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Delay Tactic = 5 years.

Re: New Australian research centre: Excellence or Spin?

False investigation?

Delay Tactic = 5 years?.
How many deaths, aborts.......?

Judicial Black plus Investigation Black = 5 years delay and how many deaths?.



1972. Soviet Proof That Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Damage

· Has been requested in Luxembourg the day 24.2.2003 to the European
Commission and to the WHO.

2003. Salford, Persson: 0.002 W/kg (whole body) at 24 microW/cm2
Salford et al Env. Health Persp. On line, Janvier 2003

2002. Tore, Aubineau: 0.5 W/kg (brain average)
Tore, Aubineau et al BEMS 2002

2000. Schirmacher: 0.3 W/kg (cells)
Schirmacher et al Bioelectromagnetics (2000) 21: 338-345

1990-1994. Neubauer: 2 W/kg (brain)
Neubauer et al Bioelectromagnetics (1990) 11:261-268; Radiat Res (1994)

1979. Frey: 75 and 100 microW/cm2 Frey Radio Sci (1979) 14:349-350; J
Bioelectr (1984) 3(1/2):281-292

1977 US army scientists had succeeded in duplicating the Soviet

1972 Soviets scientists used mobile phone radiation to cause brain

Soviet Proof That Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Damage
By Kathy Moran
Daily Express (United Kingdom)
November 10, 1999

Evidence that Soviet scientists used mobile phone radiation to cause
brain damage more than 20 years ago has been suppressed, it will be
revealed today.

Intelligence documents have been censored to hide the fact that Western
governments have long been aware of the deadly danger of microwaves.

Yet when it was announced earlier this week that Swedish scientists have
conducted similar experiments showing mobile phone use could lead to an
increased risk of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
diseases their finding were again dismissed.

Today, Alasdair Philips, a leading researcher into the effects of
microwave radiation, will reveal to a London conference into mobile
phone adverse health effects that he has uncovered copies of the
original papers which back up claims made by the Swedish team.

Mr Philips, who runs Cambridge-based consumer group Powerwatch, said:
"It is mind-numbing that people are still trying to claim there is no
scientific evidence that mobiles could be harmful."

"People need to be given the full facts so that they make up their own
minds and take precautions to guard against harmful effects."

But vital paragraphs had been removed when American Defense Intelligence
Agency Documents into Soviet microwave radiation research were published
earlier this year in Tim Rifat's 'Remote Viewing' study.

Later, when a campaigner in Northern Ireland applied for a copy of the
document DST-1810S-074076 as evidence in the battle against mobile phone
masts in schools, she was sent a sheaf of virtually blank pages.

The uncensored documents reveal that Soviet military scientists has
successfully used microwaves of the type used by mobile phones to weaken
the blood brain barrier. This is meant to protect the brain from harmful
substances in the blood.

According to Dr Louis Slesin, editor of American specialist journal
Microwave News, US army scientists had succeeded in duplicating the
Soviet experiments by 1977 - eight years before mobile phones became
generally available in Britain. But Britain's 17 million mobile users
have been told repeatedly by the industry and Government-funded bodies
that there is no scientific evidence that mobiles can cause harmful effects.

Dr Allan Frey, who carried out some of the earliest American research,
believes there is "significant evidence" against mobile phones. Dr
Frey's own papers reveal that the US Defense Department withdrew funding
after three studies had confirmed these effects.

(c)1999 Kathy Moran and The Daily Express
Express Online


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Thermal and Nonthermal Mechanisms of the Biological Interaction of


Research in the past on the biological effects of microwaves often has
been based on faulty assumptions. The major flaw has been the premise
that microwaves only produce thermal effects in tissue. This premise
easily may be proven physically incorrect.

Furthermore, assuming only thermal effects leads one to an optimist's
error of quantification in which calories are counted instead of joules.
Past investigations have been misled both by these assumptions and by
stereotyped experiments using only narrow­band radiation sources. Recent
studies show that wide­band microwaves bring out biological effects
which are unrelated to those caused by heat flow. A review by Kenneth
Foster provides a basis for criticism and improved understanding.


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Message from: Colette O'Connell

"CLASH of the TITANS - Two Leading Scientists Come to Coventry for Last
Chance GM Debate"


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