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What is RF? - Birth Defects - Health Effects

Reported Biological Effects From Radiofrequency Non-Ionizing Radiation
RF Health Concern Classifications

The effects resulting from RF exposure are usually described in one of
three ways: [Thermal effects] [Athermal effects] [Non-thermal effects]

The following studies indicate biological effects at exposure levels far
below what would be explained by "thermal effects", and well within the
range people are commonly exposed to every day. NOTE: Most of these
below exposures levels lie FAR BELOW the current advisory exposure
standards in the US, which are based on thermal effects only.

Studies by Increasing Power Density

Studies by Increasing Specific Absorption Rate

Standards and Background Levels

Listing of Full Citations

Note: For an effect to be considered truly "nonthermal", that is, a
"microwave effect", they must be experimentally distinguishable from
heating effects due to absorbed RF energy as measured with SAR Testing.

One more strong point to validate that SAR testing is not adequate for
judging a cell phone users safety. With SAR testing, Dummy heads are
filled with solutions to simulate brain conductivity and probed to
measure depth and intensity. Amazingly enough regulatory agencies have
not deemed it necessary to measure exposure to eyes. As shown in pop up
window, Eye's are unprotected by the skull and comprised of cells that
are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic energy.

Studies by Increasing Power Density

Human DNA and chromosome breakage: Implications for cancer and neural
damage! (Pictures)

Gull Rage - Birds Attack Britons (EMF?)


Friday, May 30, 2003

"The seagulls are getting out of control. Something has to be done," a
Brighton tour bus driver said.

BRIGHTON, England (Reuters)

Their airborne attacks sow panic among the public. And they are always
one step ahead of their pursuers. A frightening new terrorist threat?
No, just the plain old British seagull.

Long a beloved symbol of seaside fun, the birds are moving beyond their
coastal heartland to urban centers where rooftops replace cliffs for
nesting and it is easier to scavenge food from rubbish than hunt
depleted fish stocks in the sea.

But their anti-social habits -- including early-morning cacophonies, and
protective instincts which can make them deliberately defecate on or
dive-bomb humans -- are fast making the seagulls a figure of hate for many.

This has given birth to a new concept: gull rage.

"A seagull swooped on a friend of mine the other day to grab a burger
out of his hand," said a tourist bus driver Peter Butler, in the
southern coastal town of Brighton.

"So he caught the bird by the throat and gave it a right fright. The
seagulls are getting out of control. Something has to be done."

Brighton illustrates the conundrum well. As one of Britain's top beach
resorts, it relies on seagulls for its postcard image and tourists
delight in feeding the birds from their hands.

But as a busy residential town, many inhabitants are sick of the noise,
mess and occasional threat the gulls present as they move away from the seafront.

"I know a lot of people call them rats with wings and they can be very
intimidating, but they are part of our seaside heritage," said hotel
worker Peter Metcalfe.

"The real problem is humans who throw them food and encourage the problem."

According to the country's leading seagull expert Peter Rock, their
population is growing by a remarkable 13 percent annually, meaning most
conurbations will before too long house a colony.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) estimates around
200,000 pairs of the two main species -- the herring gull and the
black-backed gull -- now live in Britain.

"The subject of seagull menace has always been dealt with in a rather
light-hearted and flippant way in the past," Rock told Reuters. "Now
some people are baying for blood."

Calls for mass gull culls are growing. That could be done by shooting,
poisoning or egg-destroying. Birds of prey have also been suggested as a solution.

"Some people tried flying Harris hawks in Bath," Steve Burt, pest
control supervisor for that English city, told National Geographic.

"The trouble was that they were lucky to get the birds back alive once
the gulls had finished with them."

Proponents of radical solutions point to reports of recent serious
incidents such as a Welshman suffering a heart attack after being
swooped, a pet dog hacked to death, and a woman in England sent to
hospital with beak wounds to the head.

They may also want to recommend a re-viewing of British director Alfred
Hitchcock's 1963 thriller "The Birds" which portrays seagulls
terrorising a town.

But, experts counter, culls both offend nature-lovers' sensibilities and
are a fundamentally flawed method.

"If you remove a seagull from its niche, you just make a hole which
another one will come along straightaway to fill up," Rock said.

More effective long-term methods would be to adjust living habits to
pre-empt the seagulls by, for example, blocking roof crevices and
ensuring waste food is not left out.

Studies into feeding habits are also needed to find out how the chicks
get the high-energy, high-protein food -- equivalent to fish -- in towns
to survive in such high numbers.

Another anti-seagull tactic which failed was towing rubbish-filled boats
out to sea to lure them. And in the ever-more imaginative drive to curb
the birds, a football club painted the roof of its stadium red to
successfully deter them.

Weighed against such methods are the seagulls' remarkable adaptability
and capacity for problem-solving.

"These birds are very intelligent, very quick to cotton on to new opportunities,
" said RSPB spokesman Graham Madge. "We need long-term solutions."

One municipal authority in southwestern England has set up a special Web
site to educate the public about the problem, but is wary about radical
solutions for safety reasons.

"If birds of prey are dive-bombing in the streets, they could kill
themselves," said South Hams environmental health officer Kate Eveleigh.

"And if people are climbing on to roofs for culls, there are obvious
safety concerns there too."

Meanwhile, the menace of seagulls -- who generally weigh about 1 kilogram
(2.2 pounds), have wingspans of some 4.5 feet (1.5 meters) and can dive
bomb at 40 mph -- grows.

"There are various stages the seagull uses when it is upset. If you don't
heed the first ones -- cries, low passes, defecating -- they will come
in at highspeed and rake you with their feet on the back of the head,"
said Rock, a veteran of such attacks during his research. "It usually
draws blood."

Informant: Gotemf

Info resources on EHS, plus some people contacts

This message is for Lavone Darnel in Calgary, Alberta - 403-272-3789
Note that she found Jenelle Tuttle in Arizona to be very helpful on EHS.
(Electro Magnetic Hypersensitivity). Also she promised to copy me a
letter from Robert Bradley of Health Canada.

G'day, Lavone - you rang me yesterday about information on
ElectroMagnetic Hypersensitivity. I understand you have what is called
"24 hour Hum".

Here are the resources and people contacts on my "radar screen". Note
that I am not a specialist on EMF/EMR/EHS - just a housing researcher
Some of these items may prove helpful for you, but I can't vouch for
them. Please keep me posted as to your progress, and send me
Mr.Bradley's letter.

PS - If anyone else has comments then please do share - I can't research
this stuff on my own! I am supposed to focus on Healthy Housing and
Sustainable Communities, but I'll flag the EHS issue if this deserves
CMHC's attention - OK?

Christopher Ives, Senior Researcher, Housing Technology Group
Policy & Research Division, CMHC, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation
700 Montreal Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P7, Canada
613-748-2312 and cives@cmhc.ca - http://www.cmhc.ca
The EMR Alliance was formed to provide a forum for effective
communication and organization for citizen actions groups involved in
the EMR issue.
brought to you by the La Crosse Tribune, a site dedicated to covering
the important agricultural and environmental issue of stray voltage.
EMR/RFR bioeffects and public policy
C.U.R.E. (Citizens United for Responsible Electricity),
P.O. Box 43, Brantwood, WI 54513,
Phone/Fax 715 564 3362 - email: darvr@newnorth.net
(with articles posted at www.strayvoltage.org)
Website - http://www.electricalpollution.com/
This mentions Graham-Stetzer filters, eliminating exposure to high
frequencies. An inexpensive and simple to use instrument called a
Microsurge Meter is also described. It produces a digital reading
related to how harmful the electrical pollution is to humans in that

In "Mitigation of Electrical Pollution in the Home," released on 19 April
2002, Professor Emeritus at University of California in Berkeley Dr.
Martin Graham discusses how people can cheaply and easily identify
whether they are exposed to electrical pollution, as well as, a safe
easy way to mitigate the problem once it is identified. He suggests
using an inexpensive portable hand held AM radio to detect electrical
pollution (See "Mitigation of Electrical Pollution in the Home," for
details). In the paper, he also discusses the use of filters to
reduce/eliminate exposure to electrical pollution. Each filter is made
from a 20µf motor run AC dry film capacitor with a bleeder resistor
(for safety) and a properly attached cord. Approximately 20 such
filters are needed to reduce exposure to electrical pollution in the
average home. These filters have advantages over previous filters in
that they are small, portable (they plug into any outlet.), have a
higher frequency range, and any person who knows how to plug in an
electrical cord can install them.

Assembled units are available from Stetzer Electric,Inc. They can be
reached by phone at (608) 989-2571 or by email at

Dr. Graham provided pictures of spectra of electrical pollution from a
spectrum analyzer.

Klaus Rudolph of Citizens Initiative Omega
his email is: star.mail@t-online.de.

A PDF of their newly available booklet on EHS can be downloaded from
Mention should also be made of MicroWave News

MICROWAVE NEWS has published an EMF-EMR World Wide Web Directory that
lists more than 250 key sites on the Internet. You can obtain a print
version of the Directory by sending us a self-addressed, stamped
business-size envelope, along with $10.00 for each copy, to: Microwave
News Web Directory, PO Box 1799, Grand Central Station, New York, NY
10163, USA. For those outside the country who do not have access to U.S.
dollars, send us an international money order and add $2.00 for postage.

Omega: See also

Re: Help and advice sought

Hello, Radi,

In my opinion you shouldn't play their game. You say that they won't
tell you who this 3 rd party is. It really doesn't matter when you say
that Sprint will pay for it. What do you need more?

This whole "Technical questions" is just a game, you don't have in my
opinion sit and think hard about any question - you should just clarify
that you don't agree. The cannot impose on you a fact just like that and
you have a legal right to resist because this is not a nuetral 3rd
person. If they choose him and you agree to that - you lose. 100%.

You should demand to bring YOUR independant expert that YOU choose, and
not agree to this game, clarify that you know you are cheated, clarify
that this is not nuetral. Don't play their game.

We have a legal case where an "expert" was working for public health and
at the same time worked for 3 cellular companies, electricity company
and wired phone company. He is sued in the court now because of this. So
if it's dirty, it can continue in the court room.

Iris Atzmon


Questions can give the engineer a bigger paycheck, and might stop for a
moment him in his tracks (though he need only go to other pseudoexperts
around the US to provide stunningly deceptive answers). Problem is, this
gives him the floor.

You need the floor. And you need the floor with expertise that can
slam-dunk spontaneously crunch anything and everything the engineer and
his pseudoexpert cronies will come up with.

Every trick, of course, is an opportunity. If they get to bring a
3rd-party expert, you get to bring a 3rd-party expert.

You will need to show the engineer's background and influences. Get him
to sign a disclosure statement, for example. Will he be found to be
independent? No way! But you can then offer 3rd-party, independent
expertise. They'll have trouble refusing you, since refusal would
reveal, especially after the engineer's back-pocket contracts come out,
that this move were intended by the Planning Board PRECISELY to weight
the decision for Industry and against Residents.

Remember, the "engineer" has no authority to "approve" a project; only
public officials do.

Sounds like you could be in a good position, if you play your cards

Here's also your opportunity to continue the hearing to September, or
when ever you choose - preferably when the local student body & faculty
are around for support.

Submit a letter asking your officials by what date the engineering (or
whatever) report will be completed and on the record for you to read.
Also make a FOIA request for the City's contract with the engineer,
including his name. If it's not a City contract, well then, who's the

If they give you a date, say it's too close to the hearing date of June
17, since you will need to get an expert and prepare rebuttal.

If they refuse to give you a date, say that's ridiculous, how under such
circumstances can we prepare a rebuttal prior to the June 17 hearing?!

Their experts have had - how many months??? - to hire out and prepare
such a report?

You deserve the same amount of time for your rebuttal.


Susan Clarke

Psychotronic weapons
Brain Manipulation From a Distance


by Tim Rifat BSc BEd.

Government Mind Control

The German victims of microwave weapons/crimes have a new website, also
with English pages: www.mikrowellenterror.de

Dr. Reinhard Munzert

O.T. Some very important themes

Unprecedented Revelations SPECIAL May 30 2003

WMD just a convenient excuse for war, admits Wolfowitz
By David Usborne 30 May 2003

see also

Robin Cook: Britain must not be suckered a second time by the White
House The British government needs to concede that we went to war for
reasons of US foreign policy and Republican Party politics
30 May 2003

Government blames spies over war
By Paul Waugh, Deputy Political Editor
30 May 2003


Pentagon Accused of Disinformation
Posted: 2003-05-30 08:00:07.000

The Liberation of Iraq:
Donald Rumsfeld has his own special sources. Are they reliable ?

Informant: Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

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