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Tribute to Neil Cherry (From Sarah Benson)

Following is the tribute that Senator Lyn Allison paid to Neil Cherry in
the Australian Senate last night:

Senator ALLISON (Victoria) - I also wish to pay tribute to a New
Zealand scientist, environmentalist and regional councillor, Dr Neil
Cherry, who also died on 24 May this year. Dr Cherry was an Associate
Professor of Environmental Health at Lincoln University and had a
professional scientific background in physics, biophysics, meteorology,
agricultural and human biometeorology, renewable energy, energy
efficiency and environmental epidemiology. He was involved in a wide
variety of scientific and community projects. He developed international
expertise in human biometeorology, air quality and the effects of
natural and artificial electromagnetic radiation on people's health. He
was frequently called upon to present his findings overseas. He cared
passionately for the environment, for science and for public health.
Fellow councillors described Dr Cherry as a visionary-a man of
tremendous intelligence and courage, including the courage to speak his
views even when they were unpopular.

I met Dr Cherry when he visited Melbourne and Canberra-in fact, when he
came to the parliament. He spoke publicly on the potentially damaging
effects on human health of low-level microwave radiation from mobile
phones and mobile phone antennas. His recent work was the review of
thousands of papers on cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, medicine
and electromagnetic radiation. He concluded that the published
scientific data showed that electromagnetic radiation, or EMR, was
capable of causing cell damage and neurological problems.

In 2001 I chaired the Senate inquiry into this area, to which Dr Cherry
made a submission, and he appeared before the committee via
teleconference. It was an indication of Dr Cherry's effectiveness that
he was attacked by the government because he dared to challenge the
industry and the government line that said there was no evidence that
EMR is not safe. He was actually in the gallery at the time that he was
attacked and I think he was taken aback somewhat at the remarks that
were made, but he was also accustomed to his critics being short on
scientific argument and long on rhetoric. Reading his work, one becomes
aware of how little we really understand about electromagnetic radiation
and how much further we need to go before the full ramifications of its
impact on the human body and brain are understood.

One of Dr Cherry's many findings was that exposure to electromagnetic
radiation could result in Alzheimer's disease, or dementia.

A report for Alzheimer's Australia by Access Economics last month says,
and I quote: "The dementia epidemic has arrived and it should be made a
national health priority".

There are 162,000 people with dementia in Australia, almost 7000 of
which are as young as 37. According to this report it is now more common
than skin cancer.

Dr Cherry also showed that arthritis was a possible health outcome. The
number of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers in Australia is now 500,000
with some of these being children.

Now it may or may not be the case that EMR is implicated in all or even
some of these but the findings of Dr Cherry should not be ignored just
because they are unpalatable to the telecommunications sector.

Dr Cherry's standing and credibility was confirmed on 1 January 2002 by
the award of a Royal Honour of Officer of New Zealand Order of Merit
(ONZM.). His award is for his services to Science, Education and
Community, including his research and teaching work on Environmental
Epidemiology and the health effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Neil was a man of strength, wisdom, compassion and humanity. One
colleague describes him as "very straight - straight as a gun barrel."

I offer my sincere condolences to Neil's wife Gae. People like Dr Cherry
are rare. He will be sadly missed, both as a scientist and as a human being.

Informant: Don Maisch

Hillel station - a lesson in statistics

16.6.2003 Maariv (by Galit Shafir) newspaper:

The health office report:
In Zoran there is a higher illness rate. The report [which was prepared
for the science committee meeting on the 16.6 says]: the connection
between the illness rate and the antennas is accidental.

According the report, the illness rate in Zoran is higher in 63% than
the average illness rate in the rest of the country, for the last 3
years. According to the report, between 1999-2002, were 40 cancer cases
in Zoran. The expected illness rate was 24.5. But there is no
statistical significance and the link can be accidental.

In the last 12 years - there is excess illnes rate in Ein Vered. 52
cancer cases, while the expected was 42.1. In the years 1990-2002 in
Zoran - 54 but the expected was 65.4. [the village exists from 1992.
They made average from 1990]

The main cases are breast and brain cancer. "All our examinations do not
support the suspicion that there is an excess in illness from the antennas".

This conclusion is supported by the facts:
There are mainly breast cancer cases and not leukemia which is expected from the radiation. The village exists for short time - not enough for developing cancer. Lack of excess in illness in the years 1999-2002.
[this is the complete opposite from what they wrote in the begining:
"between 1999-2002, 40 cancer cases in Zoran. The expected illness rate was 24.5"] "The findings do not support the decision to move the antennas" The report recommends to make another check within a year, and another one after 5 years. The head of the science committe- The parliment member Mali Polishuk said: "These data about Zoran and Ein Vered are amaizing, no doubt this report will be used for a basis for decision making about the antennas transmission"

The science committee decided: In Zoran are more cancer patients but not
because of the antennas. The residents: We are not guinea pigs

Maariv (Arye Bander).

Professor Manfred Green, the head of the israeli disease control center
who presented the report, claims there is no causal connection between
the antennas and the disease. He says it can be from the pesticisdes in
the agriculture areas.

Yossi Malka, head of the local council refused to accept the conclusions:
"There are many statistical failures here and wrong data interpetations.
I am not ready that they'll play with the residents health. I demand to
close the antennas farm now. We are not guinea pigs and we don't want to
be used as such because of the wrong research data."

The Health Office: Around Hillel station there is no more cancer than
the usual

Haaretz (Ran Resnik, Yuval Dror)

Although the report indicates that the health office has no data on the
exposure level in the 50 years of the station peration, it determines
that the radiation was "for years" and "always" under the permitted
level. The authors added that there is no data which is reliable and
accepted in the world which links between radio radiation and cancer diseases.

In the years 1990-2002 the illness rate in Porat and Zoran is
significanly lower than the israeli population, and in Ein Vered and Ein
Sarid the ilness rate is according to the expected generally. In the
years 1999-2002 the cancer rate was higher than expected but not
significantly [double]. In these years there is excess breast and brain
cancer rate.

Chair of local council, Yossi Malka critisized the findings. Malka
wondered how was it higher rate in 1999-2002 and at the same time not
linked to the radiation. He says that "The researchers indicate that
since March 2002 the radiation level was low so it was not from that.
This is rediculous. Is there anybody who thinks that cancer develops
over night?

Until March 2002 the antennas radiated in huge power. [by the way- In
May 2003 was measured there 40 V/m, in June 2003 - 70 V/m and 90 V/m in
Zoran and Porat. It's still huge]

Why didn't the authors check former data?"

He says that the health office people had said they would consider the
former data the final report. Malka added that part of the report data
is not accurate. "In the report it says that the antennas are in a
distance of 1 km from the village. Not true. Part of the antennas are
400 meters from the school and residents buildings.

In the world there are thousands of studies about the link between the
EM radiation and cancer. Part of them says there is a link, some say
not. The science world itself is controversial about this issue". Also
the head of the science committee, Mali Polishuk said she went confused
from the meeting. "Even the great experts stutter. On one hand they
claim that they did not find a significant scientific connection. On the
other hand, one of the professors told me that he wouldn't exclude
anything. "I wouldn't send my children to the school in Zoran' he said."

According to Polishuk, Although the committee members don't want to
create panic in the public, they decided to implement the decision to
move the antennas, and that is by the principle of precaution. I don't
mind them move 2 antenas a year, but that they will start already" she said.

The report was written by Dr. Micha Bar Hana, manager of cancer national
registration administration in health ministry, together with Irena
Lifshif and Sylvia Koton from health ministry. Professor Manfred Green
consulted them.

It was considered in the report that Ein Vered exists since 1930, Porat and Sarid in the 50's, Zoran in the 90's.

A continuing failure of health ministry and enivironmental quality
ministry radiation and the public/Ran Resnik, Haaretz 17.6.2003

The most important part of the health ministry report is what it does
not have: During 50 years the antennas in Hillel station were emitting
strong EMR, very near villages and no one from the health units in the
country - and in the head the health ministry and environment
quality-did not bother to check the radiation level and the effects on
the residents.
This is evidence of a continuing disrespect of the goernmental
authorities in keeping the public health. In the 90's was a strong
awareness for these things.

It didn't bother to the housing minister then, Ariel Sharon, to erect in
1992 another village near the same antennas- Zoran- which was
established as a part from the "7 stars" plan.

The report authors state the principle of precaution as a fundamental
rule in keeping the public health. According to this rule, also if a
link wasn't found, there is still responsibility on heath authorities.
The authories in the world, it says, recommend to publish information on
controversial issues about the health radiation effects and
recomendations on dealing with the public perception by which such an
exposure can threaten his life". That is why it is recommended to
publish this report to public.

If this precationary principle will be part of israeli policy, then the
residents can see in their struggle a big step forward against
environmental obstacle.

A. This is abuse of the precautionary principle: Israeli authorities
mock this principle, the health ministry said in the past that we have
no problem erecting antennas on schools hospital and elderly houses, and
indeed all these have so much antennas, specially on hospitlas. So why
is it suddenly a fundamental rule? (Lately there is a new policy-
putting antennas in hospitals as a policy)

So what happened that they took out the rabbit from the hat? (the
principle)-because otherwise- what excuse can they use to show their
sympathy for the residends without admitting the connection antennas-
cancer? It is using the principle when it's convenient, not because they
care about- what's this word? oh, ye, it's called - health.

B. They want to publish the report to the public to deal with our
troublemaker perception. They must have read the booklet of the WHO -
where it shows how to deal with the public perception- with no facts, just
psychology (booklet of October 2002, can be downloaded from the WHO website)

Anyway- here they found a solution: They will publish that double cancer
rate is not linked to the radiation. Imagine what will happen when it's
10 times cancer rate-this will be a conclusive evidence that there is no link.

What a magic-10 times, with no link to radiation. How strong bodies we have.

Message from Iris Atzmon

To bring to light the health fraud in the mobile telephony

Informant: Dr. Miguel Muntané (excerpt from his message)

Here comes the day! Berkeley, California

Dear Fellows:

Here comes the day of our Public Hearing when we will face Sprint in the
City Hall of Berkeley. We are trying to stop their antennas near a
residential area, where there are two elementary schools and a day-care
center in the vicinity.

The Public Hearing may not pan out as expected since the City Officials
are trying to postpone it.

There is an article about the battle of neighbors and Sprint in a local
college newspaper:

We will keep you posted of the proceedings of the Public Hearing.

And please keep chanting this:

he, he; ho. ho, Sprint has got to go!
he, he; ho. ho, Sprint has got to go!


We went to the City Hall of Berkeley, California, for the Public Hearing
to present our case against Sprint. But, as expected, the City decided
to postpone our hearing till September 16, 2003. The reason is that the
City has hired an independent engineer to evaluate the coverage needs of
Sprint. I tend to think that the "independent engineer" will confirm the validity
of Sprint's application. I believe that the stage is set for our defeat.

Do you folks know how to refute the testimony of a so called "registered
engineer"? As it appears, the testimony of a second-rank registered
engineer supersedes that of, say a Nobel Laureate, without license.

We really need help. I can feel that the City of Berkeley has set its
mind to approve the permit to Sprint.

Thank you,

Radi Free

Healthy sentence (excerpt)

For all that are interested in the fight against the electropollution.

We do not forget that if judges as the one that resolves in Patrols that
"...towards to order the cease of an installation should be tested that
the antennae turn out to be harmful for the health of the persons that
surround by them .." or that "does not proceed to order the preventive
paralysis of the activity when the City Hall and Telephone have set
already a time limit for the closing of the installations. .."

If an installation does not have permission of activity it should be
closed and if the administrative authorities do not do it and in
flagrant cases as Patrols, what proceeds is criminal complaint against
the Mayor, responsible Lieutenant of Mayor or Architects and technical of the City
Hall rondeño informing in any another sense.

It does not please us to read news of discouragement as that of that is
not going to have mobilisations in Patrols to past the summer. It is
unacceptable, since the affection, respect and proximity that joins with
Patrols, that the towel be thrown. If the mobilisations should come from
outside, ahead.

The examples to continue are Valladolid with the accusations to Mayor,
Councilman and Architect; the complaint of them affected in León against
their Mayor Amilivia or well any another penal accusation directly
against the operators, our case in L' Scale.

It is unacceptable in Gijón that to facilitate the cover themselves even
by high all the infractions of the environmental, urban development,
most various regulation, landscape, of protection of the old helmet...
and they excuse the municipal authorities in an external report that is
forgotten from all which are not interested to the cover.

Since the not acceptance, rage and refusal, we include a healthy
Sentence and another that recalls that to leave that an installation
function without license of activity is the same thing that to assume
since a principle that the permission is being granted denied. Totally
contrary thing to the doctrine jurisprudencial of the Most supreme
Court. They reiterate previous Sentences and we recall a brief
description referred to Montilla in which the same thing said a judge
that a to seem knows slightly more than general principles of the Right
and of preventive measures that that of Malaga that touched to the rondeños.

A hug,
Association Against Harmful Radiation of L' Scale (Girona)

Fwd: Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors

Gail Moss
Assemblywoman Bergs Office

As to your question on mind control, the people at this link should be
interested and able to help with "your friend"

72: MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE ... From the non-fiction book by John Marks,
based on 16,000 pages of Freedom of Information Act materials. This is a
person who has been hypnotized to the extent that he/she is willing to
perform atrocious crimes, such as assassinations, without fail, and
against the "candidate's" own will.

Manchurian Candidates are set into motion by "trigger" phrases, hand
signals, tone combinations or sequences. The programming is thus
"passworded". The programming also self destructs upon completion of the
triggered task.

This fwd is also of interest on this subject.

Best regards,

Tom Krohmer

O.T. Some very important themes

Former Senator Max Cleland Blasts Bush's War

AIDS Vaccines Worse Than Useless?

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