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Decision of Austrian High Court

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Subject: Decision of Austrian High Court
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 20:58:11 +0200
From: Leopoldine Gaig
To: Roy Beavers

IGEF Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog-Forschung
(International company for electrosmog-research)

IGEF-expert won case against mobile communications company as per
verdict of the High Court of Justice (Federal Court) of Austria.

Mr. Wulf Dietrich Rose, expert in mobile communications, of Kitzbühl,
Austria, internationally known for his research works in this field, won
his court case for the third time against Max Mobil as per the verdict
of the High Austrian Court of Justice (Federal Court) (Az 6 Ob 69/01t;
verdict of 26 April 2001).

He proved through his studies and researches that mobile radiation
represents serious health risks to the nearby living population like
cancer, brain tumours, genetic problems, and disformity of newly borns.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Mr. Rose, IGEF has affected several
measurements and specific radiation studies and due to his expertise
obtained that already constructed mobile stations in residential areas
were dismantled or constructions were simply ostponed. Example: Max
Mobil (a daughter company of German Telekom) could not increase the
construction program of their intended network system.

The Austrian company Max Mobil filed a demand to the court requesting
that Mr. Rose is not only charged to pay an indemnity fine for injurious
malpractice but also prohibits him to publish his critical allegations
in connection with the harmful dammages on health provoked by mobile
radiation emissions. The Court of Second Instance came already to the
conclusion that Max Mobile failed to contradict the allegations made by
Mr. Rose that the radiations of mobile antennas are dangerous and
noxious to the population.

This positive verdict by the High Court of Austria plus the repeated
successes of cases looked after by Mr. Rose, proved that his researches
and studies offer a solid legal base to request the transfer of already
constructed mobile emission stations, or the postponement of same, out
of residential areas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or any other
country, even if the indicated norms and guidelines are rigorously
respected by the mobile communication companies.

Numerous studies prove that the electromagnetic fields of mobile
communications, reduces the activity of the brain (including EEG),
disrupts the sleep, changes the time of reaction, increases the
possibility of brain haemorrhage, provokes lack of concentration,
headaches, fatigue, nausea, loss of memory, reduction of sperm and
melatonin, change of DNA, increases blood pressure, cellular
perforation, risks of cancer, mainly brain tumour, and influences the
good functioning of pace-makers. To continue installing this technology,
which is already well known for its health risks, and against the
resistance of already ill people, is not only criminal but a real "mafia
mentality", comments Mr. Rose.

* * * * *

Very interesting too: The High Court of Austria cited the decision of
the International Court for Human Rights in Strassburg in case of Dr.
Hertel 1998 and said, national courts have to respect this decision for
the future. That means, thanks Dr. Hertel and his fight we are allowed
to say and publish what we are thinking without fear to be punished.



Campaign at a glance

Mast Sanity's campaign involved a range of tactics to get their view
across, some of which are detailed below.

1. Once you have discovered a mast is going to be put up in your area,
find out how the planning application is to be dealt with. Many phone
masts are simply given permission as a matter of course by council
planning departments.

2. If this is the case, you will need to get your local councillor to
"call the application in" to ensure it appears on the council's agenda.

3. Get everyone in the area to write letters of objection to the
council's planning department and to individual members of the planning
committee. Point out concern over potential health risks and how the
mast may affect property prices and quality of life in the area.
Everyone should also object to the mobile phone operator.

4. Make lots of noise. Form an action group and make contact with a
national campaign such as Mast Sanity. Contact your local newspaper,
television and radio.

5. Organise a public meeting and, if possible, get your local MP to
attend. Print up flyers detailing the application and decorate the area
with posters protesting against the mast, with eye-catching slogans.

6. Get a copy of all the application documents from you local planning

7. Try to organise a protest on the day before the council meeting and
get local media to attend.

8. Do not despair if the decision goes against you - there are other
options. Don't take no for an answer.

9. One option is to apply for a judicial review of the council's
decision in the High Court. Without legal aid, this can be very
expensive, so speak to a solicitor first. But don't waste too much time;
you will only have a few weeks to challenge the council's decision. If
you do decide to go ahead with court action, there is usually somebody
in the local community who will be eligible for legal aid, so you can
bring the case in their name.

10. Even when a mast has been built all is not necessarily lost. It is
possible to take the mobile phone operator to County Court under
Schedule 2 of the 1984 Telecommunications Act. This is a relatively
inexpensive option and has been successful in the past. You will need to
prove that your property has been adversely affected by the mast. A
third, less tried, method is to appeal to the Secretary of State for
local government and planning, who has the final say in planning matters.


Informant: Robert Riedlinger

The stage is set for our defeat; Berkeley, California

Recently I have been rebutting in writing one of the Industry's favorite
"experts", whom I've also frequently rebutted in person in debate, with
much success. Debate situations can be great for you, provided that
you're prepared with a slam-dunk for anything the industry asserts, and
ready to take immediate action against the typical procedural violations
that your officials may be pressured into committing.

I believe the continuance of your hearing puts you in a stronger, not
weaker, position, provided that you keep the heat on throughout the
summer and win over your academic community to provide their scientific
support (if only behind the scenes) by and during September. Your
officials may be waiting for you to give them the power they need to
turn Industry down. That power is out there; you just haven't grabbed it yet.

Don't be defeatist. Many communities have won at this stage by playing
their best cards consistently, and refraining from playing weak cards.
Your community to-date has been much too concessionary to Industry's
assertions and arguments. Tighten the belt with get cleaner facts and
firmer arguments, and you'll find yourselves in a stronger position.

Susan Clarke

International Movement for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous
System by Technical Means

"In the past the individual could face risks and pressures with
preservation of his own identity. His body could be tortured, his
thoughts and desires could be challenged by bribes, by emotions, and by
public opinion, and his behavior could be influenced by environmental
circumstances, but he allways had the privilige of deciding his own
fate, of dying for an ideal without changing his mind...New neurological
technology, however, has a refined efficiency. The individual is
defenseless against dicrect manipulation of the brain..."(Jose Delgado,
1969, neurophysiologist at the Yale University)

"Neuroscience is being increasingly recognized as posing potential
threat to human rights" (from the article on the annual public meeting
of the French National Bioethics Committee in magazine Nature, volume
391, January 22, 1998)

On January 1999 the European Parliament passed a resolution where it (in
paragraph 27) calls "for an international convention introducing a
global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might
enable any form of manipulation of human beings".

(http://www.europarl.eu.int/home/default_en.htm?redirected=1 click on
Plenary sessions, srcoll down to Reports by A4...number - click, choose
1999 and fill in 005 to A4). It is our conviction that this ban can not
be implemented without the global pressure of the informed general
public on the governmnets. Our major objective is to get across to the
general public the real threat which those weapons represent for human
rights and democracy and to apply pressure on the governments and
parliaments around the world to enact legislature which would prohibit
the use of those devices to both government and private organizations as
well as individuals.

Why the movement must be international?

For the simple reason that no state will abandon its mind control
technology, fearing that other states will use it against itself, for as
long as other states will not abandon it as well. ("Russian army major
I. Chernishev, writing in the military journal Orienteer in February
1997, asserted that "psy" weapons are under development all over the globe".

Parameters, pp 38 - 46, U.S. Army War College Quarterly - Spring 1998,

Timothy L. Thomas: The Mind Has No Firewall Against PSI Warfare and
Thought Control")

For that matter national organizations for the ban of radiofrequency
weapons enabling the control of human nervous functions should be formed
all over the globe and cooperate their efforts. We can only encourage
you to form one. If you wish to join the international movement for the
ban of radiofrequency weapons controling human nervous system just
e-mail your name, city where you reside and the state to one of the
e-mail addresses above. The list of those who support the ban of those
weapons you will find below the references of the following article. You
can add your name to the list using the same procedure (we will not
publish your street address).


Brain Implants


Informant: Romy

The Extradition, Torture and Electronic Mind Control of U.S. Citizen
John Gregory Lambros, a Native of Minnesota



Government Mind Control

Man-Made Earthquakes?

Vulcan, 04.11.2002 17:19

Several earthquakes in the past week raises the question of
telegeodynamics - utilising microwaves to activate volcanoes and EM
energy to trigger earthquakes.

Defense Secretary Reveals Earthquake, Volcano Weapons

New 'Strong' Quake Hits South-Central Italy

7.7 Quake Off Indonesia's Sumatra Injures 40

New Quakes In North Pakistan Kill 10, Dozens Hurt

Strong Quake Shakes Northern Japan

108 Earthquakes Over 5.0 In The Last 30 Days

Major Quake - 7.9 - Rocks Remote Alaska

Alaska's 7.9 Quake Felt All The Way To Louisiana

Volcano Erupts In Ecuador

List Of Past Major Quakes To Hit The US

Quake Hits Southern Japan - No Damage Reported

This from New Dawn Magazine back issue from 1999.

A Journal of Alternative News & Information

Real total war has become information war, it is being fought now.

Source: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2002/11/45558.html

Omega links:

Jose Delgado's "Physical Control of the Mind"

The Hidden Functions of HAARP

Worldwide Disaster News

EMR and human rights abuse

dh, 12.02.2002 23:42

How the secret technology can effect everything from global weather
patterns to community orientation and aggression to individual torture.
It happened at Greenham - it's happening at Menwith. You thought your
mobile and the network might be dangerous? More dangerous than the
atomic bomb.


More bad news

Cordless battery charger that works by emitting many watts of HF emr.


Every home should have one (or two) no doubt Not!

rgds / rg

O.T. Some very important themes:

Third-Party Links

Stop Religious Discrimination

Kerry Says Bush Misled Americans on War

Ex-CIA Chief: Bush Stretched Facts on Iraq

Special forces 'prepare for Iran attack'


Informant: Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

Empire of Lies

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

What Did He Know and When Did He Know It?

Informant: Wpdanny

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