* Visual demo of effects when EHS is misdiagnosed as psychosis - Industry Canada Tower Review - Re: Why Changes in AM Field strength Winter/Summer - Antennas Get Smart - Struggle in Berkeley, CA - O.T. themes (11/7/03)

Image 1. Spring 1997
Image 2. Now

Visual demo of effects...

Hi Klaus

In the juxtaposed images below you see how I looked during Spring of 1997 when I was suffering severe reactions to the antipsychotic
medication I was medically ordered to take and a slot machine image of me taken yesterday. I think this visual evidence points up how shocking it is to misdiagnose patients presenting with EHS symptoms as psychotics.

On commencement of the anti-psychotic medication, I have a photo that
shows I looked just a younger version of how I appear now.

You are welcome to post it for all.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland.

Industry Canada Tower Review

Klaus to further remind you and your subscibers, there is a Tower Review
Committee that is accepting information from people regarding tower
placements. I would really like to see all that feel they are affected
and also those that feel that local government should have more
control,write in their suggestions,complaints.They need not live in
Canada antenna@unb.ca

I have information that they are setting up a review panel for August
and September to look at electromagnetic sensitivity and misdiagnoses. I
will let you know when I have conformation. Regards Robert Riedlinger

Allan Rock Announces National Antenna Tower Policy Review Committee

OTTAWA, March 28, 2003 - Allan Rock, Minister of Industry, today
announced the appointment of the National Antenna Tower Review
Committee. The Committee, consisting of municipal officials, as well as
industry, health and academic experts, will be chaired by
David A. Townsend, Professor of Law at the University of New Brunswick.

"New, modern procedures for placing antenna towers must embrace
community involvement and expand the economic and social benefits of
wireless, broadcast and wireless broadband technologies across Canada,"
said Minister Rock. "The national antenna tower review will ensure that
the voices of Canadians are heard in the development of those
procedures. I look forward to receiving the results of the public
consultation and the Chair's recommendations to ensure a fair, balanced
antenna tower policy for the future."

The other municipal officials, and industry, health and academic experts
on the Committee are: Rod Dobell, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy at
the University of Victoria; Mary McBride, an epidemiologist at the
British Columbia Cancer Agency; Frank Leonard, Mayor of Saanich, British
Columbia; Nick Makale, Chair of the City of Calgary's Telecommunication
Ad Hoc Committee; Roger Poirier, Executive Director of the Wireless
Information Resource Centre and President of RBP Associates;
Christine Racine, urban planning consultant in Montréal; and
William (Bill) Rowat, President of the Railway Association of Canada.
In recent years, the public's demand for broadcast and wireless services
has caused a substantial increase in infrastructure, including the
number of antenna towers being erected across Canada. The rules
governing these towers fall under the Radiocommunication Act, which is
administered by Industry Canada.

Professor Townsend and the Committee will consult with citizens,
communities and companies on improvements in the policy and siting
procedures for antenna tower placement. This review will examine issues,

-How can the local consultation process regarding the siting of a
specific tower be improved?
-What are the most appropriate time frames for the processes of
approving and resolving debates surrounding specific tower placements?
-What means are available to readily identify whether proposed
installations may create radiofrequency fields in excess of established
exposure limits in areas where people live and work?
-What information would most benefit concerned members of the public and
how should it be provided?
-How and to what extent can tower sharing be utilized in order to reduce
the total number of towers?
-Can protocols be arranged between local land-use authorities and
antenna proponents regarding the planning and siting of antenna
structures, visual guidelines and dispute resolution mechanisms?

A backgrounder concerning the antenna tower policy review process is
attached, as is biographical information on the Chair and Committee
members. Individuals or organizations wishing to make a submission to
the review can send their comments to antenna@unb.ca or fax the Antenna
Consultation Office at (506) 453-4548.
For more information, please contact:
Selena Beattie
Office of Allan Rock
Minister of Industry
(613) 995-9001
Media Relations
Industry Canada
(613) 943-2502

National Antenna Tower Policy Review
Current procedures used to determine tower placements
Environment - Industry Canada requires that all proposals be compliant
with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act to ensure that an
installation will have no significant adverse environmental effects.
Radiofrequency fields - Industry Canada sets the requirements for the
safety of radiocommunication equipment in Canada. For this purpose,
Industry Canada had adopted the radiofrequency emission limits outlined
in Health Canada's Safety Code 6 guidelines. All radiocommunication
devices must meet this safety standard.

Land use consultations - The Department has instituted land-use
consultation processes to ensure that municipalities and other land-use
authorities are made aware of proposed installations prior to
construction. Once a particular municipality is informed of a proposal,
it should have 30 days to make its views known and another 90 days to
consult with citizens. Parties are encouraged to work together to
prepare solutions that minimize community impact, including sharing
existing antenna structures where possible.

Aeronautical obstruction clearance - Industry Canada requires proponents
to ensure their towers are first reviewed by Transport Canada to ensure
they pose no hazard to air navigation.

Specific issues which may guide the consultation
-Improving the local consultation process regarding the siting of a
specific tower to reduce the incidence of surprise, which can accompany
the construction of new antenna towers.
-Defining the most appropriate time frames for the processes of
approving and resolving debates surrounding specific tower placements.
-Determining the best means available to readily identify whether a
proposed installation may create radiofrequency fields in excess of
established exposure limits in areas where people live and work.
-Determining the most useful and helpful information and the best means
of providing it to concerned members of the public.
-Assessing how and to what extent towers can be shared in order to
reduce their total number.
-Establishing the best protocols for local land-use authorities and
antenna proponents that embrace the planning and siting of antenna
structures, visual guidelines and dispute-resolution mechanisms.

Date Modified: 2003-03-28 (excerpt)


Re: Why Changes in AM Field strength Winter/Summer


field strength from any transmitter will vary with changes in the
electromagnetic environment. Put simply the amount of water in soil,
state of vegitation in it's growing season, even level in a near by lake
will effect it and remember at the bottom end of the Medium Wave (MF) a
wave is 550 meters long, at the top end 200 meters, and in general
anything within 10 wave lengths is very relivent (i.e 3.5 miles)!.

Another major effect is enhanced skywave reflection in winter. A station
up to 2000 miles away on a winter's night can effect measurements due
to strong ionosperic reflection by the "D" layer.

This is well known to broadcast engineers who have to make their
ajustments when local and remote signals in the "Medium wave" reach a
minimum. When conducting ajustments on Radio Caroline the famed
off-shore so called "PIRATE" radio on 1332 Khz we had to wait to 3 am
local time when most of the East Europeans closed down.

In the same way with a specal "low angle" folded monapole it was
possable to put a signal into the English North East Coast (Newcastel
Middelsbrough Hull etc) which totaly drowned out a local goverment run
station runing 5Kw PEP and also (by skywave, at night) an east European
Soviet station 3000 miles away running 100Kw.

Our output never exeeded 20 Kilowatts due to power limitations of our
generators. So just because you are measuring a power level is not to
say it is from any given structure.

Again a passive structure "tuned" to a given frequency will tend even if
"un-powered" to both capture radiation and re-radiate it.

Thus the concept of a "no-radiating" antenna sounds like so much
mis-information. Best regards, dja.

Dave.J.Aldridge,Spirals, Electromagnetic Hazard Consultant, Cloonfane,
Charlestown, Ireland.

ScientificAmerican.com: Antennas Get Smart

Libby, Janet and Omega,

I have just found the cell towers Smart Antennas article in the July
Scientific American magazine. This article is a must for all web sites
and all of the people that want to understand the new and old cell tower
antennas. Please pass this information to all so that everybody can get
the magazine.
Regards Del.

July 2003 issue

By Martin Cooper

Adaptive antenna arrays can vastly improve wireless communications by
connecting mobile users with virtual wires...


Informant: Delbert Parkinson

Struggle with the City Officials and Sprint in Berkeley, CA

Dear Fellows;

Tough times in Berkeley, California. Neighbors are struggling with both
the City Officials and Sprint. Please read more here:


Please write to the following people and ask them to remove the illegal

mayor@ci.berkeley.ca.us (Berkeley Mayor, Mr. Tom Bates)
spring@ci.berkeley.ca.us (Council Member, Dona Spring)
clerk@ci.berkeley.ca.us (City Clerk)

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Major investigative reporting on 12 successful cancer cures and how they
were, step-by-step suppressed

You may be interested to know that a former US politician, Daniel Haley,
with the financial assistance of the Washington-based National
Foundation for Alternative Medicine, spent over 4 years compiling facts
associated with 11 confirmed cancer cures and the elaborate means taken
by various entities in suppressing and manipulating this critical information.
The result of this investigation is a book, The Politics of Healing -
the suppression and manipulation of American Medicine, which remains
privately published at this time.

The book is introduced by Dr. Julian Whitaker, prominent leader in
alternative medicine, who states, "Daniel Haley has written a very
important book about the medical profession, detailing the struggles
between good and evil as no one ever has before. Incredible as
these stories are, they are true!"

The late Ruth Montgomery, best-selling author and well-known former
journalist says: "A hair raising account of how the U.S. government is
blocking promising health improvements, including cancer cures,
that are in competition with our giant pharmaceutical companies. Every
American citizen should be concerned. A frightening and well-researched
scenario on the FDA and its policies of suppression. It seems
unvelievable that this is happening in America!"

Berkley Bedell, former Congressman who originated the idea for the
Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) says: "This book could only have
been written by someone with political experience. Former New York State
Assemblyman Daniel Haley documents the suppression of new medical
treatments if these come from other than conventional sources. I spent
12 years in Congress. Too often, we did not have sufficient facts to
make the right decisions, and certainly not the facts which this book
clearly points out."

Attorney James Turner, Chair of Citizens for Health says: "Money, power,
and the betrayal of the Hippocratic Oath ("First, Do No Harm") could be
the subtitle of this book, now that FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs
are one of the top causes of death in the U.S.. Laws need to be changed
to put an end to this disaster. This book is a powerful wake-up call for
all Americans."

The book describes: The Hoxsey treatment, the Koch formula, Rife
technology, Krebiozen treatment, DMSO, Colostrum, 714-X by Gaston
Naessens, several electromedicine advances by Nobel nominee Dr. Robert
Becker and by Dr. Daniel Kirsch, Hydrazine Sulfate, Dr. Burzynski's
anti-neoplastons and Cesium salt therapy. The book also indicates the
resources available for these therapies.

The 481 page book is available from the PACE, Inc. at
pacenet@canada.com. The cost is US$ 24.95 + $7.00 shipping to the U.S.
and possessions, + $12.00 worldwide. In Canada, the book costs C$ 38.95
+ $7.50
shipping + GST of 7%. VISA/Mastercard/cheque/money orders accepted.

PACE Inc. - 100 Bronson Avenue, Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6G8
Canada. (613) 236-6265.

Omega links:

DEC. 14, 1993:


by David W. Orr**

[Continued from RACHEL'S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH NEWS #766.] See
http://www.grn.es/electropolucio/omega231.htm >>>

What is to be done? To that question there can be no simple or
definitive answer, but I do think there are some obvious places to
begin. The first step requires that we take back public words such as
conservative and patriot, which have been coopted and put to no good or
accurate use. How is it, for example, that the word conservative came to
describe those willing to run irreversible risks with the Earth?
Intending to conserve nothing, they are not conservatives but vandals
now working at a global scale. How have those driving their sport
utility vehicles to the mall, sporting two American flags and a "God
bless America" bumper sticker come to regard themselves as patriots?
They are not moved by authentic patriotism at all, but by self
indulgence. For that matter how has the great and noble word liberal
been demeaned and slandered as the height of political and intellectual
folly? Unable to defend the integrity of words, we cannot defend the
earth or anything else.

The integrity of our common language, however, depends a great deal on
the cultivation of discerning intelligence among the public, and that
requires better education than we now offer. But education has been
whittled down to smaller purposes of passing tests and ensuring large
"lifetime earnings" in some part of the global economy. What passes for
education has become highly technical and specialized, little of which
is aimed to draw out the full human stature of young people. We've
become a nation of specialists and technicians, not broadly educated and
discerning people. Scholars have been too intent on developing
"professional knowledge," arcane theories, and complicated
methodologies, instead of broad knowledge useful to the wider public.
Consequently, fewer and fewer people know history, how the world works
as a physical system, or the rudiments of the constitution, and fewer
have a respectable political philosophy. We are a people ripe for the

This leads to a third point. We do not have an environmental crisis so
much as a political crisis. A great majority of people still wish a
decent and habitable world for their descendants, but those desires are
thwarted by the machinery that ought to connect the popular will to
public decisions but no longer does so. We will have to repair and
perhaps reinvent the institutions of democratic governance for a global
world, and that means dealing with issues that the founders of this
republic did not and could not have anticipated.

The process of political engagement at all levels has become increasingly
Byzantine, confusing, and inaccessible. And in the mass-consumption
society we have all become better consumers than citizens, which is to
say willing participants in our own undoing. The solution, however
difficult, is to reconnect people with the political process and
government at all levels.

Fourth, it is necessary to expose the mythology that surrounds what
Marjorie Kelly calls "the divine rights of capital" and place democratic
controls on corporations and the movement of capital.[1]

We once fought a revolutionary war to establish political democracy in
western societies, but have yet to democratize the workplace and the
ownership of capital. These are still governed by the same illogic of
unquestioned divine right by which monarchies once ruled. The assumption
that corporations are legal persons and thereby beyond effective public
scrutiny, control, or law is foolishness and worse. The latest corporate
scandals are only that, the latest in a recurring pattern of illegality,
self dealing, and political corruption surpassing even that of the
robber baron era. The solution is to enforce corporate charters as
public license to do business on behalf of the public that are revocable
if and when the terms of the charter are violated.

If private ownership is a good thing, it should be widely extended, not
restricted to the superwealthy. By the same logic, we must remove the
corrupting influence of money from politics, beginning with corporate
campaign contributions and the hundreds of billions of dollars of public
subsidies for cars, highways, fossil fuels, and nuclear power that
corrupt the democratic process and public policy.

Fifth, political reform requires an active, engaged, and sometimes
enraged citizenry. An example is the Illinois farmer-citizens who stood
for hours to hear Lincoln and Douglas debate issues of slavery and
sectionalism in 1858. Those debates were full of careful argument,
eloquence, and wit. Those citizens applauded, laughed, and jeered, which
is to say that they followed the flow of argument and heard what was
being said. Later, some died for and because of those same arguments.
They were citizens and were willing to sacrifice a great deal for that
privilege. In our time, while the issues have grown to global scale with
consequences that extend as far into the future as the mind dares to
imagine, political argument is whittled down to sound bites fitted in
between advertisements. The means whereby citizens are informed have
been increasingly monopolized and manipulated. Only half or fewer of
citizens bother to vote. Some believe public apathy and political
incompetence to be good or at least tolerable. I do not. Unless we
reverse course, apathy and incompetence will prove to be the undoing of
democratic government and all that depends on a healthy democracy. The
nature of what will replace it is already evident: an unconstrained and
well-armed managerial plutocracy intent on global plunder.

Sixth, we need a positive strategy that fires the public imagination.
The public, I believe, knows what we are against but not what we are
for. And there are many things that should be stopped, but what should
be started? The answer to that question lies in a more coherent agenda
formed around what is being called ecological design as it applies to
land use, buildings, energy systems, transportation, materials, water,
agriculture, forestry, and urban planning. For three decades and longer
we have been developing the ideas, science, and technological
wherewithal to build a sustainable society. The public knows of these
things only in fragments, but not as a coherent and practical agenda --
indeed the only practical course available. That is the fault of those
in the field of conservation, and we should start now to put a positive
agenda before the public that includes the human and economic advantages
of better technology, integrated planning, coherent purposes, and foresight.

Finally, we should expect far more of our leaders than we presently do.
Never has the need for genuine leadership been greater, and seldom has
it been less evident. We cannot be ruled by ignorant, malicious, greedy,
incompetent, and shortsighted people and expect things to turn out well.
If we are to navigate the challenges of the decades ahead, what E. O.
Wilson calls "the bottleneck," we will need leaders of great stature,
clarity of mind, spiritual depth, courage, and vision.

We need leaders who see patterns that connect us across the divisions of
culture, religion, geography, and time. We need leadership that draws us
together to resolve conflicts, move quickly from fossil fuels to solar
power, reverse global environmental deterioration, and empower us to
provide shelter, food, medical care, decent livelihood, and education
for everyone. We need leadership that is capable of energizing genuine
commitment to old and venerable traditions as well as new visions for a
global civilization that preserves and honors local cultures, economies,
and knowledge.

Imagine a world in which those who purport to lead us must first make a
pilgrimage to ground zero at Hiroshima and publicly pledge "never
again." Imagine a world in which those who purport to lead us must go to
Auschwitz and the Killing Fields and pledge publicly "never again."
Imagine a world in which leaders must go to Bhopal and say to the
victims "We are truly sorry. This will never happen again, anywhere."
Imagine, too, those pilgrim leaders going to hundreds of places where love,
kindness, forgiveness, sacrifice, compassion, wisdom, ecological
ingenuity, and foresight have been evident.

Imagine a world in which those who purport to lead us must help identify
places around the world degraded by human actions and help initiate
their restoration. Some areas might take as long as 1000 years to
restore, such as the Aral Sea, the Harrapan region in India, the forests
of Lebanon, soil fertility in the Middle East, Chesapeake Bay, and the
North Atlantic cod fishery. Imagine a world in which those who intend to
lead help lift our sights above the daily crisis to the far horizon of what could be.

Imagine, too, leaders with the kind of humility demonstrated by Czech
President, Vaclav Havel[2]: "In time I have become a good deal less sure
of myself, a good deal more humble... every day I suffer more and more
from stage fright; every day I am more afraid that I won't be up to the
job... more and more often, I am afraid that I will fall woefully short
of expectations, that I will somehow reveal my own lack of
qualifications for the job, that despite my good faith I will make even
greater mistakes, that I will cease to be trustworthy and therefore lose
the right to do what I do."

Self-described realists will dismiss the idea of better leadership as
muddle-headed. Some will see in it some global conspiracy or another.
Prospective leaders will profess sympathy but say they do not have the
time to improve themselves further. And those least qualified to lead
will pay no attention at all. But it is not up to any of them to
prescribe for us. We are now citizens of the earth joined in a common
enterprise with many variations. We have every right to insist that
those who purport to lead us be worthy of the task.

Imagine such a time! Imagine a time, not far off, when we might all be
on board a train heading north!


* Reprinted from Conservation Biology Volume 17, No. 2, April 2003, pgs.
348-351. The title comes from Peter Montague, Rachel's Environment and
Health News #570 (October 30, 1997) available at www.rachel.org.

** David W. Orr is chairperson of the Environmental Studies
Program at Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH 44074, U.S.A.; E-mail:

[1] Kelly, M. 2001. The divine right of capital. Barrett-Koehler, San Francisco.

[2] Havel, V. 2002. A farewell to politics. The New York Review of Books
24 October, pg. 4.

Greenpeace: Rainbow Warrior is free!
Victory - Rainbow Warrior is free

Today the Rainbow Warrior was released by Spanish Government after 20
days confined to port. A huge thanks to the overwhelming support for all
of you who sent an amazing 33,000 letters to the Spanish Government in
one week asking for the ship's release. Even rock stars and politicians
offered their help. The result: a resounding victory!

While we are very happy that the ship is released but here are some
sobering facts:

In the 20 days the Warrior has been under arrest in Valencia:
Estimated tons of wood imported into the Valencia region: 40,600
Estimated value of wood from illegal sources imported into Spain:
14,410,960 Euros

So we will be getting back to fighting forest destruction.



To find out how you can help.

Thank you again for your support!

An Independence Day Declaration of the People of the United States of
America (excerpt)

We, therefore, the People of the United States of America, appealing to
the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do,
by our own authority as the Governed, solemnly publish and declare that
the Government of these United States be returned to its rightful place
under the jurisdiction of the Governed; that the Government return to
its appropriate place as protector of the People and the Environment
against the special interests of the Corporations with renewed fiscal
responsibility for future generations; that the Government return our
country to its position as protector of liberty and freedom both
domestically and abroad, not through aggression, but through diplomacy,
renewed alliances and leadership; that the Government return to the
Constitutional principles that are the foundation of over two centuries
of successful self-government of these United States of America. And for
the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection
of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our
Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.

Sign it and pass it on!


Blair's Iraq Dossier


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