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European Petition

Dear Mr Rudolph and Team, Dear Listers,

Please find below for your information or even participation, the link
to the text of a European petition on technological advances like
Directed Energy Weapons that use Electromagnetic energy amongst others
to function.

This first petition asks for serious debates taking all aspects into
account, regulations and investigations.

The signatures will be sent very soon with the text (in French, English
and German), by mail to the President of the European Parliament, and
won't be uploaded on the Internet.
LINK = http://members.aol.com/ccapt2001/petition-en.html

This version is quite definite, it might only be edited slightly for
small mistakes. An updated second version might be sent again for the
autumn or winter term (to be confirmed), any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance for your attention and eventual support.

Best wishes
N. L.

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"Non-lethal" Weapons May Violate Peace Treaties

Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, director of the Chemical and Biological Weapons
Program of the Federation of American Scientists, writes about
electromagnetic weapons:

"These weapons are said to cause temporary or permanent blindness,
interference with mental processes, modification of behavior or
emotional response, seizures, severe pain, dizziness, nausea and
diarrhea, or disruption of internal organ functions in various other

"In addition, under the Certain Conventional Weapons Convention,
international discussions are now underway that may lead to the
development of specific new protocols covering electromagnetic weapons.
The current surge of interest in electromagnetic technologies makes the
adoption of a protocol explicitly outlawing the use of these
dehumanizing weapons an urgent matter."

Hatch Rosenberg, Barbara, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Sept-Oct 1994,
p. 44.

The Learning Channel featured Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian
University, Canada. He described weapons using "psycho or influence
technology" and electromagnetic frequencies to control what people
think, for psychological purposes.

Learning Channel, Weapons of War, Sept. 21, 1997.

The book, The Mind Manipulators, is an account written by Alan W.
Scheflin and Edward M. Opton, Jr. Mr. Scheflin taught at Georgetown
University and Mr. Opton is a graduate of Yale, Duke and UC Berkeley.
The book jacket states:

Ten thousand pages of formerly top secret U.S. Army and C.I.A. documents
prove that for twenty-five years the United States government agencies
undertook the most extensive mind-manipulation program in the history of
the world. Every conceivable method for molding the mind was explored
and refined, many of them tested on unwitting American citizens.

Psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, prison officials, scientists,
lawyers and politicians have, for decades, been involved in mind-
control research in hospitals, laboratories, universities, mental
institutions, medical offices, prisons and schools.

Thoughts can be read remotely and played back; another person will
repeat exactly what the victim just thought. Brainwashing and
personality breaking techniques are used. Microwave hearing, the hearing
of voices beamed into the victim's head via microwaves, is reported in
most cases. There are many articles in the open literature discussing
"microwave hearing." Dr. Robert Becker wrote the book Body Electric in
1985 and reported that "in 1973 Dr. Joseph Sharp of the Walter Reed Army
Institute of Research heard and understood spoken words beamed to him in
an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed microwave audiogram (an
analog of the word's sound vibrations) beamed into his brain. Such a
device has obvious applications in a covert operation designed to drive
a target crazy with "voices" or undetectable instructions to a
programmed assassin."

Victims also allege that dreams and memories are manipulated. Movements
and consciousness, heart rate and many bodily functions are reportedly
monitored and controlled. These and other symptoms can be correlated to
the past well documented mind control research and the extrapolation to
the highly likely fact that the mind control research is continuing and
is as classified as a Manhattan Project.

Scheflin, Alan W., Opton Jr., Edward M., The Mind Manipulators,
Paddington Press Ltd., 1978.

The Pentagon's exotic weapons programme, led by the Air Force, is
cloaked in ultra-secrecy which forbids any public comment by scientists.

Electromagnetic radiation - basically waves below radio frequencies -
was found to prompt human or animal brains to release chemicals that
affect behavior. "We could put animals into a stupor," he explained,
adding that it would probably be possible to create flu-like symptoms
and nausea in humans. Such work continues. In 1995 Air Force generals
reviewed more than 1,000 proposed exotic weapons projects. One was
called "Put the enemy to sleep/Keep the enemy from sleeping." Another
project approved for more research involved brain-wave manipulation.

According to Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News, the effort is
practical. He says such exotic weapons are merely the next logical step
to the variety of radio beams used to knock out the electrical systems
of aircraft or missiles. "Once you are into these anti-material weapons,
it is just a short jump to anti-personnel ones." In effect, humans are
also just electro-chemical systems that can be disrupted.

Dettmer, Jamie, It's War, Jim, But Not As We Know It, Scotsman
Publications Ltd., Scotland on Sunday, Lexis-Nexis, Aug. 3, 1997, p. 5.

G. Harry Stine foresaw a near future in which men could become like gods
through the use of "intelligence amplifiers" implanted in the brains.

Stine wrote that, very soon, intelligence amplifiers - tiny microchip
devices either implanted in humans or capable of being temporarily
connected to the human brain and sensory channels - will actually allow
others to "get inside a person's head." With such devices, we will
possess the astonishing ability to hear the thoughts of others.

Researchers have made rapid progress to bring [implantable biochips] to
reality. An eye-opening article in Science News reported that, "New
electronic techniques are being developed to eavesdrop on the brain."

According to Science News, "The techniques, under study at the
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, in AT&T labs, and elsewhere, will
allow outsiders to direct a person's brain cell conversations and talk
directly to the individual's brain neurons. The article also said that
current research centers on the eventual employment of integrated
circuit chips that can be either implanted in the brain or overlaid with
brain cells."

...Stine, an optimist who believes that man will not allow the abuse of
these capabilities, nevertheless warns: "It also contains the seeds of
unimaginable evil: the actual control of human minds by other humans.
Not brainwashing. Not propaganda. Not any of the ancient and well-proven
means of mentally or physically imposing one person's will by police
action or torture, But the actual control of the human mind."

Marrs, Texe, Project L.U.C.I.D., Living Truth Publishers, 1996, pp. 100-101.


Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors,
patent 6,506,148, Hendricus G. Loos of Laguna Beach, Calif. A pulsed
electromagnetic field, from either a television set or a computer, can
be created to manipulate the human nervous system, inducing sensations
that range from relaxation to a "tonic smile," to sexual excitement or
"sudden loose stool." Sometimes the pulses cannot be seen on the
monitor. "This is unfortunate," the patent notes, "since it opens a way
for mischievous application of the invention, whereby people are exposed
unknowingly to manipulation of their nervous systems for someone else's
purposes. Such application would be unethical and is of course not
advocated. It is mentioned here in order to alert the public to the
possibility of covert abuse that may occur while being online...."


Electromagnetic killers

In life, never believe a corporation, and never believe the government.
True investigations must come from the people, or it will never get done


New U.K. vitamin legislation: onus to prove vitamins are not a health

Hi Klaus: The U.K. is to introduce legislation which will ban specific
vitamins until such time as their manufacturers can prove that their
vitamin products are safe. The pertinent paragraph in the short article
"Britain to ban vitamin tablets" (THE SUNDAY TIMES, June 29, 2003, main
section, page. 3) reads: "Under the law, manufacturers of banned
products would have to prove they were safe, which would require tests
that they claim would make them 'prohibitively expensive.'"

One can't but contrast this new ruling with the absence of such when it
comes to possible health hazards from exposure to RF/MWs.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

SARS Virus Genetically Engineered?

The mystery surrounding the SARS virus deepens. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho raises
further questions on whether genetic engineering could have contributed
to creating it.

Sources for this article are posted on ISIS' members website.Details
here. http://www.i-sis.org.uk/membership.php

The SARS epidemic

The SARS epidemic started in the weeks that the 'allied forces' were
waging war on Iraq to hunt down Saddam Hussein and his still elusive
'weapons of mass destruction'.

SARS "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome" is a completely new infectious
disease spread by human contact.

By 20 June 2003, World Health Organisation figures registered 8461 cases
in 31 countries worldwide, and 804 deaths. The overall death rate is
nearly 10% and could be 20% or higher.

Although there are signs that the disease is under control, there are
also fears that it may return.

Mystery of the SARS virus

The World Health Organisation, which played the key role in coordinating
the research of a dozen laboratories, formally announced on 16 April
that a new pathogen, a member of the coronavirus family never before
seen in humans, is the cause of SARS, though lingering doubt has remained. The
virus cannot be identified all patients diagnosed with SARS, and it can
only be isolated from cultured green monkey kidney cells.

Known coronaviruses are placed in three groups based on similarities in
their genomes. Group 1 contains the porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus
(PEDV), porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV), canine
coronavirus (CCV), feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV) and human
coronovirus 229E (HuCV229E); Group 2 contains the avian infectious
bronchitis virus (AIBV) and turkey coronavirus; while Group 3 contains
the murine hepatitis virus (MHV) bovine coronavirus (BCV), human
coronavirus (HuOC43) and others.

The molecular phylogenies published 10 April in the New England Journal
of Medicine, based on small fragments of the polymerase gene, have
placed the SARS virus in a separate group somewhere between groups 2 and 3.

More detailed analysis, subsequently published in the New England
Journal of Medicine, Science and the Lancet indicate that the new virus
is not closely related to any known virus at all, human, mouse, bovine,
cat, pig, bird, notwithstanding. It is neither a mutant that switched
host, nor a recombinant from existing coronaviruses. It is more
complicated than that.

SARS virus - a product of genetic engineering?

Two scientists who have genetic engineered coronaviruses in their
laboratories, Holmes and Enjuanes, suggested in a commentary in the
journal Science that the SARS virus probably "evolved separately from an
ancestor of the known coronavirus, and infected an unidentified animal,
bird, or reptile host for a very long time before infecting humans and
starting the SARS epidemic." (p.1377)

Following soon afterwards, there was a claim that the SARS virus came
from the masked civet cat in south China. But that claim could not be
substantiated. An alternative hypothesis entertained in the mainstream
journals was that the virus came from outerspace.

There are very unusual features to the SARS virus. Its sequence most
closely matches that of mouse hepatitis virus (MHV) and Bovine corona
virus (BCV), both in group 3. The match is quite good in the middle
third of the genome that's nearly 30 000nt long, and not good at all for
the first third or last third of the sequence.

But, antibodies to the SARS virus cross react with FIPV, HuCV229E and
TGEV, all in Group 1. And the SARS virus can grow in Vero green monkey
kidney cells, which no other coronavirus can, with the exception of
PEDV, another virus in Group 1.

Could the SARS virus have come from genetic engineering? This is a
question that Ho and Cummins have put to the scientific community. So
far, we have not had a proper reply.

Holmes and Enjuanes stated in their commentary, "SARS-CoV is also
unlikely to have been created from known coronaviruses by genetic
engineering, because at present it would be impossible to modify 50% of
a coronavirus genome without abrogating viral infectivity." (p.1377)

This is a quite a feeble response. The whole point to genetic
engineering is that it greatly increases the scope of recombination, and
provides selective tools to find the most unlikely recombinants that are
still infectious.

Coronaviruses have been subjected to increasing genetic manipulation
since the latter half of the 1990s, when P.S. Masters in Wadworth
Center, New York State Department of Health and New York State
University at Albany, used RNA recombination to introduce extensive
changes into the genome of mouse hepatitis virus (MHV). In a review
published in 1999, he wrote, "targeted recombination could be used to
create extensive substitutions to the cornavirus genome, generating
recombinants that could not be made otherwise between two viruses
separated by a species barrier." (p.254)

'Defective interfering RNAs' "sequences of the viral genome with large
deletions as well as mutations and substitutions or insertions - were
used as donor sequences to introduce major substitutions and point
mutations into the genome of the viruses by RNA recombination.

In the course of such work, researchers have even isolated a recombinant
of cororanvirus with the green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene,
presumably from cells in which coronaviruses have been cultured, which
has become inserted into the spike protein gene. The GFP gene,
originally from a jelly-fish, is extensively used in genetic engineering
as a marker gene because it makes the cells that have taken up the
foreign genes give off a green glow under uv light. The GFP-coronavirus
recombinant could only have come about as an unintended by-product of
genetic engineering.

In the same review, P.S. Masters showed that both point mutations and
large substitutions can readily be transferred to the last third of the
genome of MHV and other coronaviruses. He further indicated that similar
strategies could be used to mutate and substitute the first third of the
genome, though not for the middle third. "A comprehensive genetic study
of the highly complex gene for the RNA polymerase and all of its
associated activities [encoded by the middle third of the genome] will
likely await either the construction of an infectious full-length clone
or the development of an innovative scheme for mutant selection."

Is that why the middle third of SARS virus genome has retained good
homology to MHV and BCV, which were the first coronaviruses to be
engineered in this manner, while the other parts are much more different?

Another feature of the SARS virus is that the spike protein, which
determines host range, is unlike the spike protein of any known
coronavirus. Instead, it appears to have homologies to segments of the
human chromosome 7, according to sequence analysis performed by Howard

Urnovitz believes that the spike protein of the SARS virus is the result
of genetic rearrangements provoked by environmental genotoxic agents,
much like those he and his colleagues have detected in Gulf War I
veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome.

But how did the virus get to south China? A possible answer was provided
by Urnovitz: Migratory birds that frequent gene-swapping hot spots like
southeast China could have carried the SARS virus there.

Urnovitz himself doesn't think the SARS virus is the real cause of SARS.
Instead, it is the piece of reshuffled human chromosome 7 that others
are referring to as the spike protein gene of the SARS virus. That alone
is sufficient to trigger serious autoimmune responses in people.

Hence, to create vaccines against that 'spike' protein is also
tantamount to vaccinating people against their own genes (see "Dynamic
genomics", this series http://www.i-sis.org./DynamicGenomics.php).

Walking North on a Southbound Train, Pt. 1


Informant: Environmental Research Foundation

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