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Epileptic seizures and the EHS connection?

Hi Klaus: On Friday, June 6, 2003 THE IRISH TIMES published on page 13 a
full page poignant article "Living in the Shadow of Death" by Caitriona
Crowe whose brother died of an epileptic seizure just a year ago. We
know that one of the severest symptoms for a number of us who are EHS
(electrohypersensitive) are seizures of various intensity. As I have
disclosed on numerous occasions I get brain seizures when falling off to
sleep, following exposure to excessive EMR levels, hence my particular
interest in "this mysterious illness" as Caitriona puts it.

Some points she makes that may particularly interest EHS members of your
group who suffer from seizures:

A 2002 U.K. published report on epilepsy related deaths ("National
Sentinel Clinical Audit of Epilepsy-Related Death") concluded that "'it
was difficult to establish the true number of epilepsy-related deaths
from certification data . . .. Epilepsy-related death . . . is still
underestimated by healthcare professionals, and this may reflect the
mistaken belief that epilepsy is a benign condition. The risk of death
associated with epilepsy appeared rarely to have been discussed with
patients or their families.'"

Caitriona Crowe suggests that "It is crucial that healthcare
professionals take the condition properly into account when treating
patients for other problems and are aware of the risk of seizures and
the danger they pose."

To add a few words about "this mysterious illness." Posted for 15/2/03
on Citizens Initiative Omega is my entry captioned "an ES sufferer
reports." This concerns quite an awful week I survived of RF/MW
harassment following my opening of an esisreal email account with a
specific Irish carrier. (Naturally, that account became quickly inactive
as I wished not to be killed!) Right in the middle of that week I had
one night of continuous brain seizures from the severity of the
harassment. I telephoned the Irish BRAINWAVE Society (The Dublin based
support group for epileptics) to let them know what was happening and I
was told they knew nothing about a connection between exposure to
external interference from electromagnetic sources and seizures. Hearing
that, of course I sent the society quite a batch of literature. But
there still is not a public word from BRAINWAVE about the connection
between excessive (that is as geared to the susceptible individual's
tolerance level) e-levels and their triggering seizures.

Last week, I happened to share a bus-seat with the mother of a young man
who has been suffering from epilepsy for the last few years. I didn't
know this when I sat beside her but I had all the details by the time we
got off that bus. And I had particularly noted one fact: that a specific
neurosurgeon here in Cork whom her son had consulted had warned him to
stay away from electric equipment for at least a year! She happened to
mention in particular an electric hedgecutter that he might have used,
so it was not just in case of epileptically induced seizures from
flickering screen lights, etc. Nice to know that there is at least one
Irish medical specialist here who will not confuse seizures with
"psychotic episodes" as, in my very painful experience, has been the case.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

Neurological effects of radiofrequency radiation

Hocking B, Westerman R.

BACKGROUND: The health effects of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) and the
adequacy of the safety standards are a subject of debate. One source of
human data is case reports regarding peripheral neurological effects of
RFR, mainly noxious sensations or dysaesthesiae.

AIM: To investigate health effects, neurophysiological mechanisms and
safety levels for RFR.

METHODS: We conducted a literature search for case reports and case
series associated with mobile phone technology as well as other RFR
sources using specific search terms on PubMed.

RESULTS: We identified 11 original articles detailing case reports or
case series and matching the search criteria. Five of the identified
papers were written by at least one of the authors (B.H. or R.W.).

CONCLUSIONS: Cases have arisen after exposure to much of the
radiofrequency range. In some cases, symptoms are transitory but lasting
in others. After very high exposures, nerves may be grossly injured.
After lower exposures, which may result in dysaesthesia, ordinary nerve
conduction studies find no abnormality but current perception threshold
studies have found abnormalities. Only a small proportion of similarly
exposed people develop symptoms. The role of modulations needs

Some of these observations are not consistent with the prevailing
hypothesis that all health effects of RFR arise from thermal mechanisms.

Source: Occup Med (Lond). 2003 Mar;53(2):123-7.


Informant: Reinhard Rueckemann

Chemtrails make atmosphere more conductive of EMR

Hello All -- Chemtrails are designed to make the atmosphere more
conductive of EMR. I'm new here and haven't had time to read back
through as many posts as I'd like -- Perhaps this is old news to most of
you. I've studied the aerosol operation for a year and can assure you
that I see fake clouds containing barium responding to EMR on a regular
basis. They are spraying the skies worldwide to make EMR easier to conduct!!

Please see http://www.bariumblues.com

It features my photos of a GLOWING EMR energy display in aerosol clouds
taken from my back yard at noon, fake clouds and chemtrail camoflage,
etc and lots of related information, photos, and links.

Message from bariumblues


Do you have some info about the link between air pollution the cities
or industrial zones and the EMR?



Hi Iris -- I can't say much about air pollution. The aerosol spraying
that I'm talking about is intentionally sprayed by planes. Chemtrails
(short for chemical trail) are often believed to be normal jet contrails
(short for condensation trail), but they are not the same thing at all.
Also, stealthy camouflaging techniques are now being used to make the
aerosols look like clouds since so many people now recognize chemtrail
spraying activity. The aerosol spraying often creates haze and reduced
visibility just like pollution does.

In fact, I'd say that chemtrails are pollution of the worst type!


O.T. Some very important themes:

Court battle to protect whales against deadly Navy sonar

Dear NRDC BioGems Defender,

We need your immediate support as we go to trial in a case that is
critical to the future of marine mammals on this planet. Three weeks
from now, NRDC litigators will face off against the Bush administration
in federal court with the safety of entire populations of whales and
dolphins at risk.

This long-awaited courtroom battle is the culmination of our eight-year
campaign to stop the U.S. Navy from illegally deploying its Low Frequency
Active (LFA) sonar system -- a new technology that blasts ocean habitats
with noise so intense it can maim, deafen and even kill marine mammals.

I hope you'll go to
https://www.nrdc.org/joinGive/join/lfa.asp right now to make an online
emergency contribution in support of this historic case.

What's at stake? Consider: last year, the Bush administration issued the
Navy a permit to deploy LFA sonar over 75 percent of the world's oceans
and to harass or injure up to 12 percent of every single marine mammal
species found anywhere in this vast expanse of ocean!

But before that disaster could unfold, your support enabled NRDC to race
to court last fall and win a dramatic eleventh-hour reprieve for
thousands of whales and dolphins. A federal judge blocked global
deployment of the sonar system until a full trial could be held and all
the evidence heard.

That all-important proceeding will begin on June 30th. It will determine
whether this dangerous technology is finally unleashed upon our planet's
oceans -- or whether it should be permanently blocked until the Navy
obeys the law and demonstrates that LFA would not cause serious harm to
ocean life.

Scientists are warning that LFA sonar may threaten the very survival of
entire populations of whales, some already teetering on the brink of
extinction. At close range, the system's shock waves are so intense they
can destroy a whale's eardrums, cause its lungs to hemorrhage, and even kill.

Further away, LFA noise can cause permanent hearing loss in marine
mammals after a single transmission. At 40 miles away, LFA noise is
still so intense it can disrupt the mating, feeding, nursing and other
essential activities of marine mammals.

Two years ago, the mere testing of high-intensity Navy sonar in
mid-frequency range caused a mass stranding of whales in the Bahamas.
Whales from at least three different species died, their inner ears
bleeding from the explosive power of the sonar signal.

Just last month, a group of biologists off the coast of Washington state
witnessed a "stampede" of distressed marine mammals as a U.S. destroyer,
operating a powerful mid-frequency sonar system, passed through. Over
the next several days, ten porpoises were discovered stranded on nearby beaches.

And the dangers go beyond marine mammals. In preparing for the upcoming
trial, NRDC has uncovered the shocking results of the Navy's own LFA
research on human scuba divers. One Navy test subject was exposed to 14
minutes of LFA noise at 160 decibels -- far below the level of 235
decibels at which the actual LFA system will be operating. The diver
experienced uncontrollable shaking in his limbs and lapsed into a
seizure-like state that recurred periodically for days. The Navy's
report described him as a "casualty."

The Bush administration wants us to believe that the impacts of LFA will
be negligible! Launching a massive acoustic assault on the world's
oceans is not negligible. Threatening communities of whales, dolphins
and humans with injury and death is not negligible.

The Bush administration's position on LFA is arrogant, inhumane and,
almost certainly, illegal. But we cannot stop the deployment of this
technological menace unless we have the financial resources to fight
this courtroom battle to the very end and win a permanent ban.

Again, I urge you to help by going to https://www.nrdc.org/joinGive/join/lfa.asp
right now and making an online emergency contribution.

With your help, we can make sure that no more whales have to suffer and
die from high-power sonar. Let me know you'll stand with us at this
critical moment in the fight to protect all ocean life. Thank you.


John H. Adams
Natural Resources Defense Council

Guantanamo Eyes Possible Execution Chamber

Background information about nuclear weapons and disarmament

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