* International Commitee on Electromagnetic Safety - EMF-provisions answer from the WHO - 'Undemocratic' planning laws criticised - Protests against mobile masts - Lighting/Shift work and Breast Cancer (23/7/03)

International Commitee on Electromagnetic Safety June, 8-9,2001

Please send to all far and wide, ask that all and any reviewing it
follow up by searching for names inside and associated search phrases
for it content; this seems to me to be a premier smoking gun. The
audacity of the seemingly dispassionate references to experimental
victims reaches an issue that they are just cattle being used to fine
tune weapons.

Hot item save on disc. Confront the issue of condemnation by sending
this document to news sources.

Contains apparent official doc as to experimenting on us currently.
Mentioning that within months of 2001 info on the effects on the heart
will be gathered.


Informant: John Mecca

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EMF-provisions answer from the WHO

Dear Mr. Scheingraber,

I agree that laboratory studies of Electric and Magnetic fields do not
represent the situation one encounters in the environment, both with
respect to the orientation of the fields as well as the impacts of
previous exposures. In addition it may be that these laboratory studies
use doses that are too low to demonstrate an effect at a statistically
significant level.

To address this WHO advocates the undertaking of a cohort study of such
size as to demonstrate any effect with statistical reliability. In
addition we propose a wide array of laboratory studies designed with
particular concern for the use of the results in human health risk
assessments. These studies are outlined in our 2003 Research Agenda
available at our website, www.who.int/emf.

We do not preclude the possible interaction of different fields or the
overlay of previous exposures to biological and chemical hazards.
However, laboatory studies designed to uncover these issues are
extremely difficult to undertake and it appears that the best chance for
resolution of these issues lies in careflully controlled epidemioloc studies.

Finally, we have invited comments on approaches to protect public health
through use of precautinary principle when the data for an adverse
health outcome are uncertain. Our draft proposal is also on our website.

Yours truly

Lawrence Goldstein, PhD

Undemocratic' planning laws criticised

BBC NEWS England Oxfordshire

Utility companies do not have to seek planning permission

Plans to build new telephone masts in Oxford have prompted a campaign to
change the planning law. Oxford City Council bosses say it is
"undemocratic" that private utility companies are allowed to bypass
planning controls.

Under current legislation, private utility firms have permitted
development rights, which allow them to select sites for new masts
without seeking council planning permission.

In Oxford, Network Rail recently planned to install three 30 metre
telecommunications masts in Wolvercote, Cowley and at Oxford Station.
But after the city council put forward the concerns of local residents,
the firm has announced a number of new sites instead.

Local rights

Council leader councillor Alex Hollingsworth, has now written to
planning minister Keith Hill asking him to urgently review planning
Mr Hollingsworth said: "All private companies have to seek planning
permission from the council for most of their developments, except for
private utility companies.

"I fail to see why they should have the right to make decisions for
themselves and stop the public and the council from scrutinising their

"We are determined to overturn this undemocratic law and we are
campaigning for the right of local people to have their say on new

The council is currently looking at the new sites proposed by Network Rail.



Protests against mobile masts

BBC NEWS England Devon News in brief

Three new applications for mobile phone masts in Exeter are being
opposed by local people.

The highest number of objections relate to an application by T-mobile to
put a 15 metre-high mast behind the Texaco filling station in Western Way.

There are also applications to put a mobile phone mast behind the Shell
Garage in Topsham Road and on Blackboy roundabout.

Planning officers are recommending approval in each case, saying similar
applications have been allowed on appeal and it would be difficult to
defend refusal in these cases.


Informant: Robert Riedlinger

Lighting / Shift work and Breast Cancer

Dear Don,

I am not sure if anyone has sent this to you yet. The British Health and
Safety Executive (who we have problems with re monitoring base station
emission) commissioned a critical review of shift work and breast cancer.

It concludes that there could be "potential mechanism" between shift
work and breast cancer because if altered light exposure at night (strip
lighting) on levels of melatonin or other hormones that might affect cancer.

Professor Anthony Swerdlow from the Institute of Cancer Reseach, who
carried out the study, stated: "There is no doubt that exposure to
artificial light decreases the level of melatonin". Having just read the
report of the disappointing "60 Minutes" Dr French programme I think the
circumstances of the "shift work / breast cancer" study is relevant.
Claims that shift work could lead to breast cancer first emerged in
Britain in 1987 although subsequent studies have failed to establish a
definitive link. With 2 million British women in shift work and at risk,
this "official study" confirms that there is a link, after 16 years.

With all this concern on brain tumours I think there is a far greater
risk to women from mobile phone use/base station emissions and breast


With best wishes,
Yasmin Skelt
Chorleywood, England

Message from Don Maisch

O.T. themes:

Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction:
Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense?


Mysterious Diseases Haunt U.S. Troops In Iraq

Informant: edandbunkie

Communities shun Patriot Act
Washington Times

"About 165 communities nationwide have passed resolutions condemning
the USA Patriot Act. But one little city in northern California has
taken its opposition a step further, making it a misdemeanor for city
employees to cooperate in enforcing the federal antiterrorism measure.
In March, Arcata officials set down a $57 fine for those who don't
'promptly notify the city manager' if federal law-enforcement
authorities contact them seeking help in an investigation, interrogation
or arrest under the provisions of the act." (07/21/03)

Report outlines Patriot Act rights violations

Liberty Action of the Week - Stop supermarket surveillance cards and
RFID technology


White House steps up damage control

Bush warns Syria, Iran on terrorism

Approaching imperial overstretch

Casualties of "victory"

How goes the occupation? Ask the Iraqi people

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Crime and the Cover-Up

Dr Kelly's Final Hours Did Not Indicate Suicide

Informant: George Paxinos

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