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28 junio 2003

Mobile masts safe as houses - report
Editor: Christina Verdiani

There is no health risk from radiation from mobile transmitters,
according to a recently released review by the Danish Ministry of
Science, Technology and Innovation.

The review concludes that the strength of radio waves from the mobile
network in Denmark is below the international limits recommended by
ICNIRP. The review also concludes that there is no reason to believe
that there should be a link between sources of radio waves and the
development of cancer.

The findings of the review are based on a number of analyses made in
countries such as UK and Sweden, as their mobile networks are the same
as to the one in Denmark.

Comment thereto by Dr Miguel Muntané:





1. There is no health risk from radiation from mobile transmitters,
according to a recently released review.........

2. The review concludes that the strength of radio waves from the mobile
network in Denmark is below the international limits recommended by

3. Their mobile networks are the same as to.........




Letter to the WHO (to Dr. Leeka Kheifeits)


World Health Organization (WHO) 26.06.2003
Dr. Leeka Kheifeits
Head, Radiation Program
Radiation and Environmental Health
20 Avenue Appia

CH-1211 Geneva 27

Dear Dr. Kheifeits,

Not only believing in equal rights but also in the right of a healthy
life for everyone, I was quite shocked learning that the WHO has stopped
further epidemical studies regarding cancer and any other illnesses
caused by electromagnetic radiation i.e. mobile phones and their
respective transmitting stations (Handys, Mobilfunkmasten).

May I kindly ask you, what caused this sudden change in the independent
work of your organization? History has proven that money makes the
world go round, but it seems as though it is only meant when it comes to
defend the interests of the healthy and wealthy people. Is the health
of the rest of the world's human beings not worth any further
investment in epidemical studies because economical objectives have much
higher priorities?

Environmental consciousness has become a rarity. Therefore, the work of
your organization is not only highly appreciated but a must! So please
continue your studies on the dangerous electromagnetic radiation which
causes already so many illnesses worldwide. If people in the
neighborhood of transmitting stations wouldn't tell me about their
health problems I wouldn't be worried as much as I am. No one likes to
suffer from anything and especially not if it is caused by something
mysterious like radiation which is forced on one by other instances.
Electromagnetic radiation cannot be seen, smelt nor felt, but it makes
you unvoluntarily ill - and people and especially children have already
died from it (cancer).

Neither the Governments nor the mobile industry worldwide and especially
here in Germany are going for any preventive measures nor for a
reduction of wavelength (EMF-Grenzwerte). As you may know, scientists
have found out that even the lowest degree of electromagnetic radiation
wavelength could harm the oranism of lifes.

I hope you will not only consider my worries but also do the utmost
possible in continuing the independet studies in this regard with
respect to the health of all human beings on this world, not to forget
fauna and flora.

Thank you for taking your time.

Sincerely yours,

Marianne Kirst
cc: OMEGA Mobilfunk-Newsletter

FCC Opens Rule Making on RF Exposure

This is NOT a response to The EMR Network's Petition for Inquiry, but it
does address some aspects of the FCC's RF human exposure rules.

FCC Press Release:


June 26, 2003 Bruce Romano at (202) 418-2470



The Commission today proposed amending certain sections of Parts 1 and 2
of the FCC's rules pertaining to compliance with guidelines for human
exposure to radiofrequency (RF) energy.

It specifically requests comment on various topics and issues related to
evaluating compliance with those guidelines, but did not propose to
amend the exposure guidelines themselves.

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires agencies of the
Federal Government to evaluate the effects of their actions on the
quality of the human environment. To meet its NEPA responsibilities, the
Commission has previously adopted and implemented requirements for
evaluating environmental impact, including the impact of human exposure
to RF energy emitted by FCC-regulated transmitters.

The Commission's current rules and procedures were adopted and
implemented in 1996 and 1997. Since that time, it has become apparent
that some aspects of these rules and procedures may need to be revised
or modified, based on our experience and on the evolution of services
and equipment, and to clarify the responsibilities of Commission licensees
and grantees, to better ensure compliance with the Commission's exposure
limits in the most practical, reasonable and efficient manner.

Specifically, the Notice of Proposed Rule Making proposed, among other
changes, to revise and modify Commission policies and rules for routine
evaluation of compliance with exposure guidelines and for categorical
exclusion from evaluation of certain transmitters, facilities, and
operations. It also proposed rules for routine evaluation of compliance
for certain unlicensed devices authorized under Section 15.247 of the
FCCs rules (frequency hopping and digital spread spectrum devices). In
addition, it proposed the codification of procedures for evaluating
compliance for modular transmitters used in RF devices authorized by the
Commission, such as laptop computers and for evaluating radiofrequency
exposure from multiple transmitters operating in a given RF device. It
also proposed rule amendments to clarify what is meant by occupational
exposure and to more clearly define the responsibilities of FCC
licensees and grantees in complying with guidelines for such exposures
in workplace environments.

The Commission invites comment on all of these proposals and issues
related to them.

Action by the Commission, June 12, 2003, by Notice of Proposed Rule
Making (FCC 03-132). Chairman Powell, Commissioners Abernathy, Martin,
Copps and Adelstein, with Chairman Powell issuing a statement.

Docket No. 03-137
Office of Engineering Technology Contact: Robert Cleveland (202)

Statement of Chairman Michael Powell:

Test of Notice of Proposed Rule Making ET Docket No. 03-137 - Proposed
Changes in the Commission's Rules Regarding Human Exposure to
Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

Janet Newton
The EMR Policy Institute, P.O. Box 117, Marshfield VT 05658
Tel: (802) 426-3035 FAX: (802) 426-3030
Web Site: www.emrpolicy.org

Re: Spanish story

In the case of Vallodid did a Judge not order the shut down of mobile
phone transmitters??

Also your message about the Austrian High Court, dated the 20th June
last shows a Court not accepting that mobile phone transmitters are not
injurious to public health.


O.T. Some very important themes:

Take action to defend the Yellowstone BioGem!

Next Monday, the World Heritage Committee will meet in Paris to consider
a Bush administration request that international protection for
Yellowstone National Park be downgraded.

I urge you to contact the World Heritage Committee immediately and call
on it to reject this irresponsible proposal. You can send an electronic
message right now by going to

The World Heritage Committee is charged with conserving hundreds of
humankind's most extraordinary natural and cultural treasures. Nineteen
of those wild places -- including Yellowstone -- have been elevated to
the committee's In Danger list, which helps trigger action when a World
Heritage site is threatened with destruction or serious degradation.

Yellowstone needs world protection now more than ever, and the Bush
administration is the main reason why. At the bidding of oil giants,
cattle barons and other special interests, the administration is
unleashing a series of devastating attacks on Greater Yellowstone and
its greatest living symbols.

Administration officials are inviting energy and logging companies to
despoil pristine wildlife habitats that surround and buffer the park.
They are preparing to strip wolves and grizzly bears of endangered
species protection, a disastrous decision that would leave those animals
just outside the park vulnerable to hunting and extermination.

Last winter the administration rounded up more than 200 of Yellowstone's
wild bison -- better known as American buffalo -- and sent them off to a
slaughterhouse. Next year, they may kill hundreds more.

And bowing to pressure from the International Snowmobile Manufacturers
Association, the administration overruled a National Park Service plan
that would have banned thousands of snowmobiles that roar through the
park every winter, spewing air pollution and harassing its wildlife.

With the Bush administration putting corporate interests ahead of our
greatest national park, this is the worst possible time for the World
Heritage Committee to consider reducing its protection. Yellowstone
needs more worldwide attention and action, not less.

Next week, NRDC will be on hand in Paris to make our case against the
Bush administration's proposal. Our case for Yellowstone will be even
stronger if the World Heritage Committee hears from thousands of people
like you beforehand.

Please make your voice heard right now by going to
and sending your message on behalf of Yellowstone to the World Heritage
Thank you.


John H. Adams
Natural Resources Defense Council

Urgent action needed: Help Free the Rainbow Warrior

Following a recent non-violent, peaceful protest, against the
destruction of African forests, the Spanish Government detained our
flagship. They've offered to let us buy the ship's freedom with a Euro
300,000 in bond, along with a promise to undertake no more marine
actions for the environment in Spanish waters. Never!

Help the Rainbow Warrior get back to the business of protecting forests,
and tell the authorities they can't silence our voices. Please act now:


Be a voice for a toxic free future
The EU is currently considering new rules to control toxic chemicals.
Make your voice heard for strong laws on toxic chemicals during the
consultation period. Sign up for a toxic free future here before July 8th:


Find out more and comment here:


Broad-spectrum herbicides highly toxic to humans and other species

Glufosinate ammonium and glyphosate are used with the herbicide-tolerant
transgenic crops that currently account for 75% of all transgenic crops
worldwide. Both are systemic metabolic poisons expected to have a wide
range of harmful effects, and these have been confirmed.

Glufosinate ammonium is linked to neurological, respiratory,
gastrointestinal and haematological toxicities, and birth defects in
humans and mammals. It is toxic to butterflies and a number of
beneficial insects, also to the larvae of clams and oysters, Daphnia and
some freshwater fish, especially the rainbow trout. It inhibits
beneficial soil bacteria and fungi, especially those that fix nitrogen.

Glyphosate is the most frequent cause of complaints and poisoning in the
UK. Disturbances of many body functions have been reported after
exposures at normal use levels.

Glyphosate exposure nearly doubled the risk of late spontaneous
abortion, and children born to users of glyphosate had elevated
neurobehavioral defects. Glyphosate caused retarded development of the
foetal skeleton in laboratory rats. Glyphosate inhibits the synthesis of
steroids, and is genotoxic in mammals, fish and frogs. Field dose
exposure of earthworms caused at least 50 percent mortality and
significant intestinal damage among surviving worms. Roundup caused cell
division dysfunction that may be linked to human cancers.

The known effects of both glufosinate and glyphosate are sufficiently
serious for all further uses of the herbicides to be halted.

A great deal of glyphosate is sprayed in Delaware for "control" of
Phragmites (reed grass). The official position is that this stuff is
harmless, but I want to present the other side.


Alan Muller
Executive Director
Green Delaware

Radioactive materials in Iraq

We sent a team in to the former nuclear facility in Tuwaitha, Iraq,
several weeks ago to monitor reports that radioactive materials are
present in the local community. We expected things to be bad, but what
we found exceeded some of our worst fears.

We found radioactive sources near schools. We found sources up to 10,000
times background radiation being used as housing material -- sources
which in two hours would expose a resident to a year's maximum dose for
a radiation worker in the UK, and which have been present for six weeks
in homes with children.

We believe the IAEA should be admitted back into Iraq by the occupying
forces immediately and without conditions or restriction, to assess the
levels of radioactive contamination, secure the sources, and make
recommendations to the United Nations for responses from the World
Health Organisation and other appropriate international authorities.

This is a catastrophe which would be met with an immediate evacuation
and decontamination if it happened in the US or the UK. The response should
be no less urgent becuase it is happening in Iraq. You can read more
about what we found at


Weapons inspector: «Powell bluffed the UN»

Informant: BuzzFlash

The culture of imperialism

An American empire built on deception

How to hate almost anybody

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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