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N.Z. best for EHS patients' Human Rights?

Hi Klaus:

We are well aware that frequently worldwide EHS patients are
misdiagnosed as psychotic and in a number of instances are "sectioned"
(placed involuntarily in psychiatric facilities). This appalling medical
practice/abuse would cease if there were legally protected patients
rights in individual countries.

Last night I read a short text entitled "Consent: Bridging the Gap
between Doctor and Patient" (Cork U Press, 2002, ISBN 1 85918 275 5) by
Professor Mary Donnelly (Law Faculty, University College Cork) where
this fact was made abundantly clear to me.

New Zealand leads in patient orientated rights. These are spelt out in
its "Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights" of 1996,
and, most importantly, this code has the legislative force of N.Z.'s
1994 "Health and Disability Commissioner Act."

Ms. Donnelly notes: "The [N.Z.] code, which refers to 'consumers' of
healthcare services rather than patients, sets out ten rights accorded
to consumers.

Among these rights are
- the right to respect;
- the right to effective communication;
- the right to be fully informed;
- the right to make an informed choice and to give informed consent.

The existence of these rights imposes corresponding duties on healthcare
and disability service providers. They must take reasonable actions in
the circumstances to give effect to the consumers' rights. . .." (pp. 72-73)

This N.Z. charter would appear to protect the interests of EHS patients
very well indeed: with such protective legislation for patients the
chances of patients presenting with EHS symptoms being snap-judged as
psychotic and over-hastily shooed into psychiatric facilities would
end--the law would insist it would end.

The N.Z. code can be accessed at: www.hdc.org.nz while the status of
patients' rights worldwide can be viewed at:  http://tinyurl.com/78nve

 Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.



I did read your web page and the ''WEAKER AND WEAKER FIELDS PRODUCE

This is not only reality but there are more. Not only low powered
microwaves produces biological effects but low powered medium waves also
produces biological effects when there are the suitable conditions of
the resonance. It is not necessary to use high power transmission. It is
sufficient to use very low power transmission when the special
parameters (resonance) are perfectly applied.

In this condition also we can avoid the every type of the side effects.
Since more than 30 years I did work about this matter. With the clinical
applications of the this low powered medium waves in the treatment of
the physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications obtained very good
results. I send to you some example in attacment (14 files). Application
parameters should be suitable, othervise, it is not possible to obtain
result which we wanted and also it will produce some side effects. If
any body interest the scientific information about this matter, they can
contact me by e-mail. gorgun@ultratv.net

With my best regards.



Clifford E Carnicom
Jan 19 2003

The presence of ambient Extremely Low Frequency Radiation (ELF) waves
has again been verified. This data has the remarkable property of being
of geometric form, with the frequencies occurring almost exclusively as
multiples of 4 Hz. It appears reasonable to conclude that the
frequencies being captured are likely of artificial design with an
undeclared purpose. The human brain operates primarily within the same
range of frequencies that are repeatedly being recorded. The graph
above shows the unusual nature of this data; the Y axis of the graph
shows the measured frequencies in Hz (cycles per second) and the Y axis
shows the number of observations at one per second (total of 1000).
Each dot represents a single observation; the structure of the data is
readily apparent.

The graph shows, therefore, ELF frequencies commonly being recorded at
12, 16, 20, 24. 28, 32, 36, and 40 cycles per second. Previous research
also shows that this frequency list minimally includes the additional
frequencies of 2, 4 and 8 Hz.

The current work is the result of an original circuit that has been
designed to detect ELF waves using a series of operational amplifiers in
conjunction with a high inductance coil. This circuit has developed from
an original design project combined with certain experimental
modifications during construction that have led to a device of
extraordinary sensitivity. The 60Hz signal from the power line
infrastructure is easily detectable with this newer circuit. The circuit
is also sensitive enough to detect and register the electromagnetic
presence of a person from several feet away from within the same room
that the circuit is housed.

The specific source, intent and effect of these radiations remains
unspecified at this time. As a topic of additional research, it is well
documented within the HAARP literature that ELF production that results
from the pulsing of the ionosphere with high frequency radiation is an
application of importance. ELF propagation has the property of
traversing extensive distances over the globe due to the extremely long
wavelengths involved. Earth penetration and subsurface communication
applications are also major uses of ELF propagation. The role of a
modified atmosphere (refer to previous discussions on the plasma
frequency) resulting from the introduction of massive amounts of
electrically conductive particulate matter must be considered in
conjunction with these disturbing findings.

Six significant effects or mechanisms of ELF radiation upon human health
have been identified through initial research on this topic, including
but not limited to:
1. human mental functioning, influence and control
2. disruption of cellular metabolism
3. suppression of the immune system
4. genetic modification and/or DNA effects
5. influence upon free radical formation
6. cyclotronic resonance

The particular circuit that has been developed and that remains under
investigation will be presented in detail at a later time when time
permits. The general conceptual design is that of a high inductance coil
being used in conjunction with a series of operational amplifiers in
combination with a frequency meter.

Although these frequencies have now been detected through three
completely independent methods (two operational amplifier circuits and
one coil-capacitor resonant circuit in combination with a gaussmeter),
it has remained difficult to develop sufficient sensitivity to log the
data reliably.

A most unexpected and unusual result of the current work is the role
that the human being can assume in the detection of these frequencies.
It has been found that the human organism, acting in conjunction with
the primary large inductance coil (antenna) of the circuit, provides
sufficient amplification to the signal to allow reliable detection and
logging of the data. That is to say, if a human runs a wire in parallel
from the skin to the inductor lead, the geometric form of these
frequencies is easily detected. It appears, therefore, that the human
being acts in some sort of resonant or amplification capacity with this
particular circuit. The effect upon health and or mental functions
exists as a primary topic of inquiry. This research is in the early
stages and will require additional investigation; it may be that
alternative antennas may be able to provide this same result. The
interplay between the human species, the dominant frequencies of the
human brain, and the detection of this geometric form of ELF radiation
would appear to be of much concern at this point.

Professionals knowledgeable in all fields related to these findings are
again asked to contribute their services on behalf of the public
welfare. Citizens are again asked to seek full accountability and
disclosure on the issues that have been raised within this report.

Clifford E Carnicom



Aerosol Operations Message Board - Top Level

Chemtrails: Cloud of Death

CACTUS (Citizens Against Chemtrails U.S.)



See also:

Below is an exchange of yesterday, with a friend about chemtrails, from
me here in Hausen am Albis, ten miles south of Zürich, and himself, in
central Switzerland.


From: George Paxinos
To: The Musician
Date: Monday, July 14, 2003 13:06
Subject: Rere: Recommended

the other evening there were around a full dozen heavy parallel trails
that seemed to be getting bigger instead of dissolving, running roughly
SE-NW, perhaps 15'000-20'000 feet (estimate).

Yesterday a twin-engined commercial airliner heading roughly 350°-170°
at perhaps 20-25'000 ft, must have been pushing utter sound barrier
borders, never saw a commercial jet going so fast in my life, and sound came down
indicating position almost 40° behind current one, definite contrail
lasting several minutes over entire arc of sky it traversed, but
uncertain whether it was a chemtrail or not, tho it lasted a while but
did not spread out like the others did, nor endure as long.

Also yesterday on bearing due south from me over the RIGI, running at
right-angles to my view, i.e, W-E, what looked like at least two large,
dark, well-defined chemtrails intertwining (!) in the vertical plane over
the mountains, likely in the updrafts, and showing dark brown (!) in the
evening light, persisting certainly more than one hour until it was
completely dark.


From: The Musician
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 11:55:10 +0200
To: George Paxinos
Subject: Re: Recommended

At 11:24 14.07.2003 +0200, you wrote:

I think you might find this of interest!


Thanks for the link.

There have been more and more sprayings in this area of late (although
not every day). Thick white streams cross the sky gradually 'dissolving'
and forming pseudo-cirrus clouds. Of course, nobody has taken the time
to look up [they're all driving around in cars here]. You'll agree that
normally with extremely hot weather, there is not a cloud in sight. It
must be in the jetfuel of commercial airliners.


[central Switzerland]

ps: maybe it's Swiss, trying to buy themselves some extra cash!

In addition to: Multi-Purpose HAARP and HOW A CHUNK OF IONOSPHERE WAS
in EMF-Omega-News
The informant was: B Gallagher

Books on EMR

Books: All of them I got through Amazon (I live in Israel).

Cellular phones: "Cellular telephones russian roulette" by Robert Kane-
amazing book. He is ex Motorola enginner but he got brain cancer so he
sues Motorola. This book reveals many secrets of Motorola and the
industry in general, what they hide from the public about the damages of
the cellular phones. Very sharply/ witty written.

Two books by B. Blake Levitt: She has a book about electromagnetic
radiation - consumer guide. It covers biological damages and more. She
has another one about Cell Towers.

There is "Watt's the Buzz" by Lyn Mclean also good one.

A researcher that has done a breakthrough in this subject and found
biological non thermal damages back in the 60's- "Cross Currents" Robert
Becker- covers damages, electromagnetics in medicine, the mechanism
(resonance), and more. Good also for the layperson.


Most U.S. Industry Giants Ignoring Global Warming


Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification


As a result...

Dear Sir

As Chief of Operations and Director be advised that we are immediately
putting you on notice that ®CANADIAN Environmental Science and Research
Group will challenge your Weather Modification claims and also be
advised that we will notify all governing international bodies, that
scientific evidence subject to scrutiny by the community must be
submitted for such claims produced on your Web Site noted as
http://twm.co.nz .

A copy of this message will be sent to the United Nations Directorate for the
Environment and NASA. Finally, be advised if you do not withdraw such
claims from your web site our Legal Department will be notified in
regards to representation to the Canadian Federal Government in respect
to such claims and require a hearing before the International Court of
Justice, Peace Palace 2517 KJ The Hague The Netherlands.

Chief of Operations and Field Research
Robert Tye, B Sc., Hon. Sc.,
Professor of Law and Sciences

®CANADIAN Environmental Science and Research Group


Informant: Sky Watcher

Dr Carley's medical license suspended

Please paste in news letter a few times a week for a few months if possible


Dr. Rebecca Carley is one of the most dedicated, respected, and upright
women I know. She has been a guest lecturer at international conferences
on the subject of the dangers of vaccines. She is deserving of your support.

She is fighting this battle for all of us. In retaliation, NYS government
has come down as hard on her as they can. Anything you may be able to do
to help her will be remembered by many.

Ron Loeber

----- Original Message -----
From: Drcarley1@aol.com
To: List Deleted
Sent: Monday, July 14, 2003 8:27 PM
Subject: Dr Carley's medical license suspended by Medical Mafia

Please be advised that as of 7/11/03, my medical license has been
suspended for a year followed by 4 years probation for "practicing
medicine with a mental illness; said mental illness being the "delusion"
that there is a conspiracy against me. I have been ordered to undergo
"psychiatric treatment" for one year. (I will put as much of the 40 page
decision [which is 90% misinformation such as saying my son is in foster
care] as I can on my website by the end of the week). They admit that no
complaints have ever been filed regarding my treatment of patients. I
have also been ordered to release all of the records on my patients, [so
they can hunt the children down and catch them up on their vaccines].

I will now be a wholistic practitioner doing iridology and counseling
patients on detoxification techniques available over the counter.
However, I will not be able to write prescriptions, order diagnostic
tests, and most importantly, I will not be able to write medical
exemptions. I am sure that the exemptions I have written will be deemed
null and void.

20 years ago, when this was done to Dr. Revisci, his PATIENTS brought an
action against the medical board for depriving them of a unique treatment
available no where else. His patients won, and his license was restored.
Although I will be bringing my own artice 78 proceeding in my case, I am
convinced that the fastest and most likely to succeed strategy is for the
patients/supporters/potential patients to bring their own suit. Jennifer
Grinberg (516-798-7642) will be organizing this effort to restore the
license of the only court qualified expert in VIDS in the country.

It is time for people to do more than "feel sorry" for me, it's time for
ACTION! Since the only people I can NOT write exemptions for are my son
& I, I will not be affected.

However, if nothing is done, when they come to your door and with that
Smallpox/SARS or whatever vaccine and your exemption is deemed invalid,
get ready to roll up your sleeve or go to the quarantine camps as per
the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act (already passed in NYS).

I have given all I can; the only thing left for them to take from me is
my mind (with psychiatric drugs). I await the response of those who I
have served.

In Service to the TRUTH, I Remain, Dr. Rebecca


Informant: John Mecca

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