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Tramès per Klaus Rudolph (Citizens' Initiative Omega)

172 Korbacher take part at blood investigations

Korbach, a city with approx. 20,000 inhabitants, lies approximately in the centre of Germany, in the Hessian district Waldeck-Frankenberg. Korbach is sufficiently supplied with cell towers, in consequence of a study given by the city in order from the Institute for Building Biology Maes. But nevertheless now a further tower is to be installed by T-Mobile (Telecom) on a church tower (St. Kilian Church).  In order to prevent this, a citizens' initiative was created against mobile radio. When this project appeared however offering no prospects, blood investigations came to  language. Also with before - afterwards - investigations Korbach wanted to participate in an international study. Hereby the harmfulness to health (headache, sleeplessness...) should be proven to the pulsed radiation of cell towers - provider such as T-Mobile always stress the safety of the pulsed radiation and appoint themselves thereby to scientific investigations. And so two row blood investigations were organized:  on 30.07.02 90 people from Korbach letting 2.5 ml blood, on 22.08.02 again 82 people from Korbach. During the first investigation for example altogether 22 voluntary helper in the rooms provided from the German Red Cross were in stake: declarations of consent were distributed, questionnaires had to be filled out, infects such as cold and almond inflammation had to be determined and the blood had to be removed. In addition, the possibility existed of letting the distance determine to the different towers by a survey engineer. For the investigation 10 Euro from own bag had to be paid. Into cold boxes the blood tests were driven still on the same day to Ingelheim, where the large blood picture in the laboratory was determined. With it the value of the reticulocytes is particularly interesting. Since the minimum number was exceeded by 50 persons, Korbach can participate in the international study: Korbach is the the first city, whose data are used by the "ICRESERVE" Committee.  Three commissions of epidemiologists and scientists will evaluate independently the results. Already the two investigations showed considerable differences in the large blood picture. In charged areas with transmitting stations already exists a increased number of disruptions of existential orientation and remarkablenesses of the blood picture was determined. A large number of the probands with remarkablenesses, possess however also a cordless DECT telephone, which seems to affect likewise the blood picture. In a half year a second row investigation shall take place, in order to make a comparison analysis after switching on the cell tower and to be able to determine possible changes of the blood picture. It seems only questionable, however, whether the new, for longer time installed transmitter, which was not switched on so far because of church renovation, now will be actually turned on.  Two planned dates at start-up are already applied...

Citizens' Initiative against mobile radio

Urgent request for help for Amina Lawal forwarded by Volker Hartenstein, member of the Bavarian Parliament

Bob Willmington

As you probably have seen, the court in Northern Nigeria has confirmed that 30 year old Amina Lawal will be executed by stoning due to giving birth to a child after  her divorce. "The  crime" was made at a time when the Law of Sharia was not yet  legal in the area. The stoning will take place when Lawal has finished  breast feeding her 8 month old daughter. Lawals defenders have 30 days to appeal the sentence. At Amnesty International England's home page you can sign an open letter to Nigerias president to protest against this cruel sentence. More than 18.500 people have already done so - and I will ask you to do the same.

Please click: http://www.mertonai.org/amina/OpenLetter.htm

Please forward this message to as many people as  possible!

Somebody said there are three kinds of people in life:
*    those that make things happen
*    those that watch things happen
*    and those that don't know what happens

Go out and make things happen today!

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