TEST, then we may as well NOT DO THE TEST!!!!"

This  __________   ___________ proceeded with the stress test the next morning.  (I had been told by the female ER doctor that I would need an echo stress but this male Internist did a regular stress test that is highly inaccurate, particularly in women.) I managed to complete the test with almost no symptoms for some unknown reason.  I learned later that the test results were "not normal" and that I had abnormal ST waves.

Still an even longer story. He admonished me with the statement, "WELL, I don't know what YOUR PROBLEM is, but it's NOT YOUR HEART, so GO HOME and don't stop what you are doing!!!!!!!!"

Bottom line:   I ended up having a cardiolyte test by another Internist and was immediately admitted to the hospital for an angiogram and subsequently had a stent placed in my LAD (left anterior descending) -- the most important heart artery that when fails, is called "the widow-maker!!!!" I had a 90% blockage......

"Conversion,"  "somatization,"  "CRAZY WOMAN!!!!!"

THEY almost let me have major strokes, a heart attack and/or allowed me to DIE twice!!!!!!

I continue to fight for the rights of all persons around the world who are suffering from exposure to EMF/EMR, psychiatric abuse and medical abuse.

Yes, we also had a HUGE BATTLE before my grandsons were diagnosed with the rare immune deficiencies. My daughter, daughter-in-law and I were viewed with great suspicion and the medical records confirm that the doctors thought we were "over-reacting" in regard to our requests to have the boys checked (always separately and on different days). We lived in fear that we might be thrown in jail and accused of "Munchhausen's Syndrome" (spelling may be incorrect) (accused of causing the boys' health problems ourselves and/or just "dreaming up" things. The boys, while suffering from asthma and chronic sinus infections, ear infections and allergies to some medications, "did not fit" into what the doctors viewed as
"normal situations."

Well, we do know they were exposed to more EMF/EMR than the average children.  They did get better when we stopped caring for them in our house as well as moving their beds away from the "powerwalls" in their own homes.

Do the doctors ACKNOWLEDGE THIS?    NO......!!!!!!!!

Now, after years of additional research, I can PROVE the boys' blood was sent to an EMF researcher who was funded while at the University of Minnesota by the National Institute of Health.

Will the newspapers publish my story???   NO.....!!!!!!    Will the talk shows return my calls and let me tell my story so others may be saved???   NO......!!!!!

Will the book publishers publish my story??? I haven't been able to find one......!!!!!

Will an attorney take our case to court so others may learn that EMF/EMR has wreaked havoc on our lives???    NO.....!!!!!!

Will the officials in Washington present the EMF Interagency Committee Report to Congress??? Apparentey NO......!!!!!!

I have not given up completely but.........

Joanne C. Mueller
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA
Phone:  763-755-6114

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