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COST 281 "STM Base Station Monitoring"

Dear collegues,

please take note that there is planned a COST 281 "STM Base Station
Monitoring" meeting in Vienna from 26th - 27th of August.

The scope of the STM group is: to consider for a given location the
extrem difficulties in calculating and measuring (with its high
variations in the field measurement) of the exposure situation.

The group have also to state the physical law to derive the field
strength. Other topics are: the statistical approach, field analysis,
the BCCH channel, collating methods, 3G measurement and extrapolation,
personal monitoring, and length of monitoring required. Further
questions: How do we relate the exposure measurement to the health of
the exposed people in situ? How do we standardize the measurement?

People who want to attend the STM meeting have to contact:

Georg Neubauer (email: georg.neubauer@arcs.ac.at)
Joe Wiart (email: joe.wiart@francetelecom.com)

Very important hint:

At present there is no financial support out of EU COST 281 means

Kind regards
Gerd Friedrich

Informant: Volker Hartenstein, Member of the Bavarian Parliament


The Great Mobile Phone Cover-up
January 19, 2002 By Dave Edwards

In 1953 the tobacco industry faced a problem - their own reviews of the
available scientific data concluded that smoking could kill. A report
for RJ Reynolds stated: "Studies of clinical data tend to confirm the
relationship between heavy and prolonged tobacco smoking and incidence
of cancer of the lung."

Leading PR firm Hill & Knowlton (H&K) were brought in to "get the
industry out of this hole". H&K indicated where the focus should lie:
"We have one essential job - which can be simply said: Stop public
panic... There is only one problem - confidence, and how to establish
it; public assurance, and how to create it..."

There +were+ other problems - caring for the sick, burying the dead,
comforting the bereaved - but they were somebody else's problems.
Flat rejection of claims of adverse health effects was a given for
industry executives. But this alone was unlikely to pacify the public.
Instead H&K understood that the key was to throw as many spanners as
possible into the public's cognitive works: "The most important type of
story is that which casts doubt on the cause and effect theory of
disease and smoking." Eye-grabbing headlines were needed and "should
strongly call out the point - Controversy! Contradiction! Other factors!

Phil Lesley, author of a handbook on public relations, explains how this
organised confusion can be used to prevent profit-costly action being
taken on everything from ozone depletion to global warming, to nuclear
disarmament, to lifting sanctions against Iraq: "People generally do not
favour action on a non-alarming situation when arguments seem to be
balanced on both sides and there is a clear doubt. The weight of
impressions on the public must be balanced so people will have doubts
and lack motivation to take action. Accordingly, means are needed to get
balancing information into the stream from sources that the public will
find credible. There is no need for a clear-cut 'victory'. ... Nurturing
public doubts by demonstrating that this is not a clear-cut situation in
support of the opponents usually is all that is necessary."

The tobacco industry knew, of course, that the heroes of the 'free
press' could be relied upon to play their part in "nurturing public
doubts", as recognised in an international memo put out by Philip
Morris: "The media like the money they make from our advertisements and
they are an ally that we can and should exploit... we should make a
concerted effort in our principal markets to influence the media to
write articles or editorials positive to the industry position on the
various aspects of the smoking controversy."

Fortunately for people and planet, one of the perennial threats to this
strategy of organised bamboozlement is the rogue establishment expert
whose credentials are matched only by his or her humanity. Consider, for
example, Dr Gerard Hyland who, in a report submitted to the European
Parliament's Industry, Trade, Research and Energy Committee on 11 July
2001, has blown a wide hole in the silence and deception that surround
the threat of mobile phone radiation.

Pointing to nothing less than an industry-inspired cover-up of the
threat, Hyland, from the Department of Physics at Warwick University
(UK) and the International Institute of Biophysics in Germany, describes
how the voice of those with a view contrary to the officially perceived
wisdom "is at worst silenced, or, at best, studiously ignored".

The impression of a campaign to suppress truth is reinforced, Hyland
writes, by stories of industry attempts "to 'persuade' those who
discover findings that might prove to be potentially damaging to market
development to actually alter their results to make them more 'market

Existing safety guidelines relating to mobile phone masts are completely
inadequate, Hyland reports, since they focus only on the thermal effects
of exposure to electro-magnetic fields. Various non-thermal influences
mean that existing guidelines intended to protect the public - such as
those issued by the International Commission for Non-ionising Radiation
Protection (ICNIRP) - "afford no protection"...(excerpt)

The rest read please under


Non-Thermal Effects

Electromagnetic fields too weak to heat up the body had been linked to
cancer and other illnesses since the 1960s. The current 'safety' limits
are still inadequate to protect workers and the public from these
effects. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho exposes the bad science at the centre of the

The current debate over the health hazards of mobile phones is a
continuation of the debate over the health hazards of weak
electromagnetic fields in the entire frequency spectrum that began in
the 1950s...

The rest read please under



The electromagnetic field consist of an electric field and magnetic
field oscillating in plane at right angles to each other but with both
fields transverse to the direct the wave transports its energy.

Electromagnetic waves consists of radio waves from radio and TV towers,
microwaves from cell phones, cell sites, mobile phones, and microwave
ovens which are a minor problems compared to other sources.

The background radiation has been rising significantly by the factors of
thousands in the general population since the Second World War.

Cancer is partly genetic, but largely environmental like air pollution,
benzine, toxins in food like saccharine are shown to be danger, all
those and other fairly toxic chemicals, can damage cells, but evidence
is very strong that electromagnetic radiation damages cells in a way
that is potentially cancer causing.

The official position of those who make their money out of producing and
using this technology is that we all know that the only thing that
Electromagnetic radiation can do is to produce heat and if it does not
do this it can't have any effect.

However, a different view comes from science from reading the people who
have researched what happens to the cells in laboratories in repeatable
experiments. For example, a laboratory took human breast cancer cells,
and exposed them to an infusion of melatonin, which is natural
neurohormone which we all have which helps us sleep at night. Then they
applied a very low level of varying electric field, 50 cycle field, and
the oncostatic effect of melatonin was totally eliminated.

Every night when we go to sleep our melatonin levels rise and melatonin
goes through our blood and cleans our cells up. For example, it
scanvenges out free radicals which are highly damaging chemicals. If the
free radicals persist for very long they damage DNA and caused damaged
cells and is shown to be carcinogenic. Melatonin is one of these agents
that cleans us up every night to reduce the possibility that cells will
become carcinogenic.

That experiment shows that electromagnetic radiation from power lines
and appliances can reduce the melatonin cleaning-up effect on human
breast cancer cells. The experiment was repeated in three other
laboratories. It give very reliable and repeatable result. The strength
of the signal they used was two to twelve milligauss a very low-level
magnetic field magnitude in that wave.

The European standard for safety for ELF fields is 20,000 milligauss is
safe, where this experiment shows that 2 milligauss causes a significant
reduction in the cleansing effect of melatonin on human cells.

More than a dozen tests and studies of men whose work exposed them to
ELF electromagnetic radiation found an increased incident of leukaemia,
lymphoma, and brain cancer. And two epidemiological studies have found
that a statistically high number of children in Denver who had died of
cancer had lived near high current electrical lines.

Scientists don't know exactly how exposure to ELF radiation causes
cancer. Many of them believe that it impairs the ability of the
lymphocyte cells, the infection fighting guardof the immune system to
combat cancer.N

With the great increase in breast cancer in woman between the age 25 to
60, it is hard to over look the fact that millions now spend eight hours
a day working inches from VDT. These screens emit the type of magnetic
fields that have been shown to promote the growth of tumours. And
neither lead aprons nor radiation screens that are sold for VDT shield
very small amount of the magnetic fields that completely penetrate the

Although few animals studies have been done in Europe (Netherland) to
analyse the effects of ELF radiation on pregnancies, dairy farmers have
known for many years not to pasture herds or let them breed close to
electrical lines.

If they do they have more stillborn and stunted calves and lower milk
production. In the next ten to fifteen years, ELF radiation will also be
linked to many degenerative neurological disorders including multiple
sclerosis, autism, etc.

The government and the electric utility industry and appliances
manufacturers all maintain that there is not enough proof to make them
take action. This is the same thing people said for years about
asbestos, until it was proven to be a killer.

Hundred of thousands of people could die before it is proven beyond a
shadow of a doubt that electromagnetic radiation is truly dangerous

The rest read please under http://www.angelfire.com/nf/og/mag.html


Cellular phones - when they get hot

Hi, I use to use a Nokia cellular phone that would become very hot
against my head. I didn't think anything of it until I was about to die
from all my health problems. I happened to have mercury fillings in my
teeth. You can read about it at www.tohellandback.com - if you haven't

I'm still suffering from problems with my brain - I'm not sure if the
problems are related to cell phone or mercury. Anyway, I just wanted to
share this info.

Do any of you have a throbbing in the base of your brain since being
overly exposed to EMF's? It's almost like I have a little heart at
the base of my brain and makes my brain stem and may spine throb
along with it. I have to take anti-convulsant medications in order
to cope. I don't know if this is from over exposure to EMF's or to



Re: The problem of health effects of mobile

Can someone please tell me why i am so electrically sensitive i do not
live right by a cell tower? You can see radio or tv type towers two of
them probly 3 miles away but look closer - i am fying, intense pain,
hair loss, muscle loss, up all night hearing umming and pain
insominia...what do you do do get rid of it?

My hair is coming out very fast - do not know how to stop it. Our home
is plugged into one of those "garbage can" looking contraptions at the
top of a high voltage pole - could this be the problem? Hope someone can
help me before they lock me up!



Environmental Justice and Precaution



Food Producers in China go GM-Free



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