* Mobilising the global EHS troops in solidarity with upcoming fast protest in Pasadena - COST 281 and illnesses since the 1960s - Published studies on the effects of basestations - New studies - Melatonin - Mystery illness hits US troops - New Environmental code becomes law in San Francisco - Stormy Weather - Total Information Awareness as Intellectual Property Theft - Sonic boom? Earthquake? - Tobacco Industry Efforts to Target Women in Developing Countries - Tongass National Forest action (7/8/03)
Mobilising the global EHS troops in solidarity with upcoming fast
protest in Pasadena

Hi Klaus:

I would like feedback through your superb online EHS facilitatorship
--C.I.O.-- from other EHS supporters internationally on their views
regards linking up with the planned Pasadena (and global, the organisers
hope) protest for "Freedom in Mental Health" starting on August 16th,
which you have posted on C.I.O. 31/7/03.

I have already expressed my belief that this is an unique opportunity to
globally highlight our EHS plight. And it is especially apt for placing
on everyone's radar the vast numbers of us who are pronounced to be
delusionsal/psychotic about our professed EMR triggered bioeffects.

Exposures of abuses in psychiatry is BIG this year. Amnesty
International's major campaign throughout this year highlights
violations to the Human Rights of those who are mentally ill.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.


COST 281 and illnesses since the 1960s

Dear Klaus

Do you think that COST 281 (Base Station and...) is an investigation group?

It seems more a planned false investigation and permanent good trip
(London, Viena...) to go on topics or "Tropics".... to increase the
centre of health delay tactic.

To study the "extrem difficulties in calculating and measuring (with its
high variations in the field measurement) of the exposure situation"
.... for density of power thousands times higher than the biological
health alteration.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho exposes the bad science at the centre of the controversy.

Omega: see "Non-Thermal Effects" on

Best regards

Miguel Muntané


Published studies on the effects of basestations - RE: The problem of
health effects of mobile for the first time discussed in public in

Sianette Kwee wrote:

"Unfortunately there are no published studies on the effects of
basestations and also not on the 3G system. After the last meeting in
London Leila Kheifetz from WHO urged that such studies should be
initiated and that also socalled anecdotal reports from the general
public should be taken seriously."

microwave Syndrome: A preliminary Study in Spain. Electromagnetic
Medicine and Biology (in press).

SANTINI, R., SEIGNE, M. & BONHOMME-FAIBRE, L. 2000. Danger des
téléphones cellulaires et de leurs stations relais. Pathol Biol, 48: 525-528.

SANTINI, R., P. SANTINI, M. SEIGNE, J.M. DANZE. 2001. Symptômes
exprimés par des riverains de stations relais de téléphonie mobile. La Presse
Médicale, 30: 1594.

sur la santé de riverains de stations relais : I. Incidences de la
distance et du sexe. Pathol. Biol., 50: 369-373.

Alfonso Balmori


New studies

Effects of high-frequency elektromagnetic fields on human EEG: a brain
mapping study.

Kramarenko AV, Tan U.

Central Clinic Hospital N5, Kharkov, Ukraine.

Cell phones emitting pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF)
may affect the human brain, but there are inconsistent results
concerning their effects on electroencephalogram (EEG).

We used a 16-channel telemetric electroencephalograph (ExpertTM), to
record EEG changes during exposure of human skull to EMF emitted by a
mobile phone. Spatial distribution of EMF was especially concentrated
around the ipsilateral eye adjacent to the basal surface of the brain.

Traditional EEG was full of noises during operation of a cellular phone.
Using a telemetric electroencephalograph (ExpertTM) in awake subjects,
all the noise was eliminated, and EEG showed interesting changes: after
a period of 10-15 s there was no visible change, the spectrum median
frequency increased in areas close to antenna; after 20-40 s, a
slow-wave activity (2.5-6.0 Hz) appeared in the contralateral frontal
and temporal areas. These slow waves lasting for about one second
repeated every 15-20 s at the same recording electrodes.

After turning off the mobile phone, slow-wave activity progressively
disappeared; local changes such as increased median frequency decreased
and disappeared after 15-20 min. We observed similar changes in
children, but the slow-waves with higher amplitude appeared earlier in
children (10-20 s) than adults, and their frequency was lower (1.0-2.5
Hz) with longer duration and shorter intervals.

The results suggested that cellular phones may reversibly influence the
human brain, inducing abnormal slow waves in EEG of awake persons.

Int J Neurosci. 2003;113(7):1007-1019.


The effect of the duration of exposure to the electromagnetic field
emitted by mobile phones on human attention.

Lee TM, Lam PK, Yee LT, Chan CC.

1Neuropsychology Laboratory, Department of Psychology, The University of
Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road 2Institute of Clinical Neuropyschology.

Previous findings suggested the facilitating effect of the
electromagnetic field emitted by mobile phones on human attention. This
study aimed to examine the relationship between the facilitating effect
and the duration of exposure to the electromagnetic field emitted by
mobile phones on human attention.

Seventy-eight university students were randomly assigned to either an
experimental or a control group. Their performance in the administered
attention tasks was compared. Participants in the experimental group
performed better on one of the two measures of attention only after they
had been exposed to the electromagnetic field emitted by the mobile
phone for some time.

The results seem to suggest that attention functions may be
differentially enhanced after exposing to the electromagnetic field
emitted by mobile phones. Furthermore, this transient facilitation
effect might be dose dependent.

Neuroreport. 2003 Jul 18;14(10):1361-4.


Informant: Reinhard Rueckemann - excerpt-


In response to Jackie Wahlig's question as to how much Melatonin to take

Dear Klaus: In response to Jackie Wahlig's question as to how much
Melatonin to take in order to have a good night's sleep, I have been
taking 3 mgs of Melatonin each night right before I want to fall asleep
and very seldom have any problem sleeping and/or going back to sleep
immediately if I wake up for one reason or another. With the exception
of possibly the first night I took Melatonin, I did not feel tired the
next day from having taken the Melatonin.

I offer this information as a "victim" rather than as an "expert" so
Jackie might want to check at her library for a book on Melatonin for
additional information.

As many who exchange information re EMR already know, I live only 50 ft.
from two high voltage powerlines. I suffer from countless health
problems but attribute my high energy level primarily to Melatonin but I
also take many other supplements.

I have read three books on the subject of Melatonin. One of the books
even described a study on dogs and EMR exposure. The dogs developed
asthma. This was attributed to lower levels of Melatonin caused by
chronic EMR exposure.

Take care -

Joanne Mueller
Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W.
Minneapolis, MN 55448
Phone: 763-755-6114


Mystery illness hits US troops in Iraq

It was just mentioned on this morning's news that a mystery illness has
struck over 100 US servicemen stationed in Iraq. Symptoms are similar to
pneumonia, which can be caused by viruses, bacteria, and physical and
chemical agents. The military has apparently ruled out a virus or
chemical agents.

Previous messages to this list has detailed the health problems
associated with the use of depleted uranium. With the large amount of DU
shells used in Iraq, including urban areas is it any wonder that
respiratory illness may be a result. If the military tests the sick
soldiers for DU contamination you will never hear about it.

Stay tuned



New Environmental code becomes law in San Francisco


San Francisco passed an ordinance on the precautionary principle
which is effective today.

It remains to be seen whether and how this ordinance will be applied to
antenna siting decisions and the existing electropollution from over
2400 cellular antenna installations, the 30-40 megawatt Sutro tower
complex and Wireless Local Area Network "hot spots". It is up to the
people to raise their environmental health concerns about these low
intensity radiation expsoures now ubiquitiously permeating the air in
San Francisco and other major cities of the world.


Libby Kelley
Council on Wireless Technology Impacts

Monday, August 4, 2003 (SF Chronicle)
New Approaches to Safeguarding the earth/An environmental version of the
Hippocratic oath

Jared Blumenfeld

A bold environmental code becomes law in San Francisco today, one whose
overarching framework is called the Precautionary Principle. Through it,
San Francisco is taking a significant step away from the Bush
administration's anti-environmental policies.

The Precautionary Principle sets out to improve the way we make
environmental decisions. While the Bush team asks, "How much
environmental harm will be allowed?," in San Francisco, decision-makers
will ask a very different question: "How little harm is possible?"

San Francisco is a leader in making choices based on the least
environmentally harmful alternatives, thereby challenging traditional
assumptions about risk management. The 11 existing laws consolidated in
the Environment Code have introduced more than 700 zero- or low-emission
vehicles to the city's fleet, conserved 6,800 trees and more than
half-a-million gallons of water each year by purchasing recycled content
paper, cut toxic- pesticide use in half and protected worker health by
designing buildings that use less energy and other precious natural

We acknowledge that our world will never be free from risk. However, a
risk that is unnecessary, and not freely chosen, is never acceptable.
San Francisco's Precautionary Principle, enacted as part of the Environment
Code, insists that environmental decision-making be based on rigorous
science -- science that is explicit about what is known, what is not
known and what may never be known about potential hazards.

Unfortunately, in today's regulatory system lack of proof of harm is
usually misinterpreted as proof of safety. In San Francisco, we want to
create a means to take action despite scientific uncertainty about the
degree of a given risk. Too often, regulatory agencies get stuck in
"paralysis by analysis"; the new framework removes excuses for inaction
on the grounds of scientific uncertainty.

The costs of not taking precautionary action are often very high, as
we've seen in the case of tobacco, lead and asbestos. Early scientific
warnings about risks to health went unheeded by government agencies. As
a result, billions of dollars have been spent to deal with the
consequences of these problems. Costs include health care and health
insurance, lost economic productivity, absenteeism, lost wages and
cleanup. The Precautionary Principle process also requires
decision-makers to consider possible impact to the local economy.

Our Precautionary Principle calls for a careful analysis of a range of
alternatives using the best available information. The goal of this
process is to determine whether a potentially hazardous activity is
necessary, and whether less hazardous options are available. For
instance, our pesticide reduction program eliminated all of the most
toxic chemicals used by city gardeners and identified less-toxic ways to
solve weed and pest problems, some as benign as using goats to clear
weed-choked hillsides or heat cannons to kill termites in walls. Science
provides vital evidence for making these decisions. However, elected
officials will ultimately use a combination of scientific data and
judgments of what is necessary, useful and fair to make environmental

Both locally and internationally, the public bears the direct
consequences of environmental decisions. A government's course of action
is necessarily enriched by broadly based public participation when a
range of alternatives is considered. This concept of environmental
democracy is deeply ingrained in San Francisco's Precautionary

At the World Trade Organization, the Bush administration is fighting the
European Union's right to restrict imports of genetically modified foods;
beef containing hormones, and proposed legislation that would require
some 30,000 chemicals now in use to be immediately registered with EU
authorities. The failure of the United States to adopt the Precautionary
Principle is yet another way in which we are ostracizing ourselves from
the rest of the planet.

San Francisco's Precautionary Principle presents a historic opportunity
to refocus environmental decision-making on reducing harm. In doing so,
we are sending a message to Washington: The days of letting polluters and
industries set our health and environmental agenda may be over sooner
than you think.

Jared Blumenfeld is director of San Francisco's Department of the
Environment (www.SFEnvironment.com).

Copyright 2003 SF Chronicle

Informant: Don Maisch


Stormy Weather: The government's top-secret efforts to control Mother

and http://www.willthomas.net/


Total Information Awareness as Intellectual Property Theft (excerpt)

For some years now there has been a movement by a small percentage of
scientists and independent researchers to develop technology outside of
corporate government control.

This is highly frowned upon, as we have come to find out, because
technology is the key to this oligarchys welfare, and I do mean welfare.
They are incapable of original thought or creativity, just as Bill Gates
was incapable of creating DOS without a MAC. They PREY (IT WORKS) on
people who have voluntarily withdrawn from the mainstream, with Total
Information Awareness in place. It has been labeled Information Warfare
but really is just Information Blood Sucking. Lots of proof of this, daily.

Consider the chemical spraying going on in our skies nearly every day.
This has been going on now for over 10 years. It is a measure of Americas
Mind Control that very few people have even noticed this, and even less
understand its true applications as weaponry. When this same weaponry
was deployed in its testing phases over Iraq/Kuwait, during the gulf war
those people saw what it was immediately, and the setting of fires to
the oil wells there by saddam, was not so much the practice of scorched
earth, as it was an attempt to defeat the atmospheric technology being
tested on that populace. And yet, somehow, through the mind control,
this government here in America has convinced most of the people who ARE
beginning to look up now, that this spraying of barium and aluminum
particles is BENEFICIAL.

The best weapons are weapons that control the mind, and it is easily
seen in this instance.

As well, very few people here understand the surveillance technology
that has permeated our society for over a decade now, and one of these
surveillance applications makes use of monitoring computers. It is
called tempest, and other things. It can monitor any work done on a
keyboard (AND NOW HARD DRIVES!!!) and has been perfected. It has
dovetailed with field technology, antenna technology (HAARP), so that
actual wireless monitoring of computer work (and all other types of
work) is not just possible, but practiced routinely. This institution of
a police surveillance state here is nothing but a way to make past
illegal monitoring activities legal, and to expand them.

The general consensus among independent researchers who are subjected
to this monitoring surveillance is that it is better to stall research,
than to give this world government any more weapons of destruction. A
lot of technology being indepently developed could be very beneficial,
but we all know that government only has its eye on MILITARY
applications, and those who have left the scientific community, or never
entered it (and we are many) represent an unknown factor which grows
daily, and this fills the war hawks with GREAT unease. It has been going
on since the drug war began, this alienation of some of Americas and the
Worlds best minds. The world government take-over machine tipped its
hand you see, and we collectively boogied on down the road.

This alarms the NWO greatly, because up until this time they have had no
trouble controlling the people economically, which was the main point of
taking over the currency here, and in the world.

Control of technology took place by giving everyone JOBS, by making
everyone NEED jobs, and then absconding with anything developed under
the auspices of a corporate entity. It is the very anti-thesis of a free
economy and open market place.

Take heart though. Intelligent minds have been using the surveillance
as Reverse Control for a good decade now, and reverse control WORKS. If
you know you are being watched, and now EVERYBODY is, or that is the
ultimate goal and should be in place soon, then you have a tool, a
lever. It works very well. You will never know the events of the past
that were hinged on this covert activity by a few patriots of free
thinking and intellect. But soon you will be able to try it yourself.
Total information Awareness means Total Reverse Control. All it takes is
patience and cunning. Join the movement.

The people you see in your media (Radio, Television, Newspapers) are
nothing put there to make you want something that is at best unreal.

Which, NOW, is EVERWHERE. Total Information Awareness? Total Information

Omega: see also http://home1.gte.net/quakker/index.htm


Sonic boom? Earthquake?

Informant: KD Weber


Report Reiterates Tobacco Industry Efforts to Target Women in Developing


Tongass National Forest action

Stepping up its campaign to give timber companies access to America's
last great temperate rainforest, the Bush administration's Forest
Service wants to exempt the Tongass National Forest in southeastern
Alaska from the "roadless rule," which bans virtually all logging in
wild national forests. If the exemption goes through, the administration
can move ahead with plans to let logging companies cut more than 300,000
acres of unspoiled forest and build taxpayer-subsidized roads through
2.5 million acres of the richest old-growth spruce, hemlock, cedar and
pine forests in the Tongass.

Less than six months ago widespread public opposition, including
messages from more than 25,000 BioGems Defenders, led Congress to reject
an administration-backed proposal to exempt the Tongass from the
roadless rule. Now, ignoring public opinion, the administration is again
seeking to hand the Tongass to timber companies. The Forest Service also
wants to exempt the Chugach National Forest, which lies northwest from
the Tongass along Alaska's southern coastline. Together the Tongass and
the Chugach, America's two largest national forests, cover more than 22
million acres of remarkable landscape and critical habitat for bears,
wolves, lynx, salmon, northern goshawks, bald eagles and other wildlife.

Send a message to the Forest Service today -- before the August 14
deadline -- opposing the proposed roadless rule exemptions for the
Tongass and Chugach national forests.



O.T. themes:

ACLU files first-ever challenge to USA PATRIOT Act

US anti-war activists hit by secret airport ban Independent [UK]

Occupation: Counting the true costs

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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