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Electromagnetic waves linked to children's brain tumor

.c Kyodo News Service

TOKYO, June 7 (Kyodo) - Exposure to electromagnetic waves from
high-voltage power lines and some electronic appliances could increase
the risk of brain tumor among children who live close to the source of
emission, according to a three-year government-sponsored study.

Ultralow frequency electromagnetic waves are produced primarily by
high-voltage power grids, whose effects on human bodies have been
studied by overseas researchers. The same type of electromagnetic waves
is also released in tiny amounts from computers and other home appliances.

While the study in Japan -- initiated three years ago by the former
Science and Technology Agency, now part of the education ministry -- has
shown a link between brain tumor and exposure to electromagnetic waves,
authors of the report caution that the finding is not conclusive due to
a limited size of the samples available for the project.

The study, undertaken by the National Institute for Environmental
Studies, Tokyo Women's Medical University and others, compared the level
of electromagnetic waves in the bedrooms of 100 healthy children and 60
children suffering from brain tumor below age 15, examining each case
over a one-week period.

The researchers then tabulated the data after adding factors such as the
average level of electromagnetic waves in the entire house, the extent
of use of electric appliances and the distance between a child's room
and a high-voltage power line.

The results, posted on the education ministry Web site on Friday, show
that children exposed to more than 0.3 microtesla of extralow frequency
electromagnetic waves, or three times the normal level, are 10 times
more likely to develop brain tumor.

The researchers found that the level of electromagnetic waves actually
topped 0.3 microtesla in the rooms of five children with brain tumor and
one healthy child, and the rooms of three of the children with brain
tumor were located within 100 meters of a high-voltage power
transmission line.

The researchers have also found that exposure to electromagnetic waves
above 0.4 microtesla would double the risk of childhood leukemia. The
final report released Friday says the risk of developing acute
lymphoblastic leukemia is comparatively higher than the risk of acute
myelogenous and other types of leukemia.

The electromagnetic waves emitted by high-voltage power lines are
different from the electromagnetic waves that come from mobile phones
and microwave ovens, where the frequency is much higher.

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Re: Cell phones and brain speed (Protsman)(Curry)....

Roy and Jim, I think this is an interesting diagnostic, but it must be
difficult to perform a controlled experiment, because of the range of
variation you might expect in anyt individual's ability to count at the
same rate without any RF exposure. Also, keep in mind that a previous
published study showed an actual speedup in some mental tasks, when the
subjects were exposed to RF radiation. (I have forgotten who the author
of the study was.) In that case, the reason for speedup was thought to
be heating of the brain, and what was important was not whether
cognitive function speeded up or was slowed down, but the fact that it
was altered - something that might have health implications.|Bill P.
Curry, Ph.D. Physics is fun (630) 858-9377 Fax (630) 858-9159|
EMSciTeck Consulting Company |

Cell Phone Radiation Slows Down Brain Speed

Note to anybody wishing to publish this article or use excerpts
therefrom: This article is based upon studies reported in my 2003 book,
Brain Speed and the Body Electric, which assembles a wealth of proof
showing that electromagnetic (EM) energy slows down nerve conduction.
This is the smoking gun that many researchers have been looking for as
they explore the possible health effects of EM radiation upon humans.
When nerve conduction slows down, it adversely affects mental
performance in every measurable skill category (memory, reading,
computation, verbal fluency, verbal creativity, thinking, and reaction
time). It also adversely affects physical performance. This article
concentrates upon the cell phone and the way its radiation lowers brain
speed, and it shows the reader how to use a simple technique for
measuring changes in brain speed. Anybody can use this simple scientific
technique, which should appeal to most readers. Use of this article is
permissible only if proper credit is given to the author.

Cell Phone Radiation Slows Down Brain Speed
James Protsman

Controversy swirls around the subject of the health effects of cell
phones. The radiofrequency electromagnetic (EM) radiation emitted by a
cell phone is known to penetrate the skull, but does this lead to the
development of cancer, especially malignant brain tumors which are on
the rise? The new cell phone towers springing up everywhere greatly
increase our daily dosage of radiation. Is this healthy for us?

A study by the California. Department of Health Services, eight years in
the making, and which can be seen online, suggests there is a connection
between exposure to EM radiation and childhood leukemia, brain cancer,
Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), miscarriages, and possibly suicide.

The scientific proof connecting health problems with cell phones
convinces some people and scientists that a danger exists, but the
majority of people and lots of scientists remain skeptical. They want
more evidence. More evidence is now available.

It now can be demonstrated that EM radiation from cell phones slows down
nerve conduction, or the speed at which vital regulatory messages travel
through the body's nervous system. This reduces the effectiveness of the
nervous system, which in turn could reduce the ability of the immune
system to protect our bodies from disease of all kinds. It certainly
slows down reaction time, which makes cell phone use dangerous while driving.

You can detect for yourself the effect of cell phone radiation upon your
brain by measuring changes in brain speed. Brain speed is a rough
measure of nerve conduction speed. If you don't have a cell phone, the
handset from a wireless phone will work almost as well.

For best results in this self-test, remove the metal from your hands
(rings, bracelets, watches). This elimination will increase your
sensitivity to the effects of EM radiation; to increase your sensitivity
even more, remove shoes and socks. Males (especially postpuberty males)
will get stronger testing results than females, because the electrical
system in a male generates more electrical current than in a female.

(1) Hold a cell phone in your hand and silently in your head count to 50
as fast as you can. This is a rough measure of brain speed. Pay
attention to the amount of effort this takes. Time yourself with a
stopwatch or the second hand of a timepiece.

(2) Put the phone down and step away at least six feet (two meters) from
it. You should be near no other electrical devices. Do not look at the
phone. Again silently in your head count to 50 as fast as you can.

If it takes more effort and time to count to 50 when in contact with a
cell phone, this means the phone's radiation slows down nerve conduction
in your body, which slows down brain speed. It means you are sensitive
to EM radiation. The term for this is electrosensitivity.

(3) Put the cell phone on a table. Put the palm of your hand one foot
above it, and again count to 50 as fast as you can. Pay attention to the
amount of effort this takes, and time yourself. Compare this self-test
to when you were standing away from the phone.

The palm of your hand is a very sensitive responder to EM radiation, and
even though it is a foot away from the phone, the phone's energy can
still penetrate your body at this distance and slow down nerve conduction.

(4) Put the cell phone in a pocket and do the counting test again.
Compare this to when the cell phone is several feet away from you, and
you are not near other electronic devices.

Body contact with a cell phone can knock down brain speed if you are
sensitive to EM radiation.

(5) Concentration can be measured in a rough sort of way by (a) counting
by 2's to 50, or (b) by counting backward from 50 to 1. You know the
numbers well, but to do either of these mental tasks extra concentration
is necessary. Do one of these counting tests when you are holding a
phone, and one when the phone is at least six feet away from you and you
are not looking at it--or any electronic device.

If this concentration exercise goes slower when your body is being
radiated by the cell phone, this means you are electrosensitive.

The phone does not have to be on to produce radiation effects. It
radiates energy even when it is off. When it is on, this energy
intensifies quite a bit.

What about all the cell phone towers popping up on the landscape that
transmit radiofrequency signals (a form of EM energy) so that we can
make cell phone calls to places far and wide? If you are
electrosensitive, this radiation can have a dummying effect upon your
brain as much as a half mile away from the tower. Because this radiation
penetrates just about everything, it doesn't matter that there are
buildings or trees between you and the source of radiation. EM radiation
penetrates these things as if they didn't exist. That is why you can use
your cell phone inside a building.

Cell phones are banned in many hospitals because their radiation
interferes with the sensitive electronic devices used by modern medicine
to keep us alive. The electrical system in your brain is every bit as
sensitive as medical electronic devices, so therefore it is not
surprising that a cell phone can interfere with the brain's delicate
electrical system.

Cell phones should be banned in schools if their radiation is proven to
knock down brain processes and learning. Even if a cell phone is kept in
a backpack in a locker, its radiation extends out two meters (six feet)
or more, into hallways and classrooms. Schools are places where learning
is nurtured and revered, and there is no sense in semi-paralyzing
students minds with radiation as they endeavor to improve their
knowledge and mental skills.

When a person carries a cell phone or uses a cell phone, the radiation
from this device intensifies the electrical energy encircling his or her
body. It increases the voltage in the body's energy field. This
unnaturally high voltage creates electrostress. Electrostress slows down
the body's vital bioelectrical processes, and this slowdown could harm
your immune systems ability to maintain good health because it cannot be
as effective in fighting viruses, bacteria, and the formation of
opportunistic cancer cells.

Electrosensitivity varies from person to person. The simple self-tests
introduced in this article are not as sophisticated as other tests that
can be used, but in their simplicity these self-tests are capable of
letting you know if electosensitivity needs to be a concern of yours.

(Note: James Protsman is a longtime researcher into the effects of
electromagnetic energy upon body and brain function in humans, and is
the author of the 2003 book, Brain Speed and the Body Electric. More
information is available at the www.brainspeed.net web site.)

Informant: Colette O'Connell

FC: Archive of Total Information Awareness site, before purges

As the United States Department of Defense's DARPA is shrinking its
public information about its programme to imbed microchips that are
designed to transmit personal information in every citizen worldwide to
their facility, you may find it worthwhile to archive the yet
available information for your own requirements, while it is still possible.

Electra Briggs wrote: FYI

FC: Archive of Total Information Awareness site, before purges

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"Act Three of Poindexter's Incredibly Shrinking Site: Still More!"

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Hello Declan,

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The Chronology So Far:

I have written the german speaking website "Sciencia est Potentia - the
TIA system and the Information Awareness Office" some time ago

For my studies, i sucked the whole IAO site and some other stuff,
including all biography files and the BBA Questions & Answers. reading
your last mail i decided to put all in an archive for download.

You can find it under

There you can find also all DARPAtech2002 "Transforming Fantasy" IAO
presentations and speeches from the TIA project leaders


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Letter to the Brasilian Government

Honorable President
Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva
5 June 2003

Dear Sir,

Please allow me to address you on behalf of the Independent Science
Panel (ISP) on Genetic Modification, officially launched at a public
conference in London on May 10, attended by 200, including UK's
Environment Minister, Michael Meacher.

The ISP consists of dozens of prominent scientists from seven countries,
spanning diverse discisplines of agriculture, ecology, biochemistry,
chemical medicine, molecular genetics, nutrition, histopathology,
toxicology and virology who are concerned to provide critical scientific
information to the global debate over genetic engineered crops, in view
of its importance for the future of our food and agriculture.

The ISP members have undertaken an extensive review of the scientific
and other evidence on the problems and hazards of GM crops and the
manifold benefits of all forms of sustainable agriculture. The results
are presented in a report entitled, The Case for a GM Free Sustainable
World, a draft of which was released electronically on May 10,and is now
being finalised for released 15 June 2003.

Ahead of the release of the final report, we are pleased to enclose an
executive summary of the evidence assembled, based on which, we are
calling for a global ban on GM crops to make way for agroecology,
organic farming and other forms of sustainable agriculture. (see

Brasil, the second largest producer of soya in the world, has become the
principal source of non-transgenic soya for consumers who reject
genetically engineered foods. Consumer rejection is due overwhelmingly
to concerns over health and the environment. For farmers in addition,
transgenic crops, produced and patented by large corporations like
Monsanto and Dow, are usurping their right to own and control seed
stocks, which is the basis of their livelihood and food security.

Indeed, in recent years, Monsanto has declared that in order to dominate
the global seed market, it would be necessary to break through the
barriers in Brazil and the European Union.

It is clear, from the evidence presented in the ISP Report, that
transgenic contamination of non-transgenic crops is inevitable, once
transgenic crops are released into the environment. There can be no
co-existence of transgenic and non-transgenic crops. We have to make the
right choice now.

For these reasons, we very respectfully request that you continue to
prevent the release of transgenic seeds in Brasil. The future of
transgenics in Brasil is decisive for the future of food and agriculture
all over the world.

Brasil has a very special place in my heart. I was invited as a speaker
to the very first seminar on Biodiversity Law organised by your
distinguished judiciary in Brasilia in 1999. Safeguarding Brasil's rich
natural genetic resources from the ravages of transgenic agriculture and
corporate biopiracy is a very important step towards a sustainable
future for Brasil and for the world.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

For the Independent Science Panel

This article can be found on the I-SIS website at

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