* Leading expert confusion - Israeli experiment-genetic damage - Comments on the 60 Minutes TV program - Electrosensitive from South Africa - Gene Therapy Risks Exposed (25/7/03)

Leading expert confusion. Police phones Tetra are NOT safe as the
mobiles. Tests had shown effect on the brain since more than 30 years..


Summary about leading expert confusion:

1. Confusion in words: is no more dangerous than mobile phones = means

2. Confusion in health: Mobile phones are not safe. (are microwave

But: Non-lethal killer!.

3. Unsafe ambiguity: there was no evidence that it was unsafe.

Microwave radiation in evident unsafe since more than 30 years.

But: Tetra handsets use higher power than mobile phones = more

Leading expert confusion:

But tests had not shown any effect on the brain yet.

Remember: tests has shown effects on the brain since more than 30 years:


New study (does not) says mobile phones are safe. July 20 2003

Summary (excerpt):

1. Year 2002: world-first study, using live human brain cells
(30 years after soviet proof mobile phones radiation is not safe: BBB

2. may not carry the dangers experts first thought.

May not is "ambiguous".

3. is minimal [if any] as fewer than 1 per cent of known present genes
are affected".

Minimal? Genes are affected means "Health alteration".

Remember Prof Korenstein:

"The cell damage is caused by the effect of the radiation itself on the
cells, a fact that undermines the basis for the international standard"
says Prof Korenstein.

Omega: see also http://www.grn.es/electropolucio/omega193.htm

Israeli experiment-genetic damage

An israeli experiment gets some newspaper attention. Though it is in a
little box not many people will notice to, as if it is some kind of a
not very important item, also was discussed on TV in a science programm,
again, in a channel most people don't even have, not to mention look on..

Yediot Ahronot, 5.5.2003
Ryvka Freilich (Health supplement)

A long period exposure to cellular radiation can damage the division of
the hereditary substance, according to the findings of Prof Rafi
Korenstein in an experiment in Tel Aviv university which was presented
in a fair of medical research in the medical department in the

The study examined how immune system human cells react to the radiation
of 830 MHz for 72 hours (with no break). It was found that the radiation
caused damage in the duplication of the hereditary substance which is
created during the cell division process. Lack of stability of the
hereditary substance characterizes the carcinogenic process in the body.

In addition a direct link was found between the radiation level and the
damage in the cell division. The lack of stability of the hereditary
substance was found already in radiation power level which is 30% higher
than the international standard level. The standard is based on the
assumption that the damage in the exposure to high level radiation is
because of heat but the experiment shows that the genetic damages are
not correlated to cell heating.

"The cell damage is caused by the effect of the radiation itself on the
cells, a fact that undermines the basis for the international standard"
says Prof Korenstein. Yet, he emphesizes that it is a primary study, and
that from examining the radiation effect on the cells in a cell culture
it cannot be concluded directly to the radiation effect on the human
body cells during the exposure.

The link to the study-


New study says mobile phones are safe
EXCLUSIVE | By Eamonn Duff
July 20 2003

This story was found at:

Informant: Dr. Miguel Muntané

Comments on the 60 Minutes program

Dear Don

Your comments on the 60 minutes TV program regarding mobile phone
telephony,( Sun. 20th July 2003) were most welcome. We offer our
comments here for consideration.

The results of the mobile phone health study conducted at St Vincent's
hospital in Sydney, can only be described as a resounding disappointment
for those people waiting for confirmation of the more believable and
realistic results of studies such as those of Professors Kjell Mild and
Lennart Hardell of Sweden.

In the 60 Minutes program interview, Dr Peter French said that he could
not understand how his Swedish colleagues can see the effects that they
claim, effects which have prompted them to warn that there is a risk to
human health form exposure to the RFR from mobile phones and household
cordless phones.

Dr French's earlier studies also revealed sufficient evidence to cause
him to view the use of mobile phones with caution and to counsel others
to follow suit.

Now we are told that the latest Australian study does not concur with
the earlier findings and are led to believe that there is not the same
need for caution as the earlier studies indicated.

We might ask, how does the latest Australian study differ from the
earlier studies and the Swedish studies that such divergent outcomes are
produced ?

As Liz Hayes points out - that when asked - there is no one who will
say that the mobile phone is risk ñ free. This in our view should be
reason enough to treat these devices with extreme caution.

Some researchers advise that children under 16 years, pregnant women
and nursing mothers should not use mobile and cordless phones at all.
Young adults should use them for emergencies only. Our endorsement of
these precautions is based on reports from people who have experienced
ill effects from RFR exposure from mobile telephony.

Betty Venables, Co-ordinator EMR Safety Network-international


I have received the Peter French/Alan Blood paper that Dr. French
discussed in the 60 Minutes program and it highlights the differences
that are sometimes reported in the popular media compared to the actual
conclusions in scientific papers.

As stated in the paper conclusions: "The experiments need to be carried
out at higher SARS, up to the ICNIRP limit of [4.2 - indistinct on my
copy] W/kg. before conclusions regarding effects of mobile phone use on
human cells can be made."

TV statement by Dr. French: " It certainly provides some comfort that
the risk of adverse health effects from mobile phone use is likely to be
very low, if at all."


Informant: Don Maisch

Message from and dialogue with an electrosensitive from South Africa

Sorry for the late reply but I have just spent 2 days in bed with a head
cold. So here's answering your question about how I got involved in ES issues.

I'm electrosensitive and have become sensitised due to overexposure to
radiation (500m from cell tower and 17m from substation (60Hz)). My
condition was misdiagnosed for many (+10) years; finally I diagnosed it myself.

I now live 4-5 km from the nearest cell tower and even that is not far
enough as I still suffer from sleeplessness, physical weakness on
exertion, fatigue and tinnitus. I get other symptoms as well if the cell
tower company increases the density of their radiation. (I have
eliminated 60 Hz radiation by using mainly gas and by moving to an
isolated area.)

The harmfulness of EMR & RF radiation is not well known in South Africa,
so I tried setting up an electro-sensitive support group but with little
response. When I am better settled after my move (the 2nd one in one
year), I will try re-advertising again, perhaps in more popular
publications. But it is difficult to find the energy to devote to
helping other people when you yourself have only sufficient energy to
survive by earning a living (at least I can still do that) and looking
after yourself when you get home. And this is where the cell tower
companies have us.

If I had the energy I used to have, I would be able to do so much more.
I might have to wait until I retire (in 7 years) before I can devote all
my time to it. I get angry with the way cell tower managers torture
innocent people because torture through deliberate ignorance is exactly
what they are doing. At the moment I concentrate on keeping up with the
info on this website and printing all relevant info so that anyone who
wishes to, can borrow the info from me and read it.

I've read all about the fight that the community in Israel are having
with their government and am very grateful to you for posting all that
info on this website and congratulate you for getting involved. Thanks
once again for the references to good books on the subject.

Best wishes


Answer from Iris Atzmon (excerpt)

Hi Dorothy,

"Add South Africa to the list of countries where wireless phone users
have charged that microwave radiation from their phones made them sick.
On December 17, businessman Terry Hutchings of Pretoria sued Vodac and
M-Tel contending that his brain cancer was caused by mobile phone use.
M-Tel is South Africa's largest wireless carrier, and Vodac markets
cellular phones. Both companies are based in Johannesburg.

'I have had a cell phone since the day the networks switched them on',
Hutchings told the Sunday Times of Johannesburg (December 27), adding
that he used his phone 'a few hours a month'. Surgeons removed a
malignant tumor last summer, and Hutchings, who is 47, now expects to
live five more years at most.

His suit seeks 2.5 million Rand (approximately US$400,000) for personal
injury and 500 million Rand (US$80 million) to pay for public warnings
on wireless health hazards and to compensate others 'who have adversely
affected' by cellular phones."

I hope you don't have a microwave oven - it changes the chemistry of the
food and makes it toxic.

Info in South africa - the information is always the problem that
prevents the people to understand what's going on, that's the real
problem, but with some creativity we can think of some way to break it.

The thing is that lack of knowledge is agressively promoted, with the
ignorane as the final purpose, and they keep using this ignorance of
people. Once you give the people the force of knowledge this will
change, we just have to think of some ways to reach them.

I don't believe in a change from anywhere else but the people, not the
government - not the european parliament - even with all the science
they will have because they are so drunk with the "holy value"- money.

Kofi Anan from the EU ignored a petition from 65 organization for people
who are hurt from the radiation in Europe, dozens of scientists and
private peple. They sent 10 kg of signatures and material but no one
wanted to pass him the petition and when he received it, someone else
answered for him only after several months (better later than
never?...) with the answer that the ICNIRP which is the international
committee for protection of non-ionizing radiation - is no less than a
private club that is not under any authority (but it's industry people
who control our lives).

How I got involved, detailed: ....
A year earlier from now I was a total ignorant about the whole subject
of the EMF. But it looked very suspicious to me that the cellular
companies bent the government not to inform people when they put
antennas near their house - as a law order. Then they duplicated the
radiation level without telling anyone until it was exposed in the
newspaper, and they made tiny tiny antennas. That told me - this must
be SO bad if they choose to impose it.

They probably know that no one will want it if he knows what it does.
But what does it do? I didn't know. I only knew I couldn't concentrate
every time I see a huge antennas site in front of me ("good" people call
it "electrophobia"), I was very worried about the health impact it might
have. I decided to look on the internet but I didn't know any researcher
name and nothing but "cellular phones dangers" - I didn't find anything
but the english Stewart report which is very, "no meat no milk"- in
hebrew it's for something that doesn't have a smell or taste or

But I looked for the bad news. I looked for proofs about cancer.
Interestingly enough, when you search for health dangers of cellular
phones as a layperson, what pops up first in Yahoo is all the industry
info (the "no problem" info). And it's not just me- other people I
talked to, and even a lawyer who wanted to represent his nighbourhood
which received a "present" over 1 night - 4 cell towers in front of them
- didn't find anything about the dangers...strange isn't it?

I had the luck to travel to England, by chance to buy an excellent
magazine (www.theecologist.co.uk) by chance to find there an article
about cellular phones. at last some hint...

I don't know how you found this EMF list, but I wouldn't know about it
also in 20 years if I didn't have some help... and if I wouldn't buy
this magazine in England.

In my country you won't find info. It's "classified"....and also people
are one of the 3 countries most addicted to cell phones. In Israel, for
every 1000 people - 900 have cellular phone, by the last world report,
but not only that - there are many people with several cell phones, they
can go to a store and buy 4 cell phones. Does it looks like peanuts?...

I don't have a cell phone, it looks to me like madness to have a cell
phone...but of course the "normal" people don't think so.

Yes, we are very electronic. I am afraid about it because Israel is so
small and hurting the people can ruin the country in the longer run. I
hope it doesn't sound too dramatic but in my head it looks realistic
after reading about this radiation dangers and seeing how many people
use it non stop.

But of course it's not just Israel. The world population is in such a
huge risk.

Anyway I started reading huge quantities of material like a maniac this
year, and I am in another place completely now compared to last July...
I found to to my amazement what I hadn't dreamt in my wildest dreams
about how dangerous this radiation is.

I had thought about cancer but I found out it destroys the body in every
way possible and in every level.

Anyway that "journey" taught me so much about our government, about the
world "health" bodies, "regulation" bodies, people who call themselves
"experts" and exploit the people like an old cigarette, and that's how
it became clear to me that all this party on our expense will not end as
long as the people will be ignorant about this subject.

All the best

Gene Therapy Risks Exposed

O.T. themes:

Petition to Stop U.S. Push for Nuclear War

While the media feasts on the fingerpointing in DC, the potential for
nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, and beyond, grows every day. This
crisis and the policies that have brought it about need our immediate
attention, if we are to prevent nuclear war.

The following petition can be printed out and signatures collected at
events and on the street. We working on getting it into an online form,
and would welcome help with this. It would be great if moveon or
voice4change would pick it up.

Please distribute it as widely as you can. For now it is a consciousness
raising tool, and we hope it will focus the peace movement.

Carol Wolman, for the Peace Action Group of Mendocino, CA

Find the text of the Petition here:

STOP THE PRESSES by Eric Alterman

Timeline: Dr David Kelly

Iraq dossier row: the key figures

Democrat Eyes Potential Grounds for Bush Impeachment

Informant: EarthForceUnited

We Can Handle The Truth

Troops accused of torture

Toughen Patriot Act, Ashcroft says

The 16 words weren't just a data point

What the Senate doesn't want to learn about Iraq

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Please paste in news letter a few times a week for a few months if


Dr. Rebecca Carley is one of the most dedicated, respected, and upright
women I know. She has been a guest lecturer at international conferences
on the subject of the dangers of vaccines. She is deserving of your support.

She is fighting this battle for all of us. In retaliation, NYS
government has come down as hard on her as they can. Anything you may be
able to do to help her will be remembered by many.

Ron Loeber

----- Original Message -----
From: Drcarley1@aol.com
To: List Deleted
Sent: Monday, July 14, 2003 8:27 PM
Subject: Dr Carley's medical license suspended by Medical Mafia

Please be advised that as of 7/11/03, my medical license has been
suspended for a year followed by 4 years probation for "practicing
medicine with a mental illness; said mental illness being the "delusion"
that there is a conspiracy against me. I have been ordered to undergo
"psychiatric treatment" for one year. (I will put as much of the 40 page
decision [which is 90% misinformation such as saying my son is in foster
care] as I can on my website by the end of the week). They admit that no
complaints have ever been filed regarding my treatment of patients. I
have also been ordered to release all of the records on my patients, [so
they can hunt the children down and catch them up on their vaccines].

I will now be a wholistic practitioner doing iridology and counseling
patients on detoxification techniques available over the counter.
However, I will not be able to write prescriptions, order diagnostic
tests, and most importantly, I will not be able to write medical
exemptions. I am sure that the exemptions I have written will be deemed
null and void.

20 years ago, when this was done to Dr. Revisci, his PATIENTS brought an
action against the medical board for depriving them of a unique
treatment available no where else. His patients won, and his license was

Although I will be bringing my own artice 78 proceeding in my case, I am
convinced that the fastest and most likely to succeed strategy is for
the patients/supporters/potential patients to bring their own suit.
Jennifer Grinberg (516-798-7642) will be organizing this effort to
restore the license of the only court qualified expert in VIDS in the country.

It is time for people to do more than "feel sorry" for me, it's time for
ACTION! Since the only people I can NOT write exemptions for are my son
& I, I will not be affected.

However, if nothing is done, when they come to your door and with that
Smallpox/SARS or whatever vaccine and your exemption is deemed invalid,
get ready to roll up your sleeve or go to the quarantine camps as per
the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act (already passed in NYS).

I have given all I can; the only thing left for them to take from me is
my mind (with psychiatric drugs). I await the response of those who I
have served.

In Service to the TRUTH, I Remain, Dr. Rebecca


Informant: John Mecca

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