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Nonlinear changes in brain electrical activity due to cell phone

Andrew A. Marino, Erik Nilsen, Clifton Frilot

We studied the effect of an electromagnetic field from a cellular
telephone on brain electrical activity, using a novel analytical method
based on a nonlinear model.

The electroencephalogram (EEG) from rabbits was embedded in phase space
and local recurrence plots were calculated and quantified using
recurrence quantitation analysis to permit statistical comparisons between
filtered segments of exposed and control epochs from individual rabbits.

When the rabbits were exposed to the radiation from a standard cellular
telephone (800 MHz band, 600 mW maximum radiated power) under conditions
that simulated normal human use, the EEG was significantly affected in
nine of ten animals studied.

The effect occurred beginning about 100 ms after initiation of
application of the field and lasted 300 ms. In each case, the fields
increased the randomness in the EEG.

A control procedure ruled out the possibility that the observations were
a product of the method of analysis. No differences were found between
exposed and control epochs in any animal when the experiment was
repeated after the rabbits had been sacrificed, indicating that
absorption of radiation by the EEG electrodes could not account for the
observed effect.

No effect was seen when deposition of energy in the brain was minimized
by repositioning the radiating antenna from the head to the chest,
showing that the type of tissue that absorbed the energy determined the
observed changes in the EEG.

We conclude that, in normal use, the fields from a standard cellular
telephone can alter brain function as a consequence of absorption of
energy by the brain.

Bioelectromagnetics 24:339-346, 2003.

Andrew A. Marino (1)(2)(3)*, Erik Nilsen (1), Clifton Frilot (1)
(1) Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Louisiana State University Health
Sciences Center, Shreveport, Louisiana
(2) Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy, Louisiana State
University Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, Louisiana
(3) Department of Bioengineering, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston,

email: Andrew A. Marino

The document : Nonlinear Changes in Brain Electrical Activity
Due to Cell Phone Radiation
(format pdf, 138 Kb)

Bioelectromagnetics Volume 24, Issue 5, 2003. Pages: 339-346

Informant: Reinhard Rueckemann

A personal radiation

A personal beam for every user - this is the new antenna technology-
(already in use). "An adaptive array can pinpoint the source of a radio
signal and selectively amplify it." It tracks the user and concentrates
on him, as if he doesn't get enough radiation already...More details:

Informant: Iris Atzmon

Thank you for your actions

Hello, I write to you in French, because I do not know German
and I am sorry. I am called Catherine. I have been victim of Mind
control in France, for more than seven years with wired sound projections.

Just like you, the result of my complaints deposited everywhere
(extraction of my voice subvocale, readings obligatory of programmed
recordings, extortions of remote consents, groups making the
experimentation by seeing all everywhere, also making an experiment on
the brain, the memory, the word, the body (micro waves) made me convene
in Psychiatry by the Police force.

At this time there, I did not know that there were victims of this
experiments. I was received with a witness woman where I explained after
a fashion what occurred and that all went with radiations, waves,
frequencies, etc. When the question was asked to me: Can we have to
handle you? I had to answer "no" of office bus if I had answered "yes"
they could intern me in the direction of the Law where I could become
dangerous towards the others or myself...

They nevertheless recognized that the means could be soldiers but how
what I told them exceeded by far technologies of what one could do! I
had brought my microphone to show them that nevertheless I could record
a part of the strongest sound projections (rays on the electrical
equipment boxes of the residence, rays audios, etc). They asked me to indicate
my suspects and to return once that I could have observed some more. The
experiments now use micro waves which affect the skin directly and create
neurological pains, body impressions of heat or cold at will, fields
cerebral modified, etc.

My studio is surrounded from people who make this experiment (more than
20). From one or two it is known that they are interested in the
thought, he is more than thirty years and had named to me several names
of people in my immediate environment. He works for the Ministry for
National Education and Research. The partitions of the building let pass
the noises, I had heard him many once capacity to tell my basic day in
roof with his friend and to have the proof that he knew whole very:
telephone conversations, actions, etc. I thus have make a personal
investigation in a close bookshop where it was confirmed to me that the
one of them is engaged in the field of the thought.
The person who told this with the newsagent had been able to accept this
too constraining station... I saw arriving tubular radiations in my
apartment or in skew which can reach other buildings and other
apartments. At the interior even in my studio many radiations were sent,
of fixed audio rays one placed... On the Door of Versailles many
ministries are important of Defense.

I live the weekend in a place where at summer placed everywhere many
antennas relay. I am in contact with other French victims of these
odious experiments. I would like to be able to meet you and speak (to
testify) from what occurs in all impunity in spite of beginnings from
Laws to France in districts known as middle-class.

Can you help?

Hello everyone,

Several months ago a woman I know told me that her son has a neck
cancer. He got the cancer in the ear through the neck. He used to talk on the
cellular phone (Nokia) for 7 years. When he talked, he used to feel
burning in the ear and head, and pains at the same side of the phone,
that lasted for some time after the he finished to talk. He was diagnosed
with carcinoma, but the doctors say they don't know which type of carcinoma.

I gave him to read some things about the researchs on the cell
phones-brain tumor, and he was shocked- he said it was described as if
it was about him, and he had had these symptoms that are also written
in his medical file.

He decided he wants to sue the cellular company (israeli company).
We found a lawyer who wants to take it for free, and has already begun
to work on the case and a scientist who is ready also to give expression
of opinion for free, because we want that it will be a precedent in Israel.

I assume that everyone who cares about the issue of the EMF danger wants
a precedent already, somewhere (hopefully Newman). The problem is, this
case looks difficult. I read that carcinoma is about the epithel cells,
maybe someone has an idea how to strengthen this case, if it can be
based. The scientist also says it will be hard, the lawyer thinks the
company will do anything to settle it out of court so it won't be a precedent.

Thank you

Help: Antennas already installed

Phone Joan Banfield in Boston. 617-265-5259.

Sprint constructed antennas illegally next to her home. The neighborhood
has been suing ever since.

Act fast to bring them down.

Susan in answering a message from Radi Free

Property value surrounding emr lawsuits

This is interesting, especially the property value surrounding emr lawsuits

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From: National Innovation Centre
To: Denise Ward
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 7:47 AM

check this out




The battle for the Constitution

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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