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Fw: A0I4K5 - Hearing Transcript

Roy (Beavers): Available below are pages of transcript re National
Energy Board Hearing taking place in Abbotsford BC in regards to SE2
proposale to build aprox.6 miles of 230.KV powerline through the city
center. It will take a bit of time to downlaod, but you may find it
interesting reading.

Both Milt Bowling and myself had a kick at Dr Gallagher. If you find
interest there is another session of questioning by a lawyer that took
time to study EMF and related health effects.Good Stuff.Regards Robert


Published letter in support of ES from a U.S. Federal Agency

Hi Klaus:

I'm still on the trail researching responses to the two questions posed
to me by the Human Rights Commission:

1. what health authorities or/and governments, in any country, recognise
the ES/EHS condition

2. have there been any other instances of legal actions bassed on the
ES/EHS issue so is anyone else on your list has useful input on these
please share it.

Perhaps some supporters may be unaware of the following important
acknowledgement of our EHS condition by a U.S. federal authority. The
letter was published in Arthur Firstenberg's "No Place to Hide"
EHS Newsletter in April 2001.

Arthur Firstenberg captions it with "U.S. Access Board Recognizes
Electrical Sensitivity"

"United States Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
1331 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20004 (202) 272-5434 October 26, 2000

Mr. Nelson French, Director
White Mountain Catholic Charities
McNary, Arizona 85930

Dear Mr. French:

I am writing regarding the Dispossessed outreach Project's plans to seek
assistance from the Arizona Department of Commerce to develop housing
for people with multiple chemical sensitivities and electrical
sensitivities in West Yavapai County. The Access Board is a federal
Agency whose mission is to promote accessibility for people with

We develop accessibility guidelines for the built environment, transit
vehicles, and telecommunications equipment, and standards for electronic
and information technology. Our guidelines are adopted by other federal
agencies as enforceable standards under the Americans with Disabilities
Act, Architectural Barriers Act, and Telecommunications Act. We also
enforce accessibility standards for federally funded facilities.

Over the years, the Access Board has learned about the very important
needs of people with multiple chemical sensitivities and electrical
sensitivities. We have heard from thousands of people across the country
who are sensitized to chemicals and electromagnetic, radio, and cell
phone emissions and who cannot safely use facilities because of
chemicals released from building materials and furnishings, exposure to
certain types of electrical equipment and systems, and cleaning products
and pesticides commonly used in operating and maintaining buildings.

The Access Board is initiating a major project to examine the needs of
people with multiple chemical sensitivities and electrical sensitivities
as they relate to indoor environmental quality, and to develop an action
plan to address those needs.

We will be involving people with multiple chemical sensitivities and
electrical sensitivities, the building industry, and other federal
agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, in the project.
We also are developing technical assistance materials that will focus on
best practices for addressing the needs of this population.

Based on our experience. I can state that there definitely is a need for
specially planned and designed housing for people with multiple chemical
sensitivities and electrical sensitivities. There are many people with
these and related disabilities whose condition is so severe that they
cannot live in conventional housing.

We recently visited Ecology House, an 11-unit apartment development in
San Rafael, California, talked with its residents, and learned first
hand about the special design and construction practices that have made
the project habitable for people who could not tolerate other housing.

The housing project being planned by The Dispossessed Outreach Project
would build on the experiences of Ecology House and meet a rel need for
healthy and affordable housing by people who have no other choices.

If I can be of further assistance, please call me at (202) 272-5451.

James J. Raggio
General Counsel.

One of the more recent texts on housing design that incorporates a
section on EMR bioeffects and precautionary measures to take is: THE
GAIA NATURAL HOUSE BOOK by David Pearson, 1998. On page 217 there is a
short section on avoiding EMR emissions captioned "Sleeping Space options."

Does anyone know of other Housing texts that include similar sections?


Media update on "voluntary" Big Brother multiple-sensory/all-knowing

Hi Klaus: This brief article on the U.S. military and defense "Lifelog"
projects appears on today's online news (AP--Politics). "Pentagon Tool
Records User's Every Sense" by Michael J. Sniffer. It can be accessed at

Sounds like what lots of involuntary/unsuspecting victims worldwide are
already implanted with but it's just getting a more public airing now.
What a chuckle is Sniffer's observation that the technology is "intended
for users who give their consent to be monitored." A number of victims
of this very worst violation of Human Rights (involuntary
implant-snooping technology) have earned the right to be cynical of the
real motivations.

Best, Imelda, Cork, Ireland

Re: "FCC's laws" - the FCC has enacted "guidelines"

which are not laws. The tables Radi is looking for can be found in OET
Bulletin 65 which can be found at www.fcc.gov/oet/rfsafety

If you think "guidelines" are "regulations" just ask a hospital
administrator if a guideline can be enforced. Guidelines are
suggestions. If the FCC failed in its congressional mandate, there may
be a cloud over the State restrictions which has not yet been
scrutinized by the courts. The word "guidelines" appears in the
introduction of Bulletin 65 a total of six times. The title is
"Evaluating Compliance With FCC Guidelines For Human Exposure to
Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields."

There is an important point here. In the TCA, congress directed the FCC,
within 180 days after the enactment of the TCA to prescribe and make
effective "rules" regarding the environmental effects of radio frequency
"emissions" and upon doing so, no State, local government or
instrumentality thereof could "regulate" a facility on the basis of the
environmental effects of radio frequency "emissions".

Unless I miss my guess, the planning commission has no regulatory
authority anyway. It is making a "decision" on one application - not
enacting what's good for the goose regulations that will be applied to
all applications (an ordinance). A "decision" is not a "regulation".

The FCC environmental guidelines are written in terms of limitations
on human "exposure" to RF fields for specific time periods. "Exposure"
and "emissions" are two enirely different matters (two different
meanings), just as "decision" and "regulation" are not identical in
meaning. The FCC guidelines do not limit the maximum levels of RF
energy. They only limit the amount of time that an indvidual can remain
in fields above prescribed levels. See 47 CFR Section 1.1310.

The FCC was created by, and is subservient to Congress. Even if, as it
did with the open video services, Congress specifies a very short time
period for the FCC to act, the FCC still has no option but to obey -
even if the time period is unreasonable.

In my opinion, the FCC has failed to comply with the statutory mandate.
And, as a result of that, I do not believe that any of the "emissions"
provisions of the federal statute can be applied in any situation.

Kathy Hawk

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